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Creating Men's Right Commission is a need in the Indian society

As per the stats of National Crime Records Bureau, it is Indian men, who commit more suicide than women. There are many laws along with an active women's right commission, which cater to the needs of the women in India, but India draws a sorry figure when it comes to the treatment meted out to men in the Indian society. Is it due time for the men in the Indian society to get a Men's Right Commission of their own?

"We need pro-male laws like laws to protect men from domestic violence, workplace harassment, financial extortion etc. What makes the situation even more worse is the predominantly anti-male reporting in the media, which requires policies to reduce it. There are such laws in India, where men's needs are taken a back seat. Men are treated as if they do not exist. "
Virag, Men's Right Activist
"Ours is a patriarchal society and everyone in this system work towards maintaining that status quo. This structure provides men with many entitlements including property, being head of the family and the key decision maker, impunity in cases of violence, forced sex, multiple relationships and aggression.Everyday, we get to hear about cases of extreme violence against women and they are on the rise. Our country's sex ratio is dipping, which shows that women are not welcome in our homes, trafficking of women and girls, incidences of sexual assault and acid throwing on women are on the rise. The new laws, which are being created have been made keeping in mind all the above mentioned facts and they are there to stop violence and not pitched against men.What we instead need to ensure is that men do not feel threatened at the thought of sharing power with other and they also need to learn to take 'NO' for an answer and respect the women's opinions and decisions. Thus I feel that we really do not need to have a Men's rights group."
Urvashi Gandhi, Women's Right Activist
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Agree : 94.97 %
Dave | Feb 11, 2016
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Mens right is an must for our country. I myself ,used to be an feminist supporter until i became an victim. It is only then I realised how much pain and trouble innocent men and his family (women and children includes) has to suffer just because an fake 498a , dv, etc have been filed. and the most absurd thing is not even an single person would beleive us when we say infact it was we who was subjected to both mental and physical torture. (I was physically beaten by my ex wife because the 69k per month i gave her was not enough and i did not pay 10 lakhs to her spineless elder brother for starting an buisness) but when we say this to police or lawyers they wont beleive us .me inspite of giving my ex wife and her family lakhs of rupees because they cried over the phone just 2 weeks before marriage of not being able to conduct the marriage due to lack of money and i never liked taking dowry me and my family was infact against dowry still an 498a was filled against me and my relatives , they did not even spare even our driver because he took my mom to hospital since she is an sever heart patient and fell ill suddenly due to the tension my ex wife used to give her and locked me up insids the room from outised so that i can't take her to hospital.i knew that law always supported women through many of my friends who had similar experiences and adviced me not to do anything and just jeep making evidences if we retaliate then they will play to victim card on us and nobody will beleive us .today i have evidences including video to prove my innocence but still cant file an single case against her since there is no provision in our law system to file similar cases against women.everyone told me 1st i need to prove my innocence then only i can file fresh case to punish her.only now i started learning about laws and its misuse by women almost 50 percent cases of 498a the accused was aquitted in the end .upto 53 percent rape case filled by women are fake since 2013 and it was filled for the sole purpose of extortion , personal gains etc. D Today women when caught with illicit affairs go file case of 498a , dv, crpc 125 against there innocent husbands and his family accusing them of sexual harrasment. So yes we do need mens right commission in india
Amol shete | Jan 28, 2016
Strongly Agree
Dr Christ | Jan 14, 2016
Dr Kelly | Dec 29, 2015
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basu | Dec 28, 2015
I think Woman's commission should be scrapped and both genders should be treated at par. Anyone should be able to approach Human Rights commission and get their issues lodged/resolved.
Shikharesh Bhattacharya | Nov 28, 2015
Point is, let's not look at things like the blind men saw Hindustan in that great poem, "Six blind men of Hindustan" . In urban context, especially in reasonably educated circles, men have become vulnerable due to enactment of several one-sided laws. However, in rural India, obviously women are still oppressed due to age-old traditional values of our patriarchal society. Creating groups, this way or that way will not solve the problem. In order to create a society truly free of gender bias, we need to educate our children based on truth & tolerance. In some ways, nature has made women superior to men. In other ways, nature has done the opposite. We should learn to accept each others quality & exist in harmony. If & when we achieve this, we shall have a society which will be strong, really fruitful & developing in all aspects. I strongly recommend that we act towards that goal without being more divisible.
nishu | Nov 26, 2015
there is growing number of false cases of section 498a. high courts and supreme court of india has repeatedly accepted that. A section which presumes guilty till proven otherwise, violates basic tenet of justice.
C S Gupta | Nov 26, 2015
In our country, where we worship & respect women, it is very ironical that men are not given such respect. There is an alarming growing trend of a different type of dowry wherein the woman files false cases against her husband to demand ransom like property, money ,etc. all in the name of maintenance. We do need unbiased laws & a serious commission to invert the sexism created by such laws where the men are victimised so badly that they have no where to go. Even the society is not sympathetic. It is said that a woman can commit crime & get away with it simply because she is a woman, which is very true in our country. However the false allegation of a woman against her husband is taken very seriously. With men rotting in hell under such conditions, we DEFINITELY REQUIRE MEN's COMMISSION & MINISTRY We also require to separate the Children welfare from women commision, as children don;t seem to have any rights due to this. All rights are of the women who can do anything!
Ravish | Nov 25, 2015
Some how we forget the fact that women can also lie, stalk, pass comments We forget that they also create a scene when drunk they can hit men and appear liberated,harass men, make anti male comments,abuse, reuse and misuse men financially and sexually and yet call them chauvinists,when they demand a Commission for themselves. Firstly it is MEN who are demanding their commission so why should women be perturbed? Might be because they are fearing that their so called voice would be suppressed? Secondly why should men suffer in the GENERAL quota with no reservations? It's really bad to see one man like Rohan presenting facts and being trolled down with personal comments by "honorable" feminists and also men who do not have the courage to support a member of their own gender (proving how men can be subservient and be easily divided). Patriarchy indeed. Our country is so patriarchal that men have to bow down to false allegations in many cases, are put behind bars depending on the mere complaint of a woman, are REQUIRED to maintain their (ex) spouses even after divorce while not daring to ask an extra paisa from the once in- laws (in the name of dowry). Men in our Patriarchal society are meant to travel in General quota and yet be the be subject to laughter and jeers when they dare to speak up on their rights to reservations. They have to pay a fine if they enter a relatively empty womens' compartment. Or even be thrown out of the train. They have to be happy with equal pay and lesser leaves. They are mocked frowned upon when they make a complaint against a women perpetrator (Oops sorry. Women can never commit crimes on men.) but can be easily pulled up two months later if a woman complains about a past incident (which might have no proof) And above all they have to deal with members of their own kind who have to set a noble example to women. Know what? We've had it.. The joke's always on us. So demanding a Men's commission in a misandrist society is a crime, a funny crime. You are right Satbir, why do men needs rights? Battered husbands/ men with their faces disfigured and with their family names destroyed should be treated with equal contempt and apathy. Its really funny, na? Well some of us do and will fight for it. However "Chauvinistic" (too bad the dictionary does use a female counter word for it as much as it does for all the legally apt male hating slang words) it might sound. We may not live to see the day but we can and will hope.
anand | Nov 19, 2015
Men's Rights Commision is purely to safegaurd and protect men from false allegations and unethical usage of laws like 498a and other domestic violence acts... Noway intended to harm or opposes Women's freedom or rights
W.John | Nov 06, 2015
pro-women laws are used a tool to harass men. so gender neutral laws should be brought into practice. whoever is found guilty should be punished irrespective of gender.
Sunil P George | Oct 29, 2015
Its required
CHANDAN SAW | Oct 06, 2015
It's right of every individual to be equal so why not men.
Hardev Kaur | Oct 04, 2015
Men commission along with old person commission is necessary to listen other side in matrimonial etc cases along with polygraph/ truth test which is necessary to save family/ innocent person and harassment of distant relatives and old aged people.
B India | Sep 26, 2015
Absolutely necessary !! look at 498a , DV, 376 and the countless other pro-women law which are grossly misused !! who should save men ?
Prasathroy | Sep 15, 2015
Prasath, tamilnadu. At present Mens rights is must in india , the harassment and violence against men increase men are helpless, and no value , against law system men not treated as human.. if its continue the family system should collapsed , there is no way to live ..our law system, so we need relief , and equal rights in law, the Indian ACTs, should be revised and it should be suitable to real time, but they keep more than 100 years back Acts , stupid concept , so we so many youngsters and men affected , so it is urgently need change in law(ACT).
Manoj | Sep 09, 2015
Its Must to have nowadays please make it happen.
anil | Aug 07, 2015
i completely agree.bc as time chnage our society also last fee year noumber of laws are for women it is quit good .but some women are miss use this thies laws against men. it time to equlity of men and women in every field .
chengaz khan | Jul 20, 2015
Rajiv | Jul 18, 2015
In response to several draconian anti-men and pro-women act by Indian Law been passed which only helps a lady to misuse the law against the man (Its not my sayings but even the Indian Law Commission and Supreme Court Judiciary many often condemned all the blindfolded acts prepared by the Government which leads to misuse of law in the name of women empowerment (Any dummy should agree to this point that SC judiciary and Law Commission Authorities are much knowledgeable and sensible than us regarding the constant misuse of gender bias laws in India)..Yes violation against women is to be condemned I by heart believe in it but also the misuse of law to frame a man and legal atrocities on one side purely on gender basis due to it is also to be criticized.In this response I hope Men's Right Commission is needed and our government needs to be sensible enough..Prevention of the Domestic Violence Law is one of the most blundering act ever been prepared which empowers a woman to go for filing complaints against any man in her family (say even against her father ,brother) and restricts a man's right even upon controlling his daughter but on the same side of the coin no woman can lodge the complaint against another woman in the family relationship say--Mother,Sister,Sis-in Laws etc for such similar case..What a illogical and no-sensible points a government can make while preparing blindfolded laws to safeguard the interests of the women only
Mani | Jul 15, 2015
Men Make key decision - I totally disagree. In most of the family(what we around rural/urban) only 1st few years(2-3years) after marriage Men seems to make a call, after that its all women. I do agree there is a lot of injustices happening for women we need women right's protection ACT/Reservation/Groups/what not. At the same time there is new trend that's happening-harassing men. We need to acknowledge that as well and we need to take steps for that. when something wrong happening, we need learn to acknowledge that and try to fix and not object any move towards that. I guess SC too had acknowledged that...
Dexter J | Jul 04, 2015
ministry for men is needed immediately. in our country consexual with promise of marry is considered as rape. this law is stupid first this stupid law should be terminated
Gaurav Sharma | Jun 26, 2015
Of Course, there should be Commission of Men's Rights also. Every one talks about cruelty of Man, but no one talks about cruelty of Woman. Cruelty of Woman may be different from cruelty of Man. If there is fight between a Man and Woman(Husband & Wife), why without knowing the actual scenario everyone gives edge to woman. This is same as if Car and bike collide, why ONLY driver of car is beaten irrespective who is guilty. One side we are talking about equality and other side we are biased(woman can not be wrong). There is only one reason ...that is...if a man raises the question on 'cruelty of Woman', Man is considered to be coward.
Gaurav | Jun 11, 2015
We all have seen multiple false cases by women with the intention of gaining fame or to extort free money from the victim (shikar). Is there a single law or court to believe men honesty and understand the truth? Multiple cases seen when a woman beats a man in public place and our society, media, government reward the woman without understanding the truth or without listening to man once. Girlfriend file rape complaint against her partner even when she was completely responsible. A wife file dozens of complaints like dowry, violence on her husband when her selfish demands were not fulfilled by husband. Is there any section for man to protect him? Why men are considered culprit immediately if a complaint is registered against them by a woman. Are all women goddess and all men monsters.
deepak | May 31, 2015
This is needed assp
amit | May 24, 2015
Its India, you cant talk against a wife.This is worst thing and am sure,marriages wont happen soon.Wont remarry as paid 12 lakh plus stridhan , as settlement ,after 5 years , wasting my life. Mariage didnt give me anything, so better to be single,and for sex,make gfrd, use porn and if possible, use prostitutes or go bankok.
BSingh | May 22, 2015
In India even dogs have a department but not men.
Sharik Farukh | May 16, 2015
Men should be treated equally, but in India this does not happen. Women in India are misusing their rights and harassing men in every walk of life. Also, media always come out in support of women without investigating the facts properly that ruins the life of innocent men.
Artem | May 07, 2015
of course! It is the need of our time!! Otherwise men will suffer more from the unfair law!
Hardev Kaur | Apr 14, 2015
Agree for for Men + Old aged person's commission..It's surprising that there is no procedure to check the authenticity of statement under 498a and other sections given by the bride against old aged and distant relatives. I urged the Govt to introduce/ add lie detector / polygraph tests etc.for through investigation process to save the trauma of old aged and distant relatives and to reach the truth. There is a pain in my heart and will remain till my death that why my late husband was named in 498a case years back by his brother's wife!! I know the only reason was that he was a government servant (Soft Target) and was named along with distant relatives to settle her personal scores with her husband!!. Somehow we come out that trauma. My children faced that trauma too. I am a women. Cd these feminist put some views on my trauma that i had faced along with my small children at that time...
Arun kumar (Advocate) | Apr 09, 2015
ofcourse, liked woman national commission there must be a national Men commission for the sake of tortured male individual in INDIA some female are equally cruel to make as some male are to female spouse. so to protect/ save those males victimized by female/ female family/ friend . hence Men s Rights Commission is much need in our Indian societies.
ROHAN | Apr 08, 2015
Men need to be liberated from traditional roles more than women. It is men who need to realise the changed society and STOP PROTECTING AND PROVIDING WOMEN. The definition of manhood needs to change from being a protector and provider to one who is a human being.
raghu nath reddy | Mar 25, 2015
Yes it is required . It should done as early as possible. Not only false cases. Men are treated just ATM machine. Bride can expect any thing, even god has limitations. But bridegroom should not expect. Height, Salary, Property, Handsomeness etc. In everything bride wants more. But our Indian society does not accept if bridegroom expects. What a justice. Men should take all the finance responsibilities of parents, brothers, sisters, house hold things, taking site, constructing house and society( income tax, etc) as well as men should house work too. What women responsibilities? 75% educated women does not how to cook. women do not want take finance responsibilities.
Ranjay Kumar Singh | Mar 19, 2015
Som women's are taking unfair advantage of CAW cell.
sri | Mar 17, 2015
It has to be and it is the common sense. There is a MARKED link of heavy consistent donation annually for 2 decades to "women NGO" from Women dept of UNO and others agencies from around the world. The intent is simple "Deprive India of family system towards west" & "anger against men" in general. Act Now to make balance laws.
sunil putsala | Mar 16, 2015
Yes mens rights are Human rights . Stop Harrasing mens . Mens are not ATM machines. Don't forget Mens are also from your family like brother and father . Require men's ministry to fight back from fakecases . Why only women empowerment ? need "PurushAyog" . 21st century has come where every family is disturbed from mensabuse & women empowerment . Where man will go & complain ? Hence "PurushAyog" is need of century.
sandip | Mar 16, 2015
We need gender neutral society and law to change our society. All educated women (wife) are misusing law and other womem victim and men, mother, sister are not getting justice within 1 years due to #fakecases by educated women. Shame of educated women. We should need Men ministry to cover men problem. women does not mean only wife. Women includes mothers, sister, daughter also.
Subhash Dua | Mar 15, 2015
Over the years a new class of women with vested interest to fleece men have consolidated and various laws have become so handy.
Vivek Vashist | Mar 15, 2015
Yes I fully agree with this. There should be such commission for mens right.
FatherLess Child | Mar 15, 2015
Bobby Ohrie, your comment is Not reasonable. "... why have men all the fun" This is not Seriously NOT a FUN thing English Madam. Millions of Men Suicide as per NHRC India. Mothers, Sisters are Arrested, Harassed by Corrupt Police. Children are left Fatherless, love less. This is India, and Biased Laws forcefully punched by Foreign funded Women NGOs are ruining Indian Family System. Love. Life and Indian Tradition. Wives who are in touch with these NGO are falsely implicating Decent Men in Dowry, Rape, Violence etc. and put all of In-Laws in JAIL. These are the bad wives with Affairs, no sense of responsibility and care for Husband and Children. Mostly will spend time on TV and Mobile. They have good Degrees ,capable and Can Earn more than Husband but want to enjoy Ex-Husband Money by putting false allegation , Maintenance and Alimonies.. The Women Commission and feminist that exist today is not focusing on Real pain that women suffers - like Child Labor, Minor Sex Abuse, Widows, Physically unfit Women But They lure Well Educated, Adulterous, Innocent women and Ruining Happy Families. who went through just little tough time. They are not helping the Real Needy but Greedy. As they get a Good Percentage of Alimony amount from Husband. And of Course a new Volunteer to increase their organization.
kapil | Mar 15, 2015
If we believe and say all sex, cast, skin colours are equal then the law should also be equal for all, else we don't believe in what we say and we are a bunch of Hippocrates. Moreover these unbiased marriage laws are destroying Indian culture by destroying the very root " Indian family system" the strength of our nation.
saveasuicide | Mar 15, 2015
Millions of Mothers, Sisters, Children are Harassed - Arrested and Suicide in India. Are they not women despited being Old, Diabetic, Arthritis, Blood Pressure Patient ? Leave Alone the Husband - WHO Is unfortunately a MAN and made to Sacrifice @cost of Life Ruining lives of #498a, IRbM, #FakeCase #FakeLove #FalseCase He is not allowed to prove his innocence and by the time he proves it , He has lost his Dignity, Job, Children, hard earned Assets and Life. Is this Women Empowerment ?
Paramjit Singh Lamba | Mar 12, 2015
It shall be biased if only women have a Commission to address their problems and issues. In a growing forward society it is imperative to have a Commission running for Men as well to resolve their issues just like women have. This step shall bring forward equality between the two sexes and growth for both. When there is a Human Rights Commission, Men's Rights Commission is the need of the hour to respect the human race and it should be carried forward by all the educated and gender equality issues raising women predominantly.
prakash gupta | Feb 26, 2015
Of course. Some females are equally cruel to male as some male are/were to female. So to protect those males victimized by female, creation of Men Rights Commission is much needed.
ANJAN KUMAR SAMAL | Feb 19, 2015
Like women National Women Commission there must be a National Men Commission for the sake of tortured male individuals in our Indian society.There are many cases of blackmails and torture of male individuals by some greedy and self centered women in our society.After the implementation of new stringent laws in our society by both the court of law and the union govt. in response to the heinous crime of 16th December in the capital city ,many greedy female individuals are now using it falsely either for taking revenge or for their personal vested interest.It is also seen that many women in our society are also using it as their unbeatable weapon to blackmail the male individuals to earn money.As per the constitution of India ,all are equal in the eye of law,than why not the same rule of law for the male sections of our society????????
ANJAN KUMAR SAMAL | Feb 19, 2015
Like women National Women Commission there must be a National Men Commission for the sake of tortured male individuals in our Indian society.There are many cases of blackmails and torture of male individuals by some greedy and self centered women in our society.After the implementation of new stringent laws in our society by both the court of law and the union govt. in response to the heinous crime of 16th December in the capital city ,many greedy female individuals are now using it falsely either for taking revenge or for their personal vested interest.It is also seen that many women in our society are also using it as their unbeatable weapon to blackmail the male individuals to earn money.As per the constitution of India ,all are equal in the eye of law,than why not the same rule of law for the male sections of our society????????
Ashish | Feb 18, 2015
Yes we must need a men's commission. If we have comission for women/child/env then why not for men. One sided gender biased laws are ruining lives of lacs of men. There must be a body which thinks for men's welfare.
SUSHEEL KATARIA | Feb 18, 2015
it is the need of the time...otherwise men's will suffer more due to biased law
rajan dave | Jan 02, 2015
Rohan | Dec 11, 2014
@naina, Girls were not violated as claimed by feminists. Rather, the violence and problems faced by men of all generations and since centuries has not got the deserved attention and all attention has been given to women's issues. Indeed women had problems but it is not true that women alone had problems or that women had more problems than men had. Suicide rate of men has always been higher than women. Same with attempted suicide rate. Violence against men goes unnoticed while violence against women gets mainstream media attention. Hence your argument is bunk and based on wrong notions. Even if we were to assume that it is true, it is illogical to say that today's men should be treated as slaves to women. Shame on you feminists. Feminism is a movement to enslave men and not for gender equality. Shame on you.
Lok | Dec 09, 2014
Men are also humans. Men are not some animals, who would just keep quiet even if women tries to shit with their lives.. They are not pets to do what women ask for.. have some equality...Thats what women ask for ..right!! show the equality... I am raped and when i went to file a complaint in a police station, they laughed at me..!!! Despite rejecting the complaint, they mocked me saying no law can help me... coz.. Rape is something only man can do..!!! Spare us some respect......
fight against false case | Dec 08, 2014
Male are deserves right to live but at India Male are not given status even insects are getting. To get justice from Court, Police and other legal body and unnecessary harassment from various govt. or non govt. body it is essential to create Men's Right Commission.
Jithin | Nov 19, 2014
If any women/FEMINIST out there is saying there should be no Commission for Men, then we can simply assume that those women(FEMINIST) are behind the current pathetic situation for Men. We are simply asking for Commission for Men and not Anti Women commission,. because of current laws men are suffering a lot. Especially when divorce happen men are treated badly and even men are forced to give away Inherited property to which he has great emotional attachment. And need I say about False rape accuses ? thousands of men are falsely implicated in rape cases,,. accused of rape is worse than rape and to day a man is guilty until he proves his innocence. Our constitution says..... "Let Hundred Guilty Be Acquitted But One Innocent Should Not Be Convicted"...... But today it is Just the opposite when comes to issue pertaining to women ........ Let Hundred Innocent Be Convicted But One Guilty Should Not Be Acquitted.......... because of this wearied phenomenon there is no choice but to form a COMMISSION FOR MEN .... I believe 95% Men and more than 50% Women will support it
vijaykumar | Nov 15, 2014
must. mens comission is must. avoid male fiminist from joining to mens right comiision. they will dilute mens demand . they will support women
Vipin | Nov 10, 2014
Help innocent man from his wife's cruel intentions
VIVEK | Nov 07, 2014
I agree and I am ready to devote my resources for this much needed organisation
vijay | Oct 16, 2014
Yes I agree that men too should have welfare commission too. Even me and my family suffering with the false cases filed by my greedy wife and parents. If women have rights to file case on husband then why are not filing cases on there working bosses who would ask them to complete there tasks at work place. As the company pay you so you agree to boss and complete your tasks on time. Women found a easy way of grabbing lump sum amount of money by husbands and there families. In the case of proffessor guru prasad, many women and media has awarded him as a murderer. If many agree to that then every women how get abortions knowingly or unknowingly also a murderer. So women wake up men has allowed you in the society to move forward that doesn't men you harass men and move forward by letting the whole husbands family to suffer in jail.
stani\\\ | Oct 14, 2014
in india especialy in kerala the mens and boys are the slaves of womens.Because the useless rules for womens, results in the violation of the mens rights.I don't understant,what the womens are said.They always said that womens are equal to mens with all angles.Is it true?No never.If it is true, they never need a special rules and regulations as same as handicapped persons.From this a person with commonsense can understant the womens are not compared with mens.Is there is any women in the field of blackcats,captain of ship,construction work even in soldiers,nsg commandos no never because they are not physicaly strong.Is there is any womens become scientist,NO.So there is no need to respect any womens.womens are always understand that give respect and gain respect.
Pushpa | Sep 15, 2014
There is a need for NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR MEN. My brother was jailed under 498A also me and our parents, we got bail in 2 days but he got bail after recent SUPREME COURT Ruling on Dowry misuse. Now we had filed several cases on her too for registering FALSE CASE ,DEFAMATION, PERJURY etc. I strongly feel CONGRESS is responsible for all this mess as they didn't do anything to prevent its misuse. At least THE SUPREME COURT opened its eyes on it. Very happy with JUDICIARY OF INDIA but lost faith in CONGRESS party and will never ever support it.
Sarath Nair | Sep 12, 2014
If for wifes there is National Commission of women there has to be NCM for Men too. When a Mother or a Sister approach NCW they just shun the doors saying its the law can't help. Why such discriminatio?? Are they not women. In case if its a wife they just bump on the husband and his family to get them arrested.
Dheeraj Aggarwal | Sep 05, 2014
I completely agree a mens commission is required. There should be equal rights, women are misusing 498A which is very clear from the recent Supreme Court judgement. Personally, I know friends who are sufferers of this brutal law. Girls consider 498a as their power to blackmail, threaten or exploit their husbands which is a fundamental flaw and spoiling the marriages. If girls are genuinely troubled, they should raise their voice and not to harass innocent people as bargaining power.
Rakesh | Sep 04, 2014
Women have rights , street dogs tooo have rights, OBC, SC,ST and everyone......EXCEPT COMMON MAN -----poor MAN (no one needs him). Even if he love another MAN and called "GAY" is takeen as Bad ,,,,Where do a MAN go an end up his life TODAY?
niharika | Sep 04, 2014
yes should be a days many laws ae being used against men also..guilty is guilty whether its men or women... and these orgs should not be baised while taking up cases...which will be justice influenced..
maaz | Aug 28, 2014
Every man will be a son of a women.. And every women will have a son , father , brother. In India men are constantly being harrased.. We need a commission to protect men's rights. Long gone are time where women were harrased.. Now more than 64000 married men suicide every year. All the laws in India discriminates against men.. We need gender neutral laws. If we continue to discriminate against men.. Then it will be bad for the country. How can a women discriminate against her own son?
If women s have a all rights so why not for men,they are telling we are equal like men in every matter so must be men commission very soon.
hardevkaur | Jul 27, 2014
What was my husband's fault, just he was Govt employee, and get trapped in false 498a case by his bro wife .. He never asked/ demanded from me of anything. My innocent husband and children faced lot of trauma. He become easy target (becz of govt service) as so to settle the score by his bro wife. Although he is no more..but who will pay for lodging false case and trauma faced by my family. I urge Govt to kindly make penalty + punishment provision to implicating relatives in false dowry cases. Law should be equal to all and everybody has right to tell his/her version under natural justice system.
Ashu Gaur | Jul 26, 2014
@Urvashi Gandhi Its a Tax Payers Money by which whether its "Men Rights" or "Women Rights" Group which will run and operate. When we don't have any discrimination in Tax Slabs for Men, let the Men Rights Group also exists, why people are in so panic when there is a voice for Rights for Men. Let the System in this Country not be further divided on basis of Gender (Already we have a fragmented Society). Every Female also have a Father / Brothers and Male Relations; If its about their Rights, will you say at that time that its because we have patriarchal society, the laws must be biased.
Ashu Gaur | Jul 26, 2014
Women Empowerment is fine but then there should be a restriction over something. In our country, most of the Laws favor the Women and in such a situation some of them misuse the rights and privileges. When there is over misuse of any law, it means there is time to change that. Why we always talk of Gender biased Laws, will police arrest a women if a husband files a case of Domestic Violence. Then the Law makers and NGO's forget that such fake cases not only affect men, they also engulf the future of Kids and even Women are by and large affected by misuse of such laws. In fake 498a cases, without doubt when wife puts the case, she involves not just Husband but also Mother in Law, Sister in Law or Father in Law, So women, kids and old people of family all are equally harassed and affected. Can genders biased laws safeguard and promise the Rights of Men ? So there is a strong need now that attention should be made towards this direction, before the numbers and figures further increase.
