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Uttarakhand disaster: Where is Hindu charity?
Uttarakhand is undergoing through the worst ever calamity. The stories of human greed and total absence of human kindness are disturbing. Politicians blaming each other is fine after all votes are crucial for their very survival. But where are the NGOs, Gurus, Swamis and super rich swamis when it comes to extending solace in Dev Bhumi?

Uttarakhand is passing through an unprecedented disaster. CAG blames the state government for ill preparedness and politicians of course blaming gods for cloud bursts. End of the day, lots of lives will be lost, property destroyed; netas carry aerial surveillance; announce relief packages and thereafter life continues as normal and very soon a new scam would take over and people will forget the disaster and those who have suffered.

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Incompetence and lethargy of the governments of the day is well known, but what is deeply agonising is the human greed to exploit the tragedy. People from hill regions are more god fearing and humane in their approach to life. However the stories of greed and loot from the survivors are scary. Chapati which costs Rs 5 and rice plate costing Rs 10 are being sold for Rs 300 and 500 respectively.

The NGOs who shout from roof tops on each and every issue and super rich temples/ gurus seem to be absent. During the Latur earthquake of early 90s, similar greed amongst tragedy was very apparent but the Gurudwars and RSS, a few HAM based operators and one of the TATA group youth brigade did wonders and restored ones faith in the human good.

Langar run by one of the gurudwars, probably Nanded did untiring service in provisioning of cooked meals and there was never a clamour for media or any other glory.

RSS and TATA youth brigade restored the dignity amongst the dead. The human and animal dead bodies were rotting and rains made rescue efforts more difficult and rotting bodies became worse. One saw young, well-educated boys and girls carrying masks and small entrenching tools and removing the dead without vomiting or disgust. It was done with so much discipline and dignity, it was amazing. Being present there and from uniformed background it was with great pride to see the youth rise to such great heights of charity in time of calamity. It was surprising to see the local youth and some disciplined uniformed people busy looting.

Then there was a group of HAM operators, these people were so effective in meeting the crisis that it was sheer joy to see them working so efficiently. In one instance there were thousands of stoves delivered but without kerosene oil. This group managed to get it overnight when the official machinery appeared totally paralysed.

Then there were elderlies who came in for emotional support as loss of near and dear ones is disastrous. This group advised in a very interesting mix of religion, deeper meaning of life and recital of bhajans and satsang. The results were quite amazing. During the Tangdhar earthquake disaster a few years back the grudwars and Satsang dera Beas did such a commendable work that one has to see it to believe it.

Where are the Hindu organisations? The community claims to inherit the oldest civilisation known for sacrifice and the concept of we are the world. Our politicians do not take a minute to tear apart each other when it comes to their vote banks. Where are the swamis, temples, gurus who have amassed wealth in this hour of calamity?

The only action one had read in reports is Baba Ramdev sending significant consignments from his personal funds. Where are the others? Gone into hiding? Shame on them all. Wish they had come together to rebuild Kedarnath and extend support by sending their devotees. Modi has offered to foot the bill but knowing Congress’ scare of Modi, they will neither do it themselves nor let him do it. Never expect government devotees to be half as efficient as the devotees. See kar sevaks if there is any doubt.

Where are the super-rich temple committees hiding? Starting from Vaishno Mata to Tirupati and Sai baba who have assets worth millions not contributing financially or with human help. Where are the Ambanis, Tatas, Birlas and other industrialists who make such tall claims towards corporate social responsibility?

There appears to be little effort by million plus Hindus to help out their people in distress. Apart from blaming the government or going on media for self-glorification, sincere effort is lacking. If things continue this way, the community and religion known for what is best amongst the humanity shying away from sacrificing, the indicators are clearly we are heading towards doom.

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