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Why all non-BJP parties are more afraid of Modi than BJP?
Loksabha Elections 2014 will be remembered for unprecedented opposition shown to Narendra Modi, who is the PM nominee of the main opposition party BJP. Never before in the history of the Indian politics, there was so much discussion and focus on the leader of an opposition party. Most surprising part of this opposition is that the candidature of Modi is not only being opposed by various political national and regional political parties, there was opposition to his candidature within his own party also.

While one could understand the opposition to the candidature of Modi within the BJP as there were more than one aspirants for the top job of PM including L.K.Advani and Sushma Swaraj. However, BJP was left with no other option but to name Modi as its PM nominee after it failed to secure a majority to form a Government in U.P. in the last Assembly Elections. Taking a lesson from its defeat in U.P. Assembly Elections, BJP ensured that it nominates him well before the Assembly Elections in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. The election results of these four states were clear indication to the fact that the BJP has succeeded in its strategy.

Other political parties and potential post-poll allies were highly critical to the nomination of Narendra Modi as PM candidate, not because of his image as a “Non-secular” leader and his  alleged inaction in the  2002 Gujarat riots, but because they all knew very well that it will be very difficult to negotiate  an alliance with Modi on the favorable terms, considering the attitude and aggression of Narendra Modi. Bihar Chief Minister and JDU Leader Nitish Kumar had to leave the alliance with BJP only due to his nomination as PM Candidate.

Most of the leaders of the regional parties (including Nitish Kumar himself)  were  aspiring to become the PM themselves in case of a fractured mandate .But that was possible only till the name of the Modi was not announced by the party. Once, the name of Modi was officially announced by BJP, aspirations of many regional players to become the PM somehow, became very distant dream and they all started opposing the Modi as if he is not a leader of a political party, but some enemy of the country. Congress also kept opposing him for the same reason, as it has seen the result of Modi Magic in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. Congress knew very well that if the BJP will be in power in 2014 elections, it will be because of Narendra Modi.

Same thing happened with Third Front also.  The so -called leaders of this so- called Third Front were also very disappointed as they always stand to gain when there is a fractured mandate in the elections. With Modi leading from the front for the BJP, calculations of all these so called leaders and political parties were disturbed as they sensed that there will be a decisive mandate only because of Modi factor and they will have to shut their shops and will not be in a position to blackmail the ruling party to form a Government with their support.

It is for this reason only that some parties and leaders at different points of time have given their suggestions and hints  on the names of other BJP leaders as the PM nominee, because they knew very well that if some other BJP leader is declared as a PM nominee, there will be fractured mandate which will benefit them at the time of Government formation. With Modi as PM nominee, the possibility of a fractured mandate is very low and this decisive mandate, though in the interest of the nation and people, neither  suits  to Third Front  parties nor to other regional political parties.

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hemen parekh
The Die is castWith only 41 seats of Lok Sabha remaining to be voted upon tomorrow , the die is castOutcome of those 41 seats is unlikely to make much of a difference to who will form the next Government at the CentreIf BJP falls short of 272 seats , " Aya Ram , Gaya Ram " horse-trading will settle the issueBut what will send a loud and clear message across India is ," Who wins in Varanasi ? "It is no more a question of Congress vs BJPOr , a question of David vs GoliathIt is no more a question of choosing between , lesser of the two evilsEven if AAP has made a few honest mistakes and occasionally , compromised on lofty principles , for the first time , people of Varanasi have a choiceTo choose between the least of the THREE EVILS ! There are no ABSOLUTE standards by which to judge political partiesThere are only RELATIVE standards - and , even these keep shiftingIf you think , some of the AAP members - and even , some of its leaders - are susceptible to making immoral compromises , you are entitled to your opinion - which is your rightAnd Arvind Kejriwal would be the first person to defend your rightLet us ask ourselves ," Who is the Least Corrupt of the three ? Who do I deserve ? Who is likely to resign if he cannot fulfill his poll-promises ? "BJP came into power in Gujarat on 26 Dec 2012 , by promising :" If voted to power , we will construct 50 lakh houses for the poor in next 5 years "In the 500 days since BJP came to power , Gujarat Government should have built , and distributed , 13,69,863 homes To find the truth , file a RTI application - without expecting any answer !Of course , by 20th May , expect NaMo to resign as Gujarat CMNot for having failed to fulfill his promise to people of GujaratBut , to fulfill his poll-promise to people of India , that , if voted to power , BJP will construct 100 Mega-Cities in next 5 yearsThat is one Chandigarh or Gandhi-Nagar , every 18 days !Hopefully , P C Sorkar ( jr ) will help out with a Mirage !* hemen parekh ( 11 May 2014 / Mumbai )
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