Shikhar Gilhotra | Jul 25, 2014
there is a urgent need of men's commission
abc | Jul 25, 2014
BAD BAD World for GOOD MAN !
hardevkaur | Jul 24, 2014
kiran | Jul 22, 2014
Men Ministry is need of the hour, else India will have civil war between genders in this corrupt system.
RAJEET KUMAR | Jun 28, 2014
Yes, We need to have also Men Right Commission in India and Govt. must think about 498a and other acts where ladies are misusing the laws for getting money.
Manish Tiwari | May 29, 2014
Hi My Name is Manish Tiwari and I agree to both the demands of Men and Women Laws. See its very clear that due to some *** **** men all the good men are also going through rough laws which does not even litsen to them. At the same time there has been cases where the men are on the receiving end of the attrocities committed by women. As a Women's right activist I am proud to be helping women who are badly treated or are suffering due to attrocities commited by men. There are several men who are women's right activist but I would like to share something to which I was the witness. I was living in Mumbai and I was on my way to a bank with an old man who was my relative. We get down at Dadar Station from the local train. Two bogies behind to the 1st class bogie in which we were traveling was a ladies compartment. The old man just got down and was pulling his stick which got stuck at the pole in middle so he was trying to somehow pull it and I was helping him. Meanwhile a young lady came from somewhere and in a rush collided with my old realtive and falled on the platform, she got up and gave a big tight slap to that old man who didn't even saw her coming and accused him of doing it purposly in greed of touching her body which I saw was clearly a lie from her side as they both were lying about good 4-5 feet away from each other due to the impact of colliusion. I was very angry on what she did to that old man. I tried to help the old person get on his feet and the women tried to attack the old man once again but this time I shilded him with my body and asked the women to stay away from him. This act of her triggered a vocal arguement between me and the women. In the mean while hearing the noises two women sepoys came to aid of the women and started to arrest and verbaly abuse my old relative. I tried telling them that I am the eye witness to this and my relative has done nothing and along with me some other people said the same thing as well but they did not litsen to us and called their male counter parts who started to illtreat me the old man and started to abuse him and took him to the railway police station. The man was crying that he was innocent and he did not do any thing wrong while talking to the lady station incharge but no body litsened to our plea. I told the lady police incharge the same thing I saw but she didnt even bothered to litsen to us and she only litsened to the women. Ultimately my old relative was arrested and was sent to jail and mentaly tortured by the lady Inspector incharge. The whole incident was recorded in CCTV cameras and six months long court case was fought. In the mean while my old relative came out on bail a few days after due to bad health conditions and he commited suicide after being released by the hospital in shame due to false alligation of mistreating the women/ or sexually haressing the women a few days later, during this time the CCTV camera reports were checked by the court and ultimately the court found that my old relative was a innocent person but by that time everything was a waste. The women was just accused of contempt of court as she did not attended most of the procedings and later was released telling that in any circumstances a women must be seen as a victim and not as a crime commiter by the Indian Law. Now I question my self that why didnt the women was sent to jail for her deed and was she liable to be released on the grounds that she was a women? wasnt she the reason behind someone's suicide?
Rohan | May 15, 2014
@Naina, who told you that girls were violated earlier and boys were not? Historically, men have been FORCED to protect and provide women. Men were forced to be chivalrous and died like dogs in wars, work and natural disasters. But women are complaint-mongers. On the pretext of past violations which are imaginary, you want men to be discriminated even further. First set right the violations on men historically.
Gaurav Nigam | Apr 14, 2014
Completely Agree !!
Rupali Nath | Apr 09, 2014
When moron says "Ours is a patriarchal society and everyone in this system work towards maintaining that status quo" How to react ?
girish b desai | Apr 06, 2014
true, men need a law in India to protect their natural rights. I know a case where the newly wed girl demands unreasonable things and finally on a quarral files a police case putting the whole family in a BAD SHAPE. THIS CAN NOT BE TOLERATED.
Saurabh Banerjee | Apr 05, 2014
Yes!! We do need Men's right commission. The people who are terming men fighting for their equal rights in the society as women haters, I suggest them to meet men who are being harassed by their wives and in laws. You will see a completely different picture. A woman can get away from a cruel man and punish him as well by using DV, 498A, etc. But if a man wants to get rid of his cruel, highly abusive and harassing wife, does not have any laws supporting them. Instead they have to face the wrath of DV or 498A slapped by the wife who wants him to completely break down and dance to her tunes!! And that is not all, he might need to pay hefty amount from his hard earned money as maintenance. Just look at the atrocities being committed on the innocent human being who just looks for some peace and happiness in life. I never say, a harassed woman should not get justice. I just demand that a harassed man has the equal right to get justice. If feminists do not agree to this, I think they are not fit to be human beings!! Thanks.
vijay kumar banga | Mar 18, 2014
Men's Right Commission & Men''s Cell. Yes, I strongly recommend and suggest for it. 100%. Its need of the hour. GUILTY must be punished, whether male or female. There is a general perception in our society that the so-called weaker sex i.e. females are the sufferers always. Here, it is not a question of male or female. An stout, strong-headed, physically strong woman can easily OVERPOWER an comparatively weak or perhaps ailing man and treat him worse than a slave. Men are SILENT SUFFERERS. Wives also mentally and physically harass their husbands, some to the extent of making a man an nervous wreck. Each and every law must be gender neutral and if a women ever try to attack on the modesty of a Man, so she should get harsh punishment for same crime done by any man to women and women to man. There exists no platform to address this issue of men as victims of physical assault. Women are getting bolder with each passing day. It is high time there is a National Commission for Men established. Denying men a platform for addressing their issues is nothing short of unleashing tyranny on them.
Susmita Pillai | Mar 07, 2014
@Satbir Singh Bedi - Sir, seems you are an extreme male haters and don't worry spreading blind lie. But how long will you continue with your evil effort ? When no women do any crime ( as per your moron logic) why fear Mens-commission ? One more point, try to understand the meaning of "women" before barking at social platform. Only wife is not woman. Do you agree ?
mipun | Mar 06, 2014
Mar 6, 2014, Have you all noticed, if men have mental problems, feminist say men to visit a psychologist, but if women have mental problems then it is violence against women, feminist would not say that women should go to psychologist, feminist would not say such women with mental problems that this is not women's rights violations and issues. Feminist worry not the 3 rd world war, not some incurable diseases, but feminists worry well learned and educated men and even women who are aware of men's rights.
hemant kumar | Mar 05, 2014
Ys we need man right association
hemant kumar | Mar 05, 2014
ys..these days most of the greedy women using these biased law as to take revenge and to make money only
Gokul | Mar 05, 2014
Currently there is no forum or piece of law which helps men in trouble(in face of misuse of women-protection laws and other bias against men), so a National Men's Commission and other remedies as a result is a must.
Rohan | Feb 28, 2014
@Satbir Singh Bedi, you still live in the 1950s when you claim that women alone are the victims and victimised men are a minority. For women who are deserted by the men, there are women's commission and ministries in every state and UT. For men, there is nobody. Are the lives of men not as important as women? Why are some men behaving stupidly and opposing men's rights? Just to please women and get favours. Shame on you!
Laxmi Krishnan | Feb 21, 2014
Feminist & corrupted politicians show just one crime against woman and run to draft abusive women protection law like #498a #DV ... a package of 49. But the same Nexus turn their face off when 65000 husband commit suicide. Extreme Double Standard. These laws provide sex & money rather than protecting women. Men Commission is for men welfare but not to punish these dangerous feminists and politicians. Where is the problem then ?
498a bitten | Feb 15, 2014
I do agree that there have been extreme incidents like Nirbhaya etc. And such culprits have to be punished with extreme severity. But, there is huge clan of innocent men too, especially in urban areas who have to undergo various kinds of humiliation from Ms.Innocent. There are so many women's commission, who really pity on men, when they take up the real case to these cells. But eventually they turn down the men saying that, although they understand the plight of men, they can't help them since they are supposed to help only women. Where should men go for help in that case?
Dipti Nath | Feb 11, 2014
@Smriti Patel the link you have provided is extremely biased in nature overlooking REAL FACTS. It encourages S. 498a abuse rather than supporting a healthy solution & blindly blame men and their family. Men Commission is the need of the hour
Dr B.V.Vijay | Feb 11, 2014
A men's rights commission is absolutely necessary failing which those so- called women's rights commissions need to go. More and more women are using all those rogue acts and laws to regularly intimidate and trouble men. Such evil minded women need to be awarded proper punishment rather than tolerated by silently suffering men. Just a few weeks back the Supreme court discovered a woman police inspector in Tamil Nadu guilty of filing a false rape case against a man. If the same thing had happened in the west, the rogue- minded woman police would have got instant fitting punishment. No idea what action has still been taken. Better if a men's commission is set up and all such rogue- minded women are taught proper lessons in truth.
Sulekha | Feb 09, 2014
@Smriti Patel I have gone through the blog you have shared. And being a woman I can say it is an one sided blog where the author has presented his view which seems very very personal. If we follow the suggestions given there, I think parents who have male child like to leave the nation as first choice.
Jitendra | Feb 09, 2014
Need of the day to balance current gender baized law misused by some greedy females and superfluous NGO who indulge blackmail females (Mother in laws) and males equally in name of women welfare.
Narendra | Feb 09, 2014
@Smriti Patel The blog you are using as reference is absolutely one sided. It is already assumed there; male are the bad guys. There is no supportive analysis but only male bashing. No doubt about its actual purpose. And that's why we need Men Commission to prevent such male haters who encourage male destruction. Fair Demand Indeed.
Rohan | Feb 08, 2014
@Smriti Patel, male feminists and their different behaviour are all over in all societies, trying to appease women to get..............We see how men behave differently upon seeing women. Feminism and misandry exists because of such men and until they get kicked by feminists themselves. The man in question is is no different.
Pinki Anand | Feb 07, 2014
@Smriti Patel, madam following ur logic there are also lots of women who think 498a is an abusive law and destroy family system. Why not consider it ? Many women think women can change themselves to change everything. Why not consider it ? That blog is just a misleading writeup of a feminist male hater male, who wants to prove himself MARD by declaring other as NAPUNSAK. Check the one sided points given there, all are bad except the author
Rohan | Feb 07, 2014
@Pinki Anand, that guy is just seeking female attention and wants to 'protect women' and thereby get favour from women. So he has opened that blog and wrote rubbish to please feminist women.
Pinki Anand | Feb 07, 2014
@Smriti Patel Madam the link you have provided is actually reflects the mind set of a very radical feminist and Misandrist ( male hater male). The author already assumed that all male are devil except himself. The author is trying to prove herself MARD by pointing all other as NPUNSAK and devil. There was no logic but only hate and it is prominent at that blog. seems that blog is to get quick popularity without knowing anything how false cases are filed by woman. If you carefully read the blog you can understand how misleading is that.
Rohan | Feb 07, 2014
498A India Ltd., A Govt of India Undertaking- Just like India has many shady unorganized sectors like Gambling, Hawala and other clandestine operations, this is a sector which has witnessed the most growth. 498A and its related operations are hence forth referred to as "498A India Ltd." just to honor this law which has forced revenue generation from the Indian populace. 498A Indian Ltd. today is a Rs. 3000 Crore a year company. If the Govt of India would list "498A India Ltd." in any of the stock exchanges today this is how the company report would look like. It would most certainly be listed as a "Navratna Company". Growth: 498A India Ltd. has grown at a faster rate than any industry in India, be it IT or BPO. This sector has grown almost 120% in the last 12 years. From just 28,579 cases in 1995 the number of cases has grown to 63,128 in 2007. People Outreach: The balance sheet of the company is completely black. Its organizational activities has touched the life of almost 10,00,000 ( 10 Lakh ) people since 1999 who have been arrested under various frivolous allegations. That's a phenomenal number since if we manage to determine that the average cost of bail posted by a single person is at least Rs 10,000 then the revenue generated by the government from the bail itself is. 1000000 x Rs 1000 = Rs 1000 Crores Although it is a fact that according to government rules the bail money is to be returned to the payer at the end of the trial, how many people actually get it, or are in state to run around seeking the bail amount back is a question that needs to be answered. In India now more than 30% bail applications are for 498A accused only. It does not take much to notice that "498A India Ltd.'s" main product is a tool that forces the husband's family to become a goose that is then forced to lay golden eggs for all the shareholders of the company. Flagship Products 498A India Ltd.'s sales has clocked 120% growth over the past 12 years and registered phenomenal returns on almost zero investment. Customers using this tool have to just file a simple complaint and this tool takes care of the rest. The company has not changed its product for the past 25 years but the use of the product has grown astronomically. There has no tests done by the company to study the effects of its products have on the people on whom it has been misused although reliable reporting shows that people on whom their products are misused are harassed and extorted to no end and eventually many commit suicide. The party using the products of 498A India Ltd. almost always get richer by a lot of lakhs while the party on which the products are used suffer irrespective of gender, age or role in the family. Also another spectacular thing about the product is that it is misused 98% of time (as per official CSR records) and is almost never used in the right way. Board of Directors The Board is appointed by the Govt of India and controls this organization with an iron fist. They always turn a blind eye to the people on whom the company's products have had an adverse effect. The board has total immunity from any prosecution that might result from harm caused due to the misuse of the company's products. They also do not think twice before fudging numbers to show that that there is increasing customer demand for their products and as a result they recommend that more such companies like 498A Indian Ltd. must be started like "DV Act India Ltd." and "Sexual Harassment Act India Ltd.". Employee Welfare and Customer care 498A India Ltd. prides itself in being an employer of choice and takes a lot of care of its customers too. The company protects their customers who have misused its products by making themselves and their customers immune to prosecution for misuse. So the "498A India Ltd." customers are the happiest lot since they get to misuse the products of the company as and when they wish for their materialistic desires and then just walk away with a big booty. Shareholders The primary shareholders in the company are the wives of India, The Police, judiciary, Lawyers, radical NGO's and the all powerful national commission for women. Looking at the companies phenomenal returns the shareholders do not want to dilute or modify the company's products as modification of the company's products will result in decreased revenue for the company and its shareholders. Private Investment This company also attracts lots of private investment from organizations like the UNIFEM and UNO. This is mainly due to the doctored customer demand reports that are submitted by the chairperson of the company to the press and media. These private grants encourage the company to create many smaller companies like "DV Act India Ltd." and "All Deaths are Dowry death India Ltd.". Public Sentiment for the company The people on whom the company's products have been misused and who are the 98% majority here are too weak and suffering to even respond. But there are a lot of young and old people in India who want the company's products to be modified in a way that they cannot be misused and if misused there be adequate avenues to prosecute the misusers. The chairperson of the company is trying her best at fudging numbers to project to the government and the media that their 25 year old product still confirms with the current quality standards and is never misused. They also fudge numbers to show that the customer demand is increasing at a phenomenal rate for similar products and thus more such companies must be set up to serve the customers better. Final Thought The Greed of a few people is eating away into the nations family system while the Govt of India is still deep in slumber. The Govt does not realize that the profits made by 498A India Ltd. is actually being paid for by the people of India on whom the company's products are being brutally misused. The govt. must realize that although the company was formed with the noble intention of producing products for defense of the innocent, it has now turned into a company that produces products for "Legal terrorists" with which these terrorists then unleash extreme pain and suffering on the Indian populace and then walk away unscathed. The Govt must immediately adopt stringent guidelines for the use of the company's products so that misuse is curtailed and the misusers of its products are then prosecuted at the Government's expense.
Rohan | Feb 07, 2014
PRESS RELEASE Subject: Strongly condemning the upcoming Marriage Laws (amendment) Bill Introduction: Confidare Research is the education and research wing of Confidare Consultancy that specializes in dealing with problems of men. Confidare Research strongly condemn the upcoming “Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill” that was supposed to be tabled today before the Cabinet. This bill is a further evidence of the growing misandry (male hatred) in the society and how the society treats men as disposable entities. Even in this modern age when we talk of Gender Equality, the stereotypical patriarchal notion that the financial responsibility of a family should lay on a husband still prevails in the society, and this pervert social mindset is the root cause of abuse of men, especially husbands in a marriage. In such a situation, where men are already burdened with so much of load, another law which makes divorce extremely costly for them is thoroughly unwelcome. Highlights of the law: This law recognizes “Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage” as a ground for divorce. While the law empowers the wife to oppose the divorce at any point of time if the husband has filed for divorce, it restrains the husband from doing so when the wife has filed for the same. This law also contains a clause by which courts will be empowered to snatch away half the property of husband and give it away to wife. This law only talks about women’s rights and has no considerations whatsoever for men. Brief Background: Due to demand from various quarters, this ground for divorce was introduced by the Govt. of India by way of the Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2010 which sought to amend the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act. However, the bill contained clauses that facilitated financial extortion of men. The bill read that courts would have power not to grant the divorce unless the wife was paid adequate amount of money under the cute name of “Financial Security of Woman”. And the bill also mentioned about special powers being given only to wives to oppose the divorce if the wife was unhappy with the money she received from the husband. Such clauses being outright anti-male and gender-biased in nature were vehemently opposed by various men’s rights activists and organizations, who even deposed in front of the Standing Committee on personnel, public grievances, law and justice. The panel, chaired by Shri Santaram Naik, was presented with the objections raised by men’s rights organizations who sought to make the bill gender-neutral and ensure that no man faced any kind of financial hardship because of gender-biased clauses in the bill. Oppositions ignored: However, the objections raised by men’s rights organizations have been conveniently ignored by the standing committee panel, that has gone ahead and recommended the very clauses to the Govt. of India for the bill to be tabled, to which the men’s rights organizations has raised objections against. What will happen if? Husband purchases a property just 6 months after marriage out of his hard-earned savings earned before marriage and his marriage breaks and he loses half of the property. In that case the husband will be doomed. Men start fearing this law and stop buying real estate which adversely affects the economy of the country. Husband has dependent parents and owns a single property and if 50% of that goes to wife post-divorce, how will the husband take care of his old parents? Is the concept of family restricted to only husband-wife in the Indian context? What, if the family is a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) owning a single joint property? Will the wife get 50% of that? What about other sibling’s share in it? Confidare's objections: Marriages are tumultuous for men. This fact reflects in the suicide statistics that are published year-over-year by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and it’s the married men who top the list of suicide. Suicide rate of husbands’ increases 4 times the rate of wives’ and 6 times the rate they are born. Every 9 minutes a married man commits suicide. This fact clearly proves how bad marriages turn out for men and if divorces are also made costlier by way of such laws, this will lead to further increase in suicides by men. Is the Government of India trying to facilitate the suicides of men? There is one more law in the pipeline – Matrimonial Property (Rights of Women upon Marriage Act), 2012 – which talks about making wife the co-owner of husband’s properties right at the time of marriage; then, why this law? Why is the Government hell bent on making redundant anti-male laws and convert marriage into an extortion industry thriving on men? In a democratic law making process, objections raised by a particular group or individual cannot be ignored without any proper justification. The panel has failed to give any just and proper reason as to why the objections raised should not be considered. As per Dowry Prohibition Act, any demand of cash/kind in relation to marriage is “Dowry”. Is not this law legalizing dowry to be paid to wife from husband under the cute name of “Financial Security of Wife”? Right to Equality is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution of India and cannot be disrespected under any circumstances. Current bill thoroughly violates it, as far as men are concerned. Feminists are claiming that nearly 80% of women do not have a place to live post-divorce. This is completely false because no such study has ever been conducted. India does not have any standard data collected as to how many divorces are happening, of those how many own a house and how many do not, how many are nuclear, joint and HUF families. Without any such data in place, any claims made are just airy claims without any data. Formulating a law on airy data is dangerous. Confidare's demands: Marriages and Divorces should not be made a property-transfer-bureau. If property division is to be done then wife’s share in her ancestral property must also be considered and then division must be done. Duration of marriage must be a crucial factor of consideration. The difference between a 2 month marriage and a 20 year marriage must be clearly understood. Property division must take into account contributions made by both the spouses and also the fact that the property was acquired from wealth earned post marriage and not from previous savings. Any and all outstanding financial liabilities on the property like loan for property, loan against property, mortgage etc. must also be equally divided and wife must be made to be equally paid for it. If she is not working then she should get her share from her ancestral property. Both the partners should have equal and unbridled right to oppose divorce and there should be no gender-bias in this. There should not be any power wrested with the courts to decide upon property transfer or stalling of proceedings as the Indian judiciary is highly incompetent and has not shown positive trends favoring men when it comes to disposing cases. The Indian judiciary is highly anti-male and does not consider twice before ordering a man to either “sell his kidney” or “beg, borrow or steal” just to pay maintenance to his estranged wife. What is the guarantee that the same judiciary will make judicious decisions when it comes to this law? Institute a National Commission for Men, that can systematically collect issues, concerns and problems of men, study them and recommend to the Govt. about measures to be taken to address those problems. If the Govt. of India does not take these considerations seriously then we have only one message for the hardworking Indian men, who think putting self before others, is a social norm – Your hard earned property does not belong to you.
Rohan | Feb 07, 2014
The Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill 2010, that sought to make divorce easier, has always been in news. And one of the major reasons why this bill was in discussion was because of property-division clause which sought to transfer more than 50% of husband's property to wife in the event of a divorce. And this radical proposition was made on the basis of claims made by feminists which said, "Studies have shown that in 80% cases women are rendered homeless after divorce." This news was carried by the Times of India. In order to confirm the news, I sent an application to the Right to Information Act (RTI) to the Ministry of Law and Justice asking the following information for the last 10 years from 2002 - 2012, Please provide the following information: 1. Number of divorce cases filed across India. 2. Number of divorce cases initiated by women. 3. Number of divorce cases initiated by men. 4. Number of divorce cases where husband owned property. 5. Number of divorce cases where wife owned property. Now, the Law Ministry forwarded this application to the ministry of Women and Child Development, who in turn forwarded it to yet another department of the Law Ministry. That department of the Law Ministry then forwarded the RTI to yet another department within its ministry, which in turn forwarded it to the Supreme Court of India. And the Supreme Court denied having maintained any such information. Hence, in a nutshell, neither the Women and Child Development Ministry, nor the Law Ministry nor the Supreme Court of India have any idea about, 1. How many total divorce cases have been filed? 2. In how many cases husbands owned property and initiated divorce? 3. In how many cases wives owned property and initiated divorce? And in the absence of such figures, it's just a wonder of one's imagination as to how Kirti Singh, women's rights advocate and Member, Law Commission made a statement in broad daylight that "80% women are rendered homeless post-divorce". Basic mathematics knowledge tell us that we need the following information in order to derive the above conclusion, 1. Total number of divorce cases. 2. No. of cases where wives owned property. 3. No. of cases where husband owned property. And in the event of the absence of such information, it is very clear that feminists are proposing this law without any proper data back up and want to unleash their sinister agenda of exercising male hatred by robbing men off their hard earned property legally. And that is the reason, they don't want their laws to be debated in the Parliament and want laws to be passed by emotional blackmailing. This is a clear depiction of how women work - without logic, accusing and blaming everyone around them and by creating false alarm. However, this is not the alarming at all. Feminists have always been like that - impulsive, impatient, illogical and greedy. The alarming thing is the insanity of this so-called sane society of humans that simply refuses to see the sinister design behind such laws and never questions the integrity of the data being presented and to top it, call such laws as "progressive". Even reputed media like the Times of India hails this kind of an extortionary law based on false claims as progressive. The replies to the RTI clearly expose the lies of feminists and now the choice belies with society in deciding if such laws should be supported or condemned?
Rohan | Feb 07, 2014
The Oppression of Men By Rod Van Mechelen
Rohan | Feb 07, 2014
Men are oppressed as much as women are but in different ways. pressures that the society (or rather a section of it) exerts to sustain or strengthen the mechanisms. The masculinity with which boys are born, is natural masculinity. This is given by nature. However, society has created a mechanism whereby it does not acknowledge this natural masculinity. It has instead created its own version, which we shall call 'social masculinity'. Social masculinity is not naturally endowed, but has to be granted by society. Society does not accept a person as a 'man' unless he fulfils certain pre-conditions of roles or expectations of society, referred to as 'male gender and sexual roles', or 'social masculinity roles. A person is not considered a man without social manhood. This social mechanism is designed to control male behaviour, especially male sexual behaviour. The result is silent severe oppression of men. Some of the "Social Masculinity" Roles are: 1. Men don't have any emotions. They should suppress their emotions and problems. 2. They are rough and tough and should NOT complain about women. 3. Men are expected to be physically tall, strong, and brave. 4. They are supposed to protect and provide women. 5. They are supposed to make sacrifices, even sacrificing their lives, to protect and provide women. 6. They are not supposed to have weaknesses or vulnerabilities. They must not show feelings as these would make them appear weak or vulnerable. 7. They should always be willing to fight their way and defend their families. They should not return from a fight. 8. They should not have any feelings. The result is that men are far more prone to heart attacks and stroke. Their life expectancy is some 5-6 years less than women, worldwide. Similarly, the social construct of manhood makes them NOT to complain about women, even if their women are causing them grievious hurt! Women's education is subsidised and a lot of support systems exist for them to open shop. While men are paying 82% of taxes in India and are denied any kind of support systems. Yet, it is men who are supposed to provide for women. Every year, 3 times more men commit suicide than women and yet there are no support systems or even laws to protect men. All this is happening in a society that claims to have dumped the earlier traditional roles and concepts of gender and has women working in all fields and having more constitutional rights than men! It is high time that men are liberated from their traditional roles and their masculinity is redefined based in natural masculinity and NOT with the kind of contradictions stated above. Men have always been considered as disposable and have been taken for granted. It is high time men understand that are NOT privileged and have been suppressed too!?
Rohan | Feb 07, 2014
@Smriti Patel, 498a is by no means a 'good law' to protect women because it protects only wives of beta men, while the wives of alpha men like Shashi Tharoor's wife die under mysterious circumstances and the powerful husband get away with a clean chit while the same when it happens with beta men, not just they, their entire families get arrested although they are innocent. Secondly, 498A cannot be a law to protect women since it has led to the arrest of several lakhs of women (sisters and mothers) on the complaint of another woman (wife) and 98% of them are false! Thirdly, protection of women cannot be at the cost of protection of men. Where is gender equality when you seek to protect women alone and not men? Stupid laws. Law is as ass! Lastly, men's rights issues are more than and beyond 498A. The very attitude of people in society towards men needs a change. People like you are an example of why we need men's ministry in every state and at the center, men's commissions likewise in every state and center and men's NGOs funded by the govt.
Smriti Patel | Feb 07, 2014
All members of the "Agree" column; why use "abuse" of 498a when it is a good law to protect women. For an eye opener - Men commission is not required
rajendra kr tiwari | Feb 07, 2014
Surely the law is supposed to treat everyone as equal,then why is it that IPC 498A is made which thinks women never tell a lie.It is not justified and is against men altogether.Women now grossly misuse such laws and trap men and their whole family in false cases due to which 65000 men commit suicide every year in India.Even supreme court branded this IPC 498A as legal terrorism but it goes on unabated and without any mind being applied .Lakhs of Indian men and women suffering on this account,but the law makers turn a blind eye to it.It has become a major source of our anguish that the laws are skewed in favour of women
Neha Sharma | Feb 06, 2014
I support family system so support NCM
smt. Arora | Feb 05, 2014
as per feminist logic crime prevents Rights. so immediately scrap the NCW as it is promoting family destruction, monogamy, senior abuse, law abuse, child abuse, legal prostitution, Corruption & hitting the social fabric of society.
