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What youths are feeling about the present election and its outcome?
I never followed politics so much as I’m doing these days (courtesy AAP). So it was natural for me to be curious to know what is going inside in the minds of people in my own surrounding. I must say at this point of time while the whole country is under intense clench of election fervor, people have also almost decided their choices.

In fact no matter what happens in future, which can be dirtier than the present “boti kebab politics” or “tukde tukde jingle” or button dabakar badla lenewalli slogan, it would hardly impact people to rethink on their choices.

However, in last couple of days I was just trying to understand what my neighbors, friends (both in physical world as well as social networking sites) are thinking about this election and what are their choices and why? Let me share some of my findings…which are really interesting.

Sutip Parhi…a 26 year engineering professional working with Reliance Group opined that for him it is NaMo. The reason being, NaMo has been consistently quite convincing in his speeches. He is looking for a change and he can expect changes in general and job sector in particular if Modi becomes PM.

When I asked on what ground he is saying so…is it Gujarat Model? Surprisingly he answered that he knew Gujarat Model is a much hyped model and may not be complete truth. But what he feels even if Modi performs ¼th of what he is preaching…that will be enough for him. He is impressed by the decisiveness of NaMo.

Rachana, my best friend from East Delhi (I.P. Extension) who is a highly educated and a smart home maker also prefers BJP and NaMo because she wants an assessment of their potential to tackle women security in Delhi. Crime against women in Delhi is a serious concern for her and she is worried as her daughter is growing up.

In Mumbai also many of my women friends are worried for the same reason along with price rise and looking towards NaMo. However, some also prefer RaGa mainly because of his Gandhi Family tag.

Deepak, a 34 year banking professional working in Maharastra who hails from Odisha opines strangely. Strangely because I knew him as a die hard Congress supporter. He was also associated with the Congress party in his University days. Also I know he never likes his Gujarati Customers in bank and finds it quite irritating to entertain them as a Marketing manager.

But he said, “I don’t like BJP’s ideology, neither like Modi personally or have any faith on his much hyped Gujarat Model. But it is also a reality that at present Modi is in fact a need of the hour (not a luxury) to tackle the worst performing economy of the country.

When I asked to him, “Modi is little bit dictatorial…isn’t it?”

He answered, “Madam…there is a difference between firmness and dictatorship. Modi is a firmly decisive leader unlike submissive and timid looking MMS. So Modi should come to power”.

Santosh, a 38 year old IT professional and a very apolitical person also have similar views. In fact he believes in Gujarat model and the entrepreneurial mindset of Guajarati people. So I asked him, “If people of Gujarat are hard working and self empowering by nature then what Modi did for Gujarat?

He said, “Modi performs as per the need. He just managed the system making it friction less to suit to the entrepreneurial mindset of the people in Gujarat. Even ff a poor state whould have been given to Modi, then also he would have made it a self empowered state. He has that potential.”

Mahek Agrawal, a 23 year old medical student in Mumbai also feels the same. Sefali Kadam and Shristi Setty both are doing CA also opine the same as NaMo should be the PM so that there should be more business and more jobs.

Almost all the places I visit in my day to day affair I found most of them are favoring NaMo. In fact NaMo has become a need of the hour to most of the people.

At last during a conversation in a birthday party at my friend's place …her father in law a retired Railways officer said something which really touched me.

He said, “See our country is like a train and so far we have just been indifferent passengers packed in a general boggy. Neither we’re concern of the direction of our destination nor the driver of our vehicle. We are too much occupied in taking care of our own interest and quarreling with the co-passengers because of the crunch in space, resources and amenities. As a result the drivers so far has not only taken us to wrong destination but also derailed the train as well. We are now at a completely helpless situation as all our resources have been robbed off. Now the train has to be brought back on to the track and start heading into the right direction. There is a dire need of a competent driver.”

“Who you think is a competent driver at present?” I asked.

“It’s none other than NaMo at the moment. He is a new face in national politics and has a proven track record of competency...Isn’t he?” He asked.

“What if he will not perform as expected from him,” I asked with a question mark on my face.

“We have lost 65 years with no significant result…so nothing wrong in trying another 5 years. We have to take that decision as at present we have no other better option as well.

Imagine if he performs as per the expectation…life will be completely changed…isn’t it?”

Everybody there nodded in affirmation.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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