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Why so many political leaders from BJP lobby giving out callous statements so frequently?
Sakshi Maharaj, Praveen Togadia, Shiv Sena - all seem to be in a verbal diarrhoea of giving out nonsensical theories and solutions about country's various social and economical problems. While the Prime Minister and his team of deputies are working hard to change the image of the country in front of the world, why exactly are these ministers, leaders going around taking all the attention away from the good work done?

We tried to analyse the facts and also talked to Dr. Pradip K Dutta, Professor at Department of Political Science, Delhi University over this issue. Dutta said that RSS is the mother organization and BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal are its derivatives and hence BJP is very closely associated with RSS.

Is it an internal sabotage?

Are such controversial statements plugs of some disgruntled ministers within BJP?

Replying to this question Dr. Dutta said, "Firstly the Shiv Sena's case is different from the RSS case though they are similar in there logics. See BJP is not simply running the ministry, it is also a part of the RSS, the mother organisation and which has a ideological project and this ideological project is to make India into a Hindutva country, which would actually at the end of the day means that minority vote will be given inferior status, constitution would be changed and so on and so forth. And there will be a major change in the nature of the country as we know it. Now the point is that on one hand RSS is interested in running a stable government because that is the access to the levers of power and it gives people access to confidence in the ability of Hindutva to run a state or government. But at the same time they are not just interested in delivery system, but they are also interested in making people different in terms of there mentality. And that the other part of the agenda the government can't do, the government can't say that the Muslims shouldn't be given voting rights or women should marry ten times. It is just impossible for the government to do such things. So for that they have these other organizations that raise these questions and demands. So that it becomes a part of a public awareness camp made for them. So that is the general logic that happens.

Dutta gave an example to explain the situation, "This happened in NDA earlier. Rhythm is a Christian missionary and a person associated with it was killed by a Hinduatva activist in Orissa and Vajpayee the Prime Minister at that time of course criticized the incident but at the same time said that a debate should be held for Christian missionaries. So a criminal act becomes the matter of debate and you can see similar things against Christians, Muslims all of them are related to that."

He also explained the case of Shiv Sena and said, "For the Shiv Sena what is happening is the competition in Maharashtra. Shiv Sena is actually fighting desperately to retain its base. It is now actually facing the possibility of loosing its constituency to the BJP. So they criticize Hindutva also and these are two different kind of things and these are designed. It is not that they are completely irrelevant."

Lack of proper punishment?

Shakshi Maharaj was never punished. Other such ministers were never asked to shut down. Is this causing more unruliness?

On the question Dutta said, "This is not unruliness, this is a part of interplay between two wings of the RSS one which has to do governance and their objective should have to be different from the second one. They have to ensure that proper governance is kept law and order is kept, delivery systems are given to everybody and all of that. And these fellows are not into governance. On the other hand they are into mass mobilisation of Hindus to become followers of Hindutva, as Hindu and Hindutva are different in ideologies but it is aimed at Hinduism. So they have two different objectives and naturally these people don't have any governance to think about, so they can say whatever they want, but the fact of the the matter is that they are not punished, why they are not punished? They are not punished because they are a part of the same family, the Sangh Parivar."

Dependency on allies?

After a long time there is a single party majority Government at Center. Apparently BJP should not be afraid of any allies. But its continuous dependency of RSS, Shiv Sena etc. are putting itself in a spot. Why to have such allies?

Dutta said, "RSS is not an ally, it is the mother organization. So, what happens is that in the top leadership of BJP there are people who joined BJP at the age of 6, 10 or 12 and then they are inducted into the RSS from that early age and they become important people in RSS and then some of them are sent to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal etc. and one who is talented in public facing is sent to the BJP. So, Modi was a 'pracharak' before he was asked to step into Gujarat Politics. Advani, Vajpyee, Rajanth Singh all of them are important members of the RSS. So, it is not an ally, it is like the Congress party and the Congress Government two separate wings. Without the RSS you cannot have a BJP party or a BJP government. And the other thing BJP also need Shiv Sena as an ally at this moment, as they still have 31% of the vote. And you cannot take then for granted, after all what happened in Delhi. Also at this point of time it's not worthwhile to go without allies."

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