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Why North Korea is eager to declare war on S. Korea and the US?
North Korea has declared, officially, that it is in a 'state of war' with South Korea. Senior war journalist Dr. Waiel Awwad told this citizen journalist, 'North Korea is reacting to the provocation of the military maneuvering and training by the Americans and the South Korea which is taking place next door, so they (N. Korea) feel they have already been provoked by the America and the S. Korea.'

A statement carried by the official North Korean news agency, according to a Reuters report says, “From this time on, the North-South relations will be entering the state of war and all issues raised between the North and the South will be handled accordingly.

North Korea has also warned that it will retaliate against any provocations by the United States and South Korea without "any prior notice." Notably, the two countries i.e. North and South Korea are already in a technical state of war because the 1950-53 Korean War ended in a ceasefire, not a peace treaty. Earlier this month North Korea had said that it was scrapping the cease fire.

The tension between the two Korean nations and the US, a South Korean ally escalated from last December when North Korea tested a long range rockets and then on February 12 it carried a nuclear test. The two tests resulted into various additional sanctions against the N. Korea, which infuriated it further and it started issuing threats of an all-out-war.

Latest move to add to the already heated environment came from North Korea when last Wednesday it announced the snapping up of last military hotline, a means of communication with the South Korean army. North Korea said that there was no meaning of keeping the hotline opened when a war could break anytime. N. Korea said that it will attack the US mainland as well as various US military bases along with initiating a full scale war against South Korea if provoked.

Responding to the latest threats by the North Korea, Seoul's Unification Ministry in a statement reported by Foxnews said that the threat wasn't new and was just a follow-up to Pyongyang's ruler Kim Jong-Un's earlier order to put troops on a high alert in response to annual U.S-South Korean military drills that was perceived by the Pyongyang as rehearsals for an invasion. However, the allies call them routine and defensive.

Only time will tell how much seriousness is there in the North Korean war threats. However, as for now a photograph released by the North Korean state media that shows Kim and his senior generals huddled in front of a map titled 'U.S. Mainland Strike Plan', showing routes for envisioned strikes against cities on both American coasts might have created jitters among the world leaders.

Dr. Awwad has to say that though there are seriousness in the war threats issued by the North Korea, but there is no war like situation.

Seriousness in the warning is always been serious because the Americans do not take it lightly whenever it is about North (Korea). In fact North Korea is capable of dictating its own terms when it comes to American policy or it comes to its neighboring countries. Seriousness is very much there but I don't think it's a kind of an all-out-war, it's just a warning,” said Dr. Waiel Awwad.

Dr. Awwad added, “Whenever in the past North (Korea) warned, they always get what they want from America and the neighboring country. So its a bargaining trick and they been successfully doing it. But to what extent it might reach and to what extent may be Americans take this threat seriously, it all depend . I don't see any kind of breakout of war. It is just a matter of building up the pressure in that region.

South Korea and the US have reportedly signed a new pact amid the brewing tensions, providing for a joint military response to even low-level provocation by the North. There are serious doubts whether the North Korea has developed or not, the nuclear-tipped missiles or long range missiles that could strike the United States.

There was a time when North Korea had an advantage over South Korea in terms of weaponry power. However, due to various sanctions imposed against it, South Korea is now far ahead in military power. To tackle South Korea and other forces like the US, Pyongyang now relies on asymmetric warfare techniques and unconventional weaponry. Pyongyang has developed a wide range of technologies towards this end, such as stealth paint to conceal ground targets, midget submarines and human torpedoes along with chemical and biological weapons.The Korean People's Army also owns ZM-87 anti-personal lasers, banned by the United Nations Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons, reported Wikipedia.

The Korean nation also enjoys the power of some 1000 military hackers to be used in cyber war against any nation. In its bid to attain electronic warfare capabilities it has developed GPS jammers. The current models include vehicle-mounted jammers with a range of 50 kilometres-100 kilometres. The Korean People's Army of North Korea has also made attempts to jam South Korean military satellites.

Despite the general fuel and ammunition shortages for training, it is estimated that the wartime strategic reserves of food for the army are sufficient to feed the regular troops for 500 days, while fuel and ammunition - amounting to 1.5 million and 1.7 million tonnes respectively - are sufficient to wage a full-scale war for 100 days,” reports Wikipedia.

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