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Diwali vs pollution: Would you burst firecrackers regardless?
Loud crackers have always been a major source of pollution. Its impact has been more in the last few decades. Crackers and fireworks cause the cumulative effect of the sound, air pollution and to some extent water pollution. After a campaign, a few years back, by some social and environmental organisations that involved young children, there was a slight decrease in the use of loud crackers in some parts of the country. Now the question is, would you support and take the campaign forward and try to celebrate this festival of lights with more lights, preferably Diyas (oil-lamps), and less of smoke and high decibel crackers. We might not only reduce the high costs of buying and burning these crackers, but also reduce the expense incurred in the treatment and cure of asthma and other pollution related diseases including anxiety and heart problems. Should we not act reasonably and prove ourselves to be better citizens? Should we not make improved use of our education? Donít we all deserve cleaner air to breathe and a calmer environment to enjoy the beautifully lit houses? Instead of adding to the pollution, should we not enjoy the sweets and delicacies with friends and families? Do you think we should make an ugly and loud display of wealth? Are pomp and show and bursting loud crackers correct? We surely can afford to spend more with a booming economy. More people with high incomes, much of it disposable, try to outwit each other. If our fellow beings are unhealthy will the gods be happy? What is your take on the issue? Are you willing to contribute in reducing pollution this Diwali?
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Agree : 84.93 %
Ishika | Oct 13, 2017
Fire crackers should be banned .... Firecrackers, are merely for the sake of entertainment, emit particulate matter which are so minute that they have a tendency to get lodged in the lung and can even enter the bloodstream. Patients of asthma and other respiratory disorders report discomfort and worsening of conditions during Diwali. Firecrackers are made of chemicals which are dangerous to health some causes anemia , damages the kidney, affects the nervous system and some can even lead to mental impairment. High decibels of noise pollution created by firecrackers can cause temporary and sometimes permanent hearing impairment. Other problems that people of old age face on Diwali nights are sleeping disorders, restlessness, rise in blood pressure, and even heart attacks. Every year, there happen so many accidents due to misuse or improper usage of firecrackers. Lives are also lost . Playing with fire, the most hazardous element of nature cannot be fun for everyone especially kids. The conditions of those working in factories that produce these crackers, are deadly. With precaution measure they work days and nights with these chemicals which some times lead to an accident. Child labors are incorporated to keep up with the demands of these crackers during Diwali The day next to Diwali witnesses burnt garbage which is usually toxic elements Crores are spent every year in these burnt fire crackers which ultimately go towards contaminating the natural resources and sometimes properties and lives are lost too due to accidents from these firecrackers. thank you
DP | Oct 11, 2017
Those who talking about one day celebration, I must say that it's not about one day for one man it's about almost whole country and only for one day. it's about mass pollution many chemicals and smoke are spread into air not only on road but also in our society and homes. Regarding to respiratory patients it's very critical to survive on Diwali days. So many chemicals and garbage from firecrackers are mixed into soil and water. continuously loud sounds from big firecrackers are dangerous for all man and animals. we can celebrate Diwali by many different ways instead lighting up the firecrackers. Have happy and safe Diwali...
yash | Oct 31, 2016
I successfully celebrated this Diwali without crackers. Read this article to know how much pollution we make this Diwali by using crackers.
Imagainstpollution | Oct 30, 2016
I have seen many people having two opinions. Like, The whole year they will campaign against pollution, make charts, Chant save water...but during Diwali..GOD KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS...They say that what 1 day pollution can do! Moreover, They compare pollution emitted from regular activities being equal to 1 day cracker bursting pollution. So, unfortunately Majority of people do not understand the need of the hour.
sdasd | Nov 10, 2015
abe chutiyo! Deepavali mein deep jalaao ! Koi deepavali manaane se nahi rok rha tumhe. Tyohar k din, saans toh lene do BC. Aur shor kam karo. Shaanti se rehne do madarchodo!
