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When students MMS and gang-rape
Date rape has arrived at our colleges. Students who should be busy pursuing their studies are pursuing something undesirable. They are betraying the trust of their classmates by raping them. One such incident has shocked our academic community

SEX HAS reared its ugly head on the campus because the teaching methodology has changed and the security cover used to be available to girl students has disappeared. Two engineering students and a management student have been arrested for allegedly raping their classmate in a party in the presence of other students. Saptarshi and Tanmay, students of a private engineering college, invited one of their classmates over to their rented apartment at Santoshpur under the jurisdiction of Jadavpur police station. They also invited Rishi, a management student, to join the party, according to the police. The girl, a resident of Maldah district, currently staying as a paying guest, was repeatedly raped after being drugged.

Tanmay invited the girl over to his flat saying there would be a party and other girls would also be present there. She was offered a laced soft drink at around 5.30 pm and then raped. What is surprising is that the other boys, who were present, didn’t help her. While the three committing the rape can be safely dubbed criminals and punished exemplarily, the others have left the elders shocked by their indifference. “Are these the values that we have taught our children?” they are asking themselves. The incident, which comes close on the heels of the Noida gang rape and the MMS case, has made the parents of girls sit up and take notice.

One thing has become obvious through this incident - the student community’s preoccupation with sex has been on the rise steadily. Both girls and boys are experiencing a new-found freedom, which they did not have when they pursued their studies from the safety and security of their homes. They are experimenting with physical relationships at a faster pace then ever before and that too, at an age when they were normally segregated and protected. The insecurity of girls has increased considerably and remedial measures need to be taken by parents. Otherwise they will be left with shattered children on their hands and the successful careers they envisaged for them will at best remain a dream.

These incidents also speak volumes about the manner, in which moral standards have been eroding in young Indians. One of the reasons for this is that the background of most of the students is shady. They are the products of a black market-driven economy. Sons and daughters of junior officials in the police and administration today have lakhs of rupees at their disposal, given that an official of the level of an inspector earns approximately Rs 2,00,000 a day in bribe. With this kind of money they want to buy education and careers for their children. But unfortunately they can’t buy them morality. It is said that children often pay for the karma of their parents. If people feel that the ghoose ka paisa they use will produce ideal offspring then they should read the Ramayana. It has a lesson for them.

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I would be happier if the author had arranged the bits & pieces of his views rather clearly never the less his thoughts on changing lifestyles & fate of corrupt babus & their siblings are true. I suggest educational institutions with cultural inputs from religious & non religious spiritual gurus with their regular moral preachings to its students is needed. I studied in a school where we recited Bhagwat geeta & many other great verses in our daily prayers where their meanings & role in daily life were duly explained to us, spiritual gurus en lighted us with practical examples at a very tender age. This process should be extended to all consenting schools in India in a gradual process. Today's new age parents should also spend more time with their children where their own lifestyle proves a model to their children. All those people talking about " Our country being a democracy where we can make our own decision, we have right to our own life & pre marital sex is our way of life and i like boasting abt it" & those so called democratic social activists who come to rescue these youth lacking moral values are people worth feeling pity about & are a virus to our culture. Police should also weed out male students who specifically target women in colleges, identify their weakness & blackmail them into having sex which ultimately results in destroyal of that women's life, this is the next big scam that will hit the headlines in the coming days & is going on in a big way thro out the country.
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