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What is your number?
The date of birth of any individual will help us understand his personality, karma and events that could become an integral part of his life. Every number resonates with a planet and is assigned a color that relates with it.

EVEN THOUGH there are lot of numbers that go into shaping one’s personality and Karma, I have collated some numbers, which will help you understand their significance and various patterns of one’s life.

Number ONE: Relates with the sun. The colors denoting this number would be crimson, bright red -  all colors of the sun. People whose date of birth is 1 or any number calculating to one are powerful people, strong headed and usually quite authoritative in their overall persona. These people are usually leaders and prefer doing things their own way. Generally, Sunday would be the day for such people.

Number TWO: Relates to the moon. Those born on 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th would fall in this category. These people are intuitive, emotional, feminine and easy going. They can become over bearing when it comes to being dependent on others. White is the color that best works for Moon People. These people should offers prayers on Monday to keep their emotions in control.

Number THREE: Jupiter rules this number according to Western Astrology; yellow works best in terms of color. Number 3 people are stubborn, have a special kind of authority on their own; normally very lucky to have around. They would do well as teachers and any profession that expects them to help or bring knowledge to others. On a general level, Thursday would be the day for Jupiter people and color, yellow.

Number FOUR: The number represents people who are stubborn and have a quality that makes them stick to their viewpoints more often than not, unable to hear others out or compromise when they believe in what they are doing! Hardships denote this number in the early years. These people have more faith in themselves than in any other force.

Number FIVE: Mercury represents this number. Color is green. People who would make good journalists, writers, speakers, thinkers belong to this group of numbers! They do tend to overdo the thinking bit and will definitely have some problem related to nerves or psychological disorders. Their dual thought process could be the harm factor towards their mental health.

Number SIX: Relates to Venus, the planet of creativity, designing, fashion, glamour and all material happiness! People with this number love arts and interiors, paying extra care to their looks and their dressing. These people love the glory that life can bring to them. Good career fields for those with this number or people with Venus abundance would be art, designing, building, homes and interiors, fashion, multi media, films and television work.

Number SEVEN: People who are highly sensitive, over emotional  and have a tendency to get into spirituality for a living would be associated with Seven. These people have a good imagination, would love to meditate, practice yoga or delve into the occult. They also have a natural affinity towards understanding spiritual phenomena! However, they need to take care of health and finances in their lives.

Number EIGHT: Related to the most dreaded planet *Saturn*! It brings delays in everything we do starting from results for our efforts to our marriage and well being or may be birth of a child. These people are stubborn with their ideals. 8 is a number that relates to Karma and past life connections. This number brings hardships and troubles in life, particularly in early years.

Number NINE: Mars is the planet for number 9, which relates to war, aggression and energy. You will find these people in the police force, military, army and fields of justice. They show courage and valour in times when most others would give up. They can be obstinate at most times but that is what this number is all about !

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