Bindu | Feb 05, 2014
Feminists are male haters criminals. They like to murder men & their family for money & extramarital SEX. So they oppose NCM. as simple as that.
Abi | Feb 04, 2014
@ Seema Aggarwal so you are saying group of people join and beating up women for a commen intention "ie" spreading misogynsy? so well if we are fighting against false rape cases and deadly weapons against men like 498A and Dv act against men seems funny for you? I hope you dont have brain to think? So we can also say feminists are men haters...and feminist contribution is just spreading misandry and homosexuality, If you fight for you rights then are you a men hater? May be your a men hater if you are a feminist... Miss feminist this commission is not against females its against the biased laws which men are facing and feminist like you are scared about men's right commision because you people dont get fame by spreading misandry in the name of misuse of women's protection laws. So all feminist cowards(men haters) shut up .. nd just kick your self
Pinki Jain | Feb 04, 2014
I know about feminism; but before visiting this debate I had no real life experience how feminists play the dirty tricks to stick with their inhuman demands. Men Commission is required to dispose these criminals
lady bird | Feb 04, 2014
before using the words "woman haters" do these feminist understand the meaning of woman ? woman is not a biological entity to extort money by false cases, woman is not a sex maniac. woman is not a toolkit of corrupted politicians to achieve votes. woman is not a killing machine to destroy male & family system.
Nisha Sharma | Feb 04, 2014
It is a big shame how feminists are allowed to destroy family system in India behind the mask of women empowerment. They only empower their personal greed behind this social mask. They are after sex and money but not real woman welfare. A Big Shame for us that we are silent spectator of this damage to the nation
Rohan | Feb 04, 2014
Neo-Imperialistic powers: Neo-ways to Divide & Rule
Rohan | Feb 04, 2014
Economic Terrorism and its family breaking manifestations
Rohan | Feb 04, 2014
What is the Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage (IrBM) bill/act? The Bill has a few very controversial clauses which are totally anti-family and anti-husband, namely: 1. The wife can oppose the divorce under IrBM, based on ground of financial hardship, while the husband can not, which goes against the principles of natural justice and contrary to laws all over the world [constitution provides right to defend even to dreaded terrorist/accused, this being denied to Indian Husbands would make mockery of Indian Society] . 2. The Bill talks of division of ONLY husband’s marital property, and is totally silent on division of wife’s marital property. The Bill says that courts would have power not to grant the divorce unless the wife was paid adequate amount of money under the cute name of “Financial Security of Woman”. 3. In a marital discord where the dispute is not settled by mutual consent between both the parties, generally the victim applies to annul the marriage and the defaulter has to respond to it. But this law gives the power, of applying for annulment of the marriage through divorce, for the person who could have been himself/herself a defaulter in the marriage. 4. With the current “Hindu Marriage Act” already covering the Divorce under the clause of “Desertion of minimum 2 years”, adding another law under the name of IrBM having the same period of separation as a condition, is a Duplicate law with no constitutional standing. Brief Background: Such clauses being outright anti-male and gender-biased in nature were vehemently opposed by various men’s rights activists and organizations, who even deposed in front of the Standing Committee on personnel, public grievances, law and justice. The panel, presented with the objections raised by men’s rights organizations who sought to make the bill gender-neutral and ensure that no man faced any kind of financial hardship because of gender-biased clauses in the bill. Oppositions ignored: However, the objections raised by men’s rights organizations have been conveniently ignored by the standing committee panel. Cabinet passed the bill: The cabinet approved bill, when marriage breaks irretrievably, § Makes husband to part with his self earned property when wife opposes divorce § Discriminates husband from opposing Divorce even in the interest of his biological children just because he is a male. § Is deliberately destroying marriages and promoting Divorces by providing property rights only when wife divorces and not when she is married. § Would encourage high society, (rich, politicians, judges, bureaucratic and business class) wives to take divorce route on simple marital discords at the instance of rivals/adversaries just to get enriched. § Would ensure that no men/father shall have access to his child both biological and adopted child. § Would induce men to live in debt rather than save in properties § Would force men to PAY to BUY Divorce thereby making the institution of marriage into glorified prostitution as a Post-Paid Service. § This is against Article 14 on equality against right to property. After the recent announcement in media that the cabinet has passed this bill, we are getting plenty of panic calls on our helplines from husbands. Young professionals, who have taken huge loans to buy property, are the hardest hit if their property goes to wife during divorce. Most of them are on a "Cancellation Spree" after the cabinet decision to give property of husbands to wives. Banks will also start denying the home loan to married men as their loan amount will be at risk if the couple is going through divorce, directly affecting the GDP and economy of our country. We already have multiple Panic SOS sent to banks by MALE Asset Owners asking about the penalties of defaulting. We implore upon you to ponder § Why confer property rights to women at the time of divorce when woman already have five draconian alimony provisions in various laws both while married and after divorce? § Is it safe to handover to the court, discretion to decide on the volume of share when there is no judicial accountability and transparency with certain section of lawyers claiming fiefdom over family courts (total disobedience for sec 13 of Family Courts Act) § Is this bill for wife or lawyers? While 10-20% share of the asset is claimed as fee by certain section of the lawyers? Who is victim defined under ‘grave financial hardship’ is it the lawyer or the wife? It could become an easy nexus of Property grabing tactics with easy divorce filing by women, getting Property as a “benefit” of Divorce and then parting a bit of that property with Lawyers. India is about witness the biggest ever series of MARITAL SCAMS under the cover of PAID DIVORCES. § According to NCRB data, there have been 61,453 suicides of married men. This category sees the highest number of suicides and the figure is accelerating at a rapid pace every year. (Page 183). The general reasoning for the situation of married men committing suicide is attributed to economic hardship. In that case increasing the financial burden on men alone and holding them alone accountable for a marital breakdown will only increase the tendency in men to take the extreme, helpless steps. Consider the scenario where: 1. Husband has dependent parents and owns a single property and if 50% of that goes to wife post-divorce, how will the husband take care of his old parents? Is the concept of family restricted to only husband-wife in the Indian context? 2. What, if the family is a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) owning a single joint property? Will the wife get 50% of that? What about other sibling’s share in it? 3. Women are being encouraged to go for divorce as this will be an easy way to acquire free property. 4. Husband’s family would want to secure themselves against such a prospective calamity hitting them and guess what, to secure themselves they will be forced to ask would be wife also to contribute in the property. Will this not encourage the practice of dowry? We are duty bound to caution you that the implementation of this property rights linked divorce would result in destruction of the Indian Family System thereby culminating into a bastardised society, rise in juvenile crime, teenage pregnancy, chemical abuse and ultimately chaos in the society as in the west. A recession in the 2nd highest populous Nation would destroy the Nation and nobody would be able save our Great Nation.
Rohan | Feb 04, 2014
Just like India has many shady unorganized sectors like Gambling ,Hawala and other clandestine operations this is a sector which has witnessed the most growth .498A and its related operations are hence forth referred to as "498A India Limited" just to honor this law which has forced revenue generation from the Indian populace . 498A India limited today is a Rs 3000 crore a year company .If the Govt of India would list "498A Indian Limited" in any of the stock exchanges today this is how the company report would look like. It would most certainly be listed as a "Navratna Company" Growth: 498A Indian limited has grown at a faster rate than any industry in India, be it IT or BPO. This sector has grown almost 120% in the last 12 years. From just 28,579 cases in 1995 the number of cases has grown to 63,128. People Outreach :- This balance sheet of the company is completely black. Its organizational activities has touched the life of almost 10,00000( 10 Lakh ) people since 1999 who have been arrested under various frivolous allegations .That's a phenomenal number since if we manage to determine that the average cost of bail posted by a single person is at least Rs 10,000 then the revenue generated by the government from the bail itself is . 1000000 X Rs 10000 = Rs 1000 crores Although it is a fact that according to government rules the bail money is to be returned to the payer at the end of the trail, how many people actually get it, or are in state to run around seeking the bail amount back is a question that needs to be answered.In India now more than 30% bail applications are for 498A only. It does not take much to notice that "498A India limited's" main product is a tool that makes the forces the husband's family to become a goose that is then forced to lay golden eggs for all the shareholders of the company. Flagship Products:- 498A Indian limited's sales has clocked 120% growth over the past 12 years and registered phenomenal returns on almost zero investment. Customers using this tool have to just file a simple complaint and this tool takes of the rest . The company has not changed its product for the past 25 years but the use of the product has grown astronomically. There has no tests done by the company to study the effects of its products have on the people on whom it has been miused although reliable reporting shows that people on whom their products are misused are harassed and extorted to no end and eventually many commit suicide. The party using the products of 498A India Limited almost always get richer by a lot of lakhs while the party on which the products are used suffer irrespective of gender , age or role in the family .Also another spectacular thing about the product is that it is miused 98% of times and is almost never used in the right way . Board of Directors: The Board is appointed by the Govt of India and controls this organization with an iron fist. They always turn a blind eye to the people on whom the company's products have had an adverse effect. They board has total immunity from any prosecution that might result from harm caused due to the misuse of the company's products. They also do not think twice before fudging numbers to show that that there is increasing customer demand for their products and as a result they recommend that more such companies like 498A Indian Limited must be started like "DV Act India Limited" and "All Death Dowry death India limited". Employee Welfare and Customer care: 498A India Limited prides itself in being an employer of choice and takes a lot of care of its customers too. The company protects their customers who have misused its products by making themselves and their customers immune to prosecution for misuse .So the "498A India Limited" customers are the happiest lot since they get to misuse the products of the company and as and when they wish for their materialistic desires and then just walk away with a big booty. Shareholders: The primary shareholders in the company are the wives of India, The Police, judiciary , Lawyers , radical NGO's and the all powerful national commission for women .Looking at the companies phenomenal returns the shareholders do not want to dilute or modify the company's products as modification of the company's products will result in decreased revenue for the company and its shareholders . Private Investment This company also attracts lots of private investment from organizations like the UNIFEM and UNO. This is mainly due to the doctored customer demand reports that are submitted by the chairperson of the company to the press and media. These private grants encourage the company to create many smaller companies like "DV Act India Limited" and "All Death Dowry death India limited" Public Sentiment for the company: The people on whom the company's products have been misused and who are the 98% majority here are too weak and suffering to even respond. But there are a lot of young and old people in India who want the company's products to be modified in a way that they cannot be misused and if misused there be adequate avenues to prosecute the misusers. The chairperson of the company is trying her best at fudging numbers to project to the government and the media that their 25 year old product still confirms with the current quality standards is never misused. They also fudge numbers to show that the customer demand is increasing at a phenomenal rate for similar products and so more such companies must be set up to serve the customers better. Final Thought The Greed of a few people is eating away into the nations family system while the Govt of India is still deep in slumber. The Govt does not realize that the profits made by 498A India Limited is actually being paid for by the people of India on whom the company's products are being brutally misused. The govt must realize that although the company was formed with the noble intention of producing products for defense of the innocent, it has now turned into a company that produces products for "Legal terrorists" with which these terrorists then unleash extreme pain and suffering on the Indian populace and then walk away unscathed. The Govt must be immediately adopt stringent guidelines for the use of the company's products so that misuse is curtailed and the misusers of its products are then prosecuted at the Government's expense .
Mrs. Kaur | Feb 04, 2014
If I never come to this debate page, I would never know the true face of feminists and their evil arguments to destroy family system behind the mask of women empowerment. So much loud cry to earn free money and taste forbidden relationship. Men commission is must.
Rohan | Feb 04, 2014
@Seema Aggarwal, basically, feminists like you want the anti-male laws to remain so that you would have a legalised way to loot the men, commit legal dacoity of men and then marry the next victim-man and commit legal dacoity again on him. There are many career-divorcee women out there who marry, then loot, then again marry and then again loot. Afterall, the politicians have made laws for women to loot men free of cost. Now, women looting men is legalised. Women pickpocketing men is legalised for votes of women. Women can loot men, burn men, have extra-marital affairs, cheat men, murder men, rape men and everything is allowed by law in the name of women's empowerment. Shame on feminists. Feminism is worse than Talibanism.
Sampurna | Feb 04, 2014
The opposite column shows that mothers have to teach their children speaking lies and supporting destruction of innocent men/women & family system to show compassion with women. When these corrupted feminist understand the meaning of woman ? Why these ugly feminists suppress the voices as "women beater" ? Is there any room left for speaking truth ?
Karuna Rao | Feb 04, 2014
It is really funny that when people speaks truth and it goes against female gender, immediacy the author is marked as "women hater" without any supportive logic. How long should we practice this double-standard to prove ourself women lovers ?
Rohan | Feb 03, 2014
@Seema Aggarwal, as per this feminist society, when men demand equal rights with women, it amounts to giving the right to beat up women and to rape women. Your response is evidence for the extent of feminist indoctrination that our society has been subjected to. It shows that you do not have the concept of gender equality. Rather, your concept is extremely skewed with double standards. When women demand rights, as per you, it is legitimate. But when men demand equality, its a demand for beating women. So, men are not human beings as per you. Shame on women like you. Have some shame. Your double standards are so open and vulgar.
Simran | Feb 03, 2014
bashing Indian male is an absolute favorite trend to get quick popularity and favor from opposite gender. Male politicians always use Male-hatred to achieve almost all their targets. Male feminist use this tricks to get favor. If this trend continues, soon we have not men but Femen left in India. Men Right Commission is a must.
Rohan | Feb 02, 2014
@Shailesh Koona, not just Indira Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi who is everything today (Prime minister, President, Vice-president, speaker, chairman etc.), the all-powerful person today would not be there. So would be the case of Jayalalithaa, Mamta Banerjee, Mayawati etc.
mumtaz | Feb 02, 2014
"women empowerment" is a proved ideology to get revenge, abuse law, earn easy money without responsibility, doing adultery without single question hence oppose MRC. Other side of story - MRC is required to prevent these feminists & politicians converting women into licensed prostitute, protect men, save family system, save the nation.
Shailesh Koona | Feb 02, 2014
Mr Urvasi Gandhi wants tp pull a fast one by saying that ours is a partiricial society! She says this cos Women activist are well trained by NCW to say this so NCW does't lose its Rs.12,000 corers annual budget. The greed for money has turned these people into beasts and want to treat the men and their families like animals. If India was a partirical society, Indiri Gandhi would have never gotten a chance to be the prime minister of India.
Rohan | Feb 02, 2014
Married men suicides are double than married women suicides.. NCRB data below: 2007: 57593 married men committed suicide vis-à-vis 30064 married women. 2008: 57639 married men committed suicide vis-à-vis 30224 married women. 2009: 58192 married men committed suicide vis-à-vis 31300 married women. 2010: 61453 married men committed suicide vis-à-vis 31754 married women. 2011: 62433 married men committed suicide vis-à-vis 32582 married women. 2012: 63343 married men committed suicide vis-à-vis 31921 married women. Every 8 minutes married men ends his life in suicide due to gender biased laws
Rohan | Feb 02, 2014
Beware of marrying an Indian girl! Biased Indian laws and the extortionist attitude of empowered Indian women towards marriage should serve as a warning to men. The bitter truth is that Indian marriage reeks of bitter resentment, biased laws against the husband and extortionist wives. HONEST, DOWN to earth, religious, very traditional these are the words that describe about 99 per cent of brides to be in matrimonial sites. These conjure an image of the Sati Savitri that the Indian women are in the eyes of any man or prospective groom. The media and the government also support this by projecting an image that the poor Indian women who are suffering from decades of male oppression need a helping hand in marriage. Think again young men. What the media or the government does not want you to know about are highlighted below. And these are nothing but the hidden bitter truth behind most Indian marriages .The bitter truth is that the Indian marriage these days reeks of bitter resentment, biased laws against the husband and extortionist wives. 1) Twice the number of Indian married men commit suicide every year as compared to women .The suicides of men are brushed under the carpet as due to financial reasons while that of women are investigated as dowry deaths and additional funds get allocated to fight the fictional dowry menace. 2) More than 126,000 men have been arrested in the last four years alone apart from lakhs of elderly citizens, young bright men and even children in the name of dowry harassment by the Indian Police at the behest of a simple complaint. 3) A simple report is enough to put the entire family of the husband behind bars under the draconian section 498A which has been hailed as the weapon of mass destruction by the modern empowered of India. 4) The Domestic Violence Act 2005, another law considers even talking loudly with the wife an act of violence and the husband and his family can be entangled in a false case under the Domestic Violence Act. Lakhs of husbands and their elderly parents have been thrown out of their own homes under this law, by the wives so that she and her family can occupy it. 5) The extortionist police along with the judiciary are misused by the unscrupulous wife and her family to extort money and torture the families of the husband. The law provides no punishment or deterrent against misusing the senseless laws and that emboldens criminal wives even further. 6) Even if you have not accepted or demanded a single paisa as dowry you can be booked under the anti dowry law. According to the centre for social research , 98 per cent of cases filed under the anti dowry law are filed with ulterior motives and are a great source of income for courts, police and lawyers and families of wives. 7) Young, highly educated and brilliant NRI boys who resist extortion efforts under section 498A have the dreaded Interpol Red Corner notices put up against their names thereby putting them in the same segment as dreaded criminals and international terrorists. This is done by the Indian police to ensure that these people when returning to India to meet their aged parents are arrested and tortured till they give in to the extortionist demands of the wives family. 8) There are no laws whatsoever to protect men in India. Indian men are considered to be the lying in all cases are not believed by the media, the government , the police or the judiciary .The Indian man cannot turn for help anywhere when he is accused falsely with a dowry harassment case or the Domestic violence Act. Young Indian men living in India and abroad, you have worked really hard to reach where you are today and the country is proud of you for what you have achieved. Think twice before marrying these thousands of "honest, down to earth, religious, truthful “and "god-fearing” girls who are hiding in the innumerable Indian matrimonial sites. These are monsters in disguise and once they sign on the dotted line in a marriage solemnization certificate, will not think twice about misusing the biased and senseless Indian laws to destroy the lives of many a bright young Indian man.
Rohan | Feb 02, 2014
Warning for Indian bachelors:-
Nisha Bhagat | Feb 02, 2014
The Fear associated with the existence of Men Commission is Obvious. Practically there are a lots & lots of woman who do adultery and seek free money. This commission is a must to re establish the family system in India. Feminist are really dirty and play their game behind the name of women empowerment which is nothing but a legal route to prostitution. Political parties utilize these very group for their own achievement. We need Men Right Commission to protect our son/brother & other male family members.
Kaustuv Chatterjee | Feb 01, 2014
I strongly agree to that creation of Men's rights commission is need of the hour.....Women's rights organizations now a days have become epicentre of corruption..Those wolves r now a days running after menz hard-earned money...Those wolves r nvr concerned about welfare of women for those who r falsely implicated by pro-women laws...Those women also need protection under men's right commission....Feminists like Kaveri Krishnan waz nvr concerned about man like me who r harassed & tortured by wife....
Rohan | Feb 01, 2014
Here are 25 pictures that PROVE why women live longer than men
Rohan | Feb 01, 2014
Rohan | Feb 01, 2014
@vimal, feminists are extremely scared of a commission for men because that would expose their dirty tricks, corruption, lies and hate-mongering. Feminism is a movement of unruly, rowdy women and their male followers that depends on and feeds on more and more crimes and assumed crimes on women. So, feminists encourage and want more crimes against women to take place, greater gender war and social disharmony. It means business and profits for them. So, they encourage situation and circumstances for greater social disharmony and crimes against women (even false ones). In that direction, to garner more public sympathy, and manufacture consent, they make these stupid laws so that every second man in this society is arrested on false charges of rape, dowry etc and more funds and swallowed and men are pick-pocketed by the women. Its all about business; its about bottomlines and profits. A men's commission would mean less profits for the feminists as they would be exposed. So they give all kinds of stupid excuses to prevent it.
vimal | Feb 01, 2014
We need men's right commision . I dont understand the jeolous of feminist and scary nature of men's right commision. It will be a commission fighting against false rape cases and misuse of women's protection law., and it wont support rape. Why all men should suffer because of some rapists? Even there are bad women so is it good to neglect their rights? It will be a trust fighting against biased laws and anti-dovorce moment and even against misandry. I cant understand the point why feminist are scared about it????
Partha | Feb 01, 2014
This article shows, why the opposition to this commission is vague..
Beauty | Jan 31, 2014
Completely agree with men rights. Corrupted feminists & politicians are destroying our society & nation behind the play card of false "women empowerment" which only promoting sex racket in India.
Shreya Alam | Jan 31, 2014
Men Right commission is the need of the hour to provide room to the men to breath. The women laws are been used to falsely implicate innocent men to get money, to ruin men and above all to get legalized adultery. Politicians and feminists have their own interest behind these law abuse and they must be stopped.
sajan | Jan 31, 2014
Why should we take advise from womens groups and radical feminists. They are notorious for hating man and enslave them. They want all the privilages without any duty give all duties for man without any right. Why should we care about these radicals groups. This is our life, our rights and why should womens groups indulge our democratic rights. We need Mens commission urgently without any delay
Rajesh | Jan 31, 2014
The idea of Mans commission is not at all funny. It is need of the hour. Actually we need not only mans commission we need mens ministry and mens developement board and also seperate board for boys and mens in primary / secondary and higher education. Today education is feminized and syllabus is made for women friendly. We need seperate budget for mens development and atlease 15 % of annual budget allocate especially for man. Last budget huge 98000 crores spend for women only . At present 90% of welfare fund is going to women and girls requirement and non for boys and men. Boys are failing in education and man are suffering for various health problems. Besides all the laws made women friendly and biased against man. No punishment for women who trap men for false allegation. 90% of dowry/d.v/rape are false and women just accuse men for her ego and easy divorce. She will sleep with any man later accuse him for rape if he not marry her. Only mentally insane people and man hating radical feminists will say only mwill do D.V and sexual harrassment. In fact majority of cases women are the perpetuator. Recent study by a popular national daily says 50% of the man faces sexual harrassment and women are the main culprit. There are many cases when husband caught wifes extra marital affairs and she will accuse dowry to save her face. for most of the women, marriage is a business to leagally loot his property and life long maintance. Today feminist want all privilages without any responsibility and man all the responsibility without any privilages or even any protetion. We need to address many problems facing by man for which mens ministry and man's commission is a must. All the laws should be made gender neutral and women should given equal punishment for the same made crime and misuse of law. We need mens only places in transport, trains and colleges because there are lot of women even though they have reserved seat still purposely mixed with man and accuse rape later. We need to address all these problem for which we need our own ministry and commission. After all we constitut 50 % of the population and paying 90 % of the taxes why should we give attention what radical feminist say. This is our right and we have to get it for which if necessary we have to take law in hand. Enough is enough. We suffer a lot in many centuries. Now it is time get get our due right
Leema Jaiprakash | Jan 31, 2014
Truly, some women take advantage of the pro-female concern prevalent in the society ,More over a lot of women's organisation's are springing up to protect the rights of women but one should realize that any law brought to bring justice to one community can give undue advantage to the other party. No doubt, Laws are framed taking into consideration the pros and cons of both parties , but it is equally important to check whether justice is really met out to the Male counterparts in every case. Hence rises an important and urgent need of a National body to monitor any injustice meted out to the Male community.Hence I agree to have a MEN'S RIGHTS COMMISSION.
Kavita Reddy | Jan 30, 2014
We cry for Gender Equality and Equal Rights. Then we oppose the Right of a Gender. Feminism ? Politics ? Misandry ? Patriotism ? Money ? Sex ? How to define this Double Standard ?
Rohan | Jan 30, 2014
@Jahnvi, if the idea of having a men's commission and ministry is funny, then having a women's commission and ministry is equally funny. Today, in the 21st century, women and men are considered equal. Then, if you laugh at the pain of men, or assume and presume that men have no problems in life, you should also assume the same for women. Gender issues are not one-sided. So, instead of living in the medieval, dark ages, it would be doing a great service to you if you could open your eyes and come out of that medieval cave.
Rukmini Pandit | Jan 30, 2014
I am shocked whenever I see a human barks to mark something as "Funny" without even understand the motivation behind it. May be it is an easy trend to get attention, popularity and ........... but indeed it is the mark of an INHUMAN. Men/Women all are Human so they must have human rights. Smart appearing Idiots just don't understand the basic concept of life but make enough noise to pollute humanism and as a continuation oppose the right of someone to show their Intellectual anti-social abilities. when women have rights, children have it, why not men ? But anti-social maniacs don't understand. Shocking !!
rahul | Jan 30, 2014
The biggest prrof of need for the Men's commission is the responses you can read in this article of the women, and men who think men dnt need a men's commission. Every reply is filled with harted, bais, disgust and an utter lack of humanity towards what may be happening to so many women. If men are commiting suicide, they say they say they have mental issues and so give them psychiatrists. Really? if tomorow female suicides increase would you say women are having mentalk conditions so give them more anti depressoents and get over with it ? If men have family issus give them marriage councellors. So if women have family issues you give them also marriage councellors and done with it ? They say men do not face rape, harrasment, domestic violence or any other such thing. They say men should stop raping women. So are all men just rapists as per them? They say men feel threatened with the sharing of power. So having no laws to protect us and blatant misuse of the gender biased laws is our being threatened by the sharing of power ? In India, for society and for women these days all men are rapists. All men are oppressors. All men are wife beaters. The ONLY thing to them men are an ATM machine whom they marry and live off. And then divorce and take away all his money,house, even kids. The biggest proof ? Some women would now say that maybe I have "issues" and hate women as I went through a bad marriage maybe, or chose the wrong women to be in relatioship to be with. Just like a woman said to another man above in the comments. THAT is the biggest proof of the total lack of humanity towards any man's feelings in this society. If a man speaks up then he is branded as a woman hater who must have gone through a bad experiece. If a mwn speaks up then all her problems are "issues and causes" that should be the biggest priority to be sorted by everyone. THAT is why men need a men's commission. Because there are NO laws to protect us from anything. There are NO people in society to accept that we have issues. Or that we too are HUMAN being who can also have FEELINGS. And with a combination of these 2 things we face blatant and open misues of all the gender biased laws that are nothing but an extortion tool now a days.
Abiraj | Jan 30, 2014
@ janhvi lol you think men's right commission will be a funny thing? We men have our own problem, there are lot of men who became victim of women's protection law. Every men can be trapped by women in false cases. I can't get point why some feminists and manginas are saying there should no men's right commission may be they are jealous of men. They are thinking in the way men are "rapists" so no need to Men's right commission. Why all men should suffer because of some rapists?? Women also commit crimes like traping men in rape cases. making false 498A and Dv act. There are women who kill their babies for their lovers. Huh can these men haters feminist please explain why men should deny rights because of rapists? So there are some sluts who falsely accuse men in rape cases for their cheap publicity and money .. so is it good to deny right to all women because of some sluts??? You feminist people are talking in that manner "men are all bad and women are good". Feminists haven't grown up enough they are still in their narrow mind of misandry. And their concept is nothing other than hating men. I even wonder feminists are barking as they need equality? i dont think feminism is not for equality its just for dominance over men.
sreejith | Jan 30, 2014
yes , The argument of feminist ladies is a funny. ladies with multiple partners ,criminals ,are also there.Our laws leads a deaf ear on it.we need our ministry..
sreejith | Jan 30, 2014
yes , The argument of feminist ladies is a funny. ladies with multiple partners ,criminals ,are also there.Our laws leads a deaf ear on it.we need our ministry..
saran | Jan 30, 2014
why these ladies oppose it ? We have problems. So these ladies are anti men and we men should avoid any relationship with them...
sarath chandran | Jan 30, 2014
We need a men's ministry. All laws are favouring women.Today a boy of 17 is detained for "exploiting " a lady of 21.Funny law., what a pathetic situation. Why this lady booked for raping the boy as be is a Minor ?If it done by a man to a minor girl it should be rape.So so many such crime are done by ladies but no body but no law to see it...