CHINNI | Oct 12, 2014
Thejesh | Oct 26, 2013
burning crackers~> Air pollution+noise pol+suffers animals+sfrs heart ptnts+fire acdnts+ wste mony== happpppyyy( max 1day)..
vishnu | Dec 04, 2010
dipawli vs pallution
Anahat | Nov 09, 2010
crackers should be banned becoz it creates pollution.. that is not good for our health and earth....:)
michelle | Nov 09, 2010
Crackers should be banned.Because as we all know crackes only create pollution..... We can enjoy this festival even without crackers ... You know how? by decorating your house with diyas.
samaksh tyagi | Nov 09, 2010
yukta tyagi | Nov 09, 2010
we shold not burst crackers infact we should save the enviorment people do not think of others who have problems the first paragraph have opened my own brains after rreading all this I know what to do next diwali. we should think. not to burst crackers,not to make noise crackers are toxic which causes heart attack,blood preasure, hearing loss & alot of sleeping disterbence.I hope you understand my concept.
yukta | Nov 09, 2010
the thing you say Iagree it
srikanth4desai | Nov 06, 2010
Rajesh | Nov 06, 2010
I agree this message. I am also stopped to lighting the crackers by 8 years back. Every Indian citizens want to realize this pollution control. Have a peaceful and enjoyable Diwali. "If we will safe our environment, Environment will safe us". This is my quote.....
deepika | Nov 06, 2010
I totally agree with this statement. Diwali is meant to enjoy the peace, brightness and prosperity not to harm anybody. In burning crackers we not only harm other people but also create a havoc for the environment. In Indore, the children and high class people are not much indulging in burning fire crackers but the lower class is. They started in the morning of diwali day and is still buring them, the next day. I hate the loud sound of crackers. Just think about people who are ill , babies just born or old people, how they are bearing this noise and noxious smell. I think there should be strict rules regarding burning crackers on diwali. Unless you put people behind bars and levied heavy fine on violating the rules.
nayan dwivedi | Nov 05, 2010
i am totaly agree with this my own thoughts are also like
Aditya | Nov 05, 2010
always we make a diwali special. in this dewali we never use theseelectric lights instead of we use dipak or dia.
Gaurav Sancheti | Nov 05, 2010
i 2 agree
anbumagesh | Nov 05, 2010
we want to save our environment , let put our hands together
anjali | Nov 04, 2010
i agree
srinivasareddy | Nov 04, 2010
i agree with the concept and i'll defnetly participate in this campaign to reduce the pollution.
Aniket | Nov 03, 2010
Good message for hole nation. May the light of understanding shine in our minds and we celebrate this diwali only with Diya's not crackers.
shushanth | Nov 02, 2010
it is super
abhay | Nov 01, 2010
ya I agree Crackers are always Harmful for childrens Ang also increase the pollution. so take enjoy of diwali festival but not burning the crackers.
mridul | Oct 31, 2010
I think dat diwali is a festival of sharing happiness n not creating pollution so I request u not to burn crackers. Wish u a safe n happy diwali
mak | Oct 30, 2010
ISHAAN PASRIJA | Oct 29, 2010
I feel that in CWG games so many fire crackers were used and in view of this I take pledge that neither I nor my younger sister will burst cracker on this Diwali. Ishaan Pasrija
twinkleparmar | Oct 29, 2010
hollymolly | Oct 29, 2010
I take pledge not to burst these noisy,polluting ,toxic waste of resources crap which indeed dirties our country. I wish the government bans these things. And for jerks who use it , They must be fined or put behind bars.
hhfd | Oct 28, 2010
sumita | Oct 28, 2010
diwali is a festival of lights,joy and is not necessary that we show our happiness through firecrackers. I pledge not to use firecrackers and save our environment through harmfull pullution.
vignesh Radhakrishnan | Oct 27, 2010
This diwali I take a pledge not to burst crackers; I wish to contribute in reducing pollution.
alim | Oct 26, 2010
PREETY | Oct 26, 2010
yes, I fully agree that crakers should be banned totally. People just find some fun while burning it but it left with too much pollution and the most disadvantage is with poor animals & insects. They suffer a lot. Many small insects dies . I really hate burning crackers and will also request people not to burn crakers and thereby save life of poor animals who are our social responsibilties.
arivuselvan | Oct 04, 2010
when we light the crakers means it pollutes the air. Then the noise pollution also occur. So this diwali we must avoid the crakers and enjoy the diwali without crakers. pass this message to your friends and relatives as soon as possible. We must take nessary steps to control the pollution. It is urgent. So pass this message very urgently............... we will develop our country...
diwali | Sep 02, 2010
| Jan 23, 2010
abhishek goyal | Nov 19, 2009
we should not burn crackers instead of crackers we ca enjoy festival by buying new games
shrutika | Nov 04, 2009
hello,i totally agree with this article
devang | Nov 02, 2009
I Agree.
sudam | Oct 29, 2009
diwali pollution
aditya | Oct 26, 2009
i thin govt should take strict decisions on it
kavya | Oct 22, 2009
very nice just show me more news
S.Rajesh Babu | Oct 20, 2009
I think Government should enact hard rules. If government makes a strong rule to ban the crackers people wont. Unfortunately we dont follow these rules due to lack of awareness. We have already done more things to pollute our planet earth ????
