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World or a modern jungle
I put down the morning papers, one of our national language and the other one of the international language. Then for some time I shuffled the TV news channels. Now I feel suffocated and distraught. It is a daily occurrence, as far as I am concerned, a necessary evil though.

The main content on the media comprises long lists of incredible kinds of crime:

Rapes: Beastliness of all types in it. No consideration of age of the victim and the perpetuator of the crime. The crime includes mutilation of a few months old child by the criminals of grand dad age. Gang rapes by criminals, in some cases, led by the friend of the victim violating the mutual human trust, are so common.

Obviously kidnapping is also associated with this crime. But kidnapping for human trafficking, of girls for brothels, selling as sex slaves to some rich beasts and in a sizable cases for sending to other countries as maids who are many things more than mere maids.

Murders: Murders don't have to have any motive or provocation. There are murders in quite a large number where perversion is the motivator. They too are indiscriminate, no matter who, what or where it takes place. One can be murdered if he asks for the price of a cup of tea from the customer or has just objected to the barking of the neighbor's dog, just frivolous excuses as inherent in the nature of the murderer for sadistic pleasure.

One revolting type of murders is the killing of the victim of rape. The rapist or rapists are not satisfied with the fulfillment of the sexual hunger but they must mutilate the body of the victim through acts that militate against human dignity. Enumeration of such acts can go on and on.

Robberies and Loots: From petty thieves the criminals have graduated to robbers and looters. No compunction of conscience bothers them as it doesn't the rapists. If the thieves can enjoy snatching chains and purses of women folk, they can conveniently kill the employers mercilessly. No age consideration matters here too. Bank robberies and ATM breaking cases are rampant these days. If ATMs can't be broken open, they can be carried away and towed away with stolen vehicles. They afford a rich haul.

Political scene: I am an aged man and have witnessed big changes in India, right from the Second World War onwards. I remember the time when as a school boy I went to school wearing a white Gandhi cap and in childish pride holding  a tricolor with the charkha on it, shouting Mahatma Gandhi ki jai, Bharat Mata ki jai.

I have been witness to Nehru's famous speech 'Tryst with Destiny '; his long tenure as the first Prime Minister of India and finally to his cremation at Rajghat. Country's police department had published a book on Nehruvian era and I still possess a copy of the souvenir.

Then I have been a witness to the times from Shashtri era onwards till today. Political history the world over has had upheavals and changes. It is natural, but what pains me most is the political degeneration in India. It was never as low as it is today. Democratic tenets presuppose government by the elected party with critical but constructive support by the opposition.

But in the current scenario, it is leg pulling, fault finding where there is no fault; criticizing for the sake of criticism, abusing and stooping to childish babble are common. Mudslinging and character assassination of the rivals are the favorite tools with the self proclaimed leaders. There are regular hassles about the degrees of certain leaders as if degrees have always been required for politicians to qualify to enter politics. Consequently, governance has become casualty. What is all this, if not a serious travesty of democracy?

Terrorism: The scourge of terrorism seems to be making a mockery of the entire civilized world including the super powers. Statements from different sections of the society are heard occasionally condemning terrorism but mere voices hardly ever lead to nemesis or retribution.

If the world community rises together synergistically, the evil of terrorism could be countered but humanity is divided by narrow national interests and the ideal unity for this challenge is absent. In the meanwhile terrorism is creating mayhem everywhere indiscriminately. Every act of terrorism is followed by politically correct condolences and offers of cosmetic help on humanitarian grounds come, not always hollow though as honorable exception have always existed despite all odds. Terrorism marches on inexorably.

International conflicts for power, territorial ambitions, exaggerated sense of nationalism making international harmony very fragile, almost superficial, also leave one wondering whether humanity deserves these men, the originator of this scenario.

In addition to all this, there are minor irritants too. Some misguided youth, in the name of freedom of expression, want the freedom to express their whims in a style that pleases them. Shouting anti-national slogans, I feel, can hardly be termed as freedom of expression.

But what is baffling is that the media turns them into heroes. Again I would like to apologize as this is what I feel and an individual can always be wrong.

The foregoing narrative is hardly gladdening. But humanity has existed for eons and has always taken turns for the health survival. Now too, it will. There is no dearth of voices of sanity in the world. But that they are seldom heard.

Man has evolved over centuries as the thinking animal. He has the faculty of introspection and retrospection. He has the capability to face and overcome challenges. Now too he will rise to the occasion and rekindle the right spirit to take care of the sorry state of affairs.

Some forum other than the one dealing with political matters can be formed to discuss and find a lasting solution to the world ailment. The future of the humanity and the earth are at stake and the sliding down trend must be halted and reversed as early as possible.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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