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Vulture politics – Why we should condemn It?
When the death of a citizen is politicized for possible political gains, it is called vulture politics.

Let me give an example. Some months ago, a bright scholar named Rohith Vemula committed suicide apparently for personal reasons as revealed from his suicide note where he did not blame anyone for his drastic step. 

But the opposition parties like Congress, AAP and others made a bee line to Hyderabad to do politics on his dead body. They made Rohith Vemula a Dalit although he was not and blamed the Modi government as anti-Dalit. Then they stormed the next parliament session also on this issue for which the house had to be adjourned several times.

Here is another example. In order to prove Modi government as anti-farmer, another dead body was required. So AAP staged a suicide drama involving a farmer Gajendra Singh. Unfortunately the drama went wrong and Gajendra Singh died. But AAP leaders were not bothered. They kept on giving speeches with Gajendra's body hanging lifeless from a tree.

I hope people did not forget Akhlaq's murder by an angry mob on suspicion of beef consumption at Dadri. Political vultures also reached there to derive as much political mileage as possible.

The recent case of ex-serviceman Ram Kishan Grewal is a burning example of vulture politics. When he allegedly committed suicide on OROP issue, Congress and AAP rushed to the hospital to derive political mileage. Here some background is required. After the surgical strike, there is a positive mindset of citizens towards BJP whom they consider pro-soldiers. 

This is killing the peace and prospects of parties like Congress, AAP and others in the ensuing UP, Punjab and Goa elections. Clueless what to do, they finally conspired to somehow prove Modi government anti-soldier to neutralize the advantage of surgical strike. Whether Grewal committed suicide or it was another drama that went wrong, only a probe will reveal.

But there are enough doubts in the whole case and so many pieces are missing in the jigsaw. I cannot believe, even on gun point, that a soldier (acting or former) would ever commit a cowardly act such a suicide.

Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal created a political melodrama occupying TV space for the last three days. They created ruckus at the hospital and on the streets of Delhi and even went to attend his funeral all the time blaming Modi government. As an extension to vulture politics, Rahul Gandhi led a candle march in honor of Grewal and soldiers. Can you guess what were the slogans raised during the candle march? Well, you will not believe. It was 'Rahul Gandhi Zindabad'. I bet you have never witnessed such a solidarity march.

So it was after all a political march, not a solidarity march as claimed. People like Grewal are scapegoats who after having served their purpose can be thrown into dustbin.

So the question is, whether such vulture politics gives dividends. Yes, it does. Take Delhi and Bihar elections for example. Rohith, Akhlaq and Gajendra were the talking points and it had its impact whether one likes it or not. India's electorate needs maturity not to be fooled by political parties. But this is not going to happen in the near future. That is why Congress and AAP are only doing vulture politics.

Public will give a verdict during coming elections and we will come to know whether Grewal brought good news for Congress and AAP. But this vulture politics is causing irreparable damage to the citizens. Take the case of Grewal.

He was a former soldier and so should have been cremated with full state honors among the silence of the mourners. But the political parties like Congress and AAP made his funeral a fair with politicians grinning from ear to ear. We know that vested interest politicians don't grieve for deaths, but they do act as if they are grieving. Even that acting part was missing in the case of Grewal. His departed soul must be feeling the pain.

To derive maximum political mileage, Kejriwal declared Grewal as a martyr and announced Rs 1 crore as compensation. Its repercussion is too dangerous. A martyr is he who sacrifices his life defending the nation or its citizens. A cowardly act of suicide cannot be compared to the bravery of martyrs. So many brave soldiers have been martyred recently, but Kejriwal did not even meet them. Therefore it is having a negative impact on the minds of serving soldiers at the border.

Soldiers never want money, they want respect. Kejriwal's antics of rewarding with huge money to non-deserving candidates is a dangerous precedence affecting the moral of the army. 

The vulture politics also divides the nation unnecessarily. So no death should be politicized.

If for votes the political vultures need a dead body, then they will make our country a cremation ground if they come to power. Congress and AAP have no ideology and no shame. So they will keep on doing this.

The political vultures will not stop. We, the citizens should silence them. We should condemn it. This is my humble submission.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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