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Why I have become numb to brutalities?
No longer do I get shocked or repulsed by the news I see every day. Horrific crimes have become daily news. Crimes against women are increasing at an unprecedented rate and sometimes, I wonder if I am reading yesterday's newspaper as the news remains the same.

The only thing that changes is the name of the victims, their age and the extent of hurt caused to them. We are supposed to be a civilised society. We are different from animals because we are sensitized, humane and compassionate. But the news everyday refutes this theory.

Even animals do not hurt their own kind unless provoked. But when I read the news of how helpless infants were sexually assaulted, young girls were kidnapped and murdered and senior citizens were attacked, it makes me wonder whether we actually are compassionate.

The monsters among us are worse than animals. They are a depraved lot whose frustration and resentment leads to such horrific acts. The violence that they inflict on others without any remorse or fear of consequences is scary.

What is worse is that our protectors - the police and judicial system - seem to be ineffective. The criminals don’t fear the law. Some of them are caught and convicted for certain case, and are released due to loopholes in the law and are out on the streets repeating the crime.

I wonder what is that makes these criminals the way they are. Are they human at all? How do they hurt little children? Doesn’t the cry of their victims make their hand waver, the shrieks of victims pierce their souls, and their tormented faces haunt their dreams.

How do they look at themselves in the mirror after committing such crimes? How do they live with themselves? If the answer is that they are not normal, then they belong in a mental institution not a jail.

Let’s hope that the monsters we heard about in the fairy tales remain in the stories and not become a permanent reality.

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Prashant Kumar
We are living in a country of lost and frustrated people. They are depressed, and have no mission in their lives. They are living lives of animals, who are living to satiate their impulse, base requirements of body. Look at a dog, what it does - it barks, bights, eats, sleeps, jumps, and dies. Look at cat, it scratches, meows, eats, dies. No purpose, similarly, most of Indian mass is just living a life of beast. The only difference between them and animals is that these persons can speak and abuse. They don't bother for anyone. For them life means to live at other's cost. They give two hoots to law and order. Someone beats them up, Police rounds them up - they enjoy the pain; in fact many of them are sell their association with jail and number of notorious goons that they have come across. For them, lives of their fellow humans do not matter at all. Such crimes speak of our degenerated culture. I guess, we should try to get such people to the routes of meditation and prayers. These people seem to me as asura. They need to be cared for and given some mission in life. Target should be people on the roads - who have no skills. They should be provided regular social interventions. Gurus who are visible on tv sets, or NGOs or even persons like me or you, should take this up like a mission (like govt promotes education for all) - we should also provide social education, ways to act and live symbiotically within society. People should think about this on serious note. I feel, may not have been able to comprehend myself completely. But believe me, I believe, we as a citizen of this country should come out and take up to ensure that people - down there to elevate from base animality to humanity. (Having said that the problem is also present in upper, elite bunch of people of the society - Someone can provide some solution to address them also.)
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