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With 'Remee', see a dream of your choice
People have developed devices which can tailor the dreams. Similarly, machines can be built with the help of interface that interfere when people are awake. The ultimate sex machine can increase or decrease morality and rationality.

THE TWO New York based entrepreneurs, Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan, have developed a futuristic device, which can control a person's dreams. The device named 'Remee' has been billed as a rapid eye movement (REM) enhancing device that helps the sleeper seeing a dream of his or her choice by making the brain aware that it is dreaming.

The inside of the sleeping mask features a series of six red LED lights that are too faint to wake the sleeper up, but visible enough for the brain to register them. One can extend the technology by making a machine, which helps people think what is suitable for them as per the laws of their brains by using interface. The interface would take input signals from a user-adjusted machine and would transfer the signal to brain. If the signal is appropriate as determined by the brain then it would continue the operation or else it could reselect the option. In this way both cultural sensitive and culturally defiant methods can be developed. This can help build improved learning and better psychotherapies.

The ultimate requirements of body and the brain are food, knowledge and sex. With the help of futuristic robotics, a machine could be developed which can let people simulate sex in real space-time with anybody who has permitted doing sex with them. It would be higher dimensional experience for those who possess this machine.

With the help of Robonet: intelligent and interactive net, catering to the demands of individuals, one can relate the whole world with an individual. The voices could be recorded and still photos and visuals could also be recorded with the help of the ultimate sex machine (USM). The USM would permit sex with any individual who has agreed, it can allow intense group sex with known and unknowns on the machine and other difficult things and taboos in sex and with the help of simulator can let people reach orgasm and ejaculate in real space-time.

More than two people can easily sit on the machine though ideally the machine would be suitable for a single person or two people of opposite gender. A possessor of machine sitting in an Indian city can imagine sex with a Hollywood actor and actress adjusted to his choice of culture, dressing, the sequence etc. Only thing is that she or he needs to pay for it. Robonet can bring the advertising direct to home. The USM can even let the users smell and taste. New movies and videos can also be launched on the machine.

In this way accessibility can be increased and barriers can be lowered or even removed. It may look like a pornographic device but it could become very helpful in controlling the diffusive aspects of consciousness and it can act as a great equalizer. The possessor of the machine can think both ways. He can equalize himself with all powerful and rich people or he can make the distinction, implying the USM can increase or decrease rationality. The USM can remove many gender biases wherever it is possible to use. It need not divide the society if used properly. The same machine can be used as the ultimate source of learning. It can switch off if the user's brain finds it non-conducive or alien whether it is education, psychotherapies or sex.

Everything on the Earth can be digitalized and customized. The consciousness has four major characteristics: subjectivity, change, continuity and selectivity. The USM would adjust subjectivity to the requirement of time. The people are anyway going to be more and more subjective with increasing consumerism. The USM being very intelligent can let people and societies adapt to the circumstances of the time. The change for some may be obvious for others it may be drastic. The machine can help continue the brain think in a suitable manner though changes are inevitable. The world would become more selective with time with many more people understanding absoluteness in economics, politics, institutions, beauty and sex. Such understanding is required to stop the eruption of future conflicts due to misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

The invention can not be abrupt; it would come after mastering many technologies. The political and economic institutions all over the globe need to adjust to the changing time and realities. But all can not move in one direction as there will be permanent producers, permanent consumers and those who come in between. In other words, things need to be localized in order to positively grasp the universality of ideas and technologies.

Convergence is possible with not all adopting universality with universality but with all adopting universality with locality. It requires proper understanding, mutuality and reciprocity from all sides. The USM can increase the fairness and improve morality. On the flip side there could be increase in suppression, oligarchic tendencies and immorality because of the machine.

It requires maturity from all users as comprehending higher machines require higher complexity. In particular, the users need to understand their histories and those of others. This is particularly truer for consumer sides. No body should try to end the argument of histories, races, institutions, differences, distinctions and asymmetries; otherwise the machine would turn out to be counter-productive. The USM would benefit all but it would benefit Whites and riches, particularly Americans, maximum. The difference within the societies and outside them would get increased. Beyond politics and economics it is the pleasure in converting people.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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