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Creation of smaller states like Telangana is in the interest of the country
With Lok Sabha passing the Telangana Bill, very soon the 29th state will officially come into existence in the country. It was a long pending demand of people from Telangana region to be separated from rest of the Andhra. This is not the first time a state has been bifurcated. It had happened earlier also. However, the question remains, whether the creation of smaller states like Telangana is in country's interest?
"The people of Telangana have been struggling since last 60 years for Telangana, and its a genuine case for making a new state. The Congress has taken a very right step in making Telangana. I will say that majority of Telanagan state consists of majority of weaker sections like Dalits, OBC's and minorities, who were having feeling of being exploited. They were struggling from a very long time. I think it's the right decision. "
Meem Afzal, Spokesperson, Congress
"Other constituencies will also demand for smaller states. Division of a state spread disunity. We don't think that the creation of Telangna is necessary in order to preserve the interest of the people. We don't support division of the state(s)"
Saugata Roy, MP, Trinamool Congress
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Agree : 46.67 %
panda | Dec 23, 2015
870% of the state income comes from Telangana region. When it comes to utilization of funds, the share of Telangana is only 28%.
Dinesh | Aug 12, 2015
Telangana Movement is by the people with the help of some politician's but The Simandhra politician's tried to stop separation with the help of people to secure their illegal properties in Hyderabad.
Dinesh | Aug 12, 2015
you Idiots always thinking as a political issue. The sad thing is nobody arguing how the Simandhra leaders dominated the government in Andhrapradesh. That's why people fought for freedom and one more thing Telangana is bigger than 65% of All Indian states.
amit | Feb 20, 2014
Creation of smaller states is most beneficial for the people. At one time Hariana used to be the backward region of Punjab. Today it is one of the most developed states. Small states are better governed where as the large states like UP, Bihar, Rajasthan are poorly governed with hardly any development in many regions. Vidarbha and Marathwada regions of Maharashtra remain backward because of neglect by the ruling elite. UP should be divided into 4 to 5 states, Bihar 2, Maharashtra 3 to 4 and Rajasthan 2. Creation of new states will create economic activity and help develop neglected regions.
It should be noted that Both Telengana & Seemandhra were separate states before 1956. The Hyderabad state formed in 1948 with capital at Hyderabad & Andhra state formed in 1953 with capital at Karnool. In 1956 both states assembled to form Andhra Pradesh against Hyderabad state assembly's opposition. However the marriage was imposed upon 7 relation between two states/regions were never good. In 1969 Telngana revolution started where as in 1972 'Jai Andhra' rebellion started both demanding separate statehood or the pre-1956 status. The divorces was delayed but inevitable!
Ashok Sharma | Feb 19, 2014
The topic is debatable.. For some it is good and for some it is bad.
Disagree : 53.33 %
TR. Madhavan | Feb 25, 2014
Every citizen of Andhra Pradesh is confused on the ongoing process of bifurcation of this state. Some say that the Contentious Bill was against the Constitution and approach Supreme Court to challenge the process itself. Other talk about the provisions Joint Capital and creating a Super Governor entrusting with law and order will be challenged. Constitutional amendments if not done it will have to face the danger of legal challenge. The Hon'ble Prime Minister's announcement for the purpose of central assistance, special category status extended, special packages for the backward regions, tax incentives etc has to be ratified by the competent authorities. Whether this contentious bill need constitutional amendments and approval of various competent authorities on various provisions and announcements made, before or after it is notified in the gazette? Should the elections be held in the states or to be differed till the petitions filed or to be filed are disposed off? I hope that, Attorney general good offices will clear the doubts arisen in mine and other citizens minds too on the issue.
Narendra Ch | Feb 24, 2014
We failed to evolve any basis for bifurcation of a state in the absence of rationality only political opportunism playing havoc.
Meenakshi | Feb 23, 2014
Its all votebank politics of Congress and BJP. Congress wanted to gather some support. And BJP just didnt want this to be on their table if they come to power.
T Balu | Feb 22, 2014
No ways. All twisted logic to defend political motivation.
Samta Saxena | Feb 21, 2014
This is an absurd logic. Breaking the country up into hundreds of States only will create divide - nothing else.
Anand Krishnan | Feb 21, 2014
Divide & Rule & Rule & Divide policies by Political Parties in India to be stop because after freedom One India one Nation policy best for UNITY IN DIVERSITY
Anamika | Feb 21, 2014
If creating smaller states leads to better governance Manipur and Uttarakhand would have been the best governed state.
Bolla Alekhya | Feb 20, 2014
Its a very bad move, the congress has done this for their political gain. They have played with the sentiments of people of Seemandhra.


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