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Why is the Indian media so interested in black magic?
Blind Follower 'Media' In recent days I was observing lot of new findings media has showed about Asaram Bapu which made me think whether this Saint is spreading superstition or is media a blind follower of it. Because with such a conviction the Indian media is spreading these stories, it seems like they are an ardent believer of black magic & other superstitions.

Asaram Bapu has mentioned lot of times in his spiritual discourses that he has never even heard of someone killing a living being for a tantrik sadhana. But it seems media houses believe in it strongly & that's why they kept on blabbering about it in 2008 when a case was registered against the Asaramji Bapu Ashram. Atlast CID enquiry was done & Supreme Court had to intervene & a judgment was passed that no black magic or tantrik sadhana happens in Ashram. But it seems media beliefs are even stronger than Supreme Court judgment. With the latest case against Asaram Bapu they are back again with the age old case & many more such findings. Remember this is the same media who is deceiving people from past many years in the name of tantrik sadhana. Showing god for saken aghori's & claiming that they eat human flesh, showing stories of sheer superstition in their supposedly "Dharmik" specials, these are all clear signs that they have always showed these stories with lot of mirch-masala, suspense & fear around it just to gain TRP. They never care about what image they are building in people's mind about tantrik's, aghori's & even saints.

I realized this when I was back from Maha Kumb this year. Some people asked me about naga sadhus & they related them with aghoris & they thought that they eat human flesh. Now how to explain these people about what Naga Sadhus are and who are tantriks and who or what exactly is an aghori. Thanks to the hours of dark stories media showed over the years with proper sound effects & animations. They are successful in creating the picture they knowingly or unknowingly wanted to portray for this league of sadhus in the greed of TRP.

However, coming back to the Asaram Bapu case, media still believes in this black magic thing which even saints are not able to understand. Then some channels are showing news like Bapu used to kill bats & used their flesh as kajal to attract women. Now what kind of nonsense is this? I believe every sensible man will consider this as nonsense only. There had been no proof of such incidences and it seems a pure media belief on black magic and that's why they convincingly broadcast these in their special 30mins-1hour shows. To me it doesn't even make sense. This raises a question in any sensible mind, media which should strongly oppose any such superstitious activities are the ones themselves strongly broadcasting these things convincingly & fearlessly. So do they actually believe in these things? If yes, then they have no right to inject their superstition onto others. We the great Indian middle class residing in cities knows the fakeness of these stories but think about the 70% rural population, when they see these stories then what goes in their mind? Some people actually start believing in such things in far flung areas of the nation. With one such news in the hunger of TRP they have ruined all the good work our saints & other organizations were doing from past several years to eradicate all the myths & fancies about these kind of things.

They again start strongly believing in such things & god forbid if they fall into a trap of any dhongi tantrik & something disastrous happens then who will be responsible for that? Obviously not media, because they will be the first one to cover that story & will also conduct a discussion among the panelists in peak hours about how to deal with "andh-shradha" in India. Nobody in the panel will ask them about the work they are doing towards spreading "andh-shradha" among people.

Hence, raises a question in my mind, whether the people who follow Asaram Bapu have blind faith on him or these media houses have andh shradha? I think the later one & it's not limited to that as they are also spreading this kind of ignorance in the society. To me, they are the biggest andh-shradhalu's or atleast becomes that just for the lust of more money through TRP. Asaram Bapu has always fought against andh-shradha, never told his followers to have any superstitions even like cat crossing your way etc, gave proper explanations about the things mentioned in our vedas so that a common man can understand & practice it with full conviction, fought against andh-shradha spread by missionaries on the basis of which they do conversions & saved hindus from falling into this trap. He & his disciples are miles away from all this nonsense.

The Indian media even want you to believe in all this. Whoever is practical & in all his senses, will laugh on these questions, stories, reports but I don't know how stories like these are still being enjoyed by people across the nation & are flourishing day by day. Earlier I mentioned about rural population, but here I would like to mention that I have noticed even some urban people start believing in these things as whenever they open up a channel something like this is in front of their eyes. Also, think about the youngsters, the teenagers, who have limited knowledge about this subject. What impression will they have on their mind about these things? They possibly then create this impression in mind that this is what hindu culture is & I better stay away from it & go party with my friends. & you have lost one more hindu believer just because someone had lust to earn some bucks & showed some self-created stories.

I hope you understand the point that I want to make here. Though a particular story looks like a 30 minutes thing but repeatedly showing these kind of things leaves an impression in human mind & it starts thinking in that direction. So at the end of the day its not just a story, it's a feed to your mind & this builds human psychology.

This brings up the bigger question. Is there an absolute zero accountability of media? They can show anything, portray anything, earn money & get away with it without any accountability? The so called NBA also has people from the same media houses governing them, which inturn broadcasts the same kind of things in their shows.  So is there no one in this nation to stand against them on these superstitious & imaginary broadcasts? They will keep showing whatever they like & keep building or diminishing the image of a religion, person or organization whenever they want to without anyone questioning about the creditability of their facts. Now we must stand up against this else that day is not far when our minds will be governed by these media houses. We will think whatever they want us to think because we will see whatever they will show us & there won't be any control on that. Though it looks like a distant dream but it has already started showing its colors. Just go to any aged man/woman in a village or in urban area too & you will find some people believing in these things. Thanks to the superstitious media & the stories they have broadcasted over the years to create that image in their minds.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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