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Why BJP lost in Bihar?
There are two reasons for BJP failing to win elections in Bihar. The first is lack of good local leadership and the second is the false propaganda initiated against their ideology by some.

The poor socio economic and policing situation in the sticks; in remote cities and towns of India including their rural counterparts have led to the emergence of fiefdom for survival for all the deprived Bharatwasis. This is not a new-fangled phenomenon but a veracity, which the system has deliberately overlooked. This is the reason for BJP's failure to win elections in Bihar as people in such areas look up to their own community's leadership's caste, personal strength, political clout and charisma to vote for their very survival in this big and bad wild world of ours even though the leaders may later turnout corrupt.

Parliament is a long way off for them to consider being influenced by a Prime Minister in anyway come elections. BJP has faltered in creating strong and competent candidates against these local Fief lords. Modiji's Charisma does not work locally in these states to motivate electors and he should not be beleaguered on his party's behest towards his political degradation by participating in such state elections.

It's a mystery how this simple answer to a seemingly complex equation has escaped the minds of so many of our political gurus and the media alike. The writing on the wall is clear for everyone to read that BJP lacks leaders with the required mass pull.

The other factor is the country's copious division into two parts or a class divide, the first being 'BHARAT' & the second being 'INDIA'. Crudely defining the divide; Bharat constitutes all those 98.5% non Income Tax paying population and India the rest of 2.5% Income Tax payers. The million-dollar question is; is this class divide by design or by natural occurrence?

However, our nation is the only nation in the world, which has two very different names in English and in any of our regional languages with no similarity in spelling or pronunciation. If you discern 'India', it cannot be spelled in any regional language where as Bharat is not used to address our nation in any foreign language. The word Hindustan, which is used sometimes to define our religion and us, is also an alien word. Surreptitiously, our original cultural and religious identity has been hidden from us poor natives for a long time. Time has come to understand the differences and take remedial measures to name our country with only one name and that is 'BHARAT" both in our regional as well as foreign languages. This very difference is also majorly responsible for BJP losing in Bihar.

The covert and clandestine planning of the Allies after the world war gave independence to 'India' to rule 'Bharat' for them. The Indians have created an illusion of sorts hypnotizing the people into believing in their westernized or American way of thinking, to keep the petro dollar the fulcrum of all societies in the world and keep NATO country destinations for the ultimate dream.

The societies in these two different worlds are totally opposite to each other. India stands for security, facilities and other privileges to the rich and the powerful elitist class while 'Bharat' stands for everything else other than the above.

Joint families, traditional value systems, Dharma, Karma, honesty, hard work, religion, character are the traits of Bharat serving the elite 2.5 per cent of the Indians in our society, now famous for their notorious 'intolerable' protests and propaganda against their lesser counterparts belonging to Bharat, who have somehow started questioning their roots for the very first time. This elitist faction over the years has formed a mafia of sorts, which controls the political and cultural thinking of the nation, they control the running of the government and the distorted education system as a united family of sorts, corruption being the common thread tying them all together. For this faction Money is the only religion with no scruples attached in its modes of generation. Cold-blooded narcissism, is something which they so vehemently believe in.

One should understand that money represents power in the developed world and is the swivel around which their society rotates. This power of wealth can be felt in all our Indian cities but is minus in the distant villages and towns, synonymous with the society representing 'Bharat'. I sincerely doubt that Bharat ever got its independence but I do believe that it was India, which got independence on the midnight of 15 August 1947.

People like Subhash Chandra Bose who represented Bharat was brutally removed for life by the very forces put in place to keep Bharat Poor, uneducated, dependent, exploitable, controllable and without any identity of its people with Sanatan Dharma, by a well planned, contorted but powerful 'Political thinking' process. These very powers had divided Bharat into so many nations pre independence.

This loot is still being invested in these NATO countries, the looters in turn blackmailed under threat of exposure to act as their puppets to keep Bharat and India always divided and under control. This control or the thought process is US backed. The US can control a regime better than a democracy for democracies are tough to control along with their limited natural resources of that country, which are a part of the fast depleting natural resources the world over. The Poorer a country becomes the lesser it poses as a threat to the US and its consumption of the world's limited resources.

Over the centuries, our nation has been looted and marauded by foreigners and bled high and dry of its richness and natural resources. Today the Indians are looting the Bharatwasis of their wealth by way of corruption under the euphoria of democracy, as today population is our nation's biggest and the richest natural resource left. The people behind this intolerable phenomenon are the ones who have created this brainwashing and hypnotic thought process, which is fooling billions of people into believing that they independently exist as a powerful nation idealizing liberty and their rule is only next to divinity. But alas their perseverance to preserve and defend of our nation, is only limited to keep the 'Milking Cow' going with minimum fodder and maintenance costs in collusion with foreign powers and their vested interests.

Today BJP under Modiji, a bonafide resident of Bharat, a tea vendor, has somehow disturbed this political thought process of the Indians by challenging it with their ideology and hence have been declared 'Intolerable' by them. I hope that our Nation wakes up as only one united Bharat and becomes truly democratically independent or otherwise we are not far from our doomsday.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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