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Citizen's Reactions 2012
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qpqlzq I 06 June 2012 06:06
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jonn3 I 04 June 2012 01:06
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There should be a reduction in interest rate for education loan. Education loan is very important aspect for the growth.
Divakar I 06 July 2009 19:07
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Budget Reactions 2010
Grant more medi-benefits this budget
Want more interest subsidy schemes
Mr FM introduce policy to lower food price
  • Inflation budget to drive flows in market.
    Peeyoosh Chadda (Edelweiss AMC)
  • Expect rollout of long-term infra debt fund this budget
  • PM seeks GST integration in budget
    Govt sources
  • Pre-budget picks: 3 stocks (Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilisers, Jain Irrigation and Bharat Electronics) that can give you good upside
    Rajesh Jain (Independent Market Strategist)
  • RBI action to move mkts, budget won't alter mood
  • Govt may hike tax exemption limit
    Inflation impact
  • See Nifty at 7000; L&T, RIL to lead rally in 2012
    Amar Ambani, IIFL
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OG97dg <a href="http://wwtpceaavjpw.com/">wwtpceaavjpw</a>,..
comment5, <a..
There should be a reduction in interest rate for education loan...