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Why do we need Men's Welfare Ministry?
While watching a movie named “Aitraaz” I started thinking that the movie depicts true picture of what is happening in our country today. The story line is based on a female who wanted money, position and fame. In order to fulfil her dreams she gave up on true love and marries a rich elderly guy. After achieving what she wanted she insists the man to have sexual relations with her. When denied, she files a false rape attempt on the guy.

The story is absolutely similar or a little different from all those false cases which are being filed these days. Reasons for filing false cases may vary based on situations.

One important fact that the movie shows is when this sexual assault victim tells in the court as to what actually happened, the lawyer makes fun of this guy saying, that he had never ever heard in his life about a female sexually assaulting a man. This is the psyche that we Indian’s have that the sexual assault can only be done by a man and never ever by a woman. This psyche and mind set need a makeover immediately. Since the rape law has been amended we are witnessing  number of false rape cases these days.

I remember, once on a Television debate a lady said “Koi bhi aurat jhootha rape case kar ke apni badnaami nahi karegi (no women will file a false rape case, it will only defame her)”. I wish to ask that lady as to what is her take on the number of false rape cases being filed these days or does she still say that all females are abala naaris?

This amendment in rape law is and will be grossly misused as other laws like 498a, DV2005 and CRPC 125. I reiterate that all females are not the same, but the rise in the number of false cases be it rape, dowry harassment makes me think twice if my above stated mindset is right or needs an amendment?

Even, Supreme Court judges are being named in sexual harassment by their interns, and one of the concerned retired judge has said that no one was listening to him. No one wants to know his part of the story. When even Supreme Court Judges feel so helpless explaining their situation, simply think about a common man. Would anyone listen to his version of the story.

There are many other cases where high profile men have been accused of sexual assault. By making this statement I am not making the judgement that the interns are lying or the accused are innocent. It is a matter of investigation and our judiciary will make a decision of those allegations. My intention is to simply let people know how vulnerable is a man when it comes to living in this gender biased society which still say that India is a male dominated society.

The same movie which is discussed above gives a very important message: It says “Agar ek aadmi ek aurat to thappar mare to log kehte hai ki bada zaalim mard hai’. Wahi agar “ek aurat ek aadmi ko thappar mare to log kehte hai ki is aadmi ne hi kuch galat kiya hoga’.

I want to ask all those feminists and National Commission of Women, who all are sitting and busy making gender biased laws one after the other: Why is it that the man is guilty in both cases?? Why is that we still think that women is still an abala naari? Why cant we tell these so called abala naaris that they are wrong.

After the rape law was amended one renown politician said: Females would find it difficult to get jobs now as people would fear an accusation. Another politician said: he would not hire a female PA. After they made this statement all the feminists and even NCW was after their lives to apologize on making such statements.

I fail to understand, how were those statements wrong? I don’t see a reason why the statements were condemned. Is it that a man can’t even share his fear? Is it that right to express belongs only to a abala naari? Are men so much NOT NEEDED in this society?

This is where the need of NCM (National commission for Men) and Men’s welfare ministry arises. As today, not only high profile men, even the politicians have a fear of false accusation. This indeed is the need of the hour. We need social and judicial reforms.

This is high time, if this legal terrorism is not put to an end, this will end many relations and institution of marriage and will be disaster to our society. This is what MRM is fighting for. I am proud that we have some sensible people in our country who are slowly and gradually moving towards changing the psyche of Male Dominated Society and are fighting for Men’s rights.

The most Important demand is National Commission for Men and Men’s Welfare Ministry.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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