Capt Sharma | Jan 30, 2014
Nothing can be more blatant a lie than saying "India is patriarchal society" . All over the World and not only in India, "Real Women" have always ruled through the hearts of men. AND it is well known fact that the face that launched 1000 ships belonged to a woman and not a man, "Helen of Troy". Even millions lost their lives in the great battle of "Mahabharat" to restore the dignity of woman "Draupdi" at whose behest the battle was fought. Real problem of modern day women is that there are a very few "Real Women" left.... of course there is a need to define real women....Real Women was not an artifact, a property, but she was a living example of Poetry of Poise , Graciousness of affability, Protectionist the Personified Mother, Maintainer of Elegance in the Hearth & Heart and Creator of Heavenly Abode called "The Home", who like mother nature only knew how to nurture and not curse like the modern day "Femme Fatale' la the Fundamentalists - the Feminize... who in the name of "Women Equality" have gone to the extent of seeking Rights to Cull the baby in side the Womb ( New York Bill) The man only wanted cosy comfort on returning home the home which he call his own heaven..but the modern day so called empowered women, does not do any of those roles which were performed by the "Real Women", the home is reduce to a house being maintained by an Ayah, and food prepared by a cook......there is no heavenly home for men...who coming back tired after days toil....just wants to relax a bit with his sports channel... & the REMOTE gets smashed...because NOW he is expected to meet the sex demands of his wife who had nothing better to do other than gossiping with her own friends (males mostly) and her own parental relatives... and a denial under the pretext of tiredness is construed as loss of interest... not being caring any more....which over the period invites disgusting taunts ...of "Neepunsak" from wife...... Withdrawal happens and the man gradually looses all interest in LIFE per se..and commits suicide ....The data of the double the number of suicides by married men, ( I am not saying this. This is as per data released by Ministry of Home Affairs) corroborates the statement.... If not that the man starts developing health problems..... how many know that every year 50000 men die of Cancer of Prostrate Gland ...The prostate is a gland that is found only in men AND if man is mentally strong enough , to withstand all the taunts and abuses and violence at the hands of his wife ( Read United Kingdom Study of Violence against Men ), He has to cope with false cases of 498A & DV act.........where even a Sole Testimony....yes you read it right...the "Sole Testimony" of a wife is good enough to send him behind bars..... WITHOUT AN IOTA OF DOUBT....CALL OF HOUR " A Ministry for Welfare of Men'
Mahesh | Jan 30, 2014
In name of Women Empowerement, Men are being suppressed at every corner like Bus, Laws, Homes, Offices. Men work late and women get previliage to leave early. At home, men has to suffer because they cant argue with wives
rai | Jan 30, 2014
firstly sorry for some typo errors...secondly @ Bobbi ohrie "I strongly oppose this Commission..... why have men all the fun...."..It seems that 498a and DV cases for u for fun for you..hope it never happens to someone u know in personally.... And to all who disagree jusyt answer ... the mr tharoor got a clean chit in the suicide of his wife...had it been some one else (common man) his entire family would have been behind bars in murder case..the double standard of the govt shows that why they dont want this commission.... secondly to all the feminist who oppose this commission, you dont consider men as HUMANS... just like today females are getting killed in birth , the same would happen with males in near future as no one would like to get their SON implicated in false case in future and then we would see how thiose feminists would get married..... My opnion to all the males would be to boycott making girlfriends..only then they wou;ld realise imp of males as well....
Sivakumar | Jan 30, 2014
With men suicide on the rise, men dying of prostate cancer and health related diseases, Men need Ministry.
Supriya | Jan 29, 2014
what is the problem with men commission ? we talk about rape & molestation and demand punishment based on allegation but the same we allow rape of mother India by politicians & feminists. Why no demand of punishment for them ?
GURMEET SINGH | Jan 29, 2014
Family the most Lovely place of the world. But these feminist & politicians are hitting on that place to create tension so that they can get attention. They are promoting Free Money, Legalized murder of men, Legalized adultery for women just and just for their very own interest. When Men Commission at the door step they Fear of losing everything so opposing men commission by absurd logic of rape and empowerment. What they are doing is the rape of nation. Why not stop that first ? Men Commission must be come into existence.
Reshmi VG | Jan 29, 2014
Politicians use Feminist to win vote, Feminists use politicians to get power and sex. This evil nexus Legally Murder men hence destroy mother, sister and family system. Behind the mask of Women Empowerment this Nexus is making nation the most attractive to world sex market. Immediately destroy this Nexus. Form men commission to safeguard nation, mother, sister, family system & obviously men.
Dr. Kirandeep | Jan 29, 2014
If we want to protect the institution of Indian marriage, we have to destroy the business with Indian marriage. If we need the old good Indian society, we have to destroy the extramarital sex practiced by feminist. If we want good men in society, we have to destroy the Misandrist. So I agree with Men Commission.
Purnima Kar | Jan 29, 2014
I Love my baby but always in tension as it is a boy child. The society has become so anti-male that feminist can convert a boy into a criminal in just a second by a false case. I support Men Commission to save male child in our Country. Even Politician supports anti-male to with vote bank. This country is becoming unsafe for the boys and their family.
binita | Jan 29, 2014
Totaly agree laws should be gender baised....fake cases so common these days
Dr.Nick | Jan 29, 2014
Even animals have a Commission & a Minister. Today Indian men are worse off than even animals, let alone women. It is always a 'Lose-Lose' situation for men to marry. Lacs of false cases implicating husbands/men at work/Ors. come up everyday making men the 'Default' offender, ignoring lacs of false allegations/cases y women ( majority as wives ) of dowry/rape/harassment, yet they are treated as 'Holy Cows', 'Goddesses', 'sati-Savitris' incapable of lying or doing wrong. Our men have been made to live this psychology of 'holier han thou' status of women, which shows in the mis-treatment of men by male-Judges/bureaucrats/Policemen/testosterone-surging teen males/society.... Yet a husband's mother & sisters are not given the priviledges of 'women' in all cases of alleged dowry/cruelty/etc. There is no Body to assimilate info. or take care of Men. Hence I support this demand, as a possible way to bring about equality in India.
Sai | Jan 29, 2014
These nefarious Feminist Terrorists and genociadal maniacs are hands in gloves with Commie and Naxalites lunatics and anti-nationals on one hand and evil filthy rich casino capitalists and out and out racism white skins on the other--The money hungry mother selling English and electronic media mafia serves as their hit men. No doubt these so caleed Femi Nazis are silent on the 100% expoitation of children and women being abused by the media mafiosi, most of whom are debautched, worse than pigs section of India society and out and out blackmailes Their sole aim is to destroy India in conjunction with the Foreign Mafia ruling India specially the Honest Tax Paying Hard working 99% Indians, as can bee seen from voting itself 96% Honest Tax payers vs 4% LGBTs and Femi Nazis. The same 99% silent vs 1% Barking Dogs who dominate India (secualrs??), this breaking is being done deliberatly to make India another hunting ground for white skinned rouges and criminals, to make it naother Phillipines and Thailand (or Italy-Netherlands in Europe) by the Foreign impsoters and dregs with a big conspiracy. In 1990s thes same Feminazis SS made a Hue and Cry about "Objectification" of women in advertisements, Then came their white skined bosses and their super rich MNCs and the same battle cry was forgotten (Money in $$) and new slogans were coined. These FemiNazis shout a patriarchal society, from their crappy mouths everywhere, but have never given even a Nano iota of Proof. However, they are handy for Money Hungry, femalekind to "Have the cake eat it too walk off with the bakery, without Thank You" and blame the poor man. There philosophy is we have ALL RIGHTS AND NO DUTIES, till it comes to Money Bags filling their coffers, and then no women has any right. Their savagery is very visible, on one hand these inhuman svage Feminazis and the media mafia support Child Murder in name of right to choice, on other hand have made a TOTALLY FALSE NEW "HAIL HITLER (IN INDIA MUSSOLINI)" OF FEMALE ABORTIONS, Means murder of a Boy is Fine. A MAN IS A MALE, NOT BECAUSE OF SOME OBLIGATION OF THESE FEMINAZIS, HE EARNS IS OWN INCOME HARD WAY, UNLIKE THESE BREAK INDIA NGO AND FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SUPPLIED FEMINAZIS Has anybody thought who finances these usless, Good for nothing, ill but "convent" educated, speaking in AmeriKKKan English terrorists?? What's the source of funds for their Futhy Rich Lifestyles of Armanis, Versacs and Italian pastas (so chick no)??? Men have to forget that any arguement will gell. WE OWE NOTHING TO THIS BLOODY EVIL GOVT OR ANY GOVT and Netas, the mafiamen, we owe nothing to Feminazis. WE have to take our security seriously. It is men to decide, but only Vigilante Action can save them from 99.999% greedy, moneyhungry faithless females brainwahsed by these. If any man is falsely accused lets make the areas No Go Zones for Femi Nazi terrorists, Police and Media Mafia and the bloody Netas. We have to use the same tactics used by the Govts and Femi Nazis
Sradha Gupta Seth | Jan 29, 2014
I don't get the point from some women as well as some men (surprised) to oppose Men Rights because of Rape. How can we restrict the Rights due to Crime ? Should we then restrict the Women Rights because women also do crime ? I support Men Rights. I need a secure environment for my son. NCW only favors appealing ladies and influential ministers but not the common woman of India. This corrupted feminists even object son as rapist. Men Rights is required to protect out future generation from these ugly feminists
Anand Krishnan | Jan 29, 2014
Law must be equal to both Man & Women in society because many people Man or Women side ) take advantage to harass for vested interest so for man too law must be equal for JUSTICE
Rajendra Tiwari | Jan 29, 2014
A national commission to look after the vows and perils faced by men is need of hour and they have nowhere to go .Therefore they must form a commsion to listen to the innumerable problems faced by them and to inquire as to why more than 65000 men end their lives every year in India .Let them make a seperate authority otherwise men are going to be extinct species in near future.
Ranjana | Jan 29, 2014
I don't support Adultery and Free Money. I love my Father/brother & Husband. I love my family. Totally agreed with Men Right Commission. We have become too much anti-male to prove Gender Equality and women empowerment. Soon this empowerment will lead our society to a prostitute nation. Should be checked before too late.
Naresh Nagwani | Jan 28, 2014
Its a simple theory. Agar koi darpok ke hath mei bhi banduk thama de to wo darpok bhi ek baar trigger dabane ki zarooor sochega. Thts what is happening with feminists. They hv this banduk of 498 dv and what not. Obviously they will misuse.
Rupsa Patil | Jan 28, 2014
Men Right Commission is just a welfare commission for men. It is not a anti-woman forum like Feminist do with men by NCW. Why so much FEAR with NCM among feminist and male hater men ?
Suchismita Mullick | Jan 28, 2014
When someone says "I am a man & don't need MRC" then take it as a voice of brain washed Misandrist/Feminist. It sounds like - I am Human & I don't need Human Rights. I support MRC otherwise the future will be full of spineless such men.
Ayesha Khatun | Jan 28, 2014
"Ours is a patriarchal society" a big joke but always effective to earn free sympathy , money and shade on some forbidden activities. We need Men Right Commission to prevent these absolutely harmful jokers
Suchismita Mullick | Jan 28, 2014
Max. Indian women like family system and Love their Father, brother, Husband & son; respect the elder male in the family. Behind the "women Empowerment" the Corrupted Feminists hit this family bonding to promote OPEN SEX & FREE MONEY. Male who are desperate to get favor from opposite sex are been easily entrapped by this feminist & converted into male haters. Now this corrupted combination is been used by different influential bodies to fulfill their EVIL purposes. Innocent male are been victimized by these evil nexus & ultimately it is a woman who lost his father/brother/husband/son. As we need GOD to be safe from Evil, thus we need MRC to be safe from this corrupted evil nexus.
rofel joe | Jan 28, 2014
@ Rahul Kemka.. you are man? you dont need commission wow lol. You think most of guys and ladies who agree this are chauvinist and misogynist.. you can't judge them because you are mangina who loves to be slave of women or better to say you hate your own gender? You know why most guys who supported feminist views turned to masculinist?? ehh its because inceasing number of false rape cases.. i agree fake rape cases are about just 20% but is there any law here to punish the women who falsely accuse men in rape cases? Women who give consent and then cry for rape now a days not all, but some the reason may be for her money or cheap publicity or sometimes she may be played by some men to destroy his rival men? Do you think your reputation remains same when a women falsely accuse you in rape cases? ehhh? Then another thing is increasing number of misuse of 498A and DV act. you will learn everything when you suffer under women protection law. So grow up be a man you cant, because you are just a Mangina.
nayan mipun | Jan 28, 2014
jan 28, 2014, we need to remember that women and men traditionally have different qualities, and both the gender's qualities are considered superior to the other gender's qualities, this both genders are chauvinistic towards the opposite gender, sadly this is not recognized by gender activists who seems to concentrate only where men are considered as superior, thus concluding that the world is male chauvinists, and neglecting the fact that the world also considers that the traditional qualities that are found in women are superior than men. This is one of the greatest social mistakes that generations are making since the advent of feminism, unlike the regular feminism for whom it is always the women who are not allowed to venture to men's traditional work, some small number of feminist may acknowledge that women and men were equally forbidden to their other gender's traditional works, advocate for women and men taking each other's gender qualities, but this, by declaring that what women do not perform where males traditionally perform that women were not allowed thus victims, and what men do not perform where women traditionally perform that men are escapists, people are is not exactly acknowledging the women and men equally sufferer gender equality if we consider if we consider one gender as the victim and another gender as an escapists for the same circumstances, adding to this, yes, not every female is also inherently a chauvinist, or because all women are harboring some kind of vaguely repressed hatred for men. Another thing I would like to add here is that, we should not view men's achievements like inventions and discoveries as male dominance, or for that matter we should not also view women in house work, taking care of babies, as good cooks, as female dominance, there may be people in both genders who are chauvinistic with towards their opposite sex for the expertise that they have in their own gender, but we should also acknowledge people in both genders who used their gender based traditional expertise to foster good will and help for the benefit of their opposite gender.
avs | Jan 28, 2014
Not sure why the issue of rape etc is brought up when we are asking for MRC. MRC is to safeguard mens rights, to solve problem of women there is a separate commission. Any way to all those who want stricter laws, countries like USA etc with strict laws rapes are still high in nos. However in Saudi with proper conduct the rape figures are dismal. Not saying what is proper just throwing some statistics for feminists
mipun | Jan 28, 2014
jan 28, 2014, Dear Shrabani, when you said that men need to prepare for the consequences for being treated as ATM, well, how about that as for rapes women need to face the consequences. Would you agree now?
vashishth | Jan 28, 2014
ALL the typical WOMEN/MEN --- debate is not that whether rape happens or not. Debate is not that whther WOMEN are not facing any problem. LET us just say that you are facing a lot of problem and laready have a commision for that.... BUT THERE ARE MORE MEN SUICIDES than WOMEN. there is a big ANTI MALE feeling being perpetrated in society. hence they should also have RIGHTS. let us not debate whether females are having the problem or not. MALES HAVE IT AND WE WANT A RIGHT FORUM TO ADDRESS IT. thanks
mipun | Jan 28, 2014
jan 28, 2014, women's rights and men's rights are equally important, both women and men are discriminated against in some way or the other, it is not that 1 gender is more discriminated against. Do not justify discriminations against men, just as we ought not to justify discriminations against women. just like once upon a time the society did not approved women to get educated, and we in the modern era over came such justifications and did educated women, similarity we should not justify discriminations against men as well. A person who says that men's issues are not important is same as the person who says that women's issues are not important.
Gokul | Jan 28, 2014
Why will anyone oppose to anybody's rights, unless they have ulterior motives. At the rate which today's male is victimised(false sexual harassment suits, false rape cases, false dowry cases, etc) and given the fact that he has no forum to help him, we all would fare better if we had Men's rights commission.
Vikram | Jan 28, 2014
@Rahul Khemka, Do you how much mis use is happening for women pro laws which are made to help women. Women are making allegations to extort money from husband only. Their main motive is to harass husband and his family and earn money. I would like to add that they should following prostitution in one way.There is a strong need of men commission to check this.
Gargi | Jan 28, 2014
Majority of Indian women like family system. But Feminist and Misandrist are destroying the very Social Fabric by male hatred and false cases. They are nothing but Legalized SEX Racket and brain wash spineless male to hate innocent male. MRC is required to save the Indian Society. I support MRC
Shree Halder | Jan 28, 2014
Replacing Image is easy but not the REALITY. Men Right Commission is the need of the hour to prevent Legal Prostitution, Reverse Dowry and Family Destruction
Madan Yadav | Jan 28, 2014
Totally agree..Increasing number of false 498a cases/DV cases etc.....the life of Indian men and their families becomes misery. Hence, we want men Rights commission in place to deal with problems men's faces post marriage in event knot get tied with notorious women.......
saurabh | Jan 28, 2014
Agree completely. The way feminists/misandrists are opposing this with reasons filled with ignorance and with a language of hatred goes on to show how low the feminism have stooped . However , we do need mens commission so that we can look after the problems related to men. It is high time men looked after themselves and improving their own lives , because you get nothing when you try to make others world better . Feminists talk about patriarchy (blaming others for their incompetency ,rather than working on themselves), but if there was patriarchy how did it allow feminism to stay .The big bad patriarchy would simply kill them all . but no , men truly believe in equality unlike the actions of feminists. A woman can rape a man (having sex with a promise of marriage) according to the logic of the new law. A woman these days have many partners who they breakup after promising him of marriage . But there is no law where she would be in jail for that .
Thirumalai | Jan 28, 2014
We not only need National Commission Men, we also need National Commission for Child separately. As Child welfare is with NCW, all men are separated from their own child using biased laws. Men are not allowed to see their own children and they are used only for Money. We need shared parenting to be implemented in India.
Shree Halder | Jan 28, 2014
Replacing Image is easy but not the REALITY. Men Right Commission is the need of the hour to prevent Legal Prostitution, Reverse Dowry and Family Destruction.
vipin yadav | Jan 28, 2014
need a mens rights commission desperately..... the whole system is anti-male.
Rajendra Tiwari | Jan 28, 2014
National men commission is the need of hour and must be created immediately in order to address men's problems which go on mounting day by day and men are finding very difficult to cope with.
Rajiv | Jan 28, 2014
@Rahuk Khemka Why FEAR from Men Right Commission ? It is not anti woman and also safe guard the interest of Male.
Deepanshu Johri | Jan 28, 2014
Yes we need MRC
rajendra kr tiwari | Jan 28, 2014
In order to address the problems relating to men go on mounting every day there must be a national men commission.More than 65000 men commit suicide as they are unable to fight their problems mostly due to women.False cases of dowry and domestic violence and maintenance and child custody are the main cause of it.Such grave situation calls for a national men commission to look after men and save them from ending their lives .Our law too needs correction and repeal of 498A is must.All these problems can be addressed only when there is a proper authority to look after men.Noone else can understand it because everyone sees it through coloured glasses.At present there is end to men's vows and their old age parents are languishing in jails and no one including judiciary is there to sympathise with them.Those who do not understand the problems they come out with candles and interfere in the justice and thereby the whole issue get submerged with unnecessary talks.Therefore it is very pertinent that a seperate Commission for men be formed to look into their problems otherwise men will become extinct from the Indian society.
zeeshan ali | Jan 28, 2014
@ all disagreer; What is the fear with men's right commissioner ? It's mens right commission, not anti women commission.
Abhi | Jan 28, 2014
There are many fronts of social life where gender norms as well as monotonous legislative structure is making many very-much vulnerable. In order to protect men from unfair norms and laws we do need a body for men's right protection. Unfortunately this is always a subject of ridicule for our society...
Girija | Jan 28, 2014
Some arguments demanded in the Disagree Column as the responder as man. The sentence must be pre pended as "Misandrist & Feminist man". Men Right Commission is the need of the hour to stop the production of such male hater male. I support Men Right Commission.
Partha | Jan 28, 2014
@Rahul you are opposing the commission for nothing, at least I have not seen any solid reason of your opposition. I hope you know the meaning of chauvinist. Do you think this commission will allow rape? or say rapists are good, pls don't punish them? or say that oppress women more?....haha this commission will only look into issues that men face and bring in plans for resolution. Why do you think that should be against women? If men want welfare for women, why can't women want the same?
Laxmi Rao | Jan 28, 2014
@Rahul Khemka - your comments shows that you have an illusion of being Mature where rest male/female are at infancy. The perfect symptoms of a male hater male. Be mature and try to understand the necessity. Not all woman demand free money & adulterous life. There are also many women who like family system and Men Rights Commission is the way to achieve this.
Sandhya | Jan 28, 2014
WE have been practicing anti-male tactics since long to get quick sympathy, benefits, Rights without Responsibility. Now Misandry has reached such a point that more and more alpha men has been produced as a survival trend. These alpha male hates men to get quick popularity/success as well as easy favor from opposite gender. We can't escape from our mistake. We are the creator of this alpha male and again we are responsible to reverse this wrong trend. YES, MEN RIGHTS COMMISSION AND MINISTRY IS A MUST IN INDIAN SOCIETY.
Roshni Chowdhury | Jan 28, 2014
@Rahul Khemka - This is the problem with you Misandrist male. You ppl following the trend to get easy favor and secure position; always hate the MEN with out knowing any reasons. Let me tell you the truth, Indian women are frustrated with feminist and spine-less misandrist men. As a Woman I support Men Right Commission because my father is a male, brother is a male and my future Husband will also be a male rather than misandrist.
aa | Jan 28, 2014
we need to have Men Rights Commission in India.
srkraidu | Jan 28, 2014
Why not when every one is equal before law ? If not as opposed by the other gender, they are depriving of men their rights. If no Men's Rights Commission - no women's right commission too. Khoon the ka badla khoon.
Rohan | Jan 28, 2014
@Rahul Khemka and komal, nobody can stop a revolution whose time has come and so it is with the men's movement or the masculist movement. Why do we need a men's commission is what male-feminist Rahul wants to know or claims to want to know. Read all the comments male-feminist Rahul to understand what even many many women support the masculist movement.
Rohan | Jan 28, 2014
@Rahul Khemka, so as per your logic, all those who support women's commission are man-haters and feminists and all those who support a children's commission are adult haters. All those who support a animal's commission are human being haters. What strange logic is that? Anybody who gets a representation or seeks one is a hate-monger. Come out of the medieval cave Rahul! Chivalry has no place in modern 21st century of science and technology.
Rohan | Jan 28, 2014
@Komal, your comment is laughable. If somebody needs a commission, as per you, they are mad. Then all women are mad; all children are mad, all animals are mad. Go visit a psychiatrist yourself if that is what you recommend to everybody. The bias is right there in your comment. You have no arguments except asking people to visit psychiatrists. I guess you need one more than anybody else.
Harsh | Jan 28, 2014
Times have changed. Women are abusing the laws meant to protect them. The society is not what it was. Women are doing jobs which mostly men did. So much so that the women are committing violent crimes as well. In the guise of Equality women are over-powering men by abusing the laws meant to protect them. YES men need to be empowered so as to come at the same level as women!!!!
Neeraj Gupta | Jan 27, 2014
I support the requirement for the men's commission
aditya | Jan 27, 2014
yes. v much needed to stop white collar prostitution n feminine dracinian laws who just want to suck iut blood out of men without contributing anything. we need to safeguard mens interests amidst false allegations n laws favoring unjust n greedy females.
TIKE PRAKASH | Jan 27, 2014
Yes, its the need of the hour!! When Supreme Court itself taken care of "Misuse of Dowry law", there should be awareness in the society about the harassment of men and their innocent family members just for immature nature of the girl holding all the family at a toss. Really, families are shattering due to this. I strongly support this movement. Jai ho!!
kiran | Jan 27, 2014
Women have got too many rights in the name of women empowerment. The are misusing the existing laws and making the new laws biased as well. We need Men's ministry to bring balance in the society
Prashant | Jan 27, 2014
Why not - It's absolute need of the time. Men are also human being and it also hurt when they are harassed due to pro-women and gender biased laws. Where would they go against atrocities by police, and biased judiciary system??
Charles | Jan 27, 2014
Indian Society has changed a lot. These days max. Indian women are running after Free Money, Multiple Organism, Right without Responsibility. So they are using the false victim-hood to achieve these and also using all the tactics to make men ashamed without doing any fault to get all the benefit from society. Men Rights Commission is a MUST to save the Indian MALE.
Roni | Jan 27, 2014
Mens right is the need of the hour. Our judicial and legal system works assuming men have only duties and responsibilities. No proper govt forum is there to vouch for issues men faces in India, just because of their gender. They are always presumed as guilty. Unless a balance is created in our society, women's right will simply and slowly abolish the social balance and make women's life miserable. As a man, if you have any issues with fairer sex, you have no where to go. A men's right commission would be able to address this gap.
ram | Jan 27, 2014
If all are equal before law and god ..y not hav a forum for men..everything is fair if u t not sufferer...Wat is harm in having misuse clause...
Kirandeep | Jan 27, 2014
Feminists don't understand the Love & Compassion blended with the relations like Father/Brother and senior male relatives. Even they fail to love male child. All male are criminals in their eyes. So they always stand against all the concept of male welfare and destroy family system. We need Men Right Ministry to prevent these feminist. It is unfortunate that political parties have become extreme male hater for getting favor from feminists
Ravi | Jan 27, 2014
Feminist and Misandrist are doing Adultery behind the Victim Card. Now they are suffering with Fear that time is coming to be disclosed. They are trying hard to oppose the Men Rights Commission but we have to fail their ill desire to safe guard our culture and family system. Feminist has been passing one by one family destruction law by giving favor to politicians and misandrist male. Time has come to stop this trend.
Sealion | Jan 27, 2014
Catch these bloody congis under these laws. These laws have been brought by the italian led Govt to make India another hunting ground like Thailand, Phillipines for white skinned scoundrel and predators. Surprising that 70000 sexual molestation cases against white skins have been reported in last 3 years against white skins in India, including smalll children but slut media, and feminists (whi lick white arses) are silent on these, while foreigner led govt allowed them to escape without punishment. These shit mouthed feminists just bark Patriarchy, and gender violence without nano iota of proof. Its a Ploy to destroy Indian culture, Indian Families (read Hindus) THAILANDIZATION OF INDIA
Dipak | Jan 27, 2014
Men Rights Commission should be there to balance the law.
Sunita Agarwal | Jan 27, 2014
It is really shocking to see how some ladies with good educational background opposing the Men Commission with totally absurd logic, forgetting they have been awarded commission and not counselor. The FEAR is very clear. FEAR of losing absolute free privilege, FEAR of being disclosed. But still We need Men Ministry and Commission to protect our family system. Let's all stand against these male hater parasites. WE NEED MEN COMMISSION AND MINISTRY.
Tanveer Khan | Jan 27, 2014
both genders are equal, when we talk about equality it needs to be maintained rather then favoring one...
Sunita Agarwal | Jan 27, 2014
Strange part of the society is; politicians favor feminists to secure vote bank & feminist playing victim cards to gain profit. But none of these groups raise any voice to support Indian women who belong to 30+ age group, sisters/mothers. More over the some men are actively supporting anti-male cause to secure own platform. BUT NO ONE FROM THESE GROUP ACTUALLY HELP INDIAN WOMEN AND NOT GIVING ANY TRUE CLARIFICATION TO OPPOSE MEN RIGHTS COMMISSION.
