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What will be the future of AAP post 16th May 2014?
Aam Aadmi Party which managed to win 28 seats in Delhi Assembly Elections in 2013 and later formed the Government with outside support from the Congress Party, will be facing a very uncertain future post 16th May 2014. AAP leader Kejriwal quit the Delhi Government and jumped into the national politics without actually failing to realize that he had committed a blunder by entering into the national politics without any justification for doing the same.
Had Kejriwal continued with his Government in Delhi and not jumped into the national politics in a hurry, things would have been very different for him and his party. After he left the Delhi Government and joined the national politics, he was completely exposed in the eyes of the people as a "power hungry person in a hurry", who could not do the justice to the office of the Chief Minister of Delhi and was aspiring to become the Prime Minister of the Country.

After some time, he completely lost his focus and purpose and with a view to secure the minority votes, announced suddenly that "communalism" is a much bigger issue than "corruption" in the country and he intends to fight the bigger issue first. When Kejriwal was targeting the corruption, he was actually targeting the Congress Party, but once he shifted his focus from "corruption" to "communalism", his target also got shifted from Congress Party to BJP and its PM candidate Narendra Modi.

Middle Class people who were supporting Kejriwal for his intention to fight the corruption, got stunned with his goal shifting and in the process Kejriwal lost the entire support base attached with his party. Clearly the people were supporting Kejriwal to fight the corruption. He took the support of the people for granted and substituted the “corruption” with “communalism” for his political convenience. Delhi Elections were contested by the AAP in the name of fighting the corruption and not "communalism". 

People are already tired with the tactics of the political parties where these parties prefer to skip the real issues and make the issues of "secularism" and "communalism" to divert the attention of the public from the real issues concerning the people. If Kejriwal was also doing the same politics, people were simply not interested. They expected Kejriwal to do a different kind of politics in which system becomes transparent and corruption free. By now, people have understood that Kejriwal has no intention to do that and he was also joining the “short cut route” of the politics by indulging into the politics of secularism-communalism.

After this goal shifting, Kejriwal was a new man. His enemy number one was Narendra Modi and his party BJP. To show that he is a secular person and AAP is a more secular party than any other party, he started targeting BJP and Narendra Modi on 24 hour basis. However, as we all can see, this definitely has backfired and as the Exit Polls are predicting, AAP is not likely to get more than 3 to 7 Lok Sabha Seats across the Country.

Further, its support base in Delhi has completely diluted where it may get not more than a single Lok Sabha Seat. The outcome of Varanasi is already known to everybody and even Kejriwal is not contesting the Varanasi seat to defeat Modi, but to gain the 24 hours guaranteed media attention.

Under these circumstances, after the Lok Sabha results are announced and a new Government is formed at the Centre, the next thing will the dissolution of Delhi Assembly and fresh elections. In the changed scenario, is it highly unlikely that the AAP will repeat its earlier performance of winning the 28 seats. On the contrary, there are fair chances that the BJP will get the absolute majority followed by Congress moving to the second position and the AAP will be downgraded to number three with just about 5 to 10 seats in the Assembly.

We can also conclude that in the coming future, AAP will loose its relevance completely as there are already many parties in India to fight against the “so-called communalism.” The best thing for AAP would be to get itself merged with Congress Party as the goals of both these parties are common, i.e to fight against the “so called communalism.”

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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