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While Rome was burning Nero was fiddling
London has been burning for the last three nights. The Blacks of the have-not sections of the society had an outburst of pent up anger as one young man was killed by a police bullet. The situation must be studied psychologically and remedied.

LONDON HAS been burning for the last three nights and the Metropolitan Police is busy with the routine work. As a matter of fact the routine work should  have been relegated to a non-priority rung of the ladder and rioters should have been arrested for endangering life and limb of fellow citizens as well as destroying private and public property. The police just stood by the scenes of arson, watched and looked the other way. Perhaps senior officers to order them to open fire, aim water hoses at criminals and chase criminals away, were not around. They were holidaying or attending police meets elsewhere.

Many eye witnesses and victims of Black fury in North London, Birmingham, Tottingham, Bristol and Liverpool, the big cities where rioting spread, were critical of the non-interference policy of the Police when citizens' lives were in danger and their houses destroyed in arson.

The London Police takes pride in just wielding a short baton, just for a show of force but not to use force against citizens, said that they take pride in policing with peaceful means. The police claimed that they do policing with the cooperation of citizenry and not with water hoses or rubber bullets. Of course, using live ammunition to disperse a London crowd is just out of the question.


It is feared that there are some criminal elements that mixed with citizen-protesters and taking undue advantage of chaos and weak law and order situation, indulged in loot and arson. Some criminals and arsonists have been arrested too. But the peaceful residents of the riot affected areas have suffered not only financial loss but also underwent traumatic situation when their houses were surrounded by the violent Black mobs of looters and arsonists. It is well known that the insurance companies would not compensate them in full for their burnt cars, houses and household goods.

Fortunately, there is no perceivable hand of Al Qaida and Taliban in the current unrest. The black persons are from the Latin American and African countries and perhaps mostly Christians. So there is no racial angle nor religious angle to this unrest. If any, it is an outburst of pent up anger of the have-nots against the well to do sections of the London society. it is a manifestation of lopsided economic growth in the citizenry and the innocents are paying and suffering for no fault of theirs.

The original residents of the British Isles are repentant of the decision that they made in letting the Blacks, the Coloured and other people from deprived nations come to the UK to provide cheap labour. In due course of time even the indentured labour became British subjects and enjoyed all the constitutional rights and privileges. However, since they were from the labour class and could not afford to buy simple household items to ameliorate the hardships of life, anger kept on simmering in their minds and in their children’s minds. The pent up anger finds an outlet in outbursts like the present one. Indeed the present unrest is rather uncommon and the leaders of the civil society will have to carry out a deep psychological study to pinpoint faults and take remedial measures accordingly.

For the time being London burns but the administrators and the police must stop living in a utopian social order and grapple with the hard realities of a multi-racial British social order.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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