Lenin Varghese | Jan 27, 2014
I completely agree with this law as most of the women are gold diggers as they want all the luxuries of life but they dont want any hardship of life. We are cometelyagainst dowry as in today both men and women play an important role in the scty so why take dowri but because of few pervets and greedy mens the law is in favour of women, just imagine in the city of mumbai u r travelling in a crowded bus and a lady is standing in front of you with all the rush suppose even if accidently ur hand gets touched to the ladys parts of body she can take u to police station and file a rape case against u. How silly just because some drunkards who dont know the difference between a sister and wife rapes late nirbhaya my countrys daring daughtet the law is changed, instead of this then and there itself on the same bus only they shldbe burnt alive. Now women know that after this sadful incident police and law are on their side so they are falsely implicating DV Case just to take revenge. You cannot Cdr records as proof of wifes infidelity, even though u catch them red handed in the bed also u cannot do anything such is the law gender biased just because we cannot conceive we are tormented like this, history is witness that in bible eve was the one who ate the apple and adam got punished. In mahabharat draupadi made brothers to fight with each other, we respect women but dont take it for granted as respect should be Earned.
Vinay | Jan 27, 2014
Laws shoud not be gender baised, Laws like 498a ,DV are being heavily misused among country, it can be confirmed from NCRB data. Actual victims are really not using this laws however it is being heavily misused by wifes to fulfill there demands. There should be strong punishment for false complaints. Even Honerable Supreme Court had said 498a as " Legal Terrorism". Instead of ammending laws to encourage stable families govt is pushing more and more bills to pass fevering wifes. Laws shoud be gender Neutral and establishing Mens Comission will only help survival of men in this county.
Jayesh Devendra Chande | Jan 27, 2014
It is the need of the hour OR else our entire Family system would collapse as today's women only needs money and nothing else from the husband. We have Women's ministry. We have Animal's ministry, then WHY CAN'T WE HAVE MEN'S MINISTRY. "WE NEED MEN'S MINISTRY" to take care of men's too which I assume are atleast equal to animals, if not above them. I feel sorry to know that the womens who disagree for men's ministry. It seems they do not love their father and brother :-(. Quite sorry situation for women's. When something wrong happens to a women, she immediately like to take help of her father or brother, but for their safety and security, they do not want an ministry.
SANJAY DAGDE | Jan 27, 2014
Law and justice must be equal for Men and Women; to save family and have faith in Law, Justice and wife. I think it will be best to avoid further disputes.
Periasamy Subramaniam | Jan 27, 2014
Yes, We need Men Rights Commission....
Aatish Porwal | Jan 27, 2014
Its a must for men's welfare and fair treatment to us.
Ashish Dahiya | Jan 27, 2014
Yes, it is a must requirement for Men to have Welfare commission....
Aditya | Jan 27, 2014
I am in favor of men's right commission.
Karan Kanani | Jan 27, 2014
LAW needs to be equal for MEN and WOMEN. Why should only WOMEN have all rights related to marraige?
Manoj N Pawar | Jan 27, 2014
Hi, If new girl really think they are insecure stop marrying plz. It's saves our life too. The IRBM is not about Women empowerment it's only about wife empowerment. The monster women has just ridicule the Holy word of Marriage. It's our Indian tradition that Girl should left the her parents home for Groom. If monster women feels like 1% of risk in that plz don't do that no body's Forcing u there. If ur not getting enough property from ur Father and they r forcing u to get marry that ur weakness, ur failures to do such things. We r just visit ur home and ask for marriage along with parents. True thing is u all monster women and we Man both may took wrong decision but we man not putting blame on u. If u feel after marriage u may deserve good husband than us than just give divorce and leave in-laws house go earn and choose ur freedom rather than putting all blame on us and become beggar for our and our father property. By doing all this thing ur loosing ur dignity still society median never show ur face on TV and news paper. If u really think we have to preserve holiness of marriage than start teach lesson to Monster women from ur end and show there face on TV so that every body knows who's that monster women reason for becoming distracting our family system. As we r giving punishment to Man from our end by stands along with women who really deserve justice. Have ever experience any agitation for women without Men. I also want experience true love in her eyes, Her physical touch, The moment where Man also share there weakness with her and feel power under her sari shadow. Love to see her achieving her goals by taking everybody's with her as we do, We also happy when she is expecting baby. We r also struggling when she is going through that pain but same time happy with that pain too along with her smile. Man never fight to get anti women LAW but ur doing to same to introduce Anti Male Law. Take example of Our TRi colour flag. Those who are trying make Flag full of Green there are always conflict, Those who try to make All flag Bhagva it may not happen. Like this don't try make such LAW that every man will become Criminal till proven innocent. Finally I love my Mother, My sister, My father, I will love u too as wife. Don't Take every changes as problem take Problem as change. Whatever you feel in new relationship we felt same. The Best word is TALK. Seat with In-laws set things to follow. End discussion on point where we all feel this write for all. Whatever is write as per ur view cant be wrong for us same applicable for us. Take as ur going to live with New soul same we will do. Forget about Label of In-laws. If u all women still want to continue with same than please support us too make National commission for Men. This is for our protection will not harm u 100% Guarantee. If u feel like that than again u have to check once purity of ur Holi intentions.
Udit | Jan 27, 2014
It is Utmost necessary...
abc | Jan 27, 2014
Now a days women misuse, and due to that lot many youngester lose their life, to avoide such misuse, protestion require for male.
PKV | Jan 27, 2014
Men's Welfare Commission is now the need of hour to bring gender balance in society.
Jitendra | Jan 27, 2014
Men rights is the need of India.
vaishali khanna | Jan 27, 2014
why a men should be sent to jail without any investigation. This society runs from both men and women. Both should be treated equally.
Rofel | Jan 27, 2014
@ Abhigna you only aware of IBRM you are not aware of women misusing the laws made for their protection.You are not aware of society where women need cheap publicity and money by misusing Sec 354 nd 376 huh? You are not aware about 50% of fake 498A and Dv act? you men haters feminists even hater their own father thats why men haters feminist are scared and jeolous in forming National Commission for that women can't misuse the laws then you feminists always hang of equality?? Forming a commission only for women is equality?? It itself shows the inferiority of women. If women can't then why can't? Equality means it should be equal and making feminine biased laws and anti-male laws are not equality ..So all "men haters" please try to understand the meaning of equality first other than barking .
rai | Jan 27, 2014
@shabarani. ..firstly I condem what happened in kolkata n all the shit like rape going on ...however these new laws r also being misused to take revenge..u .I think we need this wife filed a 498 against me and my family after 1 n half year...of which she did not stayed with me for.than a year..we did enjoyed a lot of good time together our anniversary our beats our parents bday n their anniversary...I have a lot of videos and photos to prove that.. We also went in jan 13 to many places and I helped her get a job in a private college where many hollywood actresses have studied as well.....then she n my in laws threated me to gt desperate from my family n make property in favour of mg wife which belongs to my father....on not doing this they filed a case in march she is not staying with me nor asking for divorce and saying let the new law of IRBM com then I will take ur father property n give u divorce... currently I m giving her monthly allowance by marring this not blackmailing . In court she says that I n my parents heated her fr 2 long years but there was not a single day when she missed her college Strange hainnnnn...n she says says that I neat her n torture her but she will still stay with me...ironically her mother also says this That ia why I says we need MENs ministry....I also know that everyone will support this if they personally r a victim of this I hope that no one goes though what we men are going through this women empowerment scandel..
Rohan | Jan 27, 2014
@Abhigna, the only thing that you are concerned in the IRBM law or Hindu marriage amendment law (popularly known as the day-light legalised dacoity law) that allows wives to loot their husbands, commit dacoity with the active sponsorship of the Indian govt. Feminists and their organisations are more interested in that than anything else and the so-called plight of women (read only wives) is being used as an excuse to pass such stupid and unconstitutional laws. Its interesting that you claim to be a representative of women's rights but seek to protect only newly-married women while the other women of the household (mothers and sisters of husband) are completely neglected and disowned and you have no answer to cases where the wives have kicked out or harassed the in-laws (women). Your statement is evidence that feminism is all about male-hatred as there is a presumption of guilt upon the entire male species while the women (read only wives) are assumed to be goddesses. I can understand where your strong support for IRBM comes from. All I can say is have some shame. Feminists have become absolutely shameless in their demand for anti-male laws that they openly seek legalised pickpocketing and dacoity laws. You feminists assume that men have no brains. Go ahead and pass the IRBM law and you will see men will stop marrying altogether which means the social support structure of marriage would no longer exist for women. Already there many many men are not marrying and marriage-oriented women are struggling. IRBM will act as the last nail in the coffin. By the way, its also interesting to see how feminists who claim to represent women seek a law specifically targeting the Hindu society by seeking a marriage law amendment bill and are silent about other communities. It appears that since all other communities (specifically muslim and christian communities) constitute a big vote-bank for the congress, and since most male-hating women's groups belong to the congress party, you have conveniently targeted the Hindu community. It seems to serve multiple purposes apart from the main purpose of corruption and legalised dacoity. Shame on the feminists. But remember the law of nature - what you sow is what you reap and sooner or later that is what you will end up with. Feminism is now reached a stage of great decay and in the next decade, we will see its demise. RIP.
Girish Bharani | Jan 26, 2014
We want our individual Men's welfare ministry bez Women 's now harassing Men's and every women Missuse The law
Dev Sonar | Jan 26, 2014
Why more than 96% child custody is given to Females? Gender discriminated laws are reason behind suicide of more than 55000 married men across India. Every 9 minutes there is one Suicide by married men due to severe law misuse by females..... The existence if women's rights commission itself is illegal and should be abolished. All laws should be made gender neutral. Any crime that can be committed my men can be committed by women too; and sometimes in a more better way than men. Which woman wants to argue with me that murders, rapes, molestation, harassment at workplace, economic offenses can be committed only by men and never by women?? So what happens when these offenses are committed by women? Why different laws for men and women? While I don't think there should be any special privilege for men, there shouldn't be for women either. Everyone should be treated equal I the eyes of law. And the article 16 of our constitution should be complied 100% when making laws.
Rajneesh Roy | Jan 26, 2014
Yes this biased law Need to be changed .so that MISUSED by woman's which is on RISE from past few years can be stopped. Any women who misuse the existing Law should be punished . Need more liberal infect equal law for both gender. False case by women must be treated as a crime and must be punished accordingly.
Deepthi | Jan 26, 2014
Totally agree..
Sandhya Laha | Jan 26, 2014
It is shocking how alpha male are justifying male suicide to get a secure existence in the society. Once Men Rights Commission is formed, hopefully these alpha male can come back to the main stream and contribute positive thing to the society. Yes Men Rights Commission is Required to Save male in India
Sandhya Laha | Jan 26, 2014
WE have been practicing anti-male tactics since long to get quick sympathy, benefits, Rights without Responsibility. Now Misandry has reached such a point that more and more alpha men has been produced as a survival trend. These alpha male hates men to get quick popularity/success as well as easy favor from opposite gender. We can't escape from our mistake. We are the creator of this alpha male who think Men Rights is nothing but a Joke. And again are responsible to reverse this wrong trend. YES, MEN RIGHTS COMMISSION AND MINISTRY IS A MUST IN INDIAN SOCIETY.
nishant | Jan 26, 2014
In India we have only one cure for every disease/problem of the society is strong law,,,women favoring law,,,women commissions,,,women this women that,,,if we think that both the gender are equal or we have ever think there should be reallity then we should not crib for special powers/laws/previlages,,,so my point is there should be no women commission and if we cant abolish Women Commission then ya we sure need MEN COMMISSION
Sushmit Pal | Jan 26, 2014
Absolutely Agree
Anil | Jan 26, 2014
If women do not fault then why there are no provisions for PUNISHING the Misuse and Abuse of the GENDER BIASED LAWS. If women are averse to Patriarchal society then "WHY THEY NEED PROTECTION" as "Asking and giving Protection to women is also PATRIARCHAL" Now Who will PROTECT MEN from Women Perpetrators/Abusers/Misusers There is a dire emergent and desperate NEED for MENS' Right Commission
Parveen Dang | Jan 26, 2014
Need of the moment with ever increase crime and extortion against men in India. Men also need to be heard and there must be a men's commission who can represent voice of men and bring about the change in today's society of looking over men as criminals for no fault of theirs.
Shammi Dang | Jan 26, 2014
It's the need of the day considering what Men (married, unmarried, young boys etc) are going through these days at the hands of unscrupulous women/females. Even males at high profile and top most govt positions are at constant threat just because they are males and there are females working around them . The society where women has lost their morals and are leaving no stone unturned to make the best of the current situation in the name of women empowerment, the formation of ministry for men or men rights commission is the need of the hour. If preventive steps are not taken right now this country will be "living domain of whores" and nothing else. For this our govt and specially our ministers have to wake up. I think by now many of them must have leaned a lesson themselves.
jimmy | Jan 26, 2014
Obviously, Men's rights are the need of the hour. There are too many women-centric laws made in such a way as if women can never lie and their word is taken as the gospel truth to incarcerate innocent men. Cases like false 498A, DV, etc., have become rampant and are destroying the fabric of the society's basic unit, the family. Either of these two things should happen (1) Men get a ministry and independent commissions, just like women OR (2) Women's ministries & commissions should be scrapped as a common law should apply to both. All this is happening because men are being treated as slaves, only born to earn and protect their women. Why this discrimination against men? To the women here who crib about their husbands, ask yourselves "Are your fathers and brothers or sons so bad?". And those men who blindly support women thinking that the rest of the men are rogues barring them should understand that they are being idiotic.. We must be clear about one thing: that crime or criminals have no gender, race or religion and need to be treated as such. Law of the land must not differentiate between the two...
Bobby | Jan 26, 2014
Men right commission is the need of the hour and its time we unite to make this a reality. To start - One day of every month men should refrain attending offices all over the country to file peaceful protest to show to the government (parliament) that makes/passes such one sided draconian laws in favour of women that its time to do a rethink. We will not take it lying low anymore. Can we start this movement???
RAVISANKAR | Jan 26, 2014
By creating foolish laws on women empowerment the society is being destroyed.Family life cannot be decided or conducted for everyone by the police,advocates and the judges.Aping western laws and enforcing them on Indian society will destroy Indian society.If fools are law makers the people suffer.
Rohan | Jan 26, 2014 KHIDIRPUR GANG RAPE WAS NOTHING BUT CONSENSUAL SEX . Shame West Bengal administration, you did not protect our Brothers !!! Rape culture in West Bengal is lying upon blood of our innocent brother's soul. That is the only reason they did not seek police custody of the innocent accused. They knew very well that there is nothing to investigate. Our West Bengal has turned to be the "Andha Nagari Chaupat Raja, Taka Ser Bhaji Taka Ser Khaja". Today TOI too started dirty nasty game. WHY TOI WHY ?? Why are you lying? Why you too joined the conspirators? Rape is not a Game !!! Data courtesy : A Popular Bengali news Paper - "Ai Somay" . See for bengali version
Prakash | Jan 26, 2014
There is a heavy need of a commission to look after men's right . Now men are being thrown out of the house . Are we not human beings . Are we not entitle to get a shelter in the house that we purchased with our hard earned money . I agree that there are girls who are victims but these women favouring rules are not being used by them.They are used by so called "modern" women to destroy men's life and their family . Please save Indian men ..... Please save Indian families . There is a extreme need of a commission that has to bring balance . We have seen a man who was burned by his own wife but he stayed quite for his parents and society . Please remove these illusions that girls are the only victims . IT'S NOT TRUE . . . . .
rajat | Jan 26, 2014
Totally agree. This should happen to avoid misuse of law by women against men
Rohan | Jan 26, 2014
@Satbir Singh Bedi, we will surely know who needs a psychiatrist now on with the new laws in place and the amendments and with more and more false cases of rape, dowry, DV, sexual harassment etc. Your analysis of male suicides would hurt the ego of even hardcore feminists who claim that all men are evil because even they do not claim such nonsense. You need to liberate yourself from that hardwiring and learn new things away and beyond social norms and culture or else you will learn things the hard way the way many men are learning with false cases. Those same men used to say once upon a time that all women are abla naris and all men are demons only to find out the truth which was really bitter for them and they paid from their pockets literally to learn that hard lesson. In life you have two choices - one to learn the soft way; the other, to learn the hard way. It is upto you to decide which way to learn. But you will get hit in any case as even powerful people are getting affected by these laws now.
Rohan | Jan 26, 2014
For all those men out there who believe that it is a male-dominated country, just read the laws first. To begin with, just read section 498A of the IPC, DV act, anti-rape law, criminal laws amendment act and marriage laws amendment bill. The definition of rape has changed! If a man touches a woman by mistake, it is now RAPE. If a man seeks friendship with a woman, and if she chooses to call the police, she can call and it is now RAPE. Any dealing with a woman is now RAPE as per the new definition of rape. If a woman has a very bad character and is a habitual rape accuser, sleeps around with many men and of loose character, you guys cannot show that in a court of law and claim that she has tendencies to do that - file false charges because now, the law states that lack of character in certain women is not to be taken into consideration while deciding on a judgement. So, all you candlelight wallas, you will face these charges of rape sooner or later. You went mad during the dec 16th rape incident and sought hanging of the rapist, castration and what not. Now, you will face it yourself. You did not see the game played by feminists, western MNCs, bankers and govt behind the hyping of dec 16th rape incident. They basically wanted to garner public sympathy for women's issues and make new laws and amendments for more corruption and false cases. Do you have any sense guys? You have signed your own death warrant! as simple as that.
Prashant | Jan 26, 2014
This is need of hour now to have National Comminssion Men in India. Otherwise atleast NCW ahould be abloshied immediately before Men disappears from India. If feminist are so confident that a woman can never be at fault in matrimonial issues and now with new law of so called harashment at wp why they oppose for ammendment of all such laws for punishment of women who misuse it? When feminist will wake up? Why can't they realise western policies to keep India as big market by not allowing men/women here to excel which otherwise can evolve India as no.1. How many mothers and sisters will be arrested or how many of them will loose thier son/brothers on the name of women (wife??) empowerment?
Joyanto Mitra | Jan 26, 2014
People who disagree with the view of Men's Right requirement, are people does not follow the Constitution of India. Every citizen has his rights, roles and responsibilities. Biased law means emphasis is on the rights and NOT in roles and responsibilities. Which is a natural imbalance. A person is good or bad. It has nothing to do with caste, creed, gender, religion, etc...... We should have either men's right organization and women's right organization, and hindu, muslim, etc... etc..... OR only one that is, human rights. Complexity in system is itself a conspiracy of the Indian system. Giving rights to one, does not mean snatching/depriving rights from others. And law should never ever be working in any kind of assumptions and presumptions.
Varun | Jan 26, 2014
Yes ... We need men's rights commission. These gender biased laws are spoiling the concept of Families. These pathetic laws are meant to protect the women but are actually against the women ( mother and sister in law)
Rajesh | Jan 26, 2014
we want men rights commission
Anil Bargal | Jan 26, 2014
We are also a Human being so we have right to live a safety life If govt form a womens Commission then how should they Neglect men Think on that and form a Mens Commission for the safety of whole nation Welfare of the men
Apoorva | Jan 25, 2014
Definately, this is requirement of time
sanjay | Jan 25, 2014
Almost all the laws that are made to protect women rights are misused. Make the laws gender neutral. stats says that 99% cases of 498a against men are false. I strongly feel that the men rights are being violated much greater then women rights, the only thing is media talk abt only women.
Jatin Soni | Jan 25, 2014
Men's rights and welfare commission is indeed very much required now a days. We have commission for woman and also for animals. But where is commission for men? They also have issues, where it is going to be heard?
Chandramohan B A | Jan 25, 2014
My wife harassed me inside 4 walls with different criminal plots. I always thought there is some misunderstanding until she fled away to her father's house with our son. After 2 years of separation, I came to know she has cheated me of money and immovable assets after which I decided to go for divorce. She then filed false DV & 498A and is now demanding 25 lakhs. My advocate advices to either take her back or give fat money and escape from the situation as nothing will happens to women. Mine is a very long story and need more space to present in totality, I only say MENs right commission is the need of the hour
suresh | Jan 25, 2014
Time has changed and there are evidences of materialistic approach of women too. Due to human nature power is always misused when opponent is bare handed. Life will be balanced if justice is unbiased for both. Hence such commission is need of time.
Sharad Tuli | Jan 25, 2014
I agree.
Rishabh | Jan 25, 2014
Yes of course there must be an institution body for men rights like as women commission...because all men are not bad...and all women are not good.
ramu | Jan 25, 2014
Society has been polarized by biased laws. The congress, including many parties, for obvious reasons, projects women issues as vote-bank politics. Women organizations use any opportunity in their way... In my opinion, men's welfare is must to maintain the harmony in the society...It's also obvious that anyone who supports this initiative is NOT IN SUPPORT of any atrocities happening against women. We all have mother, sisters, and daughters. That's a separate issue of law and order... Men's welfare is required to address many socio-economic issues.
jay h jani | Jan 25, 2014
I invite all the feminist sisters to my home in Ahmadabad...please meet my mother and sister who became the victim of false DV case against me and my family and watch our recent and past videos and see the photos how i loved my wife and now my in laws using her as a tool to get me rapped. please i will get you tickets if you want...(sorry if i offend you coz you are not poor then me, i did not meant that!!!) see this is the situation of a real man this days...
omprakash pawar | Jan 25, 2014
I strongly recommend that "Men right commission" should be formed. It will help to reduce the cases, which are misused by the opposite sex.
Rupesh Chikop | Jan 25, 2014
Men are humans. Not all men are bad. The good men needs to be protected by the misuse of laws by unscrupulous women. Hence Men Rights Commission is needed.
yogesh mahajan | Jan 25, 2014
Due to wide misuse of laws especially by the urban women..Now the time demands there should be separate commission of man to heard their grievances
Anurag Ranjeet | Jan 25, 2014
Its is really important to have a govt organization for taking care of harassed men.
Partha Sadhukhan | Jan 25, 2014
Looks like now feminists are running out of comments. We need more of their comments to hear some silly logic and have some fun. Their perspective actually tells us how sick minded modern day ladies are. A men's commission will NOT support rape or beating women. Rather it will ensure that men's welfare issues are taken care of, so a men's welfare commission is a minimum requirement at this hour. We also need men's welfare ministry and allocate funds for men's welfare.
Ramesh R | Jan 25, 2014
A must have. Is it a sin for having born as a male in this country?.
PRASHANT SAYRE | Jan 25, 2014
I Agree, need a men's rights commission.
Amit kushwah | Jan 25, 2014
Many women are applying false allegations under domestic violence and applying false allegations for money
I am in favor of Men's Rights and Welfare Ministry and I am against all anti male laws which are still in force in the legislation in Jurisdiction of India/ Hindustan/ Bharat. Each and every law must be gender neutral - See more at:
Chetan S | Jan 25, 2014
Its high time now to form ministry for men and men 's rights commission because the false cases are on rise at all places in our country. Law misuse is support ed by feminists , lawmakers n judiciary. The rights of men are open ly killed without any shame. Fraud wives n fraud women spread at each and every places .fraud Women are being treated like Sati Savitri and men like criminal s.pros culture entered every where. Men's suicides rate increase d So it shall be formed immediately , urgently on emergency basis other wise men know how to take justice.
prateek | Jan 25, 2014
Why isn't women's cell not taking any action against womens who misuse the law. Why is a man arrested for non payment of maintenance and women not arrested for giving access of child who is in their custody. I think women's right cell should flag this if they want to stop misuse of law and save our society. A man who runs his family and shows he is strong, needs to speak and tell the problem. Law needs to be made for betterment and not to ruin the society. We need law of EQUALITY.
Shravan | Jan 25, 2014
YES.... I strongly agree for National Men's Commission. "VALIDATION OF MEN'S PROBLEMS is not invalidation women's problems" Law should be gender neutral.
ankit | Jan 25, 2014
Men are being abused more than women. We need laws and commission which can fight for men
Selva | Jan 25, 2014
Men rights commission is needed, 498a/DV/125 are widely misused. Ladies, if you are not interested in marriage and why hell get married and put innocent families in fake allegations. If any guy has demanded dowry upfront you have option to call of the marriage. Fake allegation ladies beware Truth will come out one day, unfortunately INDIA is the only country which has all these biased laws and Government thinks all MEN are not humans and all WOMAN as SITA/SAVITHRI. God save this countries MEN.
Devendra Limaye | Jan 25, 2014
We need justice as same as women. 498 a is more than a terrorist law stating in our own home personally......the country won't affect with this but a single home will affect as good as HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI. Those will understand the pain who have/are gone/going thr'. -Devendra.
Mani Singh | Jan 25, 2014
We want mens right commission at any cost
Shiv Dewangan | Jan 25, 2014
Yes, It's high time we need it now. There are even NGOs for Animal welfare then why not one for Men. Men do need emotional/economical/social help and guidelines (Not only women and Animals of our country). It is need of the hour that National Commission of Men be established in our country. It must be complemented with State Men's Commission in all state. Political parties must establish Men's wing in their internal structure. In course of time Men's Welfare Ministry can be established in union and state government.
rahul | Jan 25, 2014
To make gender equal society.
r mehta | Jan 25, 2014
No doubt, men are opperessed a lot in India. Biased laws have ruined the families and harmoney in matrimonial life. False complainants are in plenty. Men Commission may make it sure that innocent men are not harassed
Sanjay Sharma | Jan 25, 2014
Mens r suffering a lot due to women biased laws top officials r also not been spared with false cases agnst dem
Taraknath M Ghosh | Jan 25, 2014
I agree because Mens rights are also human rights. And laws like 498A in which innocent emns family are also harressed. This laws have given a weapon to extort money from men. I have a daughter of 3 years and I have not been able to meet her for last 10 months. This inhuman act of mother (Woman) is not considered in any court and only mens are penalised under the roof that mother has all the right for the custody of the minor. Even qualification of the woman is not considered during decree of maintenance and woman take advantage of this and rest at home even if she is capable of working and earning for her leaving. My question to all of you that if she is asking money from her husband for her living then at what ground she should be given the child custody???
Avinish Singh | Jan 25, 2014
We definitely need Mens Right Commission
Hussein Ali Abbaszadeh | Jan 25, 2014
Yes - It goes without a Question. When Indian Constitution gives equal rights & responsibilities and does not discriminate in caste creed or gender in spirit then why not in practice too. Why do only Women get something which should be Men's right too. Why NCW for Women and Why not for Men - Are Men lesser Human Beings or far below animals too that even Animals got a Ministry for them. Majority of Taxes are paid by Men and still no representation for them. When 100 laws exist in name of Welfare & Protection of Women and not a single Law for the Gender Male - Is this not violation of Human Rights. Why are Men lesser children of God then Women. Why this discrimination - for what reasons. By the way the Men are being treated like Ravans of Society and only Females/Wives considered are Sitas ..Is this Biased Thinking Apt ?? Why Men are not Brothers, Fathers, Good Husbands & Son for their resp. families and why only women are Consider Pious & Holy. Either Banish all Men to some another country or Let them too survive with Diginity & Respect the same that is demanded & given to Women. Nowadays Men are most abused lot in name of wrongs done by few and so paying the price for crimes not committed. Men need their Voice to be heard. NC for Men is MUST NEED OF THE HOUR...
