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Yakub Hanged: Has anybody bothered how Mumbaikers felt about it?
Last week had been very eventful one. We lost a rare diamond in Dr. Kalam by the call of destiny and suddenly a personal void was instantly created in all of us. People were dealing with the emptiness, with the sudden absence of the noble soul of Dr. Kalam sir, with his teachings and philosophies of life.

Suddenly from nowhere, all hell broke loose with the downpour of tears flowing like a river, for someone who intentionally played the role of a conspirator to plot a heinous terror attack, that killed 257 innocent people and injured hundreds for lifelong.

It was really shocking to see the desperation of media, and the so called eminent people and the five star activists, who didn't hesitate to come out with their evil side and left no stone unturned to save the life of Yakub Memon - the man who was 100% responsible, in fact he himself executed out the deadly plan for the serial bomb blasts in the crowded streets (so that maximum casualties should happen) of Mumbai in 1993. This was the first time that people learnt about the lethal nature of RDX and about the fatality of bomb blasts at all.

Yakub Memon was given a Death sentence by the Supreme Court which was confirmed in a review petition and the mercy plea for the same was rejected by The Honorable President of India in April 2014. No noise was made, then.

It was only when the Maharashtra Government on July 15 announced about the execution of "death penalty" (given by the SC and the mercy plea rejected by The President) of Yakub Memon and set the date for July 30 for the culprit to be hanged, the hell box of illicit chaos broke out.

Let's not discuss about all that court drama on the mid night of 29th July and the extra sympathetic eminent (really!!) lawyers, the extensive media coverage of the same with the shots of Yakub in different moods on the TV screen and the "thou holiest" tweets of "So called renowned (really!!) people who actually are terror sympathizers (Well T & C applied - fat bank balance - I hope you got it).

But may be The Divine God was not in favor of them. He had already set his destiny. In spite of tremendous efforts, non could actually alter the destiny of the "Beast in Human form" Yakub Memon.

Yakub Hanged on July 30!!

After that also, waves of sympathy flowed on. Eminent news papers came out with broad coverage of Yakub Memon, his family and funeral. TV news channels showed every bit of it.

So now let's conclude that "We are such a Mahaan (benevolent) Country, in which we even make a terrorist – a Hero, The Angel ... etc" whitewashing all his sins – you know being a terrorist he will only kill people …right. That's what Yakub Memon did… What's wrong in that??

Well, in between all these nonsensical theatrics, no one felt the need to know about the emotions of Mumbaikers – who actually walk in the fear of terror everyday - feel about it.

While these Yakub theatrics were going on, my whatsapp groups were flooded with satirical, anger lashed messages clearly showing rage in side of people. Some were taking help of the messages of Dr. Kalam, indirectly showing their anger for these media theatrics on Yakub.

After the hanging of Yakub Memon…when I put up a question to some of my friends residing or who used to stay in Mumbai on how they feel about it…here is some of the out pour of their emotions….

Deepali – A working lady in Bandra – said, "Tina, how insensitive r u to put up such a question??Are you willing to put salt into wounds? Hell with these people!! I pray to God, next time make sure those who support Yakub should lose some kins in next assignment of these Terrorist!!"

Sunita – A modern homemaker – said, "I'm totally for this decision taken!!Good he was hanged…Now probably the others who think of planning such heinous crimes will refrain from doing so,"

"Kasab and Yakub…Examples…hope the planners get the message that India will not take this anymore."

Santosh – Works in Railways and stays in Kalyan – said, "In my opinion, one terrorist should be hanged in an open place and the event should be live telecast. 70 lakh expense is a waste"

Dillip – A banking professional who was staying in Mumbai a year back - said, "No comments as these topics are baseless…Only dirty politics is going on…It's the sole discretion of the Supreme Court n Elected Govt…My opinion will not help anywhere. …So as a wise decision, won't comment anything on this…One liner replies. Culprit should be punished/hanged irrespective of the religion!!!

I have quoted those who were willing to let me take their name while quoting their statements. There are so many statements that go with the same spirit. Some refrained from saying anything to me while some stating it as a "religious, political and sensitive issue.".

At last let me quote an Auto Driver who said, "Madamji hum to jaan hatheli pe leke bahar nikalte hain. Kisike mathe par to likha nahin hota ki woh Atankabaad hai. Aur hum garibon ki jaan ki kya kimat hai…lekin jo hamare jaan le lete hain unki jaan ki kimat jaroor bad jaati hai…aisa hume lagta hai…"

What an irony of life!! Yakub and his brother Tiger Memon plotted a heinous and dreadful crime to kill their own people!! But the "Devil's advocates" are enough in our country to shed those Rudaali tears for them, but no sympathy for those who lost their kins or got wounded in that atrocious act. Hard but this is the blood-spattered reality!! But Mumbaikers…Are watching closely every move of everyone and getting to understand, who is with them…I feel!!!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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