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Will AAP and Kejriwal ever be able to win hearts in Delhi again?
It seems AAP and its convener Kejriwal is suffering from “repetition compulsion” a psychological phenomenon in which a person repeats an event or its circumstances over and over again. In simple terms this is a kind of mental state rather a psychological ailment where a person loves to repeat its behavior pattern for re-living the same situation again and again.

Streets fights, dramas and theatricals might have given a launch pad to Kejriwal’s political adventure giving him a stellar performance in Delhi assembly elections late last year and pushed his highly ambitious national endeavors to an unachievable height but will repetition of the same garner him any possible accomplishments?

May be it would have been a break from the too fatigue telecasts of “Modi and Modi” in all the news channels since last few days post LS elections but Kejriwal retuning to breaking news or hiting the headlines with his favorite melodramatic scripts was really disheartening.

This time he wanted to be a Mahatma Gandhi in Champaran years ago following a legal hassle of defamation suit filed against him by veteran BJP leader Nitin Gadkari. He chose not to furnish the bail bond of Rs 10,000 and instead opted for jail.

What could be a better option to break the monotony of the media these days especially when election in Delhi has become apparently inevitable!!! When Modi is moving to 7 RCR, Kejriwal moved to Tihar!!!What a strategy!!!

But Alas!! People are no more fools these days. They understood the real intent of such activities (which is fund raising and attention seeking)

What Kejriwal forgot is that Gandhi had “Mahatma credentials” to his personality where as he is not even left with an “Aam Aadmi” credentials to himself?

Frankly speaking I was really overwhelmed with the spectacular victory of BJP with a decisive mandate as I’m swayed by the charismatic persona of NaMo but I was equally worried observing the vacuum that has been created with a feeble opposition in LS following the decimation of all principal political rivals of BJP and Modi. After all a strong opposition is equally important along with a strong administration in any successful democracy!!

After a deep silence for few days following LS results that clearly marginalized the political strength of AAP as it couldn't withstand “tsu-NaMo” even in Delhi, when Kejriwal addressed media with an apology for his hasty decision of abandoning Delhi (that was trailing him throughout the campaign with a Bhagoda tag) there was a little cheer on my face with a ray of hope. I must say here that I was well aware that he had already lost his dignity before addressing media with his visit to L-G of Delhi asking him the options to form the government again and tried in vain convincing the Congress to support him.

Despite his failed attempt to form the government again and though the apology was unimpressive and unconvincing as well I was ready to give a chance to this party to groom itself to become a stronger opposition at least in near future.

But it is said “old habits, die hard”…goes perfect with Kejriwal. Transparent lies and consistent U-turns and more importantly making big fuss out of small issues without any positive outcome is a part of very nature of AAP and Kejriwal. Apology followed by a street drama that’s the reality!!!

But what surprises me most is how could he afford to misread people’s mind every time?

All such overdramatic and histrionic activities have been boomeranged which is clearly evident from the transformation of AAP from a marvelous party to a party some of whose candidates lost their guarantee money also. His diminishing graph of popularity is clear indication of his erroneous calculations. Is it too difficult to understand that people are looking for a clear agenda (no more negative idea) with some composed behavior?

In the present case the court only asked for a bond of Rs.10,000 to secure the presence of the accused and does not require paying a single paisa! It's a mere undertaking to pay the amount in future in case the bond is breached which is a standard legal procedure! But he just defied court to prove a point of his stubbornness and attempted to achieve political scores by opting for jail. Isn’t it both a moral and intelligence bankruptcy? Why can’t he respect courts and judiciary?

Now the point is at present in Delhi the re-election is apparently foreseeable!!! BJP with its magnificent performance in Lok Sabha is really in form. Kiran Bedi, the most daring lady of present era is ready to join BJP as a CM nominee for Delhi. The Congress is puzzled following the Lok Sabha debacle. Then in such a state will AAP or Kejriwal ever be able to win the hearts of Delhi again? That to with all such exaggerated movements of bail, Jail, Dharna and Drama? Especially when people have moved much beyond these plunks.

I think AAP and Kejriwal can no more go together from now. Kejriwal along with his sycophant coterie like Manish Sisodia, Sanjay Singh or Prasant Bhusan has been drifted from their original tracks following their over ambitious dreams. I think there is no room for learning lessons or introspections. In that case unless AAP is freed from Kejriwal, there is no scope for any good things for AAP now or in future!!

I really wonder what an average Delhite might be thinking at this point. As per me I think they must asking Mirror to get an answer!!

Mirror, Mirror… On the Wall!!

I have a question…will you Tell!

What’s the real Face of Mr. Kejriwal???

Oh! My dear… The Mirror said

OMG!! I’m Afraid!!

It’s Ugliest face that ever appeared!!

Cracked! Cracked!!....and in moments!

Small pieces of glass on the floor were shattered!!!

So…I think the mirror has revealed the real face of Kejriwal!! Well in that case Delhi ka dil (heart) can never be won for Sure!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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