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US presidential elections 2016: Yes to Democrats, a big no to Republicans
Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The difference- Hillary and Bernie seem civilized to each other despite fighting for the same nomination from the same party, namely Democrats. Donald and Ben fighting for the nomination for the Republican party. Hillary and Bernie both come across as intelligent, human and decent. Donald and Ben…. The less said the better.

Bernie Sanders! Yes, a new hope for America in the real sense of the word. Despite the strange American repugnance for the word socialism, there seems to be a growing acceptance and a sudden realization that perhaps, just perhaps this will make a true difference finally after moving from presidents that have ceased to gain any real respect across the world with the possible exception of Barack Obama who has also been accused of being a socialist albeit a closet version.

And for the first time a candidate who had everything going for her with an ex-president for a husband has suddenly found that she needs to fight for her nomination. Fortunately or unfortunately, Bernie Sanders has made even that difficult by being quite exemplary in his behavior towards his democratic rival for the nomination.

Hillary Clinton has even had to follow some of his principles for ideas on the governance of America. It is time surely that America became the nation once again that its founding fathers had enshrined in the constitution and in many other personal memoirs during the building of America in its present form. There is no doubt that even at that time an enormous amount of injustice was done to the native Red Indians and later to the black people, now called African-American.

The founding fathers, at least some did try to make up for this terrible injustice across the decades which lasted right up to the Kennedy presidency where the revolution for the black people was fought with a great deal of help of the democratic governments of JFK and later by others.

Let's get back to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Even though my positive bias towards Bernie Sanders remains undiminished, it would be better to have a democratic candidate like Hillary Clinton rather than the openly racist and xenophobic men like Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Ben Carson brings with him a religious righteousness that borders on insanity. Donald Trump brings with him a complete insensitivity towards humanity and his own special brand of arrogance on everything. Really everything. A democratic win is what most in the world are hoping for but one can never be certain. Two terms of George Bush should tell us a fair bit about the American penchant for idiocy.

Bernie is refreshingly different from your standard politician. An Arvind Kejriwal kind of different who does not really indulge in double speak and makes no excuses for his socialism but explains it rationally. There is no need for socialists to go on the defensive. After all some of the finest run countries (Scandinavian and Western European) are socialist in various degrees without being stridently communist and have far better economic benefits for their citizens without greatly unbalancing their national budgets.

And to keep this short, if one looks at just the debates in the United States between the democratic candidates and the republican candidates, the republican will leave one repulsed with the vitriol they are pouring on each other coming from the same party whilst the democrats have been civilized and decent to each other.

I would still like to see Bernie win the nomination rather than Hillary but any democrat to me seems better than this bunch of hooligans that the republicans have managed to put up or have put themselves up as candidates for the most powerful office in the world.

It is almost a guarantee that any of the republican nominees will bring more disrepute to the office of the United States than any other previous republican candidate. Yes, even with the likes of Bush and Cheney having occupied those offices.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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