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Whither to Indian politics?
I have been a witness to the general elections in India since 1953. One can't but observe important happenings around him. I am not an exception either. There was a great heat near the elections in 1953 and subsequent elections too but not as much as now. There was a poster war but again not as much as it is now.

Naturally without much hullaballoo, it is difficult to drive home importance of anything whether it is some common commodity or national elections. But the din has been steadily gaining volume in decibels and the seriousness it deserved has been diminishing.

The political parties could be numbered on fingers then. They had some solid ideology and tolerably good sense of service to the nation and its people. But greed for power and money has gradually pushed the good to the back burner. Political parties have mushroomed and if in a party some ambitious member is not accommodated with some expected post, he simply knocks at the door of some other party. If he is not welcomed there, he hastens to form another party with some funny name that sounds good to the public ear.

Then one more noise is added to the tower of babble. The cacophony of the political parties whenever any election is around is unbearable and maddening. The party's campaigning dignitaries make promises which are not even in their dreams to fulfil. Tall and weird claims are dished out in abundance and what is strange is that huge crowds seem to be lapping them up.

Just watch the visuals the same crowd that lauds one party speaker lauds the next day another party's speaker. I think neither the speakers nor the audience is serious. It is just a show enjoyed by both, the speaker and the audience. Another thing that discredits politics is the use of muscle power and violence. Of course in olden times too there were such things or mini tamashas, but they had some limits during certain periods but surprisingly the shows go on round the year now. Most news channel find juice for their special reports with some obscure or not so obscure experts on their panels and there is gibbering to no end.

I, for one, have been totally exhausted and the moment the anchor announces 'a panel of experts' I search for some other channel telecasting news not propaganda. News on the Doordarshan, I am sorry to say, feels insipid and lackluster.

There was dignity in the electioneering and the candidates used a controlled language with unobjectionable vocabulary or in brief some parliamentary language. But now it is no scruple for each and every candidate and an insignificant self proclaimed member of the party, a small unit of the thousands supporters. The free for all electioneering continues till inevitably results are announced. The system in a democracy naturally elects a party to be in power and one in opposition with support from a host of other motley crowd. In many cases alliances rule the nation with no coordination and different tunes are heard from the honorable elected representatives of the people. The chosen leader fidgets uncomfortably but can't stop the tunes heard so frequently and very unexpectedly.

One feels as if the ruling party or the alliance functions precariously and is always anxious lest the government should fall. One more disturbing trend these days is that the leader, who is supposed to control, helplessly appears to be shrugging shoulders and compromise the authority he should exercise. The controlling authority is missing. The governments today are obliged to fight in the parliament or legislative assemblies for non issues raised by the opposition and governance is left to its fate. The abusiveness in today's politics has no precedence. One shudders to think what next.

The opposition in a democracy, after the government has been formed, is supposed to play a role constructive for the good of the nation and its people, but now it is out for its head. Then the party in opposition today repeats the same language and claims it made when it was in power earlier. Democracy seems to be functioning on a merry-go-round. There is no just criticism by the opposition. It is criticism for its own sake and the vocal respected members in the parliament or in the state assemblies seem to be talking to the people, not the parliament, with the next elections in view.

Now the big question is what to do to remedy things. I think there is hardly anything that can bring politics on tracks. Politics in a democracy and politics in a kingship differ but if sincere politicians, and there are nice men/women, put their heads together, ways can be found to gradually cleanse democracy of the unscrupulous politicians and the general public can be educated. Amen.

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