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Welcome back Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry
Is this the beginning of a new era? Should we rejoice over the victory of the chief justice of Pakistan? When has India ever witnessed scenes like these to rid our electoral system of criminals, corrupt politicians?. When will India also wake up?
MANY COMMENTATORS predict that the sun is setting on Pakistan. I am one of the very few who believe with growing optimism that the dawn of a golden period in the whole of South Asia is just a couple of years away.

The silent majority is waking up in Pakistan. The media and the NGOs are taking over in awakening the conscience of the silent populace, which is now aware of their civil rights and the benefits of democracy.

Barack Hussein Obama can become a catalyst for the hopeful public of Pakistan by siding with the silent majority and working directly with the NGOs, sidestepping the current government establishments of Army and its civil cronies. The civilian aid should go directly to the people and not to the government.

The current political stand-off has only one winner, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry.

His legal crusaders who launched public awareness marches to restore law and order on the strength of a fair and democratic Constitution rather than of biased enforcement of a whimsical presidential rule are winning plaudits everywhere.
The sooner the world understands where the actual power should lies in Pakistan, the quicker it would help solve the regional problem. The world should understand the difference between the phenomenon of the good grass-roots Islamic Sharia laws rather than taking a narrow view that Islam only sponsors evil.

If the grass-roots in Pakistan are allowed to look after their affairs based on Islamic Sharia laws (if they want to), which have nothing to do with terrorism and extremism, South Asia would start moving in the right direction.

In the hour of their need it is the duty of all Indians to support the people of Pakistan. The media, the civil society and the NGOs of the world should channelise their energies in support of the underdogs, the silent majority. Let us not alienate them by criticising their religious beliefs due to extremist attitude of a few Pakistanis.
If Pakistan can do it so can India. Politicians like Sharad Pawar, Mayawati to name a few, think India owes it to them to make them the Prime Minister of India. What makes them feel so sure of being elected, let alone be the PM?
The reason is the state of our media and inactive NGOs. Do we have the fearless anchors like Hamid Mir? Do we have fearless TV stations like Geo TV?

No, whatever we have is already bought by these evil politicians. What has happened to the Tahelkas of this world?

Does anyone remember Jayprakash Narayan? The last man to shake the conscience of the entire nation.

Time has come for a new leader to arise amongst us. May be we should take a leaf from chapter of the long march of Iftikhar Chaudhry. Pakistanis can now hold their heads high. Their ‘long march’ set free democracy from the both external and internal imperialism.

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viren naik
Ok we have now crossed the line of no return. The test for the both the offsprings of the Midnight has arrived. Pakistan is at the threshold and either it enters the era of the Golden Future or returns forever to the stone ages. The responsibility lies in the hands of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. The Grass roots want proper elections and you have the 180 million plus the Chief justice of Pakistan on one side and on the other side you have the Media,The Army Generals,The Corrupt Civil Servents and the criminal Political Mafias contolling the Terrorists falsley using Islam as a shield. Honourable Chief Justce sahib you have a window of only 6 weeks to make sure no criminal,uneducated,religiously biased,Army sponsored,and those who are controlling the two big political parties be denied platform completely,no election sloganing,all candidates wishing to participate present all personal information on public website for thorough public scrutiny and not alone vetted by the election commission.The candidates for national Parliament must have 10 years visible public service at the grass roots level etc. If any of these fail you can be rest assured Pakistan will never survive as a united entity as it is and there will be a genocide of the innocents like never seen before..Allah ki kayamat aajayegi aur aap ko awam ki bad dua lag jayegi. Next will be India and when the ordinary grass roots will take matters in their hands the whole world will be engulfed by the mother nature's fury. Do not take this lightly. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik 18.1.2013
Ramesh Manghirmalani
Trust Ejaz Haider to ask the most pertinent question post restoration of CJ Iftekhar Chaudhry. What’s next? Haider, a veteran journalist, writes that the issue must go beyond the person of the CJP to the institution of the judiciary and further on to the judiciary’s interaction with other institutions of state and society. And, to the gravest threat facing Pakistan: terrorism. The difficult part is yet to come. The problem is; the difficult part is here & now, glaring at us in the face. Government of Pakistan and NWFP signed a deal with militants in Swat last month, practically handing most of Malakand division over to them. The deal, ironically called Nizam Adl Regulation (System of Justice Regulation), ran into snags when Tehrik Nifaz-i-Shariat Muhammadi chief Maulana Sufi Mohammad asked judicial officers to stop coming to courts and said that any further court proceedings would be in violation of the agreement signed by the government. The lawyers’ movement took on the case of CJ Chaudhry for the past two years and marched the length & breadth of the country, but will they take up the case of lawyers and session judges who are now given their marching orders by Maulana Sufi Mohammed. CJ Chaudhry was sacked by the president of the country (we are not going into the details of how credible was the election of the president) which raised the proverbial hell and rightly so. Now, this so called leader and cleric, who was jailed by the government until recently, threatens the judges and lawyers of the area and there is hardly any response to that, either from the lawyers’ community or civil society. I don’t expect champions of justice and democracy Imran Khan and Qazi Hussien Ahmed to breathe a word against this atrocity because it is brought on by their brothers in faith but what about the other upholder of democracy and rule of law Mr. Nawaz Sharif? Not a murmur from PML-N either. Does that mean that political parties in Pakistan can only stand up against the state machinery and burn and destroy public property, but cannot take on the militants who are hell bent on destroying the very fabric of society.
Natteri Adigal
India and Pakistan are populated by people of the same stock. Both started off, courtesy Gandhi, as a demoCRAZIES by the tribe of lawyers and judicial parasites for/ of themselves. He invited partition’s agony to impose the rule of his protégé Nehru as per the choice of sponsoring tycoons. Over time, dacoits, crooks, scoundrels and murderers too have joined politics in India. The current lawyers' movement which has put Chaudhry at the helm will only accelerate the same process – The military had applied some brake – in Pak to match with India! Remember Chaudhry & Co are less a parasites than their Indian counterparts. They are of an elite class sponging off ordinary people who toil everyday. Ironically, many Indians forget that Nawaz Sharif who backs him is terrorist who tried to blow up a whole plane with over hundred schoolkids visiting Pak, only to get rid of Musharaf. Zardari, famous as Mr Ten per cent during Benazir's rule, is no less a villain. Both parties have been promoting war hysteria to prolong the agony of Kashmir in concert with scoundrels of India. Musharaf, currently sidelined, was one fellow to lend some stability to South Asia for the longest time. With Vajpayee, he started the process to give Kashmiris their due. Hopefully, the military will soon end the sham of democracy of the type that the western world understands (one-man-one-vote ). It is nonsense in Asian entities with teeming starving masses and huge backlog of social justice. Regimes that gave priority to advancement of this section over so-called democracy - like China, Singapore and Vietnam and now Burma and Nepal – have made themselves fit for that type of democracy.
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