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Why UPA has lost - All the right reasons why NDA has won
How many times we must have noticed the warning placards on the highways ‘Speed Thrills but Kills’ in the same way in these strange days and even stranger times of Indian politics ‘Personality Mesmerizes but Kills Opposition’ is the new placard to be read in the echelons of Indian polity.

Truly but strangely, Indian politics has changed from what it had been at the time of Independence until today. It has seen it all, but still has emerged victorious from the sultry depths of the lowest human ideology to the highest persona of human character and dignity in safeguarding not only our democracy but also our ethnicity.

The credit actually goes to our strong constitution and Judiciary, which somehow has been able to maintain and keep intact the world’s largest and greatest Democracy. The system, which was established a century ago to keep the Queens Interest foremost, has somehow helped the centre to maintain control over such a large and diverse mandate.

Today a strong personality, a charismatic personality, a personality that the Indians have shown formidable faith in has won the mandate with a stupendous majority not only humiliating the opposition but also doing away with ‘Political Joint Ventures’ which were the norm of Indian politics.

Mr. Modi’s personality has overshadowed everything to everyone. The most surprising thing is that the victory has been achieved with only the harping old promises of yesteryears which the Indians so dearly love to hear during election times like removal of corruption, cleaning the holy rivers, creation of jobs, improvement in economy, price control, eradication of poverty etc, etc, etc. The list is endless to achieve but the irony is that it has been created by the very people over the years whom we have chosen from time to time to eradicate these pestering issues.

We will gauge what went wrong later but let’s consider what went right for this present BJP win. The true reason behind its win. The credit actually goes to the AAP and the frustration of the Indian people for a ‘Vikalp’ for this crazy win. Mr. Kejriwal and his cronies actually prepared the ground for the NDA win and lost as any good, poor and simple men would do against powerful, corrupt and rich foes. They harped all that was wrong about Indian politics, society and economy to a new high and caught the wild imagination of the public that a drastic change was needed from choosing between the two evils which the Indian public was so habituated to choose every five years in hope of improving their lives and styles.

Their propaganda surely bore results and the Indians for the first time saw a ‘Vikalp’ or a ‘Choice’ other than the NDA or the UPA in AAP, as the Indians were tired of their falsehood etc over the years and had no third choice available to vent their frustrated feelings come elections. This crazed hunger for a ‘Vikalp’ deep down in the psyche of every Indian especially amongst the youth, which was already yearning to break free, saw a vent in AAP.

They came out with a vengeance unforeseen in Indian politics against the system, and declared an all out war against both the UPA and the NDA and the battle ground was ground Zero - New Delhi. This is where they gave momentum to just a simple movement run by Mr. Kejriwal, a commoner, a fellow surfer like any one of them to see withering heights in Indian politics by planting him as the chief minister of New Delhi.

In this we Indians were actually lucky as the choice had been AAP and not the Naxalite movement which has the same frustration against the system behind its emergence as everyone of us today feels in our hearts due to the problems arising due to the political failures of the scam ridden UPA and NDA over the years. Thank God for our Democracy is still alive and throbbing today. There were many catalyst for this uprising giving power to the AAP, like the Anna Hazare’s movement, the huge price rise forums and also peoples march against the system on law and order issues like the rape cases, which had shaken the nation to its roots and many more.

The most powerful catalyst for AAP win was the emergence of the doctrine of Public Referendum, a cruder form of what exists in the western democracies led by the US. The political debate in the peoples arena before introduction or passing of a bill and also the public debates during the electioneering process. Americans call it ‘The holy spirit of Democracy’ in their country. This actually was the magic wand used by AAP to win over the masses by using ‘Lok Sabha’s to light the lamp of hope in the hearts of millions poor whose cadres have increased manifold since our independence.

AAP was destined to fail as a movement cannot form a government except by chance. AAP failed in declaring its base of political foundations of governance. In fact no one knows whether it’s a democratic or a communist or socialist in nature. Well no one can blame them for they actually dint have time to organize and form a political party and have good screened candidature in place, whatever was done by them was actually done in haste where planning went for a toss.

They made huge mistakes because of it and their biggest in not taking public referendum route in evicting from Delhi government, where faith of millions of hopeful Delhites were anchored in them. It was an experiment by the people of India which failed miserably for reasons which were many and debatable. Media certainly had a major role to play in the rise and fall of AAP.

As always happens, someone’s fall is somebody’s rise. The win for BJP led NDA was a huge media blitz, hijacking the AAP’s initiative with the help of a dominating personality and charismatic figure like Mr. Narendra Modi to swing the Indian mandate towards victory.

The UPA lost because of all the natural reasons and also because of huge scam and price issues. It also failed because it could not Hijack the AAP movement like the NDA because somehow the AAP put more effort in tainting the UPA than the NDA.

The Indian public has been, would be and would always be taken for a ride by all the political parties belonging to the UPA or the NDA fold. Nothing will improve in this country except for the fates and pockets of the politicians the officialdom and the businessmen if corruption as hyped by AAP party truly exists.

One thing is for sure that a charioteer in a small chariot can control only a limited number of horses, his fate is doomed if he uses too many or too little of them during BJP’s race against time for living up to the expectations of the people and making deliveries as promised and hyped their blitzkrieg. Mr. Narendra Modi has to chariot his way to success by using the right kind of mounts as the people are now fed up of giving more chances to the UPA or NDA or experimenting with the likes of AAP.

AAP is not down or out but its just a matter of time for them to reorganize and form a strong political party with strong cadres, fundamentals and nationalist goals and their reemergence would depend upon the failure of the BJP to deliver its age old promises in brand new packaging as per the wishes of the people of India. This holds true for UPA too, it has time to retrospect and change towards meeting the expectations of the people and form a healthy opposition to win back the hearts of the people.

In the end I hope the people should come out victorious and our country should once again become the “Star of the East.”

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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