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Women Empowerment: To which extent it is justified?
All those who speak about women being harassed for the last five hundred decades are right to some extent, as we still come across incidents where females are being ill treated for dowry demands. No doubt about that. To safeguard and protect such women, IPC was amended in 1983 and 498a (anti-dowry law) and later DV 2005 and CRPC 125 were introduced.

I strongly believe in women empowerment. But my question here is, at what cost? What about the men who are equally (or more) harassed. However, in recent past this has been observed that some organisations in the name of women empowerment are playing foul games and tactics to fulfil their ill intentions best known to them.

The present state where Indian men and their families stand are due to all these gender biased draconian laws. These laws are made on either looking at one side of the coin or just an instinctive reaction. For example rape law was amended after “Nirbhaya” case in Delhi, immediately under extreme pressure of feminists organisation like NCW, without even giving a thought to the repercussions of the amendment.

And today, we witness the number of false rape cases being filed. These so called abala naris file false rape cases and then later turn hostile. In a recent high court judgement, the judge took cognizance of the crime of victim turning hostile and asked the court to take punitive actions against the complainant and her parents.

This is one example where so called victims had turned hostile at the later stages of cases. Still, we see a steep rise in false rape cases being filed. The only way to keep a check on false cases being filed is to introduce a provision of prosecution of the complainant in case the complaint turns out to be false during investigation. These many number of false cases don’t only engage public servants unnecessarily, but it is also a sheer wastage of resources and court's time. Not to mention they are also sheer abuse to the process of law.

Same goes with the laws 498a, DV 2005 and CRPC 125. These laws have proved to be disasters for Indian men and their families. Since there is no provision of prosecution of the complainant for filing false cases, these laws are being grossly misused. Here, when we talk about the law misuse, we need to understand that it’s not just one man who is being mentally, emotionally and financially abused.

It is rather an entire family being ruined due to false cases. Innocent kids are being used as extortion tools. Also, there are cases pending in Indian courts, which evidently are increasing work pressure of the judges and all these false cases are uncalled for.

Another power, which is involved in showcasing women as abala and men as born rapists and wife beaters is the media. They are on the verge of declaring Indian men as unwanted species. Crimes where the victim is a female would be broadcast throughout the day on all media channels, however, when it comes to a male being a victim, the media does not even flash this news even once. One odd case is always an exception.

If males are so unneeded and they are the only one who commit cruelty to females, then why NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) data says more than sixty-five thousand married males commit suicide every year as compared to females where the number is less than half? All these men who give up on the legal terrorism and commit suicide are very conveniently declared as farmers by our so called government. This is another injustice to those martyrs of marriage.

Women empowerment not only means to provide them with lethal laws (weapons) like 498a and recently amended rape law also forthcoming irretrievable break down of marriage (IRBM) viz marriage law amendment bill. In true sense the women would be empowered when they are actually taught of their responsibilities and not just rights.

All above stated facts are due to the unwarranted women empowerment, hence, it is high time for Indian men to wake up and for the Govt. to look for an alternative to make sure that this legal terrorism, this legal extortion comes to an end.

Immediate action is required to end all this chaos in Indian society. This will come to an end if these draconian laws are totally scrapped immediately and if not scrapped then at least they need to be make it gender neutral. The word “Husband” needs to be replaced with the word “Spouse”.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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