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What is science?
I often and wonder and ponder about science. Scientists and other people say that modern era is of scientific era. People talk about scientific temperament and progress of science.
If modern era is of science then all the living and non-living being which have exist since the day the whole universe came into existence, are the outcome what? Is their existence scientific or non-scientific?

If their existence is scientific then science was there even before we came to know about it. It means that this universe and this world would have always been scientific. If it is so then why do we call the modern era as scientific ?

Water did existed even before we came to know and learn that it is made up of H2O. Electricity was also there even before we came to know about its existence. During the rainy seasons, the clouds used to get positively and negatively charged even before we came to know about electricity.

It means that electricity was invented by human beings, but it was discovered and the human beings invented the way by artificial arrangement of things according to the natural working principle to get a continuous flow of electricity. And even this natural working principle was not invented by human beings. But, the human being discovered these principles and exploited it.

The birds fly, the butterflies fly according to the scientific principles. The human beings invented aero plane based on that scientific principles. And the we started to call it scientific. If the invention of aero plane is scientific, then isn't the flying of the birds, and butterflies also scientific?

All the living creatures are built on the scientific principles, if everything existed and even exists today is scientific then what do we mean by modern scientific era?

If modern era is scientific then does it means that all the living and non-living things which existed and exists are not scientific. If it is so then what it is?

The human being has not invented anything new, but, exploited and manipulated that already exists naturally. The basic entities like Atom, electron, proton, neutron and the other more than hundred basic elements from which many chemical compounds are created are not invented by the human beings.

The theories of science which were considered valid yesterday are becoming invalid today and the scientific theories which are valid today may become invalid tomorrow. It means that they will become another kind of superstition.

But, if superstitions be investigated then superstitions also work in a scientific way. Infact everything which exists in this world function in a scientific way.

You may have heard of many stories of scientists, sports persons and other persons doing some peculiar activity before starting their work. In the first instance they seem superstitions, but, investigated in the light of psychology and brain science they have their have scientific value.

The experiment of Mr. Pavlov is known to every one. He did an experiment with dog. Each time while the dog was hungry he offered food to the dog. At the same time he used to ring the bell. Upon seeing the food the dog used to salivate.

He carried out this activity for several days. And after several days when he simply rang the bell the dog used to salivate.

The food, the ringing of the bell, the timing, the hunger of the dog and salivation of the dog all got associated together.

This was how the dog responded to the sensual cues and how its brain triggered the other part of the brain to salivate.

In the past many great men and scientists used the similar sensual cues to trigger and activate their creative side of their brain.

It is said that Einstein used to hold the rubber ball and squeeze it to trigger and activate his creativity and creative side of the brain.

And, I use the music to trigger and activate my creativity and creative side of the brain.

There is a terminology for such phenomena, and the scientists and researchers call it synesthesia. Synesthesia is phenomenon where the stimulation of one sense triggers the activity in the other senses.

Now, see what seems to be a superstition is actually also a scientific phenomena. It means that superstitions also work on scientific principles.

If superstition is also scientific and the scientific theories become superstitions when they become invalid. So, the ultimate question is what is Science?

It is said that followers of religion are blind. They blindly follow the religious rituals and practices. But, isn't it the same with science?

Only, few people to whom we call scientists proposed the model of atom and they came out with the theory of the working of the atom and rest of the people the students and the teacher and everyone blindly believes and follows them.

So, the question remains is, what is science?

What actually science is? Do we use the terminology "Science" to define man made artificial things and the process to discover what is already there?

What basically science is? To which thing we refer as science?

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