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US Presidential elections 2016: Mitt Romney and Donald Trump face-off
It seems that the Republican Party has finally awakened from its slumber. Mitt Romney who took on Obama without success in the last election battle went after Donald Trump with the gloves off and swinging.

It was the most scathing indictment of Trump from one of his own. Trump supposedly is a Republican Party candidate. However, it would seem that he has hoisted himself on the Republican Party with a large section of the senior leadership being uneasy at this billionaire who may also not be a billionaire, if some analysts are to be believed on the extent of his fortune. 

It is a well known fact that Trump has taken refuge several times behind the chapter 11 bankruptcy law in the United States that protects a debtor from his creditors. The strange thing is that the religious right, across the country continues to support this man.

Not surprisingly his strongest support comes from the less educated and the more intolerant men and women across the states that he has won. The vertical split regarding this man's nomination for the presidency is now almost inevitable.

The final convention to actually select a candidate is going to probably be a stormy affair whenever that happens. Even though at present Trump leads in most of the states for the delegate count, he would face a formidable challenge from the Democratic incumbents, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Both pollsters say would beat Trump comfortably in the upcoming November elections. One would think that both would be hoping for a Trump nomination from the Republican side.

On the Democratic Party where the debates have been more or less far more civilized than what it has been in the Republican Party, it seems now almost certain that Hillary Clinton will take the nomination. Despite the fact that Bernie is far more human in real terms for the American people, he does make a lot of people uneasy due to an inherent distrust of decades or even centuries for the word 'socialist'.

He has made it a lot easier to accept it, but there is still time to go before the American public educate themselves on the real meaning of socialism. The connection that most Americans make with this word is closest to another hated word in American cultureā€¦ Communism. However, it is largely due to the ignorance of the world around them.

Talk show hosts have sometimes delighted in showing the incredible ignorance of the streets while talking to ordinary people, who at times have professed ignorance on their standings on the world and also in recognizing their national leaders. This is not to say that all Americans would be indentified as such ignoramuses. After all, this is a country with some of the finest universities in the world, some of the best minds and responsible for some truly magnificent achievements in most fields.

The world is watching the US election race with some anxiety. If by some miracle Trump gets to the White House, it will be an unmitigated disaster for the world but the world being what it is will survive and it is Trump that may actually become what he constantly calls others: "Losers"!

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Dave Francis
Any dirty tricks played on Donald Trump, by either Democrats or GOP Cartel (Cruz, Romney ) specifically will cause a major civil out cry and millions in the silent majority will drop out and Hillary Clinton, criminal will arrive in the White House. Voters have called a few stations in Austin, Texas of changing voting slips from Trump to Cruz. Democrats using non citizens to stuff ballots, absentee ballots, going from one precinct to another or one state to another or use of any fraudulent moves. Then Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who has managed to dodge the Whitewater controversy, followed lately by the massacre in Benghazi, Libya and a questionable foundation where foreign countries contributed millions of dollars for the so-called speaking fees. IF SENATOR CRUZ WINS THAN THE END WILL COME QUICKLY, AS I'M GONE, FAMILY, A FEW FRIENDS AND OLD SOLDIERS FROM VET-NAM WAR AND DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS WILL BE OUT TOO. IT WILL BE BUSINESS AS USUAL FROM DEM'S AND REPUBLICANS. Trillions of dollars, 10.000 jobs lost to foreign countries in unfair trade agreements, as seen with auto manufacturers moving to Mexico. No WALL and truckloads of drugs coming for our children. The Death of 2 amendment, and agencies of the bloated government forever growing; Same poor Vet and Senior Citizen care, Social Security and other issues and the buying and selling of our votes to foreign and corporate special interests. I have been banned from speaking out on Facebook and much of the mainstream press, because I am an advocate for Donald J. Trump.
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