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Why are we aping the West on underage sex laws?
The age of consent in most developed countries is 16. About 30% of couples in the US are living together without marriage. One in 3 births in the US are to unwed mothers. The number is 1/3 in the UK and Australia. Three out of five children in the US live in single parent households in poverty. Is this the society we want?

The Congress Government's insistence on bringing down the age for consensual sex for women from 18 to 16 while keeping the minimum age for marriage at 18 is difficult to understand. It has browbeaten its dissenting ministers to fall in line. It is turning a deaf year to the objections of women's organizations, media and the general public.

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One explanation is that the domestic policies of our government are dictated from Washington and Brussels. The discerning are aware that our neo-liberal, foreign investment and money-laundering friendly economic policies and Pakistan-friendly foreign policies are already being dictated by the US and EU. The second explanation is that the manufacturers of contraceptive pills and abortion clinics have paid the government millions of dollars to boost their profits. After all, if a sixteen or seventeen-year-old is going to have sex, they will need to be put on contraceptives as soon as they reach 16.

Thus, sale of contraceptives and profits will double. Accidental pregnancies amongst these unmarried girls will also increase manifolds and need abortion. So the profits of these clinics will also sky rocket. What does it matter if the traditional Indian values of no sex before or outside marriage and the importance of a stable family in the development of healthy future generations are thrown overboard in the process? A third reason can be that it can be a legal lifeline for politically powerful and rich families, and to sexually exploit under-age vulnerable girls by calling rape consensual sex.

Likely Effects of the Change

At one time, having sex outside marriage was considered a sin even in Western societies. Devout Christians, Muslims and Hindus still consider it to be so. But things are changing fast. According to the US Bureau of Census, the number of unmarried live-in couples doubled from 3.8 million in 2000 to 15 million in 2010. This was 7 times the number in 1970 when the sexual revolution was started in the West by the cosmetic, fashion and entertainment industries.

In some US cities about 30 percent of couples are unmarried. In Britain 80 percent of couples live together before getting married. In Australia the number is 77 percent. What are the results of this sexual freedom? Half the marriages in the Western world end in divorce. One out of every five children in the US is born to an unwed mother. The number is one out of three in UK and Australia. Three out of five children born in the US, UK and Australia live in single parent households, most of them in poverty. The sacred and age old institution of marriage has almost been destroyed.

Is this the society that the Congress Government wants for India?

A sixteen-year-old cannot be expected to be an expert on contraception. Unwanted pregnancies are common in Western Societies. Right to abortion at government expense is a national electoral issue in the US. There will be rise in the cases of sexually transmitted diseases and suicides by girls who are used and discarded. There will also be rise in social tension and honour killings.

Sexual freedom

Sex before marriage is taboo in most Indian societies even today and rightly so. Sexual freedom for girls leads to a few years of fun and lifetime of social rejection, loneliness and struggle. The advertising industry and television serials are working overtime to change that by encouraging romantic young women to have sex before marriage, and cheat their partners after marriage.

Fortunately, there is considerable resistance to this from traditional Hindu, Muslim and Christian societies to sex outside marriage. But how long will they be able to hold on to their traditional values in face of a determined assault from the media and the Congress Government? Where are all the fundamentalists and moral police? Where are Mr. Mohan Bhagwat and Pravin Togadia and their moral brigades? Where are the learned Muslim clerics of Deoband and other organizations?

You can go on a rampage against the innocent Valentines Day. Why are you not on the streets of Delhi protesting against the Governments proposals? Where are you Mr. Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar? Why have we not heard a word of protest from you on the government proposal? Do you think under age sex is good for the society and the nation?

Where are the parents who are going to suffer the most from legalization of under age sex? Why are you not protesting on the streets? Where is the media? Why are you silent or confusing the issue with debates when the Congress Government is trying its level best to destroy the societies traditional values by making it legal for under age girls to have sex before marriage? Why are you not on the streets covering protests against the change? Do not take the threat to society lightly. Defeat it.

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