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When Modi talks about ideas, why does Kejriwal talk about Modi?
We have three personalities NaMo, RaGa and Kejriwal whose names and pictures are constantly appearing on our TV screens, irrespective of the news channel, for the race to become the Indian Prime Minister. If a neutral assessment is done on the basis of their speeches, then surely the order will be Modi- the man talking about ideas, RaGa- the man talking about event rather a particular event and Kejriwal- the man talking about people, rather a particular person i.e. Modi.

I feel Kejriwal has reduced himself to a person with a small mind as these days he is not talking anything else other than Modi. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that Kejriwal will be involved in politics like this.

Though, it is now a well-known fact that AAP is a propped up party to help Congress or just a substitute of Congress (old wine in a new bottle), but somewhere I had a trust in Kejriwal irrespective of his logical fallacies that he will come up aggressively with some highly people centric issues and revolutionary ideas to give a tough competition to Modi in terms of dealing with problems that affect the people. (As Raga is out of the race). But Alas, it is not the case.

I remember in recent past every time he was asked about his PM candidature, he used to say that the election should be issue centric not face centric or people centric, which means it doesn’t matter who becomes PM but the issues of the people are important and  must be addressed.

But today I feel that Modi is the only issue for him. Is he doing any different politics? I mean till now Congress and other opponents of BJP were also doing the same - talking against Modi. Politics of Mudslinging. Where is the difference?

During his unsolicited and infamous visit to Gujarat, he left no stone unturned to groundlessly blame Modi for every genuine case. Whether it is his detention for violating model code of conduct or people showing black flag, nothing was irrational. In election time it happens everywhere and in fact black flags were also shown in his UP visit as well.

Moreover there were at least five serious scams of UPA government, which broke out last week and in defense serious hazards happened due to old and inferior defense machineries and some officers died. Did he ever mention anything about it? Or for him searching minutely mis-governance in Gujarat was much more important than the security issue of the country?

And the way, the AAP supporters led by AAP leader Ashutosh (who shamelessly didn’t mind scaling the entry gate and climbing the wall) did a violent protest against BJP HQ at Delhi following AK's Gujarat detention.

It is simply nothing but mobocracy. Many experts though opine that BJP should have shown some tolerance but a general citizen like me feel that it was absolutely right on part of BJP as ''Natural intolerance is much better that artificial tolerance.'' Isn't it? At least nobody had expected that AAP members would be so incessant especially, when it claims itself the highest authority of righteousness.

Question is how long and how far Kejriwal and AAP will take these political stunts? Is there any substance that is going to come out of them before the election? Or they are just going to remain as an entrainment factor in this election?

If Kejriwal is thinking it can easily disillusion people by mindlessly slandering Modi in every turn of event especially when Modi is sublimely ignoring him then he must be in a dreamland. The way he is slurring Modi no wonder if one fine day he blames Modi for his signature cough! But the fact is by speaking against Modi, he is only exposing his frustrations and desperations to be noticed by Modi. Is it any way elevating his (AK) stature as a leader of substance? It is a big 'No.'

To combat Modi, you must talk in terms of ideas. People are looking for that. People are not in a mood to see what Modi has done or not done. But at present, it is only Modi who is talking about issues and problems and his ideas of possible solutions to them where as everyone else is talking about Modi.

With emergence of AAP and its stellar success, Kejriwal must realize that people are good and there is always space for clean and honest politics. So no need for adopting cheap politics. Furthermore honesty also includes moral appropriations, behavioral decency along with monetary exactness. But, the most important thing is competence in terms of ideas and actions because, if the choice lies between honesty and competence then the latter will be more preferable! Although the combination of both will be an ideal option.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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