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Why Delhi BJP suddenly stooping so low in criticizing AAP?
It’s really a good news that after long drama, finally Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is going to form the government. I must clarify that, while I am terming the opinion poll seeking by the AAP a drama, I too admit that they have got democratic rights to do whatever they want to do irrespective of the criticism from me and others. The real sense of criticism was definitely to ask AAP to form the government as soon as possible and start performing.

Thus this criticism now ends when finally AAP decided to form the Government and all are waiting to see how this ambitious young team performs!

The bizarre vandalism by the Congress workers demanding no support to AAP or the confusing comments/conditions/asserting by Delhi Congress leaders should now be ignored.

Such boisterous screams simply represent their frustration. In Congress' culture, all workers and leaders are slaves of the dynasty monarch and outside support came from the highest order, thus can’t be altered.

But what happened to Delhi BJP? Till AAP’s declaration of forming the government, they were very gracious! I along with many were surprised when suddenly Delhi BJP stoop to so low in criticizing AAP’s decision of forming the government, that it forget even simple decency?

Subramanian Swami reminded Arvind Kejriwal, that he violated the promise he took in the name of his children that he would niether take support from any party nor would give support to any party! Will Mr. Swami give the list of his switch overs and breaking promises? Forget about all other, even Dr. Harsh Vardhan too came out with criticism of a very poor taste! Why such desperation and immaturity?

Point is very simple. Kejriwal is neither taking support from anybody nor supporting anybody. He is simply forming a minority government which is endorsed in our Constitution. It’s the floor of the house where he will put his motion of confidence. If his motion wins, he will continue and if his motion gets defeated, he will resign. Thus he is observing a constitutional obligation after BJP denied, then why it should be criticized?

Earlier when AAP was in double mind whether to form the government or not, every one (including myself) was criticizing him for escaping the responsibility and now when he is ready to bite the bullet, how can one change the line of criticism? Isn’t it hypocrisy?

BJP in general and Delhi BJP in particular must do introspection of their situation in Delhi. It was Modi’s last moment corrective measures that made them single largest party. AAP has got 30% votes just about 4% less than BJP. Thus unwarranted criticism, cheap hot-sots would shrink their support base. They need to understand that the reason of BJP’s not reaching majority mark is BJP itself.

If your candidates are weak, then anti-Congress votes are sure to go somewhere else and here AAP bagged those votes because of its new faces who are honest. For example, one can consider the MP's result, where both the factors Shivaraj Sing Chouhan’s popularity and Narendra Modi’s clout increased their previous tally, but one thing must be noted that 10 BJP ministers also lost the election that means 1/3rd of Shivaraj’s cabinet lost the election!

What’s the message? Isn’t it quite simple and straight that even though people are fan of leaders like Modi or Chouhan, they equally consider the candidate contesting in the elections.

In Delhi, BJP is also ruling the MCD. In a state like Delhi, MCD in fact has much more sector that’s attached with public requirements and sentiment. The performance of MCD is neither at par nor free from corruption. It’s now time for BJP ruled MCD to perform as it would always be compared with AAP’s performance in Delhi.

People may not be aggrieved whether AAP fulfil the promises or not. if they see that honest effort being taken by the AAP government. Whereas people will not be satisfied till BJP ruled MCD delivers the poll promises as it is already in rule for the last 2 years.

Delhi BJP needs to learn from its PM candidate Narendra Modi, who changed his strategy post assembly elections considering public mood and message. Hence, now BJP must conduct as a mature and experienced party, do it’s home work, maintain decency, make MCD to deliver and most importantly appreciate if AAP is doing a good job. And if some criticism is required it must be healthy, educating and of course decent!

If BJP doesn’t follow this, I am afraid that the seven parliamentary seats of Delhi will vanish for BJP like it happened in the last elections. In such a period, where Modi can’t afford to lose even a single seat in its stronghold, loss of seven seats will be a big shock for the party.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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