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Are Justice Verma Committee's recommendations enough to prevent crime against women?
The Justice J S Verma Committee has upped the punishment for many existing and proposed sexual offenses but has rejected the idea of a death sentence for rape. Long and whole life imprisonment has been recommended for serious sexual assault, and the Committee has asked the government to improve juvenile justice in the country. Will all the recommendations by the Justice Verma Committee, if implemented, help in preventing rape and other sexual crimes against women?
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Agree : 11.11 %
Thomas Kurien | Jan 24, 2013
Yes, they are a good beginning - that too if and when implemented in letter and spirit.
Disagree : 88.89 %
Anand Krishnan | Jan 30, 2013
" ONE WHO RAPES IS NOT MINOR " Crime is Crime and to brake such crimes in society and to safe guard women`s / Girls in Society, the Alcohol consumption & its manufacturing units must be banned permanently across nation because the root of all happening crimes and maximum accidents are due to the above said but its unfortunate in our soil due to dirty politics the govt and law is not serious at all and Alcohol consumption including drugs now gradually increasing every step and increases Crime, Gang Rape / Rape / Molestation and no one is safe in society across nation,there is no need of so many debates, since 1947 only debates and debates held what happened Crime is increasing at its own level and the sufferer are becoming sufferer finally, to brake crimes in society toughest law has to be implemented and the age factor in Heinous crimes has to be exempted from law and equal punishment must to all accused and criminals by law and a fear must for such criminals and they have to think thrice before doing such crimes, only 2 option can brake or stop such crimes in society Capital Punishment / Shoot at site order must by Law at earliest if found guilty that`s ALL, No politics or Advocate to be entertained in such crimes " ONE WHO RAPES IS NOT MINOR "
Danish karwal | Jan 28, 2013
No. We dont want recommendations people keep on recommending things but now we want application. A strong law in favour of women.
Rajat Bhatia | Jan 24, 2013
no just recommendation will not work it need to applied as well with patience, honesty and perseverance change will come slowly...also individuals also have to work
Jaanvi | Jan 24, 2013
No. The committee may have given a decent recommendation, but who ensures the implementation of those rules and when? Taking another 5 years to bring these recommendations makes the entire motto fruitless.
manisha sakhare | Jan 24, 2013
i think our law is taking more effort to protect rapists, and it is clear to see that it is much weeker to protect the women respect so is time to make our self strong and responsible that you can protect you self by your self. only one thing we should ask to our law n system is the law for the people or for the protecting giving safe helmate to wrong doer.
Vijay | Jan 24, 2013
If you cannot give death sentence for rapist & murder, than really it is good to do murder by raping the enemies.
Damini Dawar | Jan 24, 2013
A fact that's not being reported is that state police chiefs of the country did not give their feedback to the Justice Verma Committee. If the top management of state police is not willing to take responsibility then I doubt if there will be any improvement in law enforcement and investigation in cases of sexual offenses.
Sanjay | Jan 24, 2013
I don't think anything is going to change with recommendations. But yes, if the recommendations are implemented, we can imagine something to change on the ground. There are stricter laws for dealing with rape and other crimes against women but again the issues is their execution by law enforcement agencies.


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