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Various parties affecting the outcome of the Middle East dispute resolution efforts
I wonder how many parties are there, which can affect the outcome of Middle East dispute resolution efforts. Let’s count. The US, the UK, Israeli opinion divided in between Right and Left, Palestinian opinion divided in between Gaza and West Bank, the larger Arab world, Iran, the BRICS, the other world, and there can be many more.

Now the US position too has many factions within: the US Congress and division between conservatives and liberals , the White House, the State Department, Jewish American lobby and Arab American lobby in the US. This is really truly exhausting.

Now let’s first come to the general policy of the US. Conservatives in the US are generally supportive of Israel's position over the Middle East dispute though every US administration, whether it is conservative or liberal, does try to break the ice in the otherwise frozen relationship between Jewish Israel and Arabic Palestine.

The enmity among Jews and Arabs is as old as Islam is and this is eternal even if because of changing consciousness the Saudi Arabia changes a bit in the direction as desired by the West. The hatred is equal in the hearts of majority of Jewish people. Neither of the sides would like to move forward on its own unless and until not cajoled and pushed by the US-led West, supported partly by the UN, and the Russian Federation.

Now the main concern of this article is not what the Middle East solution should look like but accounts about various divisions within or outside a group. I fully accept that the kind of solution and various positions are interrelated but I ignore the solution in this article. So, let’s start with Palestine positions.

The fact is for the justice to be done to the people of Palestine the creation of viable, independent, sovereign Palestine state separated from Israel is a must. But then it just cannot be a three state solution: independent states of Israel, Gaza Palestine and West Bank Palestine.

The fact is that somehow Gaza and West Bank would have to reconcile their differences and agree for a common single state. The theme in Islamic world should be integration and not separation. Moreover, Gaza and West Bank are divided over certain technical issues such as, degree of Islamism, about what that independent state should look like, what its laws should be, their take on Israel and likewise. But these are not irreconcilable differences and they must be overcome by the concerned sides.

From all accounts a viable Palestine state has to be a democracy with it enforcing rule of law though it can keep its Islamic character with or without implementing the Islamic code.

Only pervert Israelis should think that Palestinian divisionism would help them. In fact it would make their lives more challenging increasing the risks involved in carving out a viable Palestine state from Israeli perspectives. The stability should matter to all sides. As a matter of fact both Right and Left in Israel should agree for creation of a separate Palestine Arab state which does not compromise with Israeli security.

They should do it at the earliest or else the Palestine leadership would opt for alternative routes like attempting to join the United Nations (UN) as a separate entity and they could be somewhat successful in their ventures these times.

Now let’s come to other pole: the US. Like the Right of Israel, a majority of the Republicans ought to commit themselves to the creation of a Palestine state, individual dissenting views notwithstanding. A majority of liberal lawmakers in the US Congress anyway supports the creation of a Palestine state with some having few reservations over the security of a future Jewish state not in conflict with its Arab neighbors.

The fact is that if the Capitol Hill and the Federal administration does not come to accept the reality that the voice of people of Palestine needs to be listened to or else the world may enter into another scaling full of identity-driven conflicts. With the passage of time future Europe would be governed more by general laws, idealism and principles based on universal European ideals than by individual state’s laws, provided prosperity flourishes globally.

Such would induce more apparent unity among Arab leaders and their governments and more disunity among the Western leaders and their governments over the Palestine issue. The US if it does not accept the call of conscience or demand of time, call it by any name, may not find too many supporters in the rest of the West or in the rest of the non-Western Europe. Even its closet ally the UK may desert it over Palestine issues.

As a matter of fact the lobbying by Jewish American community should be contained. They need to understand that they are American first and then Jewish people. Their apparent conservatism would create more lobbyist groups in the US, like their archenemy Arab Americans, Indian Americans, Chinese Americans and Latin Americans. Then, in that case the US Congressmen and Congresswomen would find it hard to handle such lobbying and American politics would become very complicated.

The US then, as a reaction or in the name of defense mechanism may become more predatory with it inducing high levels of higher ordered illiteracies and non-economic inflations globally. The Arab Americans should also refrain from excessive lobbying and they should understand that except for a community within them, no non-Muslim American would ever accept Islamic laws.

They should also ignore the over-projected figures about Muslim immigrants in the US and in the rest of the West. I can say with significant confidence that once American Whites are assured of their secured future, they would increase their birth rates. This could be very well true of all Whites all across the globe.

Now the Arabs should forget the ancient hostility with Jews provided Israel too reciprocates. The Arab Muslims should understand that their last Prophet calling Jesus as a Prophet of Islam helps all, including Muslims, Christians and Jews. That proclamation has help stabilize the globe in this competing, conflicting and drifting high consciousness era and that is why the whole globe is consumer of the Western products.

That could also be a hidden reason behind the relative stability of oil markets. Now, as I mentioned earlier hostility between Jews and Arabs would not end even after the possible resolution of the Middle East dispute. It is true but then it is a question about scale and that about quantification.

In 2014 and a decade or so beyond that, all would have to learn to live together provided the earth grows. Therefore, Israel and Arab world can sign a standstill agreement that Israel would never violate the sovereignty of future Palestine state provided the latter does not pose significant challenge to the Israeli state.

In return the Arabs would not act against Israel and Israeli interests. There has to be a truce among Jewish and Arab people, no matter how technical and non-political it may be termed. Such requires promise by Israel about no first use of nuclear weapons against any part of Islamic world unless while facing existential threats and simultaneous abandonment of nuclear dreams by Iran and the Saudi Arabia.

Among the BRICS nations, only Russia has a significant role to play in the dispute resolution between Israel and Palestine. Despite of its recent actions in Crimean Peninsula and Eastern Ukraine the role of Russia should be positive and Kremlin should use its good offices to nudge the conflicting sides to come to negotiating table and sign a comprehensive permanent deal ending the decades-long dispute.

All should know that the US and the Russian Federation can cooperate and segment in the South Asia and the Israeli-Palestine region (IPR). This is a must too, to lower down the heat in global geopolitics.

Now the rest of the world should support peace between Israel and Palestine. But at the same time Palestine authority should have patience and should not rush to UN General Assembly to seek full statehood against the wishes of the Federal administration. Better thing would be that the Republicans and the state of Israel both agree for creation of a viable Palestine state.

It should be done with absolute consensus with little exception to rule. The globe should wait for that necessary consensus to arrive at despite of continuing sufferings of Palestinian people. That day will surely arrive.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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