Kamal Menon | Jan 25, 2014
Another thing I would like to say. A group of men, mostly rural illiterate types, are committing violent crimes against women. Another group of men, mostly urban modern types, are routinely abused by wives, harassed by laws and committing suicide. So what is the feminist solution of these two problems? First; men are guilty until proven otherwise, cause patriarchy. Second one; no national commission for men, cause patriarchy. Are we seeing a pattern here? Yes, its all patriarchy. Boy, did I mention these feminists are living in 1950.
Yagnanarayana Dande | Jan 25, 2014
If lovers (majors) willfully leave their home as parents didn't accept for marriage. Then Male will be prosecuted for fleeing and not female. If 2 majors indulge in sex out of marriage only Male will be prosecuted. If 2 persons are doing some thing which if society thinks wrong then both should be prosecuted of if Society thinks they are victims then both should be supported.
Kamal Menon | Jan 25, 2014
Look at all those feminists living in 1950.
Christian J. | Jan 25, 2014
It is a known fact that if men are ignored as they have been in western society, our human rights will be shredded and thrown onto the rubbish heap as has been the case for so long. Sexist females who protest against a Men's Commission should have a good look at their own sexist bias and obvious discriminatory attitudes. Women are showing themselves to be the greater bigots as we have seen in feminists, right across the world.
kakaikumar | Jan 25, 2014
Must have equal legal protection ,gender neutral law.
Manpreet | Jan 25, 2014
Various laws are getting misused by woman in our society like rape,matrimonial laws(498a,DV,CRPC125).Mens right is needed to protect the right of male.Just google "Misuse of rape law,misuse of 498a". Even Delhi high court has accepted the no of fake rape cases has tremendously increased.
Joerofel | Jan 25, 2014
Yes, we need men right commision to reduce false rape cases, to reduce misuse of 498A and Domestic violence act by women. Why all men should suffer because of some rapists and the feminists who hates men are saying that all men are rapists. Even the laws here are feminine biased there is not a single law to support men. Even adultery is not a crime for women in India. Shameful country with misandry concept. Feminists think only men do wrong and women wont commit any wrong they prove themselves that they dont have any brain. Feminists are nothing other men hated ladies even they hate their own father. So its neccessary that to wipe out misandry feminism should be controlled.
Dinesh | Jan 25, 2014
The time has come for Indian men to stop suffering in silence and stand up for themselves. Lawmisuse, human rights violations due to false 498a, sexual assaults and domestic violence cases must stop. A ministry for men must be formed to create new laws that will enforce punishment to those women who try (and often succeed) in destroying innocent lives. The same punishment should be given to a woman, which she seeks for the man, if the case is found to be false. Enough is enough.
Sathyan | Jan 25, 2014
There are several women organisations, viz. NCW, State women commisions, other NGO women organisations, etc. etc. All these women organisations work only to break families in the name of women empowerment. When a husband's mother approaches any women organisation with a compalint against her daughter-in-law, she doesn't get any help from them because of the reason that she is a "husband's" mother. All these women organisations make the women in the country misuse the laws like 498a, DV, etc, and because of this, lacs of innocent children become fatherless every year. So, it is very necessary to create men's ministry and men's commision to save innocent men, families and the society as a whole.
Vishal | Jan 25, 2014
We want Men's rights commission.
Partha | Jan 25, 2014
A Welfare Commission for Men is a MUST for any society. I see no reason why anyone must disagree. There is no need for anybody to feel insecure about it. For a nation which has suicide statistics for double the number for males, there definitely is a need for an official body having the power to inquire, review and amend public policies that affect men.
Aslam Matekar | Jan 25, 2014
Of course we do need Men's Rights Commission
MRA Abhinatre Gupt | Jan 25, 2014
We need mens right commission due to below reasoning: 1. women commission work only on gender biased, this will affect badly to innocent ones n their families. 2. all laws must be gender neutral, to avoid illegal harassment. 3. due to false cases, every year thousand innocent families affected. 4. suicidal case increased among married mens due to harassment by wife family / police mens and biased magistrates. 5. all women are not sati savitris and not all mens are devil too. 6. presently greedy wives used biased laws for extortion,etc which must be stopped by creation of mens right commission. 7. 98% cases are reportedily fake by ncrb. 8. police registered fir against husband families for money making and judiciary supports them coz corrupt judiciary system as well magistrates too. Due to above reasonings we need mens right commission for gender equality in all manner. Regard's, Abhinatre Gupt.
venkat akkinapalli | Jan 25, 2014
We certainly need men welfare commission and ministry because we welfare commissions even for forest and animals, Men too will have problems and someone has to look after. It is not against women and child ministry or others. Persons who want justice for all or gender neutral has to agree for this
AMIT DE | Jan 25, 2014
Why only a Mens Commission, we need a MINISTRY FOR MEN, in lines with that of Ministry of Women and Child. If women are clamoring so much for equality, then why they are so shocked and hurt and opposed at this proposal. God supposed to have created Men and Women equal. What we mortals have done? We can atleast create gender neutral laws. Let there be equality in laws. Lets throw out the misnomer of 'Patriarchy'. Why do we have so many Indian Men going to the warfront and laying down their lives; let the women also join. It takes less strength and effort to pull the trigger or throw a grenade at the enemy than hitting attacking husbands at home, humiliating them in their offices, getting them beaten up by their boy-friends or goons etc. Not only that women do not spare the sister or the mother of the husband also, who are also Women and for whom NCW couldnt care less - random beatings and tortures, getting the sister in law molested or raped in the name of modernism etc. are very frequent. In that case why there should not be gender neutral laws? Why our coal miners are only men? For equality, NCW should claim 50% reservation for Women in mining, Services and other hazardous professions also? It is then not surprising why one married Indian man commits suicide every 8 mins. Most of the times, the only crime that a man does is to get married. A time is soon coming when men will not ‘OFFICIALLY’ marry anymore. No marriage, no anti-husband laws applicable. What will Women do then? THINK. So please welcome MENS COMMISSION and MINISTRY FOR MEN !!! Men’s rights are human rights, don’t abuse them.
SubramanyaRao | Jan 25, 2014
Out of Millions One gang rape is troubling other million men. As per NCRB 90,000 men suicide every year I agree women need protection and also education, that does also mean men need their rights! Me and my wife are senior citizens, We have one son, We Care, Love his wife as our Daughter. Media, Society and misandry have stamped in-laws and husband as culprits, having grown up in such an environment our daughter views and mis interprets our asking her to take on good practices as violence she and her parents threaten us of dire consequences if not obey them. Police Station, court, home minister, society, medical system are far from even considering our plight Enough is enough, We want Men's Rights Commission!
ratan | Jan 25, 2014
I have no Idea what Rape and molestation cases have to do with MRC , men got their own issues , and those who have voted against this , please wait until u get busted by SHWB or IRBM or 498a ( I have a list of this laws ).
Sai | Jan 25, 2014
Definitely need one for all those lakhs of innocent husbands who are suffering in the hands of those greedy and bad Indian women who are misusing these biased laws to extort money form Husbands. It is high time someone take care of innocent Indian men. Why do we need gender biased laws? Punish anyone who has committed crime be it man or woman.
Pooja Arora | Jan 25, 2014
All these comments in disagreement column shows the misandry these females carry in their mind. They would only support Men's Welfare ministry if one of their brother's or sons are implicated in false case.
Shivank Mehra | Jan 25, 2014
@Hema.. on your comment... //Men are always jealous of women, it can be any field. as the women have a commission for them, so they also need one for men//... We can see who is the jealous one here.
Shivank Mehra | Jan 25, 2014
All the arguments in the "disagree" section repeat the same thing again and again: Men's welfare issues need no attention, because there are women's welfare issues. I don't see how this argument makes sense. Do men not deserve a channel that listens to them without invalidating their feelings or ignoring or trivializing their problems? Suicide rate is dramitcally higher for males. Men are provided no protection against sexual harassment at workplace and against rape and seduction. Males also suffer domestic abuse and sexual harassment but fail to report it for fear of being mocked. Men pay more taxes than women at the same income level. Tax provisions are not gender neutral. Are men slaves to women? Man lives and dies for others. He is forced to don the mantle of the breadwinner for the whole family (including the extended family upon marriage) or else face a social death. No schemes are being furthered either by the Government or eminent social celebrities for boys the way they are happening for girls. This has led to more boys dropping out of school resulting in in crease of juvenile delinquency. Shunned by the society, such boys grow up with gross inadequacy and ultimately turn criminals. They deserved better. In the last 62 years of independent India not a single rupee has ever been allocated for men’s welfare from the Union Budget. If there can be welfare ministries for women, children and even animals, then why not men? Are men worse than animals? What about the anti-male slant and negative stereotyping indulged in by media, television and films against men? Negligence of health issues of men like prostate cancer, short life expectancy, high suicide rates, cardiac problems, diabetes etc.? Lack of government urge on the private sector to come up with Health Products specifically targeted to diseases affecting men in large numbers? Women deserve only equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. Everybody makes choices, and nobody should be entitled to special treatment because of those choices. Equal results based on unequal treatment amounts to no kind of equality at all. Men are not "collectively guilty" of anything.
Common_Man | Jan 25, 2014
@Kaveri Krishnan, In which world are you living? More than 90% of the 498a complaints logged against husband and the family are false. In all those cases husband might have to spend time in jail, he will lose his job, his parents will suffer and many may not survive the mental torture. This is worst then rape. All women making false accusation of 498a or rape should spend equal time in jail.
tony james | Jan 25, 2014
Women have become the privileged class while men have become the second class citizens of the society. It is time for gender neutral laws not anti-male laws.
498avictim | Jan 25, 2014
Men have the equal right to live as well. From birth till death, men make sacrifice to full fill his responsibility without any complain. Only in India men are born crying, spend their whole life in fear and finally die crying. If women can't share the same responsibility as of men, then they have no right to speak. How many women are there in Indian Army? Only in India men are attacked from both sides of the border.
Beaware498a | Jan 25, 2014
Are feminists blind to the data or don't they have brains in their head to understand what's real and what's fiction?
Abhijeet Patil | Jan 25, 2014
I think the cruelty by nature is not gender based...... It's the human / person who is cruel.... These days because of gender biases law the human that are cruel by nature and are supposed to be women are highly missing using the law to harasses, extort and take revenge with the families..... I think to prevent this high miss use of law we need a men's right commission who can come up with good suggestions to improve the existing laws..... So that the law can be used by the actual victims to get justice and punishable to the miss users of law..... That too heavily
Avinash | Jan 25, 2014
If we want growth and harmony in society. There should be gender neutral laws
vivek c | Jan 25, 2014
Graded punishment based on gravity of crime should be sole rationale...gender agnostic...should be blind to gender, man or woman.... Child parenting/custody in a broken family should be on merits the best interests of the child...child only bias to favor woman over presumption that men cannot be loving.... no presumption of men being unworthy of caring for their own bias towards not granting of visitation access to kids. ... TIme has come for India to change for better...or as they say 'history repeats itself', India would soon go into oblivion... a nation victim of its hypocrisy...the same nation once considered the center of wisdom, spirituality, and culture to envy upon...
Rukma Chary | Jan 25, 2014
Whether patriarchal society is a myth or does not irrelevant to agree that Men's Right Commission is need of the hour. Since crime is a crime and should not seen through the prism of gender, Men's issues and problems need to be looked into with more seriously than women issues because of two reasons. One is Men's contribution to the development of the society is many folds when compared to Women. Second is Men are being currently used as disposable entity which is evident from the Govt of India suicide statistics which stands 65,000 plus when compared to 32,000 women
Girija Devi | Jan 25, 2014
When Men Rights Activists proudly announce that Men Rights are Human Rights, Feminist Lady doesn't think even once before saying she is not Human rights activist. So she herself disclosed that women are not human !! Acceptable ? As a Woman I support Men Right Commission
Sulekha Misra | Jan 25, 2014
When a woman thinks that right goes to RAPE victim, it is easily understood how these laws are used these days and how some women get their rights. SHAME !! We really need the Men Rights Commission to prevent these abusers.
Sunil Pawar | Jan 25, 2014
Time has come to awake man before everything is lost from their hand as woman are enjoyingequality+prievliege as per their need in every sector - See more at:
JB | Jan 25, 2014
Since Feminists wanted Ministry for Women and not for Humans. Since Feminists wanted Rights for Women and not Human. It is ONLY Men's Ministry that can get some dignity for Human beings. Men's Rights are Human Rights
vivek c | Jan 25, 2014
men exist...they have rights.... men work the most treacherous nation's borders, build bridges, roads, run public transport system , construction, heavy machinery, are never thanked..yet they strive on...for most men, it is about doing..not about speaking.. most men are good , few are criminals...who denies this ? most women are good, few are criminals... But this somehow is unacceptable to vociferous feminazi and feminists in India & abroad.... therein lies the problem... To argue, that a boy and a girl born to same parents a.k.a same genes, upon turning 18 years suddenly in the eyes of Indian law, man ( grown up buy) become a criminal , woman ( grown up girl ) is by default a victim, hence protected by the state with immensely gender biased laws/ state machinery. Why does a son become a criminal in eyes of Indian law, a daughter a victim, born to same mother ? Even for a moment, accepting 'rape' as a crime committed by man. why is the law so easy on the woman when her allegations itself proven malicious & fabricated ? Why those same false allegations keeps a man behind bars for several months, his reputation destroyed forever ? Why is the law tolerant about the misuse ? Why no talk of compensation to a man ? What makes a man's reputation so cheap in India ? Crime on men committed by women in India are not even recorded by the government...exception murder, even suicide is rarely attributed to cruelty by woman on man..whereas suicide by women is automatically a dowry death/cruelty by husband. Should such gender bias in recording crimes not making this whole argument on relying on crime statistics a big joke ? Men's commission is a's issues are real.... why Men's commission opposed by 'equality' seeking women groups ? what could be the possible harm ? Do these groups fear expose of the hand in glove multiple agencies to sweep under the carpet all crimes committed on man by woman, & run a profitable extortion racket ? Equal crime should have equal punishment.. whether men or women....domestic violence gender neutral...adultery if it is a crime, both the adulterer & adulteress should get equal punishment or both get no punishment..rape law make gender neutral..what is there to worry ladies,when we accept its the man who rapes a woman...let it be there, no man will ever be able to punish the woman for raping a man, so what harm to keep gender neutral .. so we continue supporting gender bias in society presuming man to be a criminal Or support Men's commission to start with .. Or my prophecy to own dislike would soon be true...the great Indian culture would have none of the glory of the golden past, nor would have any semblance of gender neutral laws of today's progressive west , but a mixture of regressive gender biased outlook of society/state/ laws stifling the feeble voices of the man by the few vociferous women groups...much to the detriment of India...leading to breakdown of vital unit of society, a family.
Sulekha Misra | Jan 25, 2014
Honestly speaking Men Rights commission is much more needed to protect Indian Family system and Indian Society. National Commission for Women restricted to a specific age group and specific marital status of woman. Indian Mothers & sisters are not considered as women by NCW. Even beyond the specific age group they don't have any interest. When a man is destroyed by false cases & for money, his mother/sister are destroyed too and they are also women. The feminist men are opposing the men right, not because they honor women, but because of quick popularity and favor from the opposite gender.
shyam | Jan 25, 2014
Definitely need Commission for Men. Men are presumed to be always guilty and treated like a terrorist in domestic cases whereas women on other side are by default GODDESS, innocent, abla, non toxic, family savior and what not..Let the change be made and atleast the forth coming men generation be treated equal and respected!! A(MEN)!!
chirayu | Jan 24, 2014
we need such laws
satya prakash | Jan 24, 2014
NCM is today's need because Gender Biased Female supportive laws are grossly misused by womens for which Mens are victim. As a father, as a husband Mens are the real victims. So I strongly agree & support NCM....
Pravin | Jan 24, 2014
Feminists think that only women should be protected and only women have rights. This is not true. Even men need protection. Mens issues has been always ignored and UPA government has built one after other anti male laws . We need mens commission so that our children , brothers are protected . India has enough of women protection laws. Now it is the turn for men.
Naresh | Jan 24, 2014
It is very important to have men's ministry which will erase gender bias currently prevailing in our society. In current scenario women although found guilty are treated with kid gloves. Police also thinks 10 times before arresting a woman. But if a man is found on wrong side of law the same officers dont think twice before arresting him. Why is this so? Are men not human beings? I strongly recommend mens ministry
Abi | Jan 24, 2014
@ Shrabani Mukherji haa..are you kidding you are saying you speak in a polite manner huh? calling some ones mother?/ so it is better to say you are born a bad father thats why you hate men so much your feminist views are not going to work because its the masculinist era, feminism is going to end with the misandry which is developed by feminists
Abi | Jan 24, 2014
@ Hema are you joking? We men are jealous about women? men commits suicide due to our mental frustation? eeh seems funny as a men hated like you saying like this...look every wife have a weapon 498A whihc is used to kill husband and his family..Women includes ones mother not the wife? Can you men hated feminists please explain any law supporting men. Violence against women is taken seriously, but violence against men is treated as joke by all these men hated feminists..
Indiaagainstfeminism | Jan 24, 2014
Since this is election time we must ask all polotical parties for Mens Commission, otherwise the whole group of MRA all over the country shouldn't vote this general election
Ark | Jan 24, 2014
I think indian democracy has lost its moto. Law makers are not worry about the meaning of the justice and the public sentiments. Womens working for mens rights clearly shows that indian faminism is nothing more then the political propaganda and it needs immediate attention otherwise it may lead to revolt with govt system.
Abi | Jan 24, 2014
@ Shrabhani Mukherjee.. lol.. so you are not aware of false rape cases reporting day by day. Look false rape cases may be less but the fact is there are up to 20% of fake rape cases reporting per year. Then why women always fear of men's right commision, because women knows they are inferior to us and they know if we start men's commission they can't file false rape and molesation case so that they won't get cheap publicity and money. Then feminist the men haters are talking about domestic violence and 498A these are feminine biased rules which are misused by women about 50% of DV act and 498A are fake which is made by wife and advocates for money from husband. And all laws are anti-males which is prevailing in our society, even adultery is not a crime for women in just shut up all men haters(Feminist).
jahangir alam | Jan 24, 2014
Time has come to awake man before everything is lost from their hand as woman are enjoyingequality+prievliege as per their need in every sector.
Jithin | Jan 24, 2014
-One married men suicide every 9 minutes in India due to anti-male laws. -95% of the crimes are against men yet our country lack a National Men's Commission. - 19 out of 20 people who die on the job are MEN -4 out of 5 suicides are men. -85% of the homeless are MEN -Men are not regarded as equal parents to their children by our biased government. -Men are drafted in times of war and women are not. - Women live 7 years longer than MEN and still our government spend more on women to improve their health. -Rape victims who are men don't get noticed by our biased media like female victims and doesn't get justice. -Women rapists are not given punishments. -Our government promotes adultery in women by not punishing them. -Men pay 82% taxes and we want a separate ministry we vote for any party who guarantees this demand in the coming general elections. Shouldn't we change this scenario?We Masculinists are asking to each and everyone of you. The change has already begun. $$ Be a part of that change by liking our page,'Masculinist India" $$ $$ WE DEMAND NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR MEN $$ |Copy and paste this message here if you care about men|
Tanny | Jan 24, 2014
When all Laws are against men, where do we go when all are against us? Who will protect innocent citizens from dragons who are having soft face in front? Stats says it all over 60K married men commit suicides and most of their wives are now enjoying. 98% of 498a cases are false, just to take revenge, these laws are used. Tell me when have been innocent men protected? He is dragged, looted and made to commit suicide and no commission is there to protect the lives of innocent men. even the law is blindfolded for them. This is the high time that we need MEN's commission to save the innocent male. When you talk about equality and giving rights to women, why cant you give the same to men??
NBS | Jan 24, 2014
With the way these so called Modern Educated women are misusing the law, the entire institution of marriage has become a joke. They are misusing it and having a ball of a time with it. All for their selfish gains and on pretext of teaching a lesson. The need for Mens Commission is a very very very urgent need of the hour, failing which this country will really go to pits.
Gourab Panda | Jan 24, 2014
Women gives example of "Extreme Violence" and Make strict law even for a small violence. For men there is not even a single law where they can fight against extreme violence. Men's Right Commission is needed for 1. Controlling Men's Suicide 2. Protect them against False Cases 3. Making laws which can protect Men against DV and Threatening for filing false cases.
umeshkumar | Jan 24, 2014
Mens to have rights
dhaval | Jan 24, 2014
we want Men Rights Commission.
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
Indian men, beware of marriage! We are born in a society where marriage is treated as sacrosanct, something which was fixed in heaven. It is a relationship valid not only in this life but also in lives yet to come. Nevertheless, this relationship is changing and law has played a very important role in altering this relationship. The legislature drafted these laws to protect the vulnerable women in the relationship, but while doing that didn’t keep in consideration abuse of these laws by not so vulnerable women. The judiciary, while sympathizing with the tears of women, didn’t recognize the fact that these may be crocodile tears. Due to these reasons these laws has become a tool to harass husbands, extort money from husbands and their family, to torture hapless women of the husbands family. In short, these laws have made marriage more a legal relationship than a social relationship. The law presumes, everybody knows laws. Marriage is a voluntary relationship, in the sense that till this point of time there is no law which can compel a man to marry (although in practice some women have compel men to marry them by leveling false allegation of rape against them. The recent case of suicide by an ex-Army officer is a cse in point where the man committed suicide due to pressure to marriage and in case of denial threat of false cases.). Thus every man must know the legal provisions before he enters into the legal relationship of marriage. If he enters without knowing these provisions, he cannot blame any other persons for that. However, it is the duty of legal practitioners and social workers to make tem aware of these laws so that nobody enters into a legal relationship of marriage without knowing its implications. Slowly and steadily the number of law governing the relationship between husband and wife is increasing. One thing is common in all laws- they are prejudiced and biased against the men in the sense that they give rights only to the wives and imposes duties only to the husband. Further the language of the law is such that it facilitates abuse of these laws against the husband and his family members. And in fact also the wives are systematically abusing these laws. These laws were primarily designed to protect the vulnerable women in our society but the working of these laws suggest that they have become more a weapon of harassment and extortion in the hand of not so vulnerable women. The Hindu Marriage Act and the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act impose a duty upon the husband to maintain their wife. However a person can claim maintenance only if he/she is not able to maintain himself/herself. The term is ability or potential to maintain and not mere inability to maintain at any point of time. However, a survey of the judgments will clearly shows that even when the wife was able bodies and educated then also the courts have granted maintenance. Further, these two Acts are not sufficient and the Criminal Court is empowered to grant maintenance as per section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. More Acts for the same relief means that the wife has more avenues to harass a husband through the process of Court. We can see that a wife has a right to maintenance- but what is her duty. Law says nothing. If she abuses the husband, then also she can claim maintenance. If she beats her mother-in-law, then also she can claim maintenance. Thus a wife has no duty, only rights. Just maintenance is not something to be very worried about. What is more important that the wife has been given power to send the husband and his family members to the prison at wish? Under section 498A of the Indian Penal Code a wife can complain that she has been treated with cruelty for dowry and name anybody in the relatives of the husband. What is cruelty or what is dowry, nobody knows. A gift to husband is dowry but a gift to wife is streedhan. A husband should not demand any consideration for marriage, but a girl has a right to look for a wealthy husband with a fat pay packet; it is not dowry, it is pragmatism. The law says giving dowry is as criminal as taking dowry, the wife screams that she has given dowry, but the law does not take any action against her- this is women empowerment. Under this Section octogenarian grand mom of husbands are being prosecuted for harassment- this is power of wife. Just these are not sufficient. If your wife commits suicide, invariably you will be prosecuted under Section 304B of the IPC. Here, even the prosecution has not prove many thing, Section 113A is there in the Evidence Act to presume your guilt. When men commit suicide, the law is silent. After all men can commit suicide for so many reasons- wife can commit suicide only after harassment by husband and his family. So what, the suicide statistics shows that more men commit suicide. Once any of these cases are registered against you few things are certain-like you are likely to loose your job. You will be merely suspended if you are in government service. You will spend a couple of months in jail before the bail. In jail too you will have full company of your family members. Finally, you will be granted bail and the trial begins. What will happen in trial, I don’t know. Indian Criminal Justice system is totally biased against the accused. That is why making allegation in India has become an industry. It is a tool of legal extortion in the hand of police and false accusers. Well, the purpose of this article is merely informing the worse half of the population the legal consequence of marriage and their vulnerably, if they decide to marry. Difficult to imagine-even now men marry. In any case old habits die hard. There is no solution. We are living in Rule of Law and when the law is tyrannical and prejudiced, you cannot have a solution. But, the risk can be reduced by taking recourse to written contract at the time of marriage. It is a good idea to enter into written contract at the time of marriage with your would be wife. No law prohibits such type of contract. The contract can make provisions for expenses of marriage ceremony, list of gifts received, the couple decision regarding maintenance, child custody and all other items, which the couple feels necessary to incorporate in the written contract. It may seem nauseating to introduce the idea of contract in marriage, but it is better as law has already entered into marriage. Written contract is just one mutually agreed way to reduce the rigor of falsehood in deposition before the court. It is better to catch up a lawyer before the police catch up with you.
498sufferer | Jan 24, 2014
Firstly in India we have National Commission for Animal but not for Men, so life for Men is cheaper than Animals?? What a hypocrisy. Secondly all the LAWS in India are against Male gender and many cases its favorable to Daughter in Law. NCW are fighting for BAHU but what about SAAS who was falsely implicated in the CASE, they are not Woman?? NCW is a big Hypocrisy. Recent example was of Shashi Tharoor case, when any Common Man's wife is died because of Unnatural death first thing Police will do is arrest Husband and put them in Jail under section 307B Dowry Death but why Shashi Tharoor was not arrested? What was NCW doing? We MRA are only fighting for Gender Equality LAW and not for Male Biased LAW. I don't understand one thing why NCW is afraid of Gender Equality LAW.
JANAK MERCHANT | Jan 24, 2014
Of course it is needed since long. I hope it gets created. All d best.
plk | Jan 24, 2014
there must be a men,s commission to save them from misuse of law by greedy women
Nishtha Sharma | Jan 24, 2014
Looks like some women want things for free - reservation, gender biased laws etc. etc. Please grow up and live in equality. Give men some space to breathe. Just because of women like you, we are called bit*hes. Stop being man hater and try to spread love which I know is useless appeal from women like you.
Sandeep Gupta | Jan 24, 2014
Why women are against it if the welfare is happening to men? Did men ever opposed the women welfare?
Devendra Limaye | Jan 24, 2014
Dear All, I have a great opinion that as the laws are inclining towards women without any evidence why the same law is not in favour to men?? In train reservation queue, Police verification for Passport the "Ladies" first .....what for isn't there they equal to men?? is a small example.....As per HC judgement - a wife can have her own home....does it mean that husband has to leave his mother and make an another home?? who will look after husband's mother?? .....if a husband is not earning any single penny and relying on his mothers earnings? where as wife is expecting BIG TV, a MAID to do house work, INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL FOR KID & HUSBAND HAS TO COOK FOR HIMSELF even she is not earning .....but just higher middle class life without supporting any penny for domestic life!! "MEN NEED RIGHT AS SAME AS WOMEN"
Nilesh | Jan 24, 2014
Yes I Agree. Men is always taken for granted by everyone. He is quiet sufferer. I want government of India to seriously see to it.
