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Will Aam Aadmi Party now fight Lok Sabha elections or fight for its own survival?
After the leak of a YouTube video, which is clearly showing that Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal is doing 'Media Fixing' with a senior TV journalist during an interview which was telecast on a leading Hindi TV Channel, questions are being raised across the social media that whether the AAP, which was built on the strength of social and electronic media, will eventually get crushed under its own greed of getting more and more attention in media for publicity.

Many noted persons including AAP's founder member Ashwini Upadhyay, MLA Vinod Kumar Binny, PAC Member Rajesh Gupta have already left the party and the latest to join this list is noted advocate and PAC Member Ashok Aggarwal, who has termed the party as a Private Limited Company being run by Arvind Kejriwal. Industrialist Captain Gopinath, who earlier joined AAP, has already made distance from the party. Day by day the list of persons leaving the party is becoming long.

The 60 second YouTube video showing the “Media setting between Punya Prasun Vajpayee and Arvind Kejriwal” has been viewed so far by over 10 lakh viewers and viewers all over the social media including Twitter and Facebook are sharing their anger as to how they believed, voted and supported Kejriwal and his party as a party of honest persons having clean image with a hope that it will be able to clean the political system.

The very fact that the party has gone a step ahead from the other political parties in managing their media coverage and interviews to the extent that the interviews are pre-scripted with the consultation of the interviewer, shows as to how far this party can go to project its image in the media at the cost of the public sentiments, mainly the urban middle class youth, who is unaware of this "match fixing".

People were angry from the existing political system due to growing corruption and they have voted the AAP into power with a hope that the party will help them fight the corruption and provide a clean and good governance. People, who were somehow trying to forget the unfortunate experience of 49 days of misrule in Delhi, have left with no other option but to say a big- "Good Bye" to the party, after the leakage of this YouTube video which clearly shows that how Kejriwal is taking urban middle class for granted and treating the same as a vote bank.

In the interview Kejriwal is trying to show himself a martyr of the level of Shaheed Bhagat Singh by simply putting a photo-frame of the Bhagat Singh in his drawing room and asking the TV journalist to ask some questions relating to Bhagat Singh in the interview.

The party is facing not only credibility crisis but of its survival as the it has failed on that very basis of honesty and integrity which was its hallmark. The problem has further deepened with the fact that neither Kejriwal nor Punya Prasun Vajpayee has challenged the validity of the YouTube Video.

On the contrary, by defending the video, various leaders of AAP including Kejriwal himself, have clearly admitted the existence of the video as a genuine one. The TV Channel on which this ill fated interview was telecast, has also come out with some face saving explanation, which is not easy to digest. The channel says that there is no editing done either in the original interview or in its repeat telecast.

The question does not relate to editing of the interview. The YouTube video is not a part of the interview. It is some consultation between the interviewee and interviewer about the interview to be shown on the TV Channel.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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hemen parekh
Does AAP have a Chance ? Does AAP have a chance to win substantial number of seats in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections ? Not , if we go by a Times of India article by Milan Vaishnav ( 02 Feb 2014 ) Following is my interpretation of the article : > CRIME PAYS What is the probability of winning election ? # Only 7 % chance of winning if candidate has NO criminal case pending # 22 % chance of winning if candidate has at least one case pending ! PROOF ? Lok Sabha * 162 MPs have pending Criminal cases , of which , 76 face " Serious " charges State Assemblies * 31 % of MLAs have pending Criminal cases , and 15 % face " Serious " charges Moral of the History ? Give tickets to only those candidates who have one - or more - criminal cases pending ! > MONEY WORKS What is the probability of winning election ? # Only 1 % chance of winning if candidate belongs to the poorest 20 % of the MPs # A whopping 25 % chance of winning if candidate belongs to the richest 20 % of the MPs ! Moral of the History ? Give tickets to only those candidates who have declared assets of Rs 200 crore or more > CRIME VS MONEY # Only 6 % of the POOR ( bottom 20 % ) candidates face Criminal charges # Nearly 20 % of the RICH ( top 20 % ) candidates face Criminal charges Moral of the History ? To ensure 100 % chance of winning, give preference to those candidates , who are both , RICH and CRIMINAL ! I just don't understand why those AAP aspirants are fighting with Arvind , for getting tickets ! In face of such irrefutable / overwhelming evidence , what can the poor fellow do ? How about asking each aspiring candidate to fill in their personal data in the following formula ? P = { ( CC+NSC ) * FBA/BLD + CA/PRA } / { ( NPA + NRE ) - PFU } Where , P = Probability of winning the election CC = Number of Criminal cases pending CA = Current Assets ( Rs Crores ) PRA = Rise in Assets in last 3 years ( % ) NRE = Number of close relatives NPA = Number of times changed political affiliation in past 5 years NSC = Number of Scams in which listed FBA = Number of Foreign Bank accounts ( not only Swiss banks ) BLD = Number of PSU Bank loan defaults ( only those above Rs 5 Crores ) PFU = Party Funds used for Campaign Why leave candidate selection to human judgment / bias ? It is high time to introduce some transparency in candidate selection process * hemen parekh ( 10 Feb 2014 / Mumbai )
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