DINESH | Oct 18, 2009
uttam kumar rakshit | Oct 17, 2009
shubhalaxmi | Oct 17, 2009
yes we should save our mother earth and many living creatures that live on her
Neeraj | Oct 17, 2009
Say No To Fire Crackers.. Say YES to Life..!!
gagan | Oct 17, 2009
yes i do agree, people talk about global warmning, pollution and much more but why they dont think about this pollution which is committed through crackers. we cant even imagine how many small insects, animals suffer from bursting crackers. there is a article in business line on 17th in variety, they have mentioned that how much sound an human being feels that of 10 times animals suffer from that people should take this seriously.
BONY | Oct 15, 2009
saurav | Jul 04, 2009
nikita | Jul 03, 2009
yeah......i think it is harmful to celebrate diwali with all kinds of crackers...........taking eg of the olden days ..atleast do not stop it but REDUCE it
sainath | Jun 29, 2009
its very harm full
resham | Feb 22, 2009
really helped me out
ravikumar | Jan 12, 2009
kevin | Nov 02, 2008
,msdjnh,msn kuhvcs,nlcjehrb kjuogsacnaboiwehjrhfisudjmna
nishant | Oct 24, 2008
Sidharth | Oct 23, 2008
I support that we should not burn crackers instaed we should distribute sweets among underpriviledged children
sonu | Oct 19, 2008
Akhil | Oct 06, 2008
Sunil Kumar Singh | Oct 30, 2007
Yes Iam willing to contribute in reducing pollution this Diwali, because we know this better crackers and fireworks cause the cumulative effect of the sound, air pollution and water pollution.We should have to save our environment.
Disagree : 15.07 %
siddhant | Nov 11, 2015
In technical terms the amount of CO2 emitted in bursting 1 cracker is equivalent to fuel used to travel 500m in a car. So i will not totally disagree but people must have 1 day of freedom to enjoy their evening however they like to. Though i dont like burst crackers myself but thats how i prefer and no1 should ban anything, just make sure you take precautions.
Siva | Nov 10, 2015
It is better to raise voice against air pollution caused by many factories & vehicles all 365 days instead of single day. lets focus on permanent solution rather temporary. People can question me how ? instead of travelling each person on 4/5 seater car, use public transport or two wheeler on sharing. Lets environmental board stop licensing the factory waste causing air, sound, water pollution if they have no alternate solution to discharge their wastes.
RB | Oct 23, 2014
Anyone willing to take step to clean our rivers from the people who agree? Have we thought about where have they vanished over last decade or two? I don't think because of Diwali pollution:). It's good to be socially aware but not be fooled by some secular agenda. Happy Diwali to all.
RB | Oct 23, 2014
Try not taking your car out 1 day to office and let me see how many agree to that? What are we discussing here - Diwali polution is not even 1% of the vehicular polution. Stop using AC's once a day in May and June and then I will agree too. Let's not have double standard guys.
Aryan | Nov 08, 2013
In my opinion, bursting crackers on Diwali is not going to impact the environment in a very serious way.If we want to stop pollution we should first stop the main source that is of course the smoke and noise form all of the factories and cars especially in India. Bursting crackers is only 0.1% of the total pollution.
ayesha | Feb 11, 2011
i think we must celebrate diwali without doing pollution
yukta | Nov 09, 2010
disagree is wrong we agree not to burn crackers.
karan | Nov 05, 2010
at least let us celebrate once a year
shivraj | Feb 09, 2009
Gaurang | Oct 23, 2008
It is an entertainment of children.Can we not celebrate once in a year?
Rishabh | Nov 02, 2007
Merinews! Merinews!! If one doesn't want to burst crackers to save environment... he/she should DISAGREE with you. This is how you repeatedly frame your questions. Very confusing indeed. The victims are (a) Sunil Kumar Singh who has unwittingly "agreed" to burst firecracker though he claims in his comment that he will not , and (b) Merinews, as the purpose of this debate is lost...............


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