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Delhi's odd-even formula a good step to control air pollution
Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government has announced odd-even formula to reduce deadly air pollution level in the national capital. Under this formula on one day private cars with even number plate and on the other day cars with odd number plate will ply on the city roads. Some people are calling it a good step, while there are also people who are saying that the city is not yet ready for such formulas to be implemented. What is your point of view?
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Agree : 67.74 %
Veenu | Jan 27, 2017
Its a very commendable decision and everyone should go for it so that we can live in the pollution free atmosphere and this decision is very useful in traffic jams..
mrinal tiwary | Aug 29, 2016
yes, odd even formula is a good step to control air pollution. it also helped in control in traffic in certain areas of Delhi. Also, it is encouraging car-pooling.which increases or encourage social bonding among poeple. :) And Reduced traffic - less time on road = more time on our hands. Also, emergency situations requiring transport can be handled better. On Social front, people of all income group travel in metro ushering a social interaction (to a limited extent).People have to walk to the metro or bus station or sometimes walk to the work place, if it is nearby. That means they have some physical activity. (it can be seen that odd-even is a good move for the health of people also. it pressurizes government to improve public transport, to make it convienent, comfortable and affordable. odd-even will result in Lesser petrol/diesel consumption Hence there will be more money in pockets. there will ne Reduced Frustration in a commuterís mind due saving of energy, saving of time, saving of fuel , and saving of money.
Sachin Garg | Aug 28, 2016
I think the odd even formula is a very nice step to control pollution.However,due to political issues,the ideas of the opposition party are not being highlighted.the odd even rule could have gone a far way in controlling pollution and could have become a role model for for other cities and countries
Solomon | Aug 21, 2016
Its amazing scheme.
mayuri sarode | Jul 12, 2016
yes i support to this scheme.pollution is not natural it can be framed as human intoxications that are leading to a harmful environment. i think this agenda should gain a large support from the too good for our betterment of health.
kavitake pratiksha | Jul 12, 2016
Delhi is the capital of our nation.We have think about the increased level of pollution by us.So, we have good solution to decrease this upto certain level by supporting odd even formula.This is good step taken by our government.So we have to support it..
avinash | Jul 12, 2016
This Formula is not particle because in India medium class people can afford only 1 car and that can be either even/odd number so it is not feasible for everyone to use his car on alternate days. It is possible to not use car for someday but making it a rule and putting penalty on this not a practical Idea. People who are using cars will most likely now go to offices on alternate days using autos. We are all aware of the level of corruption as most auto drivers refuse to use the electronic fare meter in Delhi. What is going to happen is that there will be an increase in the number of auto commuters with no or marginal increase in the number of autos. In Delhi people have lot of money. People who are rich and in condition to afford second car will buy it. The Road Transport Office (RTO), infamous for corruption, is bound to increase rates for granting favors with people paying bigger bribes for fetching favorable numbers. In case of emergency how people are going to manage. Suppose I have a car with even numbe and I have to visit hospital today and Today is odd number car day. It will be simply difficult for me.
Jitender singh | Jul 05, 2016
As we all know that the main problem we face everyday is pollution which can't be controlled easier so we all have to sacrifice our comfort to get a pollution free Delhi. I appreciate this formula. We should all follow the rules by heart...waiting for pollution free Delhi.........!
ankit | Jun 12, 2016
this is kind of appreciative step of delhi government as we all know pollution level of national capital is very high is this situation if government is taking such steps so we should encourage them and try to make this work.
Abhay tayal | May 02, 2016
I am agree
pooja | Apr 04, 2016
this is kind of appreciative step of delhi government as we all know pollution level of national capital is very high is this situation if government is taking such steps so we should encourage them and try to make this work.
Mohit Mishra | Mar 14, 2016
Should have been more stricter.
Abhinandan | Mar 02, 2016
I think this is very good idea confusing the pollution in Delhi
suraj | Feb 11, 2016
Reduces the traffic
Muskan janda | Feb 04, 2016
This formula is brilliant because it reduced the pollution in our city
Yes,,, it is a good decision ..
Hitesh kumar | Jan 28, 2016
It is nice idea .The capita city DELHI will have less pollution in terms of air , noise .It will also allow people to use public transport also
Sudhir | Jan 20, 2016
it is a good decision it wil control the usage of petrochemicals which cause heavy pollution .
Rahul Chatterjee | Jan 02, 2016
pollution is not natural it can be framed as human intoxications that are leading to a harmful environment. i think this agenda should gain a large support from the population.
Rahul Chatterjee | Jan 02, 2016
looking at the current population of Delhi it was necessary to come up with such kinds of agenda even very earlier, but "15 days" seems to be very short span of time...stil something is better then nothing.
Debi Acharya | Dec 31, 2015
Pollution problem is apolitical. Pollution is an enemy for the humanity. In order to fight pollution, the citizens of Delhi should cooperate with Odd-Even formula wholeheartedly. The pollution is too high now and even this initiative may not eliminate the problem completely. But there is no harm in trying. Unless the people take part actively, no initiative will materialize.
Disagree : 32.26 %
Gurjar | Oct 11, 2018
Chal bhaag ak
ashrita gupta | Dec 01, 2016
we have major else issues to be seen by mr. kejriwal!!!!! he sucks
utkarsh | Jun 13, 2016
i provoke people to buy new cars.
Nidhi | Apr 29, 2016
It's very good formulae I strongly agree to this . A major problem in Delhi is pollution and at least one person in Delhi is trying to reduce this problem so at least we will support to this person .
SUMIT KUMAR | Apr 24, 2016
In my opinion, intentions of Delhi Govt. are 100% pure and totally in sync with betterment of humanity. However as per there proven experience, I feel they have been still a bit immature in formulating and implementing policies. Policies that affect masses can't be framed with sudden thoughts. Pollution is not India's local problem, its more Global. Although i truly acknowledge that action has to be started at our very door steps. But before implemeting such strong policies, infrastructure should be in place. Forceful implementation may earn bad name in Kejriwal led Delhi CM. I personally admire him, because he has shown that it is "PUBLIC" which really rules... A phased implementation would be a better option. Parallel US and China who are the most polluting countries who have already taken economic benefits should be penalized for spoling the world we are living in.
khushi sharma | Apr 07, 2016
its a nice and a very motivated step by the government but its not the correct way to go on. It will surly motivate rich people to buy car of odd or even no. plate.So the government should take some steps such as on odd/even day any one day only bicycles are allowed in case of emergency only one should allow to take car with him/her....
anish | Mar 30, 2016
the idea of reducing poppulation in delhi is a good and necessary one but the approach towards it by using the odd even formula is a dumb one.
shail | Mar 15, 2016
mahesh | Feb 28, 2016
It might reduce deadly pollution to some extent but it will encourage people to buy second car also.
Prasant Nair | Feb 03, 2016
Delhi need to be free of crimes major is pollution. To curtail crime, one should seriously think about banning clubs and disco, wine, dance bars, call girl/escort services, mobile internet, excessive mobile and sim cards......and many more vital points.


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