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Unity of Hindus is essential for a developed India and protection of Hinduism
Hinduism, I would rather call it Sanatana Dharma, is the only religion that is eternal, collective and begins from the day of creation itself. That is why Hinduism is surviving today despite large scale attempts to convert Hindus to Abrahamic religions by sword, greed or otherwise.

India, the land of Hindus, was always prosperous since ancient times which attracted foreign invaders in order to loot. After the fall of Prithviraj Chouhan, the last Hindu emperor at Delhi, because of betrayal by Jaichand, the dark era for Hindus started a millennium ago. From Mohammed Ghouri to Aurangzeb, millions of Hindus were tortured, persecuted and converted at sword point. The British rule was no different though, but during this time every Indian, irrespective of religion, was at the receiving end of British torture.

In 1947, the Hindus finally got freedom by a paying a huge price in the name of partition. Since Muslims demanded a separate country, first Pakistan and later Bangladesh were created purely as Islamic countries. India should have been a pure Hindu country; but No, it chose to be socialist sovereign republic and later secular in 1970s.

Why? If the partition was based on religion, then why India was not declared as a Hindu country? No one gives the answers and no one tries to find the answers.

After Mughul dynasty, British ruled us and when they left, Nehru dynasty ruled the nation for a major part out of 72 years of post-independence era. So the dynasty rule continued in the name of democracy and at the cost of Hindus.

Democracy is a good thing provided the electorate is literate. The fake secularism that was propagated by Congress blinded Hindus to such an extent that they could not see the conspiracies hatched by perpetrators to end Hinduism as we know it.

Congress party is a party of Muslims, for the Muslims and by the Muslims. The current president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, has said the same to remove any doubt whatsoever. The communists and leftist ideology is based on hatred towards Hindus. But these parties have been voted to power by majority Hindus. Once in power, they start appeasing the minority by doing things detrimental to Hindu interests.

Rahul Gandhi visits temples during elections to fool Hindus. Veteran Congress leader Kamal Nath asked Muslims to tolerate this demonstration of soft Hindutva with assurance that once power is grabbed, Hindus would be shown their true place. The mainstream media will call it secular politics when actually it is reverse. The Congress ecosystem is full of Hindu haters in every institution tying to demean Hinduism in all possible ways.

Take examples of women entry at Sabarimala temple or Shani temple or construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya. Hindu festivals are targeted via Cracker ban in Diwali, restriction of height of Dahihandi during Janmastami celebrations and guideline for water usage during Holi etc. Hindus are always at receiving end. There is a systematic approach to finish Hinduism by the parties who are voted to power by Hindus only.

Why do Hindus show such suicidal tendency?

It is because of a millennium of slave mindset, lack of unity and improper education.

The real freedom for Hindus came in 2014 when Narendra Modi formed the government. This awakened the Hindus and slowly, but surely, they are seeing the bigger picture.

Recently, CEO of Twitter, Jack Patrick Dorsey, created a huge controversy when he was found in a photograph with known leftists holding a placard that read "Smashing Brahmainical Patriarchy". It is a direct attack on Hinduism which I am not sure whether Jack knew about it or did it inadvertently. There was huge hue and cry generated across the nation and the Twitter had to acknowledge and apologize.

Similarly despite Supreme Court order, the Hindu hard core devotees did not allow the age old tradition of Lord Ayappa to be broken at Sabarimala temple in Kerala. Hats off to them to protect Hinduism and its traditions.

For Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the Supreme Court postponed the hearing to January 2019. But the Hindus are getting united to construct the temple without the intervention of the Supreme Court by means of an ordinance or otherwise.

Such uprising of Hindus is unprecedented and shows that good days are ahead for the nation. A five year term of Modi led BJP government has done such turnaround in the mindset of Hindus. Imagine what another term would do.

Congress and other dynasty based opposition parties know that one more Modi term will shut their shops off and many may actually land in jail. So they will try to stop Modi by hook or by crook. The threefold strategy is as follows:

1.     Divide Hindus: They will try to divide Hindus as this is a proven weapon. In Gujarat they tried by making a group of Dalit, OBC and Patels against rest of Hindus. They did not succeed owing to Modi's charisma, but the fight was close. Bheema Koregaon case is another classic example. Hindu vote division means power to Congress.

2.     Invent a fake scam: Rafale fits into the bill. There is no wrongdoing in Rafale deal. But Congress will keep on ranting about it hoping some unsuspecting Hindus will buy it and vote for them.

3.     Eliminate Modi: There have been plans to assassinate Modi which came to light recently.

In view of such political situation, the one and only way forward is unity of Hindus voting en-masse for Modi. BJP means performance and good governance. Congress means dynasty, scam and suppression of Hindus. We need to choose wisely for our own sake.

Hindus may have differences within themselves due to various factors which can be addressed. But by being divided, no Hindu is doing justice to the great tradition of Hinduism and to the future generation. Unless unity is ensured, Hindus will become like Jews, persecuted mercilessly by wicked adversary.

Hindu unity is essential for a developed India, protection of Hinduism and a Hindu Rashtra. Otherwise Hindus will find themselves only in history books a couple of generations later.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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