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Whose corruption is this Mr. Rahul Gandhi?
"Corruption is bleeding our people dry. It is an unacceptable burden on the people of our nation. We must fight corruption with all our strength and determination. Recently, we have been able to ensure that convicted criminals are kept out of Parliament. In the process, I got to learn that it is not polite to ask that ordinances be torn and thrown into the dustbin!"

The above words are exact texts of part of the speech delivered by Rahul Gandhi during his passionate speech at the AGM of industry body FICCI! One would really appreciate the speech if it was said with right earnest. FICCI might be clapping full hand as Rahul called them stakeholder in the Congress party. But question remains, what’s the meaning of the above words? Is Rahul presenting himself as anti-corruption crusader? If yes how to justify his crusade?

Let’s focus on his line: “Recently, we have been able to ensure that convicted criminals are kept out of Parliament. In the process, I got to learn that it is not polite to ask that ordinances be torn and thrown into the dustbin”.

Yes that was very nice drama in tearing of ordinance copy calling it nonsense that is intended to save Lalu Yadav by his party. He presented himself as an opposition leader within the party, but did he know that Lalu was out on bail only because CBI didn’t object to his bail application? Had he asked on whose instructions CBI didn’t object? Or else, Rahul became quite as Lalu is need of the hour to counter Modi on so called secular politics, as Nitish appears to be losing ground?

Now let’s focus on the first two lines. Yes corruption is bleeding our people dry? But this also was the line of Rahul’s father late Rajiv Gandhi, who stated that only 17 paisa of a rupee, is reaching to the beneficiary where as the rest is being siphoned off midway! Is Rahul rephrasing his father’s words as remembering his grandmother (Indira Gandhi) backfired?

May be Rahul is a changed person now, let’s assume! The day he gave the speech, his party in power at Maharashtra just junked the Adarsh Scam action taken report to save the scamster of the Congress Party. What action is taken by the vice president on such day light corrupt cover ups!

The reality is Rahul Gandhi, you are the prince of the kingdom of ‘Corruption’. Your party at present is synonym of Corruption and your every speech against corruption sounds hollow! Such dramas are now not acceptable by the people. Let’s take some cases!

During Delhi elections, at every speech you praised Sheila Dikshit for her magnificent work. You said her works are visible. You thought that the people would be blind to the corruption of the Delhi Govt. by seeing fly-overs and roads. If the works were visible so was the corruption too. Thus people had shown their visibility in routing your party!

In Chhattisgarh and MP, you said that ‘BJP is a party of thieves!’ I don’t hold any brief for BJP which might also be corrupt. But people realized that the Congress is more corrupt and hence given the verdict! Passing the Lokpal bill can’t absolve the Congress of the charges of corruption!

Jayanti Natarajan was asked to resign as she didn’t want to be part of corrupt practice in giving environment clearance in the absence of required documentation and procedure!

Well earlier I got speculative information on this, but you said this very clearly during the same speech that: “Many of you have expressed your frustration with environmental clearances that are delaying projects unduly. There is excessive administrative and judicial discretion. The loopholes are so big you can drive a truck through some of them! Environmental and social damage must be avoided, but decisions must also be transparent, timely and fair”.

Anybody with some sense of intelligence can deduce the meaning of the statement and correlate with Jayanti Natarajan’s resignation!

Finally I just want to ask ‘Whose corruption is this Mr. Rahul Gandhi?’ for which you are behaving as and anti-corruption crusader. Such passionate speeches would never help. If you really want to fight against corruption, start the fight inside your party. Talk about corruption of 2G, CWG, Coal gate tec. Cleanse the entire system in your party.

Dramas wouldn’t be enough. You remove a chief minister in the name of corruption and then accommodate in central cabinet (Adarsh Scam), such dualities are acceptable. It’s to be remembered that Indian voters are much aware in the present time and not in a mood to accept empty speeches and dual character!

It’s always said charity starts at home. Be an anti-corrupt crusader but start from your home Mr. Rahul, else don’t speak lies!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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