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While celebrating 68th Indian Independence Day, let's introspect too
India would be celebrating 15th August 2014 as the 68th Independence Day marking freedom from British rule since 15th August 1947. This is a day also to remember the martyrdom by numerous freedom fighters who sacrificed their entire life to make this nation free. Many also embraced death smilingly during the freedom struggle.
Thus it's a time to remember all those martyrs and freedom fighters and perfect time to offer fitting tribute. After all they did all such sacrifices for us only. An obliged nation never forgets its heroes!

However, only remembering those heroes may not be a fitting tribute. We also need to introspect how much independent we are as a nation, as a society and as human. Our freedom fighters never fought for freedom from the British rule only. The true independence they mean is freedom from all the evils. They always dreamed that the future India should be independent of foreign rule, social evils, inequality, caste discrimination, intolerance across religious line, poverty, fear, terror etc. They dreamed an ideal independent country.  

To achieve all these form of independence, the first step was to free India from foreign rule. Thus after British rule the nation is governed by Indians, of Indians and for Indians. Thus we the people of India have all the responsibility on our shoulders to fulfill the dreams of our forefathers who gave their life for independent India!

Why shouldn't we do an audit at 68th Independence Day of this nation on whether we succeeded in fulfilling the aspirations of our great martyrs? Where we stand today? Should the souls of freedom fighters be satisfied on our performance? Or they should be disgruntled?

I don't say that nothing is achieved in our country since Independence Day. Our country emerged as one of the fastest growing nation! It has the fourth largest military in the world. The freedom of speech has increased a lot. The fourth pillar of democracy, the media is functioning independently and dominantly. People have become politically aware. The democracy survived despite the brief emergency era. Talents of India have already established themselves globally. Thus, there are many developments achieved by the country.

At the same time there are grave issues as well. India is yet to get independence from hunger, poverty, inequality, discrimination (socially), terror, corruption and so many evils. We need to introspect why independence didn't come in those areas although there is no foreign rule imposed on us. It would be easy to blame the system, government and other things. But the fact is as the heir of great martyr we ought to introspect seriously and probable in three ways.

First let us introspect as citizens of this hard earned free country. Whether we have contributed our share of responsibility to the nation! It's is easy to claim for fundamental rights, had we also fulfilled our fundamental duty. Freedom is never free. There is always a cost attached to independence. Our martyr's paid absolute cost. It's our time to pay the due cost for which we need to be accountable. Thus this is the first line of self audit whether we did our responsibility towards the society, nation and humanity.

Next audit is as a part of society. Whether we as a society failed to get independence from various social discriminations? If yes then what's the reason? Has our self-interest become an obstacle? If yes what we did to overcome such obstacles. Why still there is caste discrimination? Why as a society we couldn't get freedom from such social evils. If vested interest groups create divide, why should we fall in their trap? We are the master of this society and equal stakeholder.  If we failed in some of our obligation what would be our plan for next one year to cover such failures.

Third as nation, we must audit ourselves, whether we performed better or not. If not then why we failed? What would be our next mission? It's again easy to blame governments, politicians and system. But such excuses are really hollow. Sixty seven years of independence and sixty four years of democracy is too big an experience to mature as master of democracy. If still there are some problems in the system, it's our fault.

We need to fix the system. None else would come outside to fix it for us. It's our polity, we are the master and we are the performer.  If we failed in some, let's apologise our freedom fighters and promise them with our resolve to fare better in the upcoming year.

It's always hard to earn freedom. It's equally hard to maintain independence. Freedom fighter paid their share in freeing the country from British. It's we who need to pay our share to maintain the independency and bring independence in all sectors.

Let's do our self introspection for at least an hour, thinking about our nation. Jai Hind!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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