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What Does Anna Hazare Want?
Anna Hazare is supporting TMC and Mamta Bannerjee simply because Mamta replied to his 17 suggestions while Kejriwal didn't. Cadre based parties who believe in use of muscle power for political gain are a threat to life and liberty of Aam Admi. One must not vote for such parties?
Anna Hazare has sprung a surprise on many of his followers and admirers by announcing that he is going to campaign for Mamata Bannerjee and her Trinimul Congress Party (TMC) in the forthcoming Lok Sabha Election. He also announced that he backs Mamata Bannerjee as PM. He claims he is neither for nor against Modi being PM but he definitely against Arvind Kejriwal being PM. He went to Kolkata at the invitation of Mamata Bannerjee and the scene of Mamata touching his feet was both dramatic and touching. 

The developments raise two questions. Firstly why has he suddenly decided to back Mamta and her TMC? Secondly, why has he suddenly turned against his former prot?g?e, Arvind kejriwal?

Why is Anna Hazare supporting Mamata

Mercifully, Anna Hazare has clarified the matter himself. He said that he had written to all political parties giving 17 suggestions for good governance and only Mamata replied. (Please note that Mamata has made no commitment to follow his suggestions). He also praises Mamata for being honest and for leading a simple life.

Why is Anna Hazare against Arvind Kejriwal

Anna Hazare has also clarified this point. He says that Kejriwal has prime ministerial ambitions. What he does not clarify is that when he does not mind Mamta or Modi having prime ministerial ambitions, why is he against Kejriwal for having prime ministerial ambitions?

Kejriwal has never spoken against Anna Hazare. He has differences with Anna; not about the goal of having a corruption free, ?aam admi? friendly governments in every part of India but the way that is to be achieved. Anna Hazare seeks to achieve it without participating in electoral politics through fasts and sit-ins to highlight problems. Kejriwal rightly believes that nothing can be changed without winning elections and the corrupt can be punished only by first gaining political power. 

The uncharitable like me would attribute another reason to Anna?s stand, simple jealousy. Anna Hazare is unable to come to terms with the reality that a young upstart like Arvind Kejriwal has a greater following, media attention and political clout than a veteran social activist like him. Sad; is it not?

Should People Support Mamata

Let me start by giving the devil his due. Mamata Bannerjee can be presumed to be personally honest. She is, as the leftist parties rue, an ambitious and shrewd politician with great organizational and electoral skills. She did what Congress failed to do in 30 years; she got rid of the corrupt and self serving Left Front government. She succeeded because she used political violence which the Left Front had effectively used to rule over Bengal for most of the 30 years. Her cadres fought pitched battles with the Left Front cadres with bombs, pipe guns and other weapons and defeated them in most parts of Bengal. As her power increased the CPM goondas joined her party to survive. She is trying to consolidate her hold on Bengal with use of muscle power and populist policies. She has displayed national ambitions.

Like all human beings, Mamata has her faults. She is totally autocratic in Hitler mould. No member of her party dares to raise their voice in dissent or question her decision. She is completely ruthless. In her case the end justifies the means. She has no qualms about winning elections unopposed or in contests by browbeating opposition and the population by political violence, use of state machinery and even rape. Her tolerance of corruption and crony capitalism can be seen by her refusal to have a CBI enquiry into the chit-fund scam and protection given to party leaders and relatives involved in various scams and criminal cases. If you value your life and liberty; if you do not like your life to be dominated by violent party cadres like the Shiv Sainiks or Nav Nirman Sena of Maharashtra, SP cadres of UP, the CPM cadres of Bengal and Kerala or even RSS and the Sangh Parivar, do not vote for TMC or Mamta Bannerjee. Vote for clean, peaceful, ethical politics of Aam Admi Party or not so clean but liberal civilized parties like the Congress.  


Anna Hazare is a great man. He has given all he had after retiring from the army to change his village Ralegaon Sidhi in Maharashtra from a poor backward village into a thriving and prosperous model village. His model of grass-root development has been successfully implemented in many other villages. He is a crusader against corruption and has used fasting against corruption to check it. He certainly deserves a Padma award.

Unfortunately, at the fag end of his life, he is seeking public recognition and importance but not getting it. He wants to be obeyed. He seeks obeisance. But he is not getting it from his prot?g?e, Arvind Kejriwal. That has angered him. And this anger is being exploited by Mamata Bannerjee and others for electoral benefits.

Anna Hazare needs to understand that he is too old and frail to continue in active politics. He should stop being childish and support Kejriwal and the Aam Admi Party. Kejriwal in turn should also give him some importance by sending an emissary and seeking his blessings. There is nothing to be lost by making an old man happy by making him feel important in his end days. 

Lastly, do not vote for TMC, SP, Shiv Sena, Maharashtra Navanirman Sena and BJP unless you want a Hitler or Mussolini to rule your state or India.
Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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