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US-India stand-off: Why Devyani Khobragade is not an issue, rather the issue is sovereignty of India!
While the Devayni Khabrogade case is still a stand-off between India and the USA, the American media has started anti-India campaign calling India’s attitude as ‘Overwrought’, India’s misplaced outrage’, ‘Unworthy of a democratic government’ etc etc. Some in India also started anti-Devyani campaign through social media, calling her a corrupt with her name coming in Adarsh scam as a beneficiary.

This is unfortunate. I am not interested whether she is a Dalit or involved in any scam in India. She is the deputy chief consular representing India in the US. Thus in the name of falsehood, USA can’t bully on our pride.

On June 23rd, Devyani’s maid Sangita Richard went for marketing and didn’t return to her house. On 1st July one anonymous lady threatened over telephone in blackmailing language that the maid had worked for 19 hours, if compensation not paid then she would be dragged to the court.

On 2nd July, Devyani lodged her report in New York Police as well as her higher authorities. She once again submitted a complain detailing, blackmail, attempt of extortion, threatening etc at New York police regarding this phone call-cum-black mailing effort on 5th July 2013. New York Police didn’t take any action on it.

Not getting any response from New York Police, Devyani lodged complaint at Delhi police station against the maid Sangita Richard and her husband. On July 8th, Devyani had been called to immigration office and asked to deposit 10000 USD and instructed to cooperate in changing the passport and Visa of the maid.

Devyani didn’t agree and on her request, Indian government cancelled the passport of the maid. On 30th July, India asked USA to present the maid in Indian embassy at New York, which appeared to be under care of New York police. The USA didn’t respond to India’s request. On 4th September, American diplomat intimated Indian counterpart that this is a grave matter (on atrocities towards domestic help).

On 20th September Delhi High court had given a verdict that the maid can’t lodge any litigation against Devyani in any foreign court. India on 21st September intimated America not to interfere in the maid’s matter as she broke laws of both the country.

On 19th November, Delhi high court issued a non-bailable warrant against the maid. On 6th December 2013, India sent the arrest warrant of the maid to the US embassy. USA didn’t care this, on the other hand on 10th December America secretly shifted maid’s husband and kids from India to America and on 12th December in an act of conspiracy arrested Devyani. Rest is known to everybody.

Thus the case is no more between Devyani and her maid. It’s really India versus America on proprietary. The maid is an Indian employee, she had been issued arrest warrant by the Indian court, how can America in the name of their legal provision overrule Indian legal orders. Is the maid a US citizen? Isn’t America bullying?

That’s why India is very serious. Devyani is no more an issue. It’s attack on our sovereignty. No sane Indian ever tolerates such bullies.

Yes, the common fact is that sometimes USA's rich people try to influence foreign domestic helps to work for them. The Indian maid did a treacherous act here putting India’s prestige at stake. An Indian origin USA marshal Preet Bharar orchestrated this.

But no way India should leave the ground and compromise anything. It’s India’s freedom and autonomy which at stakes. India should be ready to go to any extent to protect its pride, freedom and sovereignty!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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