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Can Gurgaon police prevent rising vehicle thefts in the city?
In 2012 about 3,000 vehicles were stolen in Gurgaon. Gurgaon police has not been able to solve the majority of the cases - as they are unable to deal with organized gangs who use sophisticated means to get away with such thefts. The police say owners don't take adequate precautions, and they also can't protect every vehicle in the city due to lack of resources, and the ever-increasing car population. Given these challenges, can Gurgaon police bring down number of car thefts in the city?
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Agree : 33.33 %
Jaydeep | Feb 08, 2013
Yes they can bring down vehicle theft. They just need to put little more concious efforts and work in a unity.
Disagree : 66.67 %
Shaumik | Feb 08, 2013
I don't see that as a reality, at least, in immediate future. The reason being that the police act in connivance with these organised gangs, otherwise how is it possible that stolen cars can operate in the city, that too in the presence of so many police posts and barricades?
Nidhi | Feb 08, 2013
They are useless people, they can not even protect people how can they save vehicles. They are just into government job to have secure future and not understanding their responsibility as a police man. Their behaviour, attitude towards work is just useless.


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