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Victory of Kejriwal in Delhi polls: The winning Bharatwasi and the losing Indian
Our country is sadly divided into an opulent India and an oppressed Bharat. AAP has won because the oppressed and poor 'Bharatwasi' has finally and at last found his voice and voted for Mr. Arvind Kejriwal of AAP in Delhi elections.

This is a forerun of a silent social revolution taking place behind the scenes in Bharat which would end only in both India and Bharat falling apart from each other forever. India should beware of its sad fallout, which would change the social and political dynamics of the country for all time to come within a few years unless stringent measures are taken to unite India and Bharat into become one single identity once again believing in a democratic setup of governance.

The cry of the lesser people just like wail of the new born scampering up from the pathos and pangs of birth towards finding its destiny in the world is being heard today throughout the world. The first breath of freedom and light of the lesser man now reborn as a true and patriotic Bharatiya is filled with confidence and a hope for the betterment of their lot never seen before in this country.

Today everyone is aware of the story of the two countries living as one nation and that is the Bharat and India known today to it's a billion odd citizenry and the world respectively. Each different from the other as night and day as one can make his or her horses of imagination run wild to imagine those differences which have slowly divided this country into two altogether different worlds since independence. It is Bharat and not India which has voted for Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP in Delhi elections.

Finally but slowly and steadily the Bharatwasis are finding their voice felt today in India which the world knows maybe through their innumerable Nirbhaya's and the villages that this Bharat comprises of or all those Bharatwasis which the Indians disdain and look down upon living in ghettos or slums.

The story of India is that of the elitist, westernized, rich Indian who has never stopped loving the British Raj and who knows very little of Bharat's culture, food, clothes, languages and who loves to oppress the true Bharatwasis in every way he can as he considers them inferior to himself. This Indian sadly has no roots in the soil of the motherland and is confused and out of connection with his countries soil.

The Civil Services and the Indian Bureaucracy, which forms the part of the supremacy and control of Union list or centre is nothing less than the East India Company in both form and nature. The Danda Raj and the need to keep the Bharatwasis in control by keeping them uneducated, oppressed and poor, so they can be easily forced into submissive silence is still in vogue today by the Centre. The police functions just as it had functioned during the British Raj with the corrupt IPS taking its place from the Gora's suppressive rule post independence.

The question arises can Bharat ever be free and find its true identity in the world? Does Bharat and India have to go separate ways or they can unite as one given time and resourceful efforts by all sanely concerned? These questions are answered by victory of AAP in Delhi elections under Mr. Kejriwal whose sole fight against India is seen as an example in the guise of the corrupt Delhi Police which is in actuality the enemy of all the citizens of Delhi has won him once again the laurels in the form of chief minister ship the second time.

Simply speaking, the AAP has come in as revolutionaries to free all Bharatwasis from the grasp of Indians. The Indigo farmers revolt in Bengal early in the nineteenth century is a forerunner of the non-violent passive resistance successfully adopted by Gandhi ji and now similarly enacted by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal of AAP to win the current elections in Delhi.

Sadly the Indians have miserably failed to keep their India intact and lucrative so as to completely absorb the Bharat and the Bharatwasis in its fold. Rather due to lack of visionary effort, bad governance, corruption and foresight by the Indians haegmonic rule has resulted in the outstripping of the fiscal resources of the state resulting in the rupee falling by eighty five rupees against the British Pound since independence. The French revolution too had similar beginnings the only difference being the Indians taking the place of the aristocracy and the Bharatwasi taking the place of the bourgeoisie with economic hardships faced by the country on similar grounds. As per Wiki The population of France in the 1780s was about 26 million, of whom 21 million lived as Bharatwasis. Few of these owned enough land to support a family and most were forced to take on extra work as poorly paid migrant laborers on larger farms or in cities just like in India.

If one compares 1.5 billion people of this country you will be surprised to know that only 0.3 billion people are Indians and the rest poor, oppressed, uneducated, often exploited Bharatwasis who rile in squalling and pitiful living conditions and apathy of the worst kind thus making their daily lives a struggle. The Difference between Indian and Bharatwasi is shockingly evident.

The Indian is well educated he speaks and writes in English, is well versed with western culture. He is a taxpayer as his earning is beyond average, lives in opulence in cities and has access to all the modern amenities to fall upon like communication, commutation and elitist living in the form of expensive consumer durables, cars, apartments and houses in authorized colonies. He has no fear of the law and believes that money power can solve all his problems.

He uses airports, travels abroad both on official and pleasure trips and is corrupt in any and every way one can imagine. He only believes in money and has no scruples attached in adopting any unethical means to earn it. The Indian is mostly atheist and does not believe in Bharat's age old value systems .

Whereas the Bharatwasi on the other hand is a an urban middle class, villager or slum dweller or living in squalor in unauthorized colonies or ghettoes which are ardent examples of human suffering and apathy the world over as shown in the Hollywood Blockbuster 'Slum Dog Millionaire'. The Bharatwasi believes in ethics, family values, religion and traditions and only knows Hindi apart from his mother tongue with basic knowledge of English.

This Bharatwasi is oppressed and looted by the Police, the politicians and is shoed away by the civil servants. The money for his welfare is siphoned off as fast as his rations by the Indians thus leaving him to fend for himself. Sadly the poor chap can hardly differentiate between the Raj and our democratic independent Indian government.

All is not lost if the Government brings development vide manufacturing and infrastructure norms, curbs corruption, brings police reforms and make our country's military strong and self reliant thus gaining confidence of its people. Sewage and water purification plants have to be setup on war footing to conserve water and save our natural water systems.

Forestation has to be taken up on top priority to save our country from global warming.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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