MANOHAR | Jan 24, 2014
This is must for gender neutral law
Mahadevan Venkitaraman | Jan 24, 2014
Men's rights commission is definitely a good move for our society. Men have been doing thankless jobs for centuries. They have always taken responsibilities to be the protector and provider for women and their obligation is taken for granted. An important question is how much property a woman wants to enjoy, a woman has created? Women seem to want more and more entitlements only without liking to take responsibilities. Always they talk about patriarchical society. But then they don't remember men have been protecting them and providing them with all sincerity. These days due to the false cases inflicted on men by women, men are being troubled and families and societies are breaking up. Therefore men's rights commission is definitely required.
ramalinga yosiva | Jan 24, 2014
men's right commission is very much needed to create a legal space for addressing men's issues. men are also facing issues in the society same as women. Its a basic right for men.
MUNISH | Jan 24, 2014
in todays time YES when in the name of women empowerment extortion happen in the police stations and in courts to settle the matter whether the men is innocent also.
Rizwan | Jan 24, 2014
The media is so biased as only portray about issues related to female as if male is enjoying. Never opens issues faced by men and how law is misused to punish/ or revenge out men nowadays. I strogly support for men welfare.
Men against feminism | Jan 24, 2014
Sometimes Man alone fights with the whole system(Feminism) even if he is right but nobody listens him & some of them eventually give up also, that is why we need Mens Commision or ministry
Kumar | Jan 24, 2014
I strongly agree with Virag. We need to stop these social menace of False 498a, DV Cases filed by today's Abla Nari's. To prevent the sucide of men's.
Human being | Jan 24, 2014
If mental rape is counted then womens are the most brutal rapist & it also takes big troll on health over the period of time, We need Mens Ministry to avoid excessive feminism
Akhibaba | Jan 24, 2014
To bring back balance in society, in the units of society which are called home, work place, public places and all such places where Rights and Duties should be measured before handing out entitlements.... To bring back Equality and Equity for all Gender based Issues.
Human Being | Jan 24, 2014
How many women's crimes registered in country, Does that mean all womens are holy cow, out of that how many gets punishments, Forget about registration & punishments, how many cases media shows despite of knowing the truth. We need to uderstand that womens do everything passively or make people do things smartly.We need Men's Commission, The womens who dont agree that there should not be Men's commision then Women's commision should also be cancelled & new commission should be formed i.e.Human right commission
rajiv | Jan 24, 2014
India has made many anti-male laws which are just used as tools to extort men financially and even possibly put him in jail even if he's fully innocent. The corrupt people in the women's cells, police and judiciary are having a nice time extorting money. Whereas the real victims whether they be men or women have little hope of getting justice. All so-called laws to protect so-called 'weaker sections' must be scrapped. Everyone must be seen as equal in front of law. No one is weaker or stronger.
Shalini Nair | Jan 24, 2014
From from the comments of Shrabani Mukherjee it appears that she is a male hater to the core and women like these and Butalia are the bane of the feminist movement. These women have a bigger agenda of how NOT to provide any protection and social umbrella to men than providing the same to men. They protest on the alleged Kolkata rape but remain silent on the Tharoor wife suicide issue. They resort to selective activism against beta males while remaining silent spectators when alpha males are accused.Why must 500 million of India not et protection from Domestic violence because there is one alleged rape.Protecting women from rape DOES NOT equate to allowing men to suffer in marriages.It is sad that all that the feminists that are left in India are the despicable and obnoxious bigots who are intellectually bankrupt , devoid of any common sense and resort of public histrionics to get victimhood. It is HIGH time men also get a commission and I totally support it. Ignore these feminists .
Pankil | Jan 24, 2014
In the country where laws are more favoring to female are gender biased law. I have three sisters and all of them feel that country needs MENS RIGHT COMMISSION to prevent any false unethical legal proceedings on men.
Abhay | Jan 24, 2014
NCM is really needed for a start as there is no voice for men. Why would there be so many anti-male laws if it is indeed a patriarchy. Crime is gender neutral. Shouldn't the laws too be gender neutral. Supreme Court had stated IPC 498a as legal terrorism. DV, Rape, Sexual Harassment should be gender neutral. False cases filers should be punished with the same punishment as that laid out for the crime (if it really happened)
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014;wap2
Indian Citizen | Jan 24, 2014
We infact does not need a Women's Right Commission. We need only Men's Right Commission in this country. Only MEN are abused, extorted and tortured by the women for their petty ego and wild demands. All these women rights activists must be forced to do some job instead of extorting from working men!
Manish Parmar | Jan 24, 2014
Some womens these days are highly passive aggressive, limitless narcissistic, hypocrite & with feminism & people power they become extortionist also. We need Men's Commission for mens right & freedom asap
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Shrabani Mukherjee,
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Kaveri Krishnan, women have always claimed victimhood and sent men to dangerous wars and to fight the wild animals to bring food in the past. Now, all the dangerous, difficult and low-paid work is done by men thereby decreasing their average lifespan in comparison to women and women are claiming to be victims. 95% of all unnatural deaths due to work, wars etc are of men and not women. Feminism is a fraud par excellence.
tejas | Jan 24, 2014
This time we are not giving up.our mother sisters also supports us. we want men's commission.. feminist are scared of it. they don't have truth behind them. they also supporting girls who file false case.
Joy | Jan 24, 2014
I don't know how to react if someone claims that men right is not required because men can't be raped. Dose it required to be a rape victim to claim rights ? Dose medical science support that male can't be raped ? what about the cases where women has been punished due to abuse male sexually ? Who says men are not sent out their houses and not tortured by in-laws ? I really like to know the source of these information.
Dev | Jan 24, 2014
Men rights are needed. Men are struggling now a days just because of some but not all Women. They are crazy and never tried to understand the views of a Man. They always want their views to be listened and appreciated. We can appreciate a Godly person not a devil mentality. Women are suffering we never denied about that but Men are also suffering badly from heart and mind. We empower woman. Empowering Woman is a Man's effort. History is telling about it. Women are standing just right to men now a days and many Men are happy to see their Wifes/daughters/mothers are capable to do what they are doing. But creating a non-sense scene in home shall not be entertained. There should be a right, there should be a law where a MAN straight away file a police complaint against his terrible counterpart in home. Women shout in home on husband why just because she felt insecure. Feeling insecure all the times is not a nature but a behavior of a confused woman. Again confused woman is the person who does not have clarity towards its doings/future predictions/faith on husbands. I will strictly no...strictly vote from heart to create a Men Law where the Men hood will be protected from harassment/mental tensions.
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Kaveri Krishnan, you should replace the word maintenance with legal extortion. Or, with something worse than prostitution. I respect prostitutes because they provide a service for a basic need of sex. While women who claim to be wives, being educated and able-bodied, seek maintenance from men after divorcing them for various reasons and then claim alimony and maintenance. I think men are better-off being clients of prostitutes than so-called wives. Marriage is an outdated institution and your comment is evidence to that. You seek money and keep calling your hubbies until they have that. The minute you get it, you seek a different honey and walk away with his money. Regarding your other claims, yes, women can rape men, drive them out of their houses and use police and their parents to harass the men. Its happening. Its a reality. Come out of your medieval cave.
Prakhyat | Jan 24, 2014
Women talk has become a monologue. This monologue cries about how women are down trodden and dishonestly asks for draconian laws from society. Once these laws are made by society the same is used against Men to extort them. This monologue has to be balanced, there must be one who is protecting the other side, questions the biased laws and helps destitute men. This side can never come to existence without a Mens Rights Commission. It is the need of society and long due to Humanity.
tehas | Jan 24, 2014
Wat abt 90000 married men end their life every year, wake up madam .war abt brothers,son and father pls think for them also..and do not think personal.
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Shrabani Mukherjee, feminists like you need to stop your shaming tactics as we MRAs are immune to it. The real chauvinists are the feminists who do not want to evolve with time and want to be inside the stone-age cave basking in the false glory and belief of women's oppression, female victimhood, and male domination. Come of of the cave lady. This is the 21st century. Women and men are equal now. When you have a women's ministry and commissions, its only fair that men get something identical. Or else, stop claiming yourself to be a gender-equality activist.
BHAVESH KUMAR | Jan 24, 2014
The ways laws are not only women favour but also anti-male. and those laws are being misused just to satisfy womens ego and unscrupulous motives to harrase husbands and their families. the most important things is that those 'innocent' womens are not getting punished even after getting proved false complainant. So it s very much needed to have a Men's commision in India to prevent misuse of laws as well as Indian Family System.
Kunal Sinha | Jan 24, 2014
Yes, I firmly believe that Men's Right Commission is a need now in India. There have been a drastic surge in the abuse of millions of women empowerment laws causing numerous sufferers at the hands of few unscrupulous women, which should end.
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Shrabani Mukherjee, how can you call yourself polite when you blame men for all the ills of society? How can you call yourself polite when you claim that men themselves are responsible for their suicides? What answer do you have when women (mothers and sisters) commit suicide due to false dowry cases filed upon them by the brides of the house? What answer do you have when 5 women are arrested for every complaint of dowry made by the bride? Do you blame the women (mothers and sisters) for committing suicide and claim that they cannot control their demonic tendencies inside them? You are a man-hater and feminazi. You have no empathy and human rights concept. So I cannot expect you to sympathise with men who have killed themselves. But you defeat your own claim to be a women's activist when women (sisters and mothers) are killing themselves or are getting arrested for no fault of theirs. And, I want to correct you that I am no divorcee. I believe that women are not marriage material anymore and hence want to keep away from marrying them. No sane man would like to marry since society consists of mostly women like you (man-haters). You have proved beyond doubt that feminism and women's rights issues are not about equality anymore but female domination and male-hatred. The very fact that you do not want a men's ministry while a woman's ministry has existed since 1950. You are against gender equality. You are in favour of preferential treatment for women.
Amit Patil | Jan 24, 2014
I want Mens Commission to stop exploitation of men by men & women. A mens commission will ensure justice & equality to men in all fields plus will stop easy divorce & legal extortion by women. More & more men should be men enough to fight against criminal women who supress them .
tejas | Jan 24, 2014
Men's are human too. feminist pls upgrade with time..
Partha Sadhukhan | Jan 24, 2014
Women don't want money - still their rights groups ask for maintenance to be a right. Women want respect, still they file rape cases for revenge, women think men are jealous of them when women have all reservation and a commission and a ministry at the cost paid by men. A country where 85% tax payers are men, it is the money paid by the men is used against them to create facilities for women and men are termed as chauvinists. Dear women - pls take responsibility too before asking for all rights. Do something. Men's commission is very much needed to stop all these biased laws ruining lives of men.
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Gurpreet Singh, its only women in the role of a wife who are having all the fun. For every woman (wife), there are 5 other women who are getting tortured in police custody and many others are committing suicide. Recently, an old woman and her daughter committed suicide because the bride of their family had filed a false dowry case under 498A of the IPC. They died a horrible death on the railway tracks. These women out here - the feminists and those feminist wolves in the garb of sheep have no answer to that. They claim to be women's rights activists and when women themselves are in trouble, they are silent. Men in Indian society need to wake up to this male hatred and female terrorism.
Magadheera | Jan 24, 2014
Mens ministry is very much essential. With all the biased laws the country is loosing precious manpower. Economy will slump and there is no incentive to work. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is arrested on just mere allegations. More over police are afraid of the feminists and media and carry on the allegations as it is to the chargesheet with no investigation being done. There is tremendous pressure already on the Indian male to study well, manage family and also fight against unscruplous women who file false cases just to harrass males and take out their grudge against them. Mens ministry is required to remove the biased laws and also punish women harshly if they file a false case. In England a lady was sentenced to 2 years in jail for filing a false case of gang rape against 4 men. Will this happen in India? no all men in power/judiciary have no spine to do it. Even if anybody dares to pass such a judgement he will be shifted out to some other court. What about property laws. In china recently due to females just marrying for property was observed and the laws was changed to property only for the person who has invested in it. This is how pro-active other governments are. On the contrary in Europe there are many countries where alimony is given to a lady would receive alimony for only a couple of months.later she has to earn her own living . In India keep feeding the well educated , able bodied woman till she manages to catch another bakra. This is heights of absurdity. If these laws are continued men have no incentive to invest in property and also work. Kudos to the government to make laws like 498a where even 2 year old kid can be arrested and age old parents who stay one continent away from the married couple can be arrested. To abolish all these laws mens ministry is required. Also if a women enters into a livin relationship then she call accuse the male partner of rape. How absurd is this. she can demand money and if he doesnt give then rape charges can be levelled. Any finally consensual relationship on the false promise of marriage. any woman having proper senses is aware what she is doing . but if the relationship turns sour she can easily turn to law for solace. hahaha great Indian laws to decimate Indian men and kill the alpha males . Kudos to law ministry
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Shrabani Mukherjee, the way you women and feminists blame men for all the ills of world, its obvious that you hate men and treat all men as rapists. But then, when it comes to men around you including your dads, you have a different outlook as though they emerge from outer space. So, if you hate men, then you cannot bring in exceptions. Your family consists of men too and they are not from outer space. So you cannot claim that they are different and the rest of men are dogs. So, stop your hate mongering and insulting men, blaming them for all the ills of the world. The way you have spewed venom on men, it seems to be you have a personal issue to deal with.
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Shrabani Mukherjee, when did I ever say that women are marriage material? Infact, today's women are nowhere near being marriage material. They are either fit for one-night stands or best avoided. Yes, you are not a humanist, I understand that feminists can never be human rights activists but activists for female domination under the garb of gender equality. Now coming to the issues that you have raised, why don't you feminists who claim to be fighting for women's rights raise your voice against the illegal and inhuman arrest of more than 5 lakh women (sisters and mothers) under various marital laws? Indeed its a shame that your view of women doesnt include mothers and sisters but merely wives. Moreover, since you are not a human rights activist but a mere feminist, I cannot expect you to fight for human rights but even with regard to female rights, you have failed. You are silent with regard to the arrest of 5 lakh plus women under 498A and other stupid laws. Shame on you. Superior gender? When did men want to be superior gender or become the superior gender? The higher rate of suicide, the fact that 95% of all unnatural deaths of men due to work, accidents and other reasons implies that men are superior gender, as per you. How atrocious can this get. Women have a longer life span compared to men because men are performing dangerous work for society while you women enjoy the comforts of the home. So, taking up dangerous work for society constitutes superiority. Its like claiming that the sun is ice cold. This is absurd. We men demand equal rights and our choice to work or be stay at home husbands or partners. Do you have any problem? We men demand the same equality in laws and not special laws for women. Then you object claiming that men are superior and we don't need equal laws. You are contradicting yourself when you claim that you want gender equality but are not ready to give equal rights and equal laws. The reason is obvious. You don't want gender equality but a system where you can dominate and dictate men, treat them as your slaves and dogs. Sorry, men are rising and will soon end this fraud feminism. Shame on feminists.
Gurpreet Singh | Jan 24, 2014
Very strange to see female response saying "why have men all the fun.... " it means women are having fun filing false DV, 498a cases against their husband and in laws just to extort huge amount of money. When they get Lacs of rupees they are ready to settle. I want to ask why women have all the fun in filing all false women pro cases where men is taken guilty prima facia. Please "STOP LEGAL TERRORISM". Nothing will be achieved by this. Women should stop harassing men and causing unnecessary problem. There is a strong need of Men commission. This is the need of hour..... Govt. should look into this ASAP......
Everyday lakhs of men are stripped and tortured in police custody is that not sexual harassment ? Also most of victims of fake encounter and custody killing are men.
chandraprakash | Jan 24, 2014
We want Men Rights Commission....
kiran | Jan 24, 2014
We need to remove dowri herrassement case againt boy this should punished for both.
Arnab | Jan 24, 2014
In view of rampant abuse of women centric laws and growing climate of bias against men, this is the need of the hour.
Kalyan Kota | Jan 24, 2014
Men's Rights Commission should be formed. It should not be seen as a rival to Women's Rights Commission, but should be an ally to safeguard everybody's rights.
Shivank Mehra | Jan 24, 2014
I get it that men are physically stronger but domestic violence in not just about physical abuse, but also about mental abuse. Men can also suffer abuse from his in laws. So while they've made a law protecting women, they haven't made any laws to protect men from abuse. If a woman can "back-rationalize" an activity as non-consensual, then males should also get the same right. But there is on equality in our country, and the feminist groups are also opposing gender-neutral law. That is why Men's rights groups are now demanding a men's welfare ministry. If there is a ministry of women, children and even animals, then why don't men have a space where they can openly voice their concerns? Men are not provided with a free and un-choked communication channel – a channel that listens to them without invalidating their feelings or ignoring or trivializing their problems. Men's rights are not against women's rights. Just because women are oppressed doesn't mean we don't need to concentrate on men's issues.
MHRA Leander | Jan 24, 2014
Men are human beings too. Men's basic human rights are destroyed by the man hating feminazis. The government should form a council to protect men's basic human rights.
Divya Verma | Jan 24, 2014
Agree, we have an anti-male society. The poisoning starts from early schools where pre-dominantly female teachers poison that men are bad, violent etc, girls are nice. There is not a single law that favours men, on the other hand there are 50+ laws that are biased towards females. Married men commit suicide in twice the numbers as compared to married women as per NCRB data. 98% of dowry cases are fake as per CSR and many other studies. But the media propagates that women suffer. Over 80% of accidents in workplace, roads etc are men dying. 95% of crimes are against men. 50% of crimes reported against women are dowry cases which are 98% false. Men have all the reponsibilities and no rights. Neither police nor courts favour men. They are stripped of their properties, children and money in cases of divorce. We strongly need a National commission for men.
Sanjiv Golani | Jan 24, 2014
Its high time and it is a must that have Men Rights order to stop misuse of law by feminist
Ekalalvya | Jan 24, 2014
It's very much needed. India must be saved from misandry of feminists.
Monojit Dutta | Jan 24, 2014
@Shrabani Mukherjee It was not gang rape rather better to say a slut trapped an innocent guy & cheated 1500/- for sexual flavor , as per police investigation. Further want to punish him for life time with extorting bribe for few lakhs... Such kind of women should hanged !!! Kindly see following link-
girish bharani | Jan 24, 2014
Yes we want our Men's Ministry any how any cost Now day's Woman's missuseing Indian Law and Act So We want our Men's Ministry For help us All Men's
Manish Parmar | Jan 24, 2014
Womens are opressing mens by useing the whole system agaist helpless mens for their unfair demands. Unlike men you cant catch them red handed cause their actions are passive in nature, useing femiism(Whole system)for unfair reason is like extortion, & these women take the call of useing feminism themselves without any wisdom in it, Once they use feminism against you, you lose Job, you lose respect in society, & many more things & in addition to that there are lots of tortures & harassments they do useing feminsm as weapon against mens, & No one is there to listen mens coz womens are playing victims in India, Indian Media is also gender biased perhaps selfish to earn feminism benifits. According to me same amount of Men's right association should be there or opened which are there for women's
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Joydeep, 'patriarchy' and 'male domination' are very very vague terms that feminists use to shame men in society into submitting to their whims and fancies and become their pet dogs.
Joydeep | Jan 24, 2014
Just two question. (1) Prove the "patriarchal Society" actually exist in India & (2) What is the true issue with Men Rights when they have none ?
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
Feminism sleeps with Patriarchy and feigns a facade. If we go by basic core values of feminism, it is about gender equality. Going by the same yardstick, it can be easily observed that feminism does not truly advocate about it as far as marriage is concerned. One wonders, why women (especially working, secure, affluent) do not marry down. “Marrying down”, means marrying somebody who is younger/less educated/has lesser income/is shorter than you. Why the heck feminism does not preach women (especially who are well off) to marry down? When men can marry down, what stops women from marrying down? If women really want to get rid of their so called subjugation and other evils like dowry, then marrying down will get rid of all social biases in a few months. One has to wonder why feminists are not preaching such a simple solutions. Because “feminism sleeps with patriarchy”. Feminists want to have benefits of patriarchy under which only men marry down and women always marry up. It’s very difficult for feminists to give up these nice romantic feelings of patriarchy for the sake of gender equality. So, feminism sleeps with patriarchy at night and in the morning it raises a hue and cry that it did not get proper sleep last night. A woman who is a software engineer can marry a govt. office clerk. A woman engineer can marry an autorickshaw driver. A 30-year old woman can marry a 25-year-old man. A woman who is IIM graduate can marry a guy who has just got a graduation degree. Simple, is not it? We suggest, in India, the govt. must give tax breaks to those couples where the woman has married down. Today, the life expectancy of men in India is 4.5 years less than women. In west, the gap is 6 to 7 years. With globalization, the life expectancy of men will be 6 to 7 years less than men in next 30 years of time. So, if a 28 year old man marries a 23 year old woman, then the woman will have to remain a widow for 12 years. So, the best way to create parity is to encourage women to marry men who are 6 to 7 years younger than them. Most probably, circumstances will force many highly educated women in Andhra Pradesh to marry down. In last couple of years there has been a sudden increase in seats in Engineering Colleges. Say, 30,000 engineers graduated in year 2000. We can conclude that about 18000 must have been of men (taking into the fact that AP has got 30% patriarchy based seat reservation for women). Say, in year 2005, some 100,000 graduated from Engineering colleges. So, number of female Engineers would be about 40,000. These 40,000 female engineers will seek grooms who are engineers or above in education and who are also some 5 years older than them in age. But, the supply for male engineer poultry is just 18,000 and many of them may marry girls who have got lesser education compared to Engineering. So, we can conclude that for 40,000 female engineers seeking to marry up, there will be about 15,000 men available. So, eventually 25,000 of them have to marry down which is certainly disgusting to them, their patriarchal parents and the society. So, that will increase the competition. Forty thousand women will compete among themselves to get 15,000 men. One factor is the female’s appearance and the other factor is money. Even if the guy and his parents refuse to take dowry (which is very rare in that state), still the bidding will happen. In spite of bidding, still 25,000 women have to marry down. The root cause of dowry evil in India is the obsession of people towards social status and women keep marrying up. Parents consider dowry as an investment to buy life style for their daughter. Unless, women marry down and parents stop bidding for lifestyle of their daughters, the evil will not go away. (Manushi Article) At present, even die hard feminists in India make sure that they marry up. So, they are not feminists in true sense. They are pseudo-feminists. These include famous feminist film personalities, politicians and artists. Feminists want to change the mindsets in society which considers women as baby making machines. The best way to change mindsets is to make women marry down. All the progressive and equity oriented people must join hands to achieve this major paradigm shift. The educational opportunities for women in India are plenty. They can take up careers at age of 22 or 23 and work for another 5 years before marrying. They can marry a less salaried or unemployed guy six or seven years younger. Now, its time, we ponder about a whole chain of possibilities that will get automatically opened up when this new paradigm is experimented.
Monojit Dutta | Jan 24, 2014
@Hema I strongly believe on comradeship and requested to all bachelor brothers to boycott marriage until Government Of India made IPC gender neutral. We are not talking a huge, but only 2 years boycott of marriage in 80% bachelor guys will force Government to rollback such draconian laws. But only a part of it is questionable that - shall those person do it ? Answer is No. Because most of whom feel themselves proud to be a MARD / MANGINA and even don?t think twice before to insult/abuse another man for an evil woman. It is the root of social corruption & mis-andry. Moreover, a little sections of men still conjecture on MEN = WOMEN. This agenda is totally despondent where god has created Women for Men but not vice versa. For instance if you found yourselves(men) as equal to women, will be a inordinate mis-andry where they are not even a bit equal to us. They explained that 'we need women too'. These person can sell any ting for women even himself also. Four questions for such person who believe on MEN = WOMEN / WOMEN > MEN - 1) Why Women have not taken 50% of financial responsibility like man? rather they demands 50% of husband's property without any financial investment before and after marriage? 2) Why women need maintenance & alimony like blood sucker parasites? 3) Why women demands 'Women protection laws', that?s misuse cause to destruction of millions civil families. 4) Why NCW not demands women reservation in Indian Army? Thus women spread illegal business in a legal way by using sensation of men, that fully approved by Indian law & order and promoted by NCW. Now a days we have reached where men should have to Go Their Own Way by avoiding women, not help them at anywhere road, workplace etc. Such situation will create a exertion that prevent mis-andry and would be simple way to win war is boycott women. There is no bigger insult for women is that men actually ignoring them where god made themselves for men. Women should have to remember that men depend on women for sex only but women depend on men for sex and free employment(livelihood) too. Women will no longer able to control us if men can control their sex. So, we enticing all guys to united each other with a strong pledge of brotherhood where no place of superiority complex because we know every men are equal to each other.
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Hema, feminism is coming to an end with the mentality of people like you who blame men for all and sundry and claim that it is timidity that drives them to suicide. Psychological studies have shown that timidity has nothing to do with suicide. But feminists are born to blame men and show that everything wrong in this world and the next is because of men. What more can be expected from feminists? But just because the men in your life are timid, hen-pecked and submissive to you, do not expect other men to be so. We are assertive about our rights and you have to learn to accept it. And yes, if gender equality implies jealousy, I do not have a problem in stating that I rather be called a jealous guy than a guy who does not support gender equality. The problem with feminists like you is that you do not want gender equality and want female domination in the garb of gender equality. Shows your real intentions.
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Shrabani Mukherjee, the real demons lie in society's unreasonable expectations of men, their oppression of men and the false concepts of mascunility. The real demons are the society who treat men as disposable free ATM machines and unpaid bodyguards. Your last statement blaming men once again for committing suicide for the faults of society shows your utter insensitivity and hatred for men rather than human rights. Shame on you.
Raunak | Jan 24, 2014
Yes, Creating Men's Right Commission is a need in the Indian society Because , laws like (498 A ) created for women to safe now been used as weapon to earn money , and men is merely become an ATM machine for women. As My wife is trying to involve me into circle in a year of marriage. I have lost my mother, my father has thrown me out of house, my inlaws become dangerous to me and my life. i have daughter of 2 month i can not meet her. and I am helpless where i would look around. I cannot go to police, law nothing left for me, that i should take a final step to end my life
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Shrabani Mukherjee, the real Kangaroo courts are the family courts and women's commissions in India who discriminate men and make them pay alimony to their wives who have committed adultery. These Kangaroo courts along with the stupid laws have sent more than 5 lakh women behind bars in the last few years apart from 50 lakh men on reasons such as mere accusation of a woman without proof. I am reminded of the caveman who comes out of his cave and brutally assaults anybody who perceives as his enemy. Feminists today are just that - the 21st century cave women who assault men at every given opportunity. The rising rape and molestation cases are also because there are numerous false and fabricated cases to settle scores. Since the laws related to women do not need any proof, a mere accusation is more than enough for a case to be filed. Hence, every case seems on the surface to be factual but in fact, most cases are false. Moreover, if you look at mere negative side of men, you look at that alone. For every rapist out there, there are a few thousand men who are sacrifising their lives for the country and feeding their families. If you had a bad father, do not assume that all fathers are bad. And it can't be that your father alone is good and all other men are rapists. If you insist on the latter, then I would insist that your father could also be among them. So, before you call all men rapists, remember that your family and your relatives have male members. So it cannot be that they are all saints and everybody else is a rapist. Get a life!
AjayKumarBasuthkar | Jan 24, 2014
We want our rights! Why blame us in the name of responsibility? We want Men's rights commission!
