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Why China will be forced to pipe down on Doklam imbroglio?
Let there be no doubt that despite all the raves and rantings by the Chinese state-owned media against India and the Indian Army for having stopped the Chinese army from building a road in Doklam region, China will ultimately have to pipe down and withdraw.

The following points are of particular relevance

In last one decade of the rule of Congress-led UPA government, the armed forces were totally neglected. All that their defence Minster AK Antony did was to black list arms suppliers of the world while the Congress minsters got involved in one scam after another. China has been watching this. It tested India's political resolve in 2013 by coming 30 kilometres inside Indian territory in Ladakh and sat there for almost 30 days. But all that the Congress-led UPA government did was to bend backwards. The Chinesewent back only after destroying the Indian observation post over which they had an objection.

  • Meanwhile, India's erstwhile foreign minister Salman Khurshid,by his own admission was dealing with China softly-softly. China does not understand this softly-softly policy, and believes in brinkmanship. China takes 'softly' as a sign of weakness. This is where China got the impression that India probably lacks the political will to stand up against it. Hence, the current mischief. Indian refusal to join China's ambitious 'One Belt, One Road' project is another reason. It was difficult for China to imagine that India under Modi would say no to OBOR.

  • This time, when China decided to make a class 40 road linking Doklam Plateau with the tri-junction point of the border between India, China and Bhutan, its main aim was to drive a wedge between India-Bhutan relations. Doklam is a Bhutanese area which China claims as its own. India has a treaty with Bhutan to protect it from any external threat. With China's earlier experience with India of 2013 and its softly-softly policy, China was almost sure that India would chicken out in Doklam leaving Bhutan to its fate. This would have made China a real bully with all countries around it bowing to its authority and might. China forgot that this time it wasdealing with the Modi government. China is now ranting and raving because it has been clearly told by India that it will not withdraw come what may and will not allow China to construct this road.

  • China's other game is that it has unilaterally decided that the tri-junction point up to which it wants to construct this road is 20 km south of its current location. What we must understand is that this tri-junction point is very crucial to us because it directly dominates our Siliguri Corridor which connects our seven NE states with the rest of India. Currently, this tri-junction point is 50 kilometres away, but if it is brought down 20 kilometressouth as per China, then it will remain just 30 km away. India just cannot allow China to dominate this point.

  • India has got approximately 12 mountain divisions fully trained inmountain warfare. Chinese have only three brigades currently trained to fight in the mountains. Rest are all normal armymen capable of serving only in the plains. Thesesoldiers would require some trainingand time to get acclimatised to be able to fight in the mountains. To fight in the mountains, special equipment is required along with mules that Indiahas. China will take some time to arrange for these logistics. In the mountains, you might have lakhs of troops, but you can move forward only through narrow mountain passes where the soldiers could become easy targets for men sitting on top of those passes, the position which we currently hold and not China. Out of the 62 Passes throughout the Himalayas, 61 are held by India.

  • Indian Army has fought and won wars in high altitude mountainous areasincluding the Kargil War of 1999 whereas China has never fought a war after the Vietnam War of 1966, in which China got a bloody nose.

  • Indian Army is a battle hardened and battle ready Army, all thanks to Pakistan and its frequent border violations. The Indian Army fightsagainst Pakistani jehadis on a daily basis.

  • Except for two rogue nations Pakistan and North Korea, China has no other reliable ally. China is claiming 85 per cent of South China Sea region as its own. It is also up to lot of mischief in East China Sea. It is having maritime border disputes with Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei and Taiwan. It is also constantly confronting America.

In sum it all up, the whole world is unhappy with China. It will be almost suicidal on China's partto engage in a border war with India at this juncture, especially withso many chestnuts on fire including its most ambitious OBOR project. China is fully aware that in the mountains, wars can stretch for long periods which China cannot afford against world opinion at this point of time.

In other words, India has to stand firm on its principals. China after all this brinkmanship will have to find a way out for itself without losing face. However, it is a wakeup call for Indian netas that they cannot take China lightly and their softly-softly policy or diplomacy against China will not work without using an iron hand.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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