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Women-wall for women entry in to Sabarimala lacks credibility on equality or gender justice because of pure politicization
It was good to see that lakhs of women made a 620-630 km wall demanding right to equality in support of the Supreme Court's verdict that women from all ages can enter the Sabarimala temple.

Some of my friends have a couple of objections. First the protest was organised by the ruling left party and second is that non-Hindu women too participated in this protest.

In today's politics, everything is politicised. Society, faith and even some silly things are politicized for two reasons. First, it's a democracy thus every stakeholder has a political right. Second, at the moment only political parties have the funds, resources and provisions to back a protest event of any issue. In any case, Sabarimala entry is already politicized when both the BJP and the Congress opposed the Sabarimala verdict whereas the CPM supported the SC verdict.

Secondly, the objection that non-Hindu women are also protesting is ridiculous because when it comes to equality or gender justice, women from all faiths and communities must unite. Technically, in Indian culture, women are a hapless community, who neither has equality nor justice. The Chauvinist social and religious masters in fact made the women tribe akin to inferior specie.  Thus women from all communities must unite to demand their rights at par with their male counter parts.

I personally support equality and gender justice. I also want that women should enter in to Sabarimala temple. My only point is that in cases related to faith, there shouldn't be confronting approach rather through deliberations and persuasions. Gandhi in fact never took a confronting approach on Dalit temple entry demand. He simply stopped going to those temples where Dalits are banned to enter. Even in Puri Jagannath temple, Kastur ba went and worshipped but Gandhi remained outside of the temple and fasting. That's really very effective way of pursuing to then conservative priests or upper class people. Result is evident now. Dalit entry into temple is no more an issue although there are few instances of such bans in remote rural areas. But exceptions happen everywhere and thus such rare instances will also go in times to come.

Today two women claimed that they have visited the sanctum sanctorum of Sabarimala temple. Some said its historic and others said that this is achieved through back door and secretly. Result is that people supporting ban of women entry became more aggressive, they shut the door of the temple, did some purification ritual before opening the gates again. They promised to remain extra vigil not to allow entry of women.

My point is simple. Confrontation is never wise nor the politicisation of the issue. I think BJP, Congress and Left have no right to interfere in a religious issue. Let the parties contest in Supreme Court or let both stakeholder sit together to sort out the issues. I am an atheist but not anti-theist. Thus people like me would prefer the way Mahatma Gandhi followed.

Now coming to protest for equality, protests must not be selective and should cover every aspect of equality and gender justice. What the protesting women-wall lacked in credibility was that it remained silent on the SC verdict on triple talaq and government's bill on that. The protest would have been appreciated very well had they demand entry of women in to Sabarimala temple as well as passing of triple talaq bill.

I understand that when a protest is organised or sponsored by a political party (in this case ruling Left parties), the line of demand also had to be selective. That's where I lost confidence in this women-wall politics because it just political symbolism against RSS/BJP for a political message. Gender justice or equality are just the terms to be used as cover and may be that has no weight at all on the political intent of this protest.

I hope the womenfolk must come out strongly and demand for every aspect that stands before gender justice and equality. Politically driven protests and selective choice of issue only benefits political parties who are backing and funding and never be useful in achieving gender equality.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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