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On 5 June the Supreme Court of India allowed the Norwegian ship SS Blue Lady, which allegedly contains toxic wastes, to enter the Indian waters despite opposition from environmental activists. In February 2006 another foreign ship, Le Clemenceau, which also contained the toxic asbestos beyond the permissible limit, tried to enter the Indian waters. Team Merinews feels that it is high time the Indian public and the concerned global citizens examine the issue of waste dumping on the developing nations closely.
Blue Lady seduces SC on Environment Day
Ship recycling is lifeline of shipping industry
Mumbai: Ship recycling is eco-friendly, employment oriented and energy conserver. The major issue concerned with ship recycling is occupational hazard and not environmental.
Legal obligations can prohibit entry of Blue Lady
India will not only violate international treaties, like the Basel Convention and the Stockholm Convention, but also a Supreme Court ruling if it allows the ship to be broken in Alang, Gujarat.
India dances on the toxic dirt
New Delhi: The environment ministry is blatantly allowing ships containing toxics to enter the Indian waters. At this rate, soon the country will become the favourite dumping ground for the world.
The toxic cruise line
The toxic cruise liner SS France, a.k.a. SS Norway, a.k.a. Blue Lady
Le Clemenceau
Le Clemenceau, another toxic ship, tried to enter the Indian waters in February 2006. However, the ship was later recalled back to France by president Jacques Chirac.
Greenpeace activists
Greenpeace activists on vigil outside the Minister of Environment and Forests, bringing postcards signed by 3500 citizens, demanding that the Minister reject the Clemenceau unless fully decontaminated.
Swami Agnivesh and Nafisa Ali
Noted social activists Swami Agnivesh and Nafisa Ali hold up bags bearing the words 'France: Your Waste Kills.' The bags, filled with garbage, will be dumped at the French embassy as a mark of protest against the toxic ship Clemenceau. Citizens and celebrities from across the country are joining Greenpeace in this protest.
Photo Credit: Greenpeace
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