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Unlike Kiran Bedi and Baba Ramdev, why I will not vote for BJP?
Kiran Bedi has declared that she will vote for Narendra Modi as PM. Baba Ramdev has declared that he will campaign for Narendra Modi. But I will not vote for BJP. The reasons are given below.

BJP is the front for RSS

Today’s BJP is a front for RSS and the agenda of the RSS is to establish a Hindu Bharat and a Hindutva culture. This is established by the following:

1. RSS forced BJP to amend its constitution to give Nitin Gadkari, their favoured candidate for the post of BJP president, a second term.

2. When Gadkari came under corruption cloud and withdrew his name, they forced BJP to make Rajnath Singh the BJP president.

3. RSS forced BJP to nominate Narendra Modi as PM designate ahead of Sushma Swaraj, the favoured choice of its allies JDU and Shiv Sena.

4. It has recently directed BJP and Modi to take AAP seriously.

Mixing religion with politics is dangerous and leads to sectarian conflicts when the religious political majority tries to push its religious agenda by amending laws and curbing individual freedoms. See what is happening in Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey.

Hindutva means going back to Indian culture of ancient times. It means rule of elders and no equality for women. It means women must only dress traditionally and remain in the house. It means no partying, drinking and free mixing. It means no love marriages, inter caste or inter religion marriages. It means increased moral policing and honour killings.

BJP has no Ideology

BJP has not spelled out any ideology. Vajpayee’s BJP had five main points on the agenda. The first was “Swaraj” or good governance. It should be common to every party. The second was “Svabhiman” or national pride. It should be on every party’s agenda. Vajpayee announced it to the world by carrying out atomic tests against the US wishes.

Third was “Swadeshi” or “Be Indian; buy Indian”. Under pressure from neo-liberal businessmen and traders who are the traditional supporters of BJP, Vajpayee discarded it within months of coming to power and sidelined Govinadacharya, its main proponent. The other two; removing Article 370 and building “Ram Temple at Ayodhya” were rejected by its coalition partners.

Today’s BJP has no ideology; only one agenda; coming to power by creating a Congress free India. The agenda is unrealistic. Even if the BJP does succeed in winning the 2014 elections (the odds are very much against it), it will have to deal with the Congress ruled states. Congress cannot be eliminated.

Elections must be fought without hatred and violence. It should be like any other contest with sportsmanship and the magnanimity to accept that may the best team win. Peace and prosperity of India is more important than the fortunes of any political party.

BJP is Soft on Corruption and Criminals

BJP is soft on corruption. This is established by the following:

1. It removed the honest Khanduri from the post of CM of Uttarkhand and brought in the corrupt Pokhriwal. But when opinion polls before state elections projected a rout for BJP, they brought back Khanduri just before the election. It was too little too late. BJP lost narrowly.

2. Under pressure from AAP’s anti corruption plank, it removed Vijay Goel and projected Harshvardhan as Delhi CM at the last moment.

3. It has brought back ex-CM of Karnatak, Yedurappa, in spite of his corrupt image as the patron of illegal mining by the BJP MLAs, the Reddy brothers in Bellary.

4. It continues with Nitin Gadkari as a senior leader and Lok Sabha candidate from Nagpur. Gadkari had appointed his driver as director of a number of his companies. There may not be any law against drivers and astrologers becoming directors of companies. But would you as an honest entrepreneur do such a thing?

5. It made Abhay Sancheti, industrialist and investor friend of Gadkari a Rajya Sabha MP while his brother Ajay Sancheti is involved in Adarsh Scam and Coal Gate.

6. MP Minister Vijayvargia was caught on camera distributing Rs 500 notes before elections and has been accused of corruption. He continues in the cabinet.

7. BJP had no hesitation in supporting the corrupt regime of the Chautalas in Haryana.

There could be many more proofs of BJP’s soft attitude to corruption that I may not be aware of. BJP is also soft on criminals. Lokayukta has not been appointed in Gujarat. It has refused to remove a convicted MLA in Gujarat. It fielded over 25% candidates having criminal cases against them in Rajasthan elections and has no hesitation in doing so in any election.

There is little to choose between the Congress and BJP when it comes to turning a blind eye to corruption and criminalization of politics.

Supporters of BJP include Goons and Vandals

Some elements of BJP (directly or indirectly related) are not averse to intimidating opponents by using muscle power. These elements caused the death of a professor in Indore, vandalised AAP's office in Gaziabad and Prashant Bhushan’s chambers in Delhi.

There could be many other such instances. If these elements can indulge in such acts when BJP is not in power, one can imagine what kind of reign of terror they can let lose if BJP comes to power. There should be no place for money or muscle power in politics.

BJP is not with Aam Aadmi

When not doing the biddings of the RSS, BJP is a party of businessmen, for businessmen by businessmen. That is why its India Shining Campaign lost to Congress' Aam Aadmi in2004 in spite of Vajpayee being at the helm. Modi is against MNREGA, Food Security Bill and Land Acquisition Bill. Kiran Bedi and Baba Ramdev are not aam aadmi. They are special.

Kiran Bedi was a senior colleague of Kejriwal during Anna Hazare’s Lok Pal movement in Delhi. Kejriwal had the conviction and guts to take the plunge into politics. Kiran Bedi did not have the guts or inclination to take the plunge. Kejriwal invited her to join AAP and become Delhi CM. Kiran Bedi could not imagine AAP forming government in Delhi and declined. Now she is less of a celebrity than Kejriwal. Perhaps the colour of envy is saffron.

BJP as RSS’ front is a greater threat to secular India than the Congress. Congress’ patronage to the corrupt and the criminals is unpardonable. So is their vote bank politics. But they can accept their mistakes and change their attitude. But the RSS dictated religion based politics of BJP with equal patronage to the corrupt and the criminals as by Congress will be disastrous. RSS could not change its uniform (resembling colonial police of 1932) in 80 years. How can it change its colours, accept a secular constitution and move with times.

Kiran Bedi and Baba Ramdev may campaign for Modi and the BJP. We still enjoy freedom to choose. But I will not vote for them. I hope the youth and the women of India will also not vote for them. I will vote for Aam Aadmi Party because it is the only party that practices value based politics and can save India.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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