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Uri, a Pak sponsored jihadi attack; India must teach Pakistan a lesson: And here's how
After Mrs Indira Gandhi managed to divide Pakistan into two nations and created Bangladesh in 1971, with Indian Army winning one of the greatest battles after World War II capturing 90,000 Pakistani Army officers and men as prisoners, Pakistan was so afraid of India that one sneeze of Mrs Gandhi used to send shivers up the spine of Pakistani Generals.

However, after her demise, Indian politicians could not maintain that domination due to lack of political courage. The domination of Pakistan gave way to appeasement and finally bowing to its wishes just to keep it happy.

Before the arrival of Narendra Modi on the centre stage as Prime Minister, state of affairs was such that all the governments, who came to power in New Delhi, just wanted to have trouble free time with Pakistan, despite India having second largest Army, fourth largest Air force and fifth largest Navy in the world.

All sorts of excuses were given by our political masters for not teaching a lesson to Pakistan. Due to this defensive mode that we got into, Pakistan has become bolder and bolder in their sponsored jihadi attacks. Pakistani Army sponsored jihadis attacked us with impunity, killed our brave soldiers and civilians at will.

In recent times, we have heard from our political masters an oft repeated excuse for no action against Pakistan that it is a nuclear powered nation, so it cannot be taught a lesson militarily and our gullible citizens accepted this excuse.

Nobody asked the question to our political masters that we are also a nuclear power, so how come Pakistan continue to attack us with their Army sponsored jihadis? Nobody questioned our political masters that 70% of the Pakistani Army including their Generals come from their province of Punjab. Their families, their properties, their assets are in Punjab.

If a Pakistani General is foolish enough to start a Nuke war then just a few Indian nuclear bombs will destroy Pakistan's Punjab province which has no depth. All the families and assets of the Pakistani Army, their 20 billion dollar business in Pakistan will be destroyed for next 100 years. Will Pakistani Army pay this price? Besides, to mount a nuclear ladder there are minimum 48 steps, nobody unleashes a nuclear war on the drop of a hat otherwise by now Western countries would have nuked ISIS long time back, which has no nuclear assets.

The Sunday attack by Pakistani sponsored Jaish-e-Mohammad on administrative base of the Army in Uri has resulted into martyrdom of 18 brave soldiers and 32 others getting wounded. This is Pakistani Army action as they were annoyed with Prime Minister Modi raising Balochistan and POK issues from the ramparts of Red Fort in his 15 Aug address.

Similarly, the Pathankot airbase attack on Jan 2, 2016 by the same Jaish-e-Mohammad jihadis was again launched at the behest of the Pakistani Army to show their disapproval of PM Modi visiting Pakistan, unannounced on December 25, 2015.

Now, no option is left with our political masters, especially PM Modi, but to retaliate on the ground if he wants to maintain his reputation as a no nonsense PM of India who can take bold decisions. Otherwise this will further embolden Pakistani Army to continue attacking us and we will be seen in the world as a weak nation. We must make Pakistani Army, especially its generals, bleed. Militarily we can do following without any second thought:

  • Activate the entire 778 km long LOC with the POK. Start hitting Pakistani Army posts with concentrated artillery barrages on daily basis. Use snipers to pick up their officers.

  • Use Smirch Rockets with 90 km range without warning at places of our choosing targeting Pakistani army sponsored jihadi camps.

  • Deploy Brahmos missiles with 290 km range for future usage.

  • Use special forces in POK to kill the likes of Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar, Sayed Salahuddin. 

  • Use hot pursuit methods in vulnerable areas of this LOC.

  • Mobilise our forces in turns along the international border to force Pakistani Army also to deploy. This will help Balochistan, and Sindh uprising as also those jihadis like IS and TPP to act against the Pakistani Army.

  • Be ready to dangle a sword that we will strike at Pakistani training camps by air, whether we do or not is a separate matter.

  • Some people will argue that if we do all this then Pakistan will also do the same and we will also suffer casualties. Yes, it will happen but are we not buying casualties while Pakistani Army remains untouched? Only their sponsored jihadis - the cannon fodder get killed? This way we will be able to kill the trouble makers themselves.

There are so many other things we can do militarily which I am not writing here. This is one facet. We should also ban Pakistani civilian aircrafts in our air space. We should withdraw MFN status from Pakistan and stop all trade with them. We must reduce the role of Pak embassy in India and vice versa.

We should help the cause of Balochistan and make huge hue and cry of Pakistan ceding Shaksgam Valley to China from POK, a disputed area, as also China building China-Pak Economic Corridor passing through POK.

Finally, like Pakistan, which is right from the beginning is bent upon breaking India, we should have a long term foreign policy to cannibalise Pakistan. Our political leaders must understand that Pakistan was never our friend and will never be our friend in future also. So, we must cannibalise this country. A weak Pakistan is good for India.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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