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Congress (INC) needs a leadership change and must look for somebody beyond Gandhi family
With Dr. Manmohan Singh's reluctance to become the PM candidate for the 3rd time, and his indications that Rahul Gandhi is an ideal candidate for the post, now it looks mere a formality to announce Gandhi's name as PM in waiting. However, in the present circumstances when the party led by Sonia Gandhi is surrounded by many corruption charges and performed poorly in the assembly elections, has the time come when the Congress should look beyond Gandhi family to lead the party as well as the Govt.
"Definitely there are indications of that in the results of recent assembly elections. And they (Congress) must look forward for a leader outside the Gandhi family, they have to rethink about the family issue. If they want to survive in the upcoming elections they have to look beyond the family and search some other good alternative for this."
Dr. Vidhu Verma, Chairperson, Center of Political Science, JNU
"At the government level I don't think at this point the Congress has any charismatic leader who can replace the charisma of the Gandhi family. The Congress relies on charismatic personalties. Till now they (Gandhi family) were the charismatic family that produces the charismatic leaders. If they (Congress) need a charismatic leader outside the family, I don't think they are going to get one. That is very unlikely to happen. Given the structure of the Congress it's very very difficult for anyone to acquire that charisma."
Prof. Pradip Kumar Datta, Dept. of Political Science, DU
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Agree : 61.9 %
Arpan Gupta | Jan 10, 2014
Because of brainless people like Rahul Gandhi, other young leaders in congress like Sachin Pilot, Jyoti Schindhia etc. fail to come to the front. Look at how Jagan Mohan Reddy (despite the dirty politics he plays) made a mark for himself and his party. He probably is the same age as of Rahul. But people like Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav are basking the glory of their ancestors and holding the chair. Gandhis should go out and vacate the position for others in Congress.
Vishal Rathi | Jan 08, 2014
Why congress is still looking leadership from fake gadhies. Still playing secular card and dynasty leadership rather then development issues. Why congress dont find young generation leaders. Anyway, there are many holes in congress ship and will sink 2014.
Gaurav | Jan 08, 2014
Naming Rahul as a PM candidate is a foregone conclusion which everybody in the country knows. Who else can become PM candidate in Congress other than the fake Gandhies? Since Priyanka has also got children, other Congressmen can stop dreaming becoming PM for at least half a century. His naming as PM candidate is not going to help Congress at all. Rather, his 'budhu' look, loose talking, and lack of vision and ideas are going to harm the party.
sunita gupta | Jan 08, 2014
it is the time for senior leadership of congress to sit nd rethink but perhaps they are too bereft of any confidence in self that now they are betting on Priyanka as vote catcher machine --sad but true . congress really in pathetic state to day . they have to rethink nd re plan . the charisma of the name of gabdhi is no more going to work !!
Ved Singh | Jan 08, 2014
It is not enough if Mr.Rahul gandhi is named P.M. candidate. The old ccongress leaders have become corrupt, arrogant and grossly abused their power. Whether Rahul can eliminate such people and infuse fresh blood? Even then the stigma associated with congress misrule cannot be eliminated in one day. I respect Rahul gandhi. But his task is herculean.
Urmila Ashok Shah | Jan 08, 2014
Congress do whatever, but all its efforts will result in vain. Unfortunately, Rahul Gandhi is not even capable of winning as compared to Modi who has not only modernised Gujarat but also been elected many times as the CM of Gujarat. Modi' deeds and optimistic thinking are its strengths and Indians have faith in Modi who probably will implement policies to flourish Indian Economy. In other words, Modi will revolutionise India .
Jayant Yadav | Jan 08, 2014
Congress should really take a hard look at their leadership. Rahul might not be a good choice or has the Congress given up?
Usha Padiyar | Jan 08, 2014
Yes, the party has to get out of its dependence on the Gandhi family,for its leadership, to ge out from its 'Aandhi'! By the way, I believe in Voluntary Euthanasia, but afraid of its sideeffects in India!
Shekhar | Jan 07, 2014
We wish to give a free advice. 2014 Lok Sabha election is not opportune moment to start with when the chances of win is bleak. Let some one else be named as PM candidate for 2014 and MR Rahul Gandhi should prepare for 2019. when there will be a good chance to come back in power.
Ashok Gupta | Jan 07, 2014
If Congress declares Rahuls name, then the party will get wiped totally.
Rajiv Parikar | Jan 07, 2014
i really feel congress should avoid putting him directly against modi, they should make him the head of compaign comittee, it will be very difficult for rahul to answer the misdeeds of the govet ruled by his own party run by his own mother. Elections 2014 is not the end of the world, he can always learn & be well prepared to fight the next general elections when ever it is held.
I agree that Congress must view beyond family for betterment of the party. But in reality, the central Congress high command culture which is absolutely sycophant to the Gandhi family never allow other mass leaders from regional or central base to flourish! Only YSR perhaps did survive for some period but otherwise, they need a leader to be loyal to the family. Had they appointed Pranab Mukherjee as PM in 2004, Congress wouldn't be in such state now. Even now there are many good young leaders but unfortunately, they will let the party to finish but not the family!
Mamta Dhingra | Jan 07, 2014
The magic of Gandhi family has vanished.. Now the people have become smart.. The congress should understand that change is the law of nature.. bring a new face or get perished.
Disagree : 38.1 %
| May 07, 2016
People have to choose their leaders. If people choose Rahul Gandhi so be it. Why all this fuss about the Gandhis when no one talks of Mulayams or Chauthalas or Badals or Thakres. Rahul is a nice person, better than most others from dynastys and one cannot hold his birth against him.
Alok Kumar | Jan 10, 2014
The Gandhi family acts as a glue for the Congress. It is the very basic DNA of Congress. If you do not like it - do not vote for Congress. But suggesting that the Congress changes leadership from the Gandhis to somebody else is naive. Its stupid and suicidal.
Arun Bajpai | Jan 09, 2014
it needs to be understood that the entire INC Congress is centered around the Gandhi family.All the netas who are the senior lot in congress carry along super egos.If left to themselves they will start pulling in different directions without the Stick of the Gandhi family.After the death of Rajiv Gandhi and till the time sonia Gandhi took over as Congress President see what all happened in congress when Sitaram Kesari was the Congress BJP this satbilisation is carried out by RSS so in Cong Family is needed.Only after the young cong leaders come up and the oldies hopefully call it a day that cong can look beyond the family
Management of contradictions and personnel ambitions is the basic requirement of democratic politics.Indian political leaders are power hungry and selfish. Another quality of Indians in general is they are extremely good sycophants.Only a strong hand is needed to keep the herd under control. At present I don't see any leader excepting Gandhi family. Alternately introduce Presidential form of goverence.
Arshad Jamal | Jan 08, 2014
It does not matter who is the Prime minister as long as he does a good job for the people and the nation. Let's hope Rahul Gandhi can put up a brave fight against the much hyped Modi. But beware all! AAP may dramatically change the equation!!!!
Anshul Jadeja | Jan 07, 2014
And who then you suggest should take the position? Kapil Sibal? Digvijay Singh? I think its a stupid argument. There is no Congress without the Gandhi family - you may not like it but thats how it is.
Sumanta Bagchi | Jan 07, 2014
People who are commenting here have a false understanding of the Gandhi family and politics of India. Do you think without a Gandhi clan at the helm the Congress party will exist? The party will break down into thousands of pieces. Mo matter whether you are a supporter of BJP, AAP or Congress... you will not want Indian national congress to wash out for the simple reason that it gives a monopoly to the opposition and creates a dangerous situation. So for Congress to exist, it needs to have a Gandhi at the top.


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