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Why men are so helpless?
Well, the thought of being helpless in any situation makes me shiver. You can say it is a phobia or a mental state which makes me think as to why men are so helpless. This helplessness is majorly prevailing in one stream only these days. Yes you guessed it right a 'failed marriage'.

The institution of marriage was a sacred one until few years back, however when we look at the current status this institution has drastically changed into a business. Where one so called aggrieved person plays all the tricks and tantrums to fulfil her malafied intentions. The intentions could vary person to person.

Few examples are:

1. Not wiling to stay with husband's elderly parents, unmarried sisters or not willing to stay in a joint family.

2. So called aggrieved person was already in a relationship with some other person but had to marry due to family pressure.

3. So called aggrieved person marries just to extort money and property.

There are many more unexplored reasons behind these actions. I am not saying that females are not being tortured or harassed. There are examples where this happens. But in present scenario the number of actual harassments are in very less numbers as compared to fake and frivolous complaints.

The live example of fake and frivolous complaints is the data which says there are 98% acquittals in dowry harassment cases (viz sec 498a). So now when there are 98% acquittals in these cases where does helplessness comes into picture. To further explore the scenarios we got to start from the root cause of 498a complaints, which is marriage. As stated above the malafied intentions land up in CAW cells.

This is where the helplessness starts from. From Enquiry officer to ACP of the concerned CAW cell, from I/O of the ploice station to Judge of the courts each and every individual is busy extorting money and Men is helpless. No one gives a damn about what is he going through, what is he feeling like.

Men is helpless to make lawmakers understand that the law is being misused and he is being falsely implicated in the case. Men is helpless making police authorities understand that he is innocent. Men is helpless in making court understand that he misses his daughter/son. Men is helpless in making his own family relax. Men is helpless. Yes he is.

These gender biased laws like 498a, DV act, CRPC125, Rape law are made just to humiliate men. Laws are made for the rural areas where harassment do happen in few cases, however, elite class women are grossly misusing the laws to settle scores at times, and to fulfil their malafied intentions other times.

NCW, National Commission for Women, - Yeah this is the name. Busy drafting gender biased laws because as per them females are being harassed for over 5000 years. Their agenda is to give all the rights to females, but no responsibilities are to be given. The most unfortunate thing that happens in our country is that most of those who demand laws for married women are themselves unmarried. These laws are responsible in making men helpless.

Still, I would say these laws are not only to be blamed. Indian men is equally responsible for his state. All those who are yet to marry or newly married are sleeping in their cozy rooms, dreaming of a beautiful wife, a kid or two and well settled family. They think these laws would never affect them as they are law abiding, respectable citizens. What they fail to understand is 98%  acquitted males and their families were also not criminals and were respectable citizens too. But still they had to face such humiliation without their fault.

Under all the darkness of men having fear of getting married and fighting fake cases, I see a ray of light, rather a ray of hope when I see MRM getting stronger. All the MRA’s are doing a splendid job for the future generations and also for those lazy, unfortunate Indian men who are still sleeping. I hereby with this blog, invite anyone and everyone who believes in gender equality to join us in this movement.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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