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Puneet, yes when men organise and demand something genuine, its a shame because our society is so accustomed to women demanding and men giving that your culture does not allow you to accept the fact that men are victims too and demand a ministry and commission. It seems men should not ask anything at all but just keep giving and giving while women keep receiving. You have asked what more do men want. Men just want gender equality and nothing more. When you have commissions and ministry for women, its your bounden duty that you also ensure that there is something similar for men. About rapes and molestation, they are naturally on the rise as more and more false cases are being filed to extort money and settle scores. The media gives publicity to it to get more support for women's rights and men's disempowerment to push through their agendas. What can we expect from such dirty mainstream media that forces opinions on the public.
Masculinist Kailash | Jan 24, 2014
There should be no double talk. When those seeking equality between genders, want fair things only. Gender-equality is all about equality and not demanding preferential treatment to one particular sect. Either Dissolve WCD and NCW or form Men's Welfare ministry and National Commission for Men on same merits.
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
@Bobbi ohrie, yes, the fun of committing suicide and dying unnatural deaths while members of the society like you maintain silence - a deafening silence.
Abhishek KUMAR | Jan 24, 2014
Dear Frnds, Men Commission is the need of time. Go to CAW Cell at Delhi Police you may find that if wife has filed the complaint during councelling husband is ready to take her back and if wife is not ready to rejoin her matrimonial home then Police is hell bent to register the FIR U/s 498-A/406/34 IPC as per the reference of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India Guide Lines. Unfortunate is this that As per the order of Hon'ble Delhi High Court in Yr 2007 by Justice Shiv Narayan Dhingra Parallel FIR must be registered against bride and her parents in S-3 Dowry Prohibition Act 1961. But police is not following the same. Its a clear instruction to Police. Unforthunately if the lawyer of bride side is more intelligent then they will file Domestic Violence Case also which is totally against under Cr. P.C. 300 (1). Bench of Justice Markandev Katju and Gyan Sudha Mishra has clearly stated that based on same facts two parallel cases can not run but Unfortunately M.M are not keeping a strict vigil on same. As per Law Commission report 243rd in the year 2008 total 8.50 Lakhs men has sucided due to these women law which are being used by greedy instead of needy. I think Hon'ble Parliament should change this law and instead of 3 yrs imprisonment there should be a punishment to Death only to entire in-laws and husband then these females would be happy. Men law and commission should be there.
AjayKumarBasuthkar | Jan 24, 2014
We want our rights! stop holding _only_ boys and men to blame or responsible! We want Men's Rights Commission!
sandip shinde | Jan 24, 2014
India should have Men's Right Commission.
Neena | Jan 24, 2014
All feminist rely on lies and make a show of victimisation and this is going on from decades in the name of patriarchy. It is high time to have a ministry for men .
satish Mishra | Jan 24, 2014
Definately We need Mens Commission... otherwise system will collaspe...with this biased law..
ps dubey | Jan 24, 2014
Agree,men should have rights commission
Vikram Arora | Jan 24, 2014
Men's Right Commission is a need of hour in the Indian society. Women pro laws are highly misused by women. In this modern world, highly qualified women are considered as abla nari which is very much harmful. Allegations are made that women got merciless beatings but on the same day she was enjoying at matrimonial home, dancing etc.Men is treated guilty prima facia. Laws like 498a & DV are highly misued by highly educated women and their family members. People whose uncle, aunty are there in media are also mis using these women pro laws which is harming Indian society and causing ir-repairable loss to Indian society, which require check at an immediate basis. How come by taking huge settlement amount women says I am ready to compromise..... PLEASE STOP LEGAL TERROSIM!!
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
Discrimination Against Men in India + from AIMWA 1. Men pay more taxes than women at the same income level. Tax provisions are not gender neutral. 2. Men are provided no protection against sexual harassment at workplace and against rape and seduction. 3. Men do not have the choice of vocation. He is expected to subordinate his preferences to the needs of others in the family. That is because he is always the provider to others at the cost of his own personality. He has to just slog. He lives and dies for others. He is forced to don the mantle of the breadwinner for the whole family (including the extended family upon marriage) or else face a social death. 4. Men are not allowed the luxury of being the master of their own destiny. 5. Men are not accepted by the society the way they are – just normal human beings. He is reduced to the role of a robot – the eternal protector and provider with no desires of his own! 6. Men are not provided with a free and un-choked communication channel – a channel that listens to them without invalidating their feelings or ignoring or trivializing their problems. 7. No schemes are being furthered either by the Government or eminent social celebrities for boys the way they are happening for girls. This has led to more boys dropping out of school resulting in in crease of juvenile delinquency. Shunned by the society, such boys grow up with gross inadequacy and ultimately turn criminals. 8. There is no concept of MEN’s RIGHTS, only RESPONSIBILITIES and DUTIES enshrined for them! 9. 2007: 57593 married men committed suicide vis-à-vis 30064 married women in India. 10. If we look back, in the last 62 years of independent India not a single rupee has ever been allocated for men’s welfare from the Union Budget. 11. Not a single constitutional or quasi-constitutional body has ever been formed to identify redress problems peculiar to men. 12. There's no a National Commission for Men nor Men’s Welfare Ministry. 13. The numerous Anti-male and gender biased laws which are not gender-neutral. 14. Anti-male slant and negative stereotyping indulged in by media, television and films against men. 15. Negligence of health issues of men like prostate cancer, short life expectancy, high suicide rates, cardiac problems, diabetes etc. 16. Not a Single Attempt has ever been made to Recognize that Men Too Have Problems 17. Not a Single scheme ever been envisaged for Men’s Welfare. 18. On the other hand men are always discriminated against in the guise of women empowerment. 19. Lack of government urge on the private sector to come up with Health Products specifically targeted to diseases affecting men in large numbers. 20. The World Economic Forum does not recognize men as human beings, because it doesn't conduct a study and publish Gender Index of Men similar to that of women. According to a article in Men’s Health Forum, data from a massive study reported in the State of Men’s Health in Europe, shows that European men’s health is dismal compared to European women.
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
Since the first day of human civilization, Men are sacrificing their blood to protect women, children and society. It is Men, who are doing back breaking labour to get food for women and children. Against any threat to society and people, it is men who are sacrificing their life on frontiers. It is the Men, who are paying most taxes to the state so that society may function..... But what is society giving to men for such sacrifices? Men are committing suicides at much higher rates, False allegations are leveled against men by women, Men do not have any rights in marital laws, fruits of Men's labour is being usurped through maintenance laws, men have no rights for his children, feminized education causes high percentage of male student dropouts, workplace is being made dangerous through sexual harassment laws, higher taxation on men, gender biased sexual assault laws, reservation against men....... why?
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
Human society is evolving since million of years. In this process of evolution, at some time one organ of the society becomes important and at some other time some different organ of the society becomes important. Such shifting of importance can be based on geography as on macro level some countries were important in the ancient ages, some different countries in middle ages and still some other countries in modern ages. If we see on a class of professional level, we see the same dynamic process. When we see on a caste or race level, such shifting dynamics is obvious. Even on the natural species level, both in plant and animal kingdoms, we see changing level of importance of different species in different time frame. When we look at the position of women in general in human societies, it is constantly changing. At some stage the human society was having matriarchy (it is till there in some tribal society), which was later evolved into a society based on patriarchy. With the development of modern society, after advent of industry and service sectors and with democracy, the position of women is improving in all sphere of life. Feminism, on the other hand prophesies philosophy which has no scientific or academic basis. It is based on certain assumption, and makes such sweeping remarks that it is getting obvious that it has no relation to reality. However, due to certain cultural factors, presumptions of feminism have never been questioned openly. Such non questioning by the civilized society has given a undue credit to the discipline, which is creating havoc in the society. Thus it becomes important to question certain basic tenets of the discipline, so that the practioners of the discipline can question those tenets, which are taken as self proved and make amendments wherever required. -Society view is Men’s View: The fundamental presumption of feminism is that whatever society does and says is “Male view”. The basis of this assumption is that the society acts through its rulers, and for most of the recorded history, they are Males. Rulers are neither males nor females- they are rulers. The society has to run itself. To run the society, rulers make certain rules for everybody- males and females and in that context the view of the society cannot be taken as Male view. Whatever decision Indira Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi takes, cannot be treated as Women’s view, merely because they are women. When a Male judge of Supreme Court says that husband should obey wife, it can not be said to be a Male view. This branding of “society view” is male view is not supported by any evidence and as such has no relevance. By dubbing such historical facts as male facts, the feminist have distorted the historical developments and thereby reducing the usefulness of their studies. -Women are treated as Objects: The society treats everybody- every individual as object. It makes norms for everybody- men, women, worker, journalist, judge, prisoner etc. Merely because there are some norms made for women, it does not mean they have become object. If such definition is accepted, everybody in the society is an object because there are certain norms for everybody. The norms may be right of wrong. The norms may give privilege to some or may impose limitation on some. But they are norms. We may analyse what norms are right or wrong, we may criticize unreasonable norms- but mere existence of some norm does not make anybody object. If norms make anybody object, the every individual or every human being is an object. Reading these two assumptions together, the feminist concludes that Society (read male) treats women as objects. Apart from these two fundamental assumptions, there are minor assumptions like control of sexuality of women, women guilt, female experience etc. etc. It is important to examine such assumptions of feminism and develop theories which stood the test or rationality and objectivity.
Manpreet Singh Bhandari | Jan 24, 2014
Year 2014 Formation year of Men's Right Commission India with regional offices in each metro's including Bangalore to Start with....
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
The very fact that every nine minutes, a man is committed suicide shows that this so-called patriarchal society that feminists claim it to be has everything screwed against men. The stats clearly shows that men are much more distressed than women. Feminists have been lying in the west since 100 years and are now doing it here. Indian men need to organise into strong groups that protest these feminists. Or else, men will soon be pet dogs for women.
If we are talking about equality in society, men also should get entitled to all what a women is entitled at this point of time. Why men only should work and feed his wife and kids? He also should have option of being a home maker. Why women only is entitled to have a share in his husband and ancestral property? Why not men also should have a share in wife's and ancestral property? Equal society mean all should get equal rights without considering their sex.
Woody Ubermensch | Jan 24, 2014
One vote for Men's Right Commission
mubein | Jan 24, 2014
Misuse of law is become common in women which need to be stopped due to which many man are loosing there life and even hard earned money for the fault of women. Law should be there for man protection as well.
ratan | Jan 24, 2014
In India ( in urban city's even in rural India(recently) ) , everybody expect to accept their daughter-in-law as their own daughter , but son-in-laws are considered as money extortion servant's .
Anindya Chatterjee | Jan 24, 2014
If in a country we can have commissions and ministry for women, child and even animals....why should men be not given a forum for speaking about the issues that they face in their day to day life. Even men have the right as per our constitution to enjoy life without fear from anyone else. In todaya era where women are provided special priviledges qhy is there no checks and balances ? Why do we ensure that a man has to be the protector, giver and undoubtedly a sufferer without any platform gicen for him to speak. Mens commission is the need of the hour to ensure men also feel secured from the ever rising misuse of women empowerment.
Valerian Texeira | Jan 24, 2014
Creating Men's Right Commission is a need in the Indian society - See more at:
Chiradeep | Jan 24, 2014
Men's Welfare ministry is a must to tackle large scale misandry fueled in the society by feminists and to scrap the horribly skewed and draconian laws targeting men. This laws, which presume that men are guilty, unless the contrary is proved, are gross violations of Human Rights. We need Men's Welfare ministry to repeal such laws.
Poornalingam | Jan 24, 2014
We need a men welfare commission. In all the state capital cities major percentage of men are forced to live like 18th centry women. They couldn't speak and people are not ready to lesson the men's issue. But the same time women in metro cities are taking undue advantage of the law created to protect weaker section of women.
sourabh | Jan 24, 2014
yes der sud be law to protect men too..
menalsohaveheart | Jan 24, 2014
Totally agree..
Rohan | Jan 24, 2014
Urvashi is lying when she claims that society is patriarchal. Patriarchy is a feminist invention. Societies all over the world have always been gynocentric which means that the welfare and needs of women is paramount and every other need is subservient to it. Hence, we see today that any crime committed by a man upon a woman, although false, is hyped up and blown out of proportion while similar crimes committed by women upon men is not even showcased nor discussed. Society is hyper sensitive towards the welfare an needs of women while totally insensitive towards men. Society is obsessed with protection of women and completely insensitive towards protection of men. The death of a man is considered social service while the death of a woman is considered a big issue. Hence, Urvashi's claims that men get impunity for crimes they commit, for forced sex are bogus and a complete lie. On the contrary, the very allegation of a woman that she was subjected to these would land the man behind bars, without a bail and society would boycott him! Her claims that men are entitled to property seems so outdated now. A lot of property has been in the name of women since the last 50 years. And, if men are owning property, they also have the burden of being the primary bread winners which women do not have. The problem with feminists like Urvashi is that they want women to have it both ways - have only right and absolutely no responsibilities. Shame on them! We need a men's ministry at the center and in all states and UTs; we need men's commissions likewise.
Atit | Jan 24, 2014
Completely Agree.
Partha Sadhukhan | Jan 24, 2014
'' Patriarchy' - A buzzword that denotes men having the key positions. They head the family, own the resources...hahaha..that is because they earn them through hard work and dedication. That is because they provide and protect all including women. That is why men are forced to maintain their adulterous wife or her illicit children. Actually Patriarchy is never construed as bad if it provides free lunch to women or criminalize men only for being men. Urvashiji telling men have impunity in violence, forced sex, aggression..oops she need to be literate to understand it is actually other way round. Sex ratio dipping - haha...tell her to check the census data and compare 2001 and 2011 reports. Number of women is increasing at faster rate than men. "Sexual attack on the rise" - yes, when false cases on the rise what else you can expect? "Stop violence?" By whom? What about women who commit violence? What about the young DILs abusing senior citizens? If the law is not against men then why women who are violent not punished? "Men should accept NO as an answer"- really when women do not have any responsibility in their life, when they can live on men 's income, when they demand alimony as right, child custody as a right, adultery as a right or even Husband's inherited property as a right....what else we can expect. Men are already accepting NO for everything and will be forced to accept more NOs in future thanks to people like Urvashi who just want everything as right and nothing as responsibility. She doesn't feel the need because she thinks only women should have ALL the rights and zero responsibility..Given a chance she will want my property too under some stupid right that she can think of?? The urgent need is a men's welfare ministry and commission else crime rate will only increase..
jyoti tiwari | Jan 24, 2014
Men have their own issues and problems and there is no forum where they can express them . Why not a men's welfare ministry so that they can have a forum to address their issues ? Why we do not consider them as human beings ? Patriarchy is a bogus word which gives women all rights to blame men for everything . Sexual violence , acid attacks , rape on men is not reported and we think it does not happen with men . So , we need a men's welfare ministry badly .
Monojit Dutta | Jan 24, 2014
Financially Society is 'Patriarchy' but really it is extremely 'Matriarchy' !!! Father's role is nothing but 'Responsibilities without POWER' whereas Mother has 'Absolute POWER without any Responsibilities' !!! As a result 65000 Husbands commits suicide in the year 2012 only where 32000 wives only. India is now became a 'Legal Prostitute' country and a good haven for scoundrel person and sex workers, no safe place for Honest and civil person !!! 49 anti-men laws are fully supported by GOI and proposed by NCW just like a blood sucker parasite to men !!! I knew men's blood is testy but it is now became too much. Men also have emotions, feelings and sex more than women. Men's eyes also become wet when in Pain . Government does not understand the values of their tear and color of their blood , men are heartless and born criminals. Government promote feminism to circulate money among their several departments. Every 9 minutes one father commits suicide this not Nation shame, when we have animal welfare ministry, women and child welfare ministry, road and building ministry and so on... but we don't have men's welfare Ministry! I Strongly believe that Men's Right Commission will save innocent men from biased laws & we can save our lovable brothers from suicide.
Amit Deshpande | Jan 24, 2014
It is high time we understand that men have emotions too. Men have since time immemorial been playing the role of protectors/providers putting themselves in danger to safeguard interests of others around them, women, children, etc; Modernity has given the option for females to either play their traditional roles as caretakers or not. A woman can choose to work and be a provider or she can choose to be a homemaker, but men have not been released from their traditional mindsets yet. They are still treated as punch bags with no emotions. They are asked to 'Man-Up' at every instance of vulnerability and are made to suffer silently. We do not have any idea as to how many men face violence from women in the form of physical, financial, sexual, emotional violence. There exists no platform to address this issue of men as victims assault. It is high time there is a National Commission for Men established. Denying men a platform for addressing their issues is nothing short of unleashing tyranny on them.
kevin | Jan 24, 2014
We need not only Men right commission we need Ministry of man and boys also men development board same like women. Alos allocate seperate budget for man empowernment. If the dogs has ministry in india then why the hell there is no ministry for men who constitute 50% of the population. Modern men facing many problems through out his life which canot be over looked.
Rohit Girdhar | Jan 24, 2014
Men's Welfare ministry is a must and a need of the hour! All the draconian laws should either be scrapped or at least be made gender neutral. Commom man is helpless and vulnerable these days. We need to change the psyche of the male dominated society. Also, men should not only be seen as a protector and provider, his rights and interests should also be valued.
Ajay Verma | Jan 24, 2014
I am in favor of Men's Rights and Welfare Ministry and I am against all anti male laws which are still in force in the legislation in Jurisdiction of India/ Hindustan/ Bharat. Each and every law must be gender neutral and if a women ever try to attack on the modesty of a Boy and Man, so she should get harsh punishment for same crime done by any man to women and women to man. As per the Indian law, the crime is crime, and punishment should be given to women in a strict manner also Therefore none of a single women should not be left with immunity for being a women or Abla Naari in India. As per present conditions the men are getting forcible punishment of an act which is not done by him, but the women getting advantages from women centric laws and advantages recieved by women welfare systems of India. The suffering part is facing by men and his family members, those are losing bonding and breaking family in India. Therefore I am demanding for establishment of Men's Rights & Welfare Ministry and National Mens Commission in India, and it is the need of time now.
Ratika Desai | Jan 24, 2014
Men's commission is the need of the hour and I am not even sure what Urvashi Butali'slocal standing needs to be taken on this. World over and even in India men have been facing severe violence in relationships and Indian is no different. India is the only 'Patriarchal' sociaty where men need to come to the streets and protest to get justice. Also India's so called 'Patriarchy' ensures that over 65000 innocent husbands are driven to suicide as compared to half the number of wives.The same patriarchy also ensures men are forced to work after marriage and provide for wives,children,younger siblings and their parents. Should men also not have choices in life like women do. They must also be provided option to stay at home and become a dependent on the wife. They must have equal legal protection on fro a abusive wife in domestic issues and equal inheritance of the wife's parental property. They must get widower benefits and death like a woman does. Men must be unshackled from the provider and protector roles imposed by the Indian Patriarchy and that's why the commission is so needed.
Shivank Mehra | Jan 24, 2014
Women also harass men at workplace, and wives also mentally and physically harass their husbands. We need to look at these issues. Also, we need to pass laws against "media trial". The name of the "victim" is always hidden but the man always gets defamed, even if the allegations were false. Men are presumed guilty until proven innocent. This policy should also change. We definitely need a men's rights commission.
GURSHARN SINGH | Jan 24, 2014
Well Said ... . Need to change in Law so that MISUSED by woman's which is on RISE from past few years can be stopped. Any women who misuse the existing Law should be punished by the DOUBLE or at-least same punishment which is set for accused. Today if we ready paper carefully everyday one case we can find where crime is done by MAN on WOMEN on front page with headlines ... .. but if we read the same paper carefully we can find atleast 3-4 incidents in reverse where WOMEN doing CRUELTY on MAN ... ... table has turned finally NOW WE NEED GENDER NEUTRAL LAW. Which can happen only with MEN'S WELFARE COMMISSION.
RAJESH VAKHARIA | Jan 24, 2014
Dheeraj Kumar | Jan 24, 2014
We want Men Rights Commission....
Disagree : 5.03 %
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bijaya singh | Jan 14, 2015 is very necessary to male right a days bad woman are taking revenge on that part of law.if we say that male and female are it urgently req.the male rights that bad woman also not make any false compliant .
naina | May 12, 2014
girls were violated earlier so rights should be given to girls not boys
Satbir Singh Bedi | Feb 27, 2014
Whatever is presented by Men's Rights Activists mostly concerns the middle and upper classes and not the lower middle or lower classes because the men in the lower class families do not generally own property. So, they do not have anything to lose from the operation of Domestic Violence Act. They are mostly drunkards and beat their wives and children. Their wives are not literate enough to go to a Court or a Police Station to lodge a complaint. The number of such families is very large compared to the middle and upper classes. So, the struggle of the Men's Rights Activists is for a small chunk of the population which is educated and owns property. Even in this class, men drink a lot and beat their wives and are not afraid of going to the Police and getting their cases settled. Generally the exercise by the wives of such men proves to be futile. Not only the lower class men are there who desert their wives and children but even the upper class business men are like that only. It does not make much difference to them to spend sometime in jail and get away with it. Most of the time, they go underground to avoid arrest. They also go on evading payment of maintenance allowance as in the case of my sister who was deserted by her husband. Of course, in the case of Government servants and public sector servants as well as those employed in the autonomous bodies, what Men's Rights Activists says holds good. It also applies partly to executives in banks and reputed private sector companies. So, this segment of the men's population can be exploited by unscrupulous ladies who mostly happen to be well educated and working in such organisations. However, here too the women do get beaten and there was a news report some time back about an IAS lady officer who has married an IPS officer. She was beaten by her husband, who got her declared as a mad lady and with the assistance of media was only able to be rehabilitated as Director and was able to retire gracefully. I have seen a Chief Controller of Accounts lady officer being beaten by her husband who also holds the same rank. Of course, in some cases ladies do make the lives of such category of men miserable and are not only able to take away their properties but also force them to commit suicide. However such cases are exceptions rather than the rule because these divorced ladies who dupe men are not generally able to remarry.
Smriti Patel | Feb 07, 2014
@Pinki Anand the author is a man and supports 498a. He thinks Men have the problem & everything can be changed if men change themselves. Why can't we then consider it
Smriti Patel | Feb 07, 2014
@Rohan an eye opener for you
Smriti Patel | Feb 07, 2014
All members of the "Agree" column; why use "abuse" of 498a when it is a good law to protect women. For an eye opener - Men commission is not required
Seema Aggarwal | Feb 03, 2014
This debate is funny. It seems that we have a group of 'women haters' aggregated in one place and asking for their rights to beat up women.
HARISH DIDO | Feb 01, 2014
Yes,,,when we talk about equal rights, the equal commission is need of the hour. I am associated with the Counseling Cell of marital dispute cases for the last 12 years and there has not been even a single case of demand of dowry despite mentioning in the complaint and later on denying on the pretext that this charge has been added to harass the in-laws as per provisions of the law. Whereas the dispute priority is ego, misunderstanding, extra marital relations, addiction, property, physical problem and dowry comes at the tail.
Jahnvi | Jan 30, 2014
The idea of having a 'Men's' commission itself is so funny
Rahul Khemka | Jan 27, 2014
No. Never. I m a male. Yet I dont support this motion. Why shud we need a commission? Most of the people commenting in favour of the debate statement sounds like staunch chauvenist and female haters. Common guys. Grow up. Be matured.
Komal | Jan 27, 2014
Why do we need a Men's rights commission? What is wrong with men and why do they need a special commission? Its like saying give reservation to the 'General Class'. If they have mental issues ( pointer: suicide numbers and all) there are psychiatrist to consult. If they have family issues, there are marriage counsellors to go to. Now, if you say that a particular counselling body is not acting neutral and is biased towards women - there is a problem with the person in the position. Place a complaint against him, fight that out. But that doesn't justify having another body to counter biasness.
Abhigna | Jan 26, 2014
I completely disagree as men tend to take up the blanket of innocence when in reality they end up torturing the women of the household. Most houses have elder women force supporting and driving men who harass the new ones into the house. feigning innocence has been seen in most cases where the facts are masked.Its a burning issue that needs to be addressed. Domestic violence is a very sad concern. Day in and out there are innumerable cases and many go without even coming to the fore front. It is very much the need of time that the law is passed at all costs #IRBM, #Hindu marriage act amendment. More women organizations need to work towards strengthening the women who suffer in the hands of males of the society. Hence there is no need of men's commission as its women who are at loss always.
Satbir Singh Bedi | Jan 26, 2014
Men commit suicides because they are more ambitious than women and when their ambitions are not fulfilled, they feel hollow and ego-less and commit suicide. We do not need Men Rights Commission but more psychiatrists and cheaper psychiatric medicines for men. However, though this is not the issue here, I think that it is Transgenders who need a Transgender Rights Commission.
Pradeep Kumar | Jan 25, 2014
The existence if women's rights commission itself is illegal and should be abolished. All laws should be made gender neutral. Any crime that can be committed my men can be committed by women too; and sometimes in a more better way than men. Which woman wants to argue with me that murders, rapes, molestation, harassment at workplace, economic offences can be committed only by men and never by women?? So what happens when these offences are committed by women? Why different laws for men and women? While I don't think there should be any special privilege for men, there shouldn't be for women either. Everyone should be treated equal I the eyes of law. And the article 16 of our constitution should be complied 100% when making laws. This means no discrimination on the basis of sex, caste, color or creed; and no reservations for anyone.
Kaveri Krishnan | Jan 24, 2014
Men rights is not required as men cannot be raped and sent out of their houses or tortured by their wives or inlaws. Women is a victim and must be provided maintenance.
Shrabani Mukherjee | Jan 24, 2014
@ Rohan....u r bitter and probably went to a bad divorce ( i can see why) but do I assume u have a bad mother...NO!!! dat is the difference between me nd u...please (ya, in face of all your rubbish, I am polite) Grow up and stop being personal.
Shrabani Mukherjee | Jan 24, 2014
@Rohan....better known to me as Chauvinist Rohan...Firstly, I never said I am a human rights activist...secondly, this is what you do best shame a women for no fault of their own. Moreover, Why arn't you speaking about the gang rape, which happened and the other abuses rampant in our society. As for treating men as ATM machines and bodyguards, you have to deal with the consequences, if you want to be the superior gender but if you want to change things, give women equal rights and then we are even....We DON'T want your MOney or protection but then change your thinking that girls are marriage materials and stop raping us...Again Men Do Not need a commission...It was nice talking to you rohan, may you find inner peace, without lampooning the other gender.
Hema | Jan 24, 2014
Men are always jealous of women, it can be any field. as the women have a commision for them, so they also need one for men. Which anyways is not needed. in our country where men commit more suicides then women, is because of their timid mentality, and has nothing to do with men's rights commission.
Shrabani Mukherjee | Jan 24, 2014
The recent gang rape in Kolkata, where a Kangaroo Court asked the members of the court to rape a girl for having an affair with a boy, who they thought was wrong is one of the many examples of male chauvinism still practiced in our country. If not rape, then sexual harassment in offices, glass ceiling, society's focus on marriage for girls are the various issues, why men are superior in our country. Why does a superior gender need to have a special cell wherein they would batter the other gender on their free will? In a country, where men still feel physical strength makes them the superior gender, such a commission is not required. As for the suicide rate, is it the other gender's fault that men can't deal with their interior demons??
Puneet | Jan 24, 2014
It is utter shame that men wants something, which is known as Men's Right Commission. Have the men in our society not got enough of it? What else does men want? The number of rape cases, molestation cases just reflect the pathetic state of our country. And who is to be blamed here? men and of course men only...
Bobbi ohrie | Jan 24, 2014
I strongly oppose this Commission..... why have